April 13, 2017

Beres Hammond, I-Octane Give Thrilling Performance ... During Former NoMadz Member's Wedding Reception

Vibes master Beres Hammond, dancehall artiste I-Octane and a rising star by the name of Daniel 'Brighter' Gordon created musical magic at Christopher and Maria Gordon's wedding reception at the Tryall Club in Hanover over the weekend.
Beres Hammond

Gordon, formerly of No-Maddz, also joined the amazingly awesome concert, performing for his new bride, in what could easily assume the position of being one of the most entertaining weddings this year.

Held at the stunning Stella by the Sea Villa, Beres Hammond entered the stage at just about 10 p.m., and his one-hour set totally mesmerised the intimate audience which waited anxiously for his arrival.

It was obvious that the party people who turned out for the wedding were willing to watch their idol, transfixed on stage, not saying a word, while his efficient backup singers, Deja and Dorette Wisdom, took charge. However, the veteran crooner, who is as good as every dollar he charges, serenaded the couple with one of his hit songs, She Loves Me Now.

When he pulled for popular personal anthems such as, Come Back Home and belted the words, "I wish you would stay longer," he never even needed to repeat the words, because it is an undisputable fact that Beres Hammond fans will stay with him all night.

The words from one of his songs, 'Thought I Could Live Without You', sounded almost like an inappropriate statement, as there was no one at this wedding party that would go home without Hammond, even if it was only the sound of his voice humming in their head.

A feel good jam session it was, to the extent that when the vibes master pulled for songs like Double Trouble, and Pull Up The Vibes, it was evident that he had only one care in the world, to satisfy the souls of his audience.


Living up to expectations of being one of dancehall's best, I-Octane brought a lot of energy and magnetism to the stage, choosing to have a performance built on conversing with the audience. Decked out in all-white, the artiste known for hits such as, Lose A Friend, Buss A Blank and Party Turn Up, performed for a solid 60 minutes, dedicating some of his time to mothers and women in the country.

Allowing young Daniel 'Brighter' Gordon, brother of the groom to have his five minutes of fame on stage, the youngster with a voice of gold, did not disappoint.

In fact, Brighter, brought immense excitement to the event. His presentation was followed by the unorthodox and extremely talented group that goes by the name NoMadz.

Christopher and Maria Gordon, tied the knot late last year and shared the moment officially with friends on Saturday.

source: jamaica gleaner 

April 06, 2017


KINGSTON, JAMAICA - Fans of dancehall artiste I Octane took to social media to voice their disgust with the revelation that Octane has not been booked to perform on this year's Reggae Sumfest concert in Montego Bay. 
I Octane closed the international festival on two occasions to rave reviews in the past, and he has been on a tear in recent weeks with incendiary performances at live shows such as 'New Rules', 'Britjam' and 'Top of the Line' so his exclusion from the line-up has caused consternation among his legion of fans when the official lineup was posted online on Wednesday. 

"I know that Sumfest is under new management but why no Octane, fans in the west love Octane, he always gives a great performance every year, he is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser so why the change?" one fan posed on Facebook.

The response on Twitter was just as incendiary. 

"How Sumfest so biased!? No Octane, no Sumfest!" @badgalrenee tweeted.  Another Twitter user, @monzashotta tweeted: 'wah Sumfest ah deal wid? How the Genna Octane no de pon the show this year after him bun it down 2016".

jhana_grant said: why haven't I seen IOctane listed in the lineup? I come every year from Atlanta and he is my favourite part of the show."

slim_shyv said: How @realioctane not on the flyer this year???? #pleaseexplain. 

I-Octane has come a long way since his debut at Reggae Sumfest several years agoas an opening act and through his fiery performances gradually worked his way up to appearing later on the festival to become a middle-order artiste in 2011, when he delivered a set that surpassed the expectations of the Reggae Sumfest crowd. Over the years, I-Octane has been consistent in his career and that has boosted him to become known as one of Jamaica's best artistes. He closed the festival two consecutive years, 2013 and 2014. 

He is known for massive hits such as Lose a Friend, L.O.V.E Y.O.U and Gyal A Gi Me Bun. 
Other artistes who have not been booked or announced for this year's edition of Reggae Sumfest include Popcaan, Assassin and Konshens. 

