January 29, 2010


The powerful voice of Mavado dethroned the previous ruler out the top position with his inspirational hit single Hope & Pray and has taken over the #1 spot this week. Meanwhile I –Octane continues to pose a threat with Lose A Friend for the chief spot, this time he claims theShot To Watch title and jumped into the #2 position. Mr. Vegas with Gallis has lost the number one spot after spending two weeks in the position; he now sits in the #3 spot. Recording artiste and producer Demarco chops into the top five singles on the chart with True Friend and grips the Greatest Gainer title moving four places up on the #4 mark. Little by little Ding Dong and Chevaughn's Holiday is drifting out of sight, it now sits at #5.



01 Baby Tash - Facebook - Yellow Moon

02 Tiana ft. Chi Ching Ching – Skippin Feelin - Media House

03 Beenie Man - Ever Clean - Young Blood

04 Junnior Reid - I’m So Crazy - Sankofa Prod.

05 Khago - Caan Cool - Pot Of Gold.


Compilation was done based on information received from the following Sound Systems, Record Shops and Club: Derrick Harriot – Record Shop – St. Andrew, TNG Muzik-Sound System-Kingston, Love Stone–Sound System- Portland, Lazeme- Sound System- Westmoreland, Unique Super Mix–Sound System- St. Catherine, Copper Shot- Sound System- St. Andrew



Well the week started off on a violent note. Hmmm. Nothing new here I suppose since we are talking about Jamaica. This time though it involved former Empire Princess, Gaza Kim who as rebranded herself as Kym. Apparently, she received a firm whacking from men allegedly affiliated with the Empire who branded her as an informer. Many rumours abounded:

a. She allegedly informed Shorty [Kartel’s apparent number 1] of Kartel’s infidelity and was physically punished by Empire members.
b. She allegedly informed Shorty of the infidelity and was beaten by Empire ardents.
c. She allegedly informed Shorty of the cheating and men instructed by Kartel were ordered to mete out punishment.
d. She allegedly informed Shorty of a specific woman The Teacha was sleeping with and he along with other Empire followers beat her clean T.

Whatever the truth or reason, the reality is that the beaten took place. Only 17 years of age the young lady decided to leave the camp, but take note that that it is only a physical departure. Recent reports have informed that she signed away her publishing rights for all previously recorded material whilst in the Empire and is still contracted to Kartel’s record label for another six (6) years. Interesting!! I find this rather interesting, Prince anyone, or should I say ARTISTE. Remember when he felt trapped and changed his name from Prince to just The Artiste. Maybe Kym is hoping that by changing her name from Gaza Kim to Kym will make her a new artiste. Perhaps legally it is a way out, but let us not fool ourselves we know badmanism is rife in our dancehall culture. That aside what is even more frightening is that many older artistes would cuss about how producers would take all their rights so now if they don’t perform or do dubs they cannot get any money from composition royalties. Many articles and discussions have been written and had about the rights of the musicians, writers, and artistes yet it seems as though many are ignorant or just too hungry to get in the entertainment circle that they just sign and sign to anything just to get a piece of the spotlight. Knowledge is power, but it can be a destructive weapon by those who possess it. It is indeed ironic that Kartel besides singing about violence and sex, spits rhymes about injustices and inequality yet it seems many an injustice takes place in the Big Yard.

Hopefully, contained therein the contract is a clause which would allow an artiste to exit if physical breach to his or her person or mental state occurs. Even if there is no such clause it is obvious that the traumatized young lady has no express desire to remain a part of ‘The Empire’ so why bind her hands?

A request for a lobby by on air and in the dance deejays has been suggested to release Gaza Kim for her contract, but even if that were to happen, what about ‘cyan ketch kwaki ketch him shut’ [if you can’t directly get to your target you attack their other points of weakness] and we know certain artistes vest their minds deeply on the 48 Laws of Power.

It would be deeply regrettable if anyone from the Alliance or aligned to the Alliance would seek to make mockery of the Gaza Kim beating in song or rhyme. We all know what would occur. Gully vs Gaza year 2 and another year of corrosion to Jamaican music. This would only help to eradicate the hard work put in by older artistes and help to line the pockets of a few who take advantage of the highly illiterate Jamaican population both in Jamaica and in the diaspora and persons who like to listen to Top 10 Jamaican music so they can feel ‘IRIE’ or be in the loop.