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April 05, 2017

Droop Lion prepares for media tour in support of new album


KINGSTON, JAMAICA: Having released the debut single from his destined-for-success 14-track album, Ideologies, Rastafarian singer Droop Lion is enthusiastically looking forward to taking his all-embracing message of love and unity to the entire music world.

The first single, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, was released on all digital platforms on March 15, and, already music critics have been hailing it as "a true masterpiece" and a "reggafied work of art", proving to Droop Lion and his team that their decision to use this song as the lead single was indeed on point. Well, truth be told, Have You Ever Seen The Rain has already sold over  25 million copies during the decade of the seventies for the original singers, roots rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival. However, this version, while not straying far from the original, still manages to give fans that signature Droop Lion sound, feel and appeal. 

 "We wanted to keep the nostalgia in the song, so during the production we refrained from changing up the lyrics, but at the same time, we made subtle changes which infused a different kind of vibration in the song. But, at the end of the day, we all know that a classic is a classic and you can't improve on that, you can only interpret and hope that fans will appreciate your interpretation," explained Droop Lion, who noted that he was looking forward to meeting the original singers/song-writer.

Meanwhile, the Free People Entertainment recording artiste continues his exciting musical journey with what will be predominantly a media tour, which kicks off on May 12 and runs through to May 28. He will traverse through Europe, making stops along the way in countries including the UK, France, Germany, Finland, Spain and Italy. Noting that the aim is to solidify his already burgeoning status on the European continent, Droop Lion was full of praise for his fans there who, he says continue to show his amazing love.

"It is always a joy to be in Europe," he said. "The respect and admiration is mutual and I am really looking forward to connecting with the members of the media and through them, speak to my fans. Just want to give a shout out to all the media people all over who have been gracious enough to give us air time, print space and your overall support. It means a lot to me," stated the singer, who emerged as one of the leading voices of a new reggae-soul movement.

Droop Lion added that fans in Europe will see him in action on May 14 when he is scheduled to perform in London.

March 28, 2017

Dancehall star I Octane delivered an impressive performance during the 'Magnum New Rules concert

Kingston, Jamaica - Dancehall star I Octane delivered an impressive performance during the 'Magnum New Rules concert' held at the National Stadium car park in Kingston over the weekend.

I Octane has grown into a confident, mature performer and he was in top form during his hard-hitting set performed exclusively on tracks, a move that went over well with the youthful audience. 

Walking onto the stage, he immediately set the tone for his performance by declaring: 'mi come fi bun a fire inna ya tonight", while the selector dropped 'Buss a Blank'. Tongues of fire stabbed at the night sky and forwards rocked the venue. 

Urged on by members of the audience who screamed "done in ya", as he reeled off hits like 'Too Licky Licky'.

He interacted well with the audience, amusing them with his introductions to his songs with brilliant segues that both delighted and amused the audience.

"Man ah try bad me up backstage say mi a squeeze him woman too hard, so mi tell him  mi know her before yu, so before yu come road come try bad up people..." he said, before launching out into 'Mek Sure Yu Know Yu Girl'.

Then he segued into a more spiritual side of his performance, announcing that "whole heap a woman a dead wah day ya', before singing his classic hit, 'Lose a Friend'. 

The audience was suddenly illuminated with a thousand plus  glimmering points of light from camera phones as people waved in unison to the strains of the riddim. The audience sang the hit song word for word. He did other songs such as 'Study Yu Friend' and 'My Story' where he got a forward for the line, 'respect  to all youths who sell bag juice'.

He invited Bryka onstage, where he told the audience that he had seen the promise in the artiste and told him to "stop pull studio gate and go inna the studio", and commanded him to buss the place. Bryka obliged, performing his hit, 'Nah Put No Gal Over Mama' to appreciative shouts from the audience. 

Then Octane turned things up a notch, dropping his hits 'We Love the Vibes', and 'Wine and Jiggle'. He invited a fluffy girl onstage, and asked her to "run with yu full might come jump on me'. The audience watched the scene unfold, waiting to see if Octane would survive the collision but he jumped out of the way at the last possible moment, and the crowd erupted into gales of laughter. 