It’s a shame and utter disgrace this incident and even though Kym might ‘Amen get rid ah di bwoy’, it will haunt her in years to come and even women who enjoy dancehall. We really need to take a stand. In life there is Sun and Moon, Day and Night, Dry and Wet and the combination of them makes for balance in life. Chauvinistic behavior in dominance really does not help in forward movement.

I hope this is not a sick joke by the Empire for publicity or maybe many pundits were right that the Empire will soon fall apart. You can trick a person once but you can’t keep tricking them over and over with techniques that follow a familial path.


Female deejay Ikaya ah go celebrate her birthday with a champagne-splashing party on February 6th. Her ting ah gwaan good, she de #8 pon the HYPE TV top 20 charts with "Good Up" and the video to song ah get crazy airplay and ting.

January 27, 2010

Empire members deny beating Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci seeking to clear their names

Several members of the Portmore Empire have been quick to deny being beaten, as well as any involvement or knowledge of any beating that have taken place in the crew.
As news of an assault on teenage singer and member of the Portmore Empire, Gaza Kim at 'Big Yard', off Mannings Hill Road, spread in the media yesterday, other members of the Portmore Empire have since contactedTHE STAR to proclaim their innocence.
Rumours have been circulating that other members of the Empire were being beaten on a regular basis and another artiste was rumoured to have been beaten over the weekend when they defended Gaza Kim.

verbal altercation

According to reports in Tuesday's STAR, Gaza Kim was at Big Yard when she and a group of men got into a verbal altercation. THE STAR source claimed that Vybz Kartel arrived on the scene and the men were instructed to beat her. A statement from Kartel, however, denied his involvement in the incident and condemned violence against females and children. A statement from Gaza Kim confirmed that she had been assaulted over the weekend and sought medical attention, details as to what happened, however, were omitted. According to the release, Gaza Kim says she will be taking legal action against her attackers.
Gaza Indu, known for songs such as Virginity alongside Vybz Kartel, was one of the first to call. Indu made it clear that she has never been beaten, nor was she present at the time that Gaza Kim was beaten. Indu said that she was calling all media contacts so as to clear her name. One of the latest females added to the Gaza crew, Sheba, also contacted THE STAR. Like Indu, Sheba stated that she was not present at 'Big Yard' over the weekend and did not appreciate that her name was being called up by the media and in rumours concerning any assault.
Two of the leading male artistes from the Empire, Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci also made contact with THE STARyesterday. Persistent rumours of being beaten have circulated around both figures. When asked about these rumours Ryno replied, "a lot of things have been said about di Gaza that aren't true. We cannot control what is being said in the media ... I am sure about myself and I have never witnessed any one being beaten on di Gaza."
As for singer Jah Vinci persons have questioned whether he is still a member of the Portmore Empire, after rumours have spread that he no longer hangs with the popular crew. Jah Vinci however, denied these rumours saying, "Gaza fi life."
Source: Jamaica Star

January 25, 2010


The outpouring of celebrities lending their support for Haiti continues. Ciara, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, and Pharrell are just some of the artists scheduled to participate in BET’s telethon next month.
Queen Latifah and Sean “Diddy” Combs will co-host “S.O.S. Saving OurSelves: Help for Haiti,” a three-hour televised concert from the American Airlines Arena in Miami on February 5, the Friday before the city hosts Super Bowl XLIV. The fundraising event will include appearances and performances by Ludacris, Justin Bieber, Robin Thicke, and many more.
“The devastation that has occurred in Haiti has broken my heart. My hope is that we can raise enough money to sustain a few of the relief organizations for quite some time as there is a lot of work to be done over there,” stated Pharrell in a press release. “The goal is not only to bring immediate relief to Haiti but to also rebuild the country and help the country move forward.”
The program will air on BET and Centric, as well as MTV and VH1, on Friday, February 5, at 8 p.m. ET. The proceeds will benefit Haiti relief organizations including Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti, CARE, and Project Medishare.
Source: .rap-up.com


Indie newcomer Capsicum Records, home of "roots on the bottom, pop on the top" artists Mistreree, Sledge, Cuban Cohiba, Mayyah Stuart, Burnie T, Sal Anthony and Natasha Redding, will sponsor the 2010 Excellence in Music and
Entertainment (EME) Awards to be held Thursday night, February 4, in the Gardens at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica.

Modeled after the famed annual Grammy Awards, with all the pomp and pageantry characteristic of such a ceremony, and now in its sixth year, the EME Awards are the brainchild of renowned Hot 102-FM radio personality Richard "Richie B" Burgess. They emerged out of a need for an authentic and grass roots based recognition of achievement in Jamaican music and entertainment.

Efforts are underway to make this year's event the best award show ever staged on the shores of Jamaica. The overwhelming support and popularity of the awards are why they were relocated from the studios of Hot 102-FM to a venue that can accommodate
the large following the ceremonies have amassed over the years.The EMEs have garnered the full backing of the CVM Group, including CVM-TV, X-NEWS Newspaper as well as Hot 102-FM and many other local media entities, with coverage also provided by international media like BETJ, and an endorsement from the Jamaica Tourist Board

"We are so delighted to become a part of this," said Capsicum CEO and A&R Director Roger Meltzer. "It has concerned me for years that the winners of Grammy Awards in reggae and dancehall music are never even televised accepting these coveted awards. If we're lucky, there might be a 'crawl" at the bottom of the screen announcing those winners. It's like achievements in our genre aren't accepted as an authentic and legitimate music worthy of recording industry recognition despite it's world-wide following. People forget that Bob Marley’s songs are played all over the world more frequenty than those of Elvis Presley’s”.

The Awards recognize achievements in approximately 30 categories including DJ of the Year, Best New Artist, Song of the Year, Voclist of the Year, Producer of the year and Album of the Year among others. Winners are determined based upon performance in the Jamaica Music Countdown as compiled weekly by Richie B from the island-wide contributions of sound system selectors, night clubs, record shops and radio dj's,
as well as internet voting on the emeawards.com website.

This year, Role Model Awards will be presented to the Legendary Toots Hibbert and Denroy Morgan, while the Special International Friend or Reggae Awardee will be India Arie, who will be honored for her embrace of the reggae music genre.

January 24, 2010

High riding reggae artiste I-Octane with Lose A Friend still holds the Greatest Gainer title

Mr. Vegas continues to hold on to the #1 spot with his contagious hit Gallis as Mavado with Hope & Pray grips the #2 place for another week and continues to pose a threat for the top spot. Fast rising I-Octane with Lose A Friend still holds the Greatest Gainer title, leaping four places in the #3 spot. Ding Dong and Chevaugn’s Holiday is slowing making its way out in the top five position on the chart as it seizes the #4 spot leaving #3. Sexy Bar-Bee makes Feel So Good kept its place at #5 for yet another week.
The chart’s New Entry goes fresh act Toya with Hot Like A Fire and indeed she is. As she makes entry at #20 and the record is off the Downsound Records




01 Baby Tash - Facebook - Yellow Moon

02 Tiana ft. Chi Ching Ching – Skippin Feelin - Media House

03 Beenie Man - Ever Clean - Young Blood

04 Junnior Reid - I’m So Crazy - Sankofa Prod.

05 Khago - Caan Cool - Pot Of Gold.


Compilation was done based on information received from the following Sound Systems, Record Shops and Club: Derrick Harriot – Record Shop – St. Andrew, TNG Muzik-Sound System-Kingston, Love Stone–Sound System- Portland, Lazeme- Sound System- Westmoreland, Unique Super Mix–Sound System- St. Catherine, Copper Shot- Sound System- St. Andrew

January 22, 2010



2009 had some disturbing news but this year it seems like its going to continue. Recently the Star carried a headline about a 10 year old that gave birth; yes you read right. We hear of child trafficking through Trinidad; Zebra once again in jail for alleged pedophilia and these are just some of the dread child cases of note. Now it's quite fascinating that Jamaica is a country with a dense church population. There is no lack of articles and persons who chastise gays quite vividly because the bible says so, yet the numerous songs on gallis behaviour (infidelity anyone) draw not even a bicker. Then there are the songs on having a young girl or even virgins; pardon me what of the Bible here. Well maybe the church should keep mum again given the numerous cases or priests and pastors having sexual relations with youngsters. What is
apparent is that the bible is used as a selective defense.

Now there aren't many books available, show with scenes and many person purporting pedophilia sex so how is it that it happens with such regularity here, how is it that many persons know of it happening and remain virtually mute, to what extent does the fact that it is taking place and not being address help shape a nation of dysfunctional relationships (because the children become adults with
unresolved emotional issues). Why don't we as a nation defend our children or maybe harbor pedophiliac fetishes and only the brave ones exercise them and get caught. Nb: I find it interesting we love to have retro parties (parties that take you back to the past - often to youth and childhood), we like schoolas parties (where you dress in high school uniform like outfits - to childhood again), we love Madonna's Like A Virgin insanely, cartoons and we turn a blind eye to the money men with young girls.
Maybe we can initiate change here.