He closed his set with 'L-O-V-E' and 'Walk with Jah Jah'.


March 15, 2017

Droop Lion drops new single "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" Today

Ultra-talented Free People Entertainment recording artiste Droop Lion continues to revolutionize reggae music as he stays true to his pledge to “make Reggae great again”.

Armed with a destined-for-success 14-track album, Ideologies, the Rastafarian singer with the signature, soul-searing voice, is ready to rock the world with the release of Have You Ever Seen The Rain, the very first single from the album. March 15 has been designated as the official release date of a song which is sure to evoke memories for many and create a slew of new set for many more.

Have You Ever Seen the Rain is a cover version, but it is just not any cover, it is a time-honoured classic and in true Droop Lion fashion, the singer wholeheartedly embraces it, even as he meticulously strips away the over four decades since the song made its debut and passionately refreshes it with new life. Droop vocally claims this 1970’s hit as his very own, even though he stays true to the original lyrics and  pays tribute to the creators. 

Have You Ever Seen the Rain was written by John Fogerty of roots rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival and released as a single in 1971 from the album Pendulum. It racked up many accolades and has sold over 25 million copies.

“This is truly a big song and has been one of my favourites from the very first time that I heard it,” Droop Lion confesses. “For me to do a cover of Have You Ever Seen the Rain is an honour and a pleasure. It is one of those songs that pose a powerful question and, in fact, it is more about life than it is about the weather. The word rain is really a metaphor for so many other things and therefore this song can have a different meaning for each person and at the same time there is also a universal interpretation,” he said reflectively.

Undoubtedly, Droop Lion,  delivers an impressive, reggae-inspired rendition of the rock band’s 1970's song which allows him to remain committed to his own personal musical ideology and identity. This singer, who emerged as one of the leading voices of a new reggae-soul movement, and who has never compromised in order to achieve success, again shows exactly why he has been chosen as the disciple who will put the word ‘great’ back in reggae music.

Have You Ever Seen The Rain the debut single from, and the first song on  Droop Lion’s brilliant Ideologies album, will be released on March 15 and will also be available for download on digital platforms.

Droop Lion is determined to make Reggae great again and what better way to kickstart this meaningful and historic journey than with this classic song which is open to multiple interpretations: Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

01. Have You Seen The Rain 
02. Screaming - Droop Lion High 
03. KATTA 
11. Lock Down
12. You Cant Hurt Her No More 
13. Free Way
14. Pray For Them

February 28, 2017

Nikki Z leaves FAME

February 28, 2017

Media personality Nicole Duhaney, better known as Nikki Z, will assume the duties of vice-president of client projects and content at Hapilos Entertainment Group, following the dismissal of veteran industry player/producer Johnny Wonder.
"Nikki Z is our choice because we wanted that person with broad industry knowledge and experience that would also give us the physical, grassroots presence on the ground necessary to provide the assistance and clarity our clients need to navigate the digital distribution process within the global market place," Kelly Dudley, the company's president, said.
According to Kelly, Nikki Z is best suited to help "bring more of our artistes and producers behind the music out on to the global stage."
"This is in line with our plans to offer promotional tours for the artistes we distribute and the labels we distribute for," he said.

Hapilos Entertainment Group is one of dancehall/reggae's biggest music distributors. It is only rivaled by VP Records and Zojak Worldwide in the distribution of music coming directly out of Jamaica.
Nikki Z told THE STAR that her new job will see her focused on improving sales for Jamaican music.
"You can expect me to be very proactive with our clients in getting to know their expectations and also being very clear and transparent on what it is we can provide as a distribution service. From this point on, I want everyone to whom we cater to feel secure in knowing we are working tirelessly to reinvent and find new ways to market and push sales of our music," she said.
Dr Dennis Howard, general manager for radio in the RJRGLEANER Communications Group, has best wishes for Nikki Z. He also said FAME should not suffer as a result of her departure.
"There is always a difference when somebody who is on a show moves on, but we will survive. FAME is a strong brand," Howard said.

 Source: THE STAR