I-Octane set to tour Europe this month

Following a successful holiday season leading into the new year singjay I-Octane is now rehearsing for his upcoming European tour.
The artiste has really come into his own and every performance is a testimony of his growth as not only an artiste, but as a performer.
December he started off with Island Explosion, performing for his parishioners, the thrill continued at Dancehall Jam Jam, then it was on to Pepsi Teensplash, Guinnes Sound of Greatness finals and his season culminated at the recently held Pepsi Rebel Salute.
“I am all fired up and ready to take on this European stint,” said a very confident I-Octane.
For I-Octane it’s the result of the hard work he put into his career and staying true to the kind of materials he records. His songs are blowing up in the dancehalls and even selectors confess that they often have to “pull up” more than once when his songs are on the turntable.
Octane’s current single Lose A Friend is holding the greatest gainer position on the Hype TV top 20 chart leaping from #7 to #3.
The video for Lose a Friend is now sitting in the top 5 on CVM’s Reggae Hitlist chart.
I-Octane will kick off his European tour on January 25 where among his scheduled stops will be France, Spain, Italy, England and Germany.


Singer Duane Stephenson will embark on his debut European tour at the end of this month. According to the artiste, he is looking forward to the three-week journey, and is in heavy preparation mode rehearsing with the dean Fraser-led Black Soil band.
“I’ve been putting in some hours doing rehearsals with the band and everything is coming together,” the singer stated. “But, Europe,” he added, “is having a really harsh winter and the temperatures are just something else. Right now I am also gearing up mentally for the weather and all that it brings … cold … snow, whatever,” said Duane.
Duane will be on tour with reggae acts Tarrus Riley and I-Octane. Interestingly, it will be a virgin European tour for all three artistes.
“We have all done one-off shows in various parts of Europe, but this will be the first real extended tour for all of us,” Duane said.
He noted that interest was already peaking as fans have been making it a talking point on Facebook and other social network sites on the Internet.
“I had to smile the other day when I went on line and saw a Facebook message referring to the tour as ‘a breath of fresh air’,” the singer shared.
The three-week tour will see the artistes performing in France, Portugal, Spain, Holland and England.

January 20, 2010

Video: Rihanna & Maxwell Perform on ‘Oprah’ Haiti Special

Oprah dedicated Wednesday’s show (Jan. 20) to Haiti. Wyclef Jean shared his devastating eyewitness account from his home country, while Rihanna performed “Redemption Song” and Maxwell sang “Fistful of Tears.”
The Barbados native explained why she chose Bob Marley’s song. “Growing up, anytime there was a really difficult situation, I always listened to this song ’cause it was so liberating, and even now I listen to it when my back is up against the wall,” she said. “I feel like the people of Haiti need to hear something inspiring.”

January 19, 2010

Flippa gets EME Awards DJ of the Year nominee

Dancehall deejay Flippa Mafia, has come a long way in one short year. In December 2008, he was the new kid on the dancehall block, capturing the imagination of the massives with his money-throwing, champagne-poppin’ gimmicks, while taking the term ‘flossing’ to dizzying heights.
However, by December 2009, he was the acknowledged Flossing King and had enjoyed a a year in which his career soared and saw him having a presence on local and international charts, even securing # one spots on Richie B’s charts.
Therefore, it doesn’t come as any surprise that Flippa Mafia has been nominated in the prestigious DJ of the Year category for this year’s Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards.
“You know that we don’t really work for award, but it’s a plus to be recognized in this way for your contribution to the development of the music,” was Flippa’s response.
The deejay took time out to praise conceptualizer of the awards, Richard ‘Richie B’ Burgess. “This is a good thing that Richie B is doing and big respect to him for this,” the Mafia stated.
Dancehall’s Flossing King has enjoyed soaring popularity with songs such as Unfinished House and Dem Yah and Dem Yah and has performed in several islands in the Caribbean, the US, Canada and Europe.
The EME Awards will be on Thursday February 4, at the Gardens at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. The event has garnered unwavering support and popularity through the years and has attracted coverage from both the local and international media. Last year, the presence of Americas BETJ Channel, provided quite a fillip for the EMEs and their repeat airings of the event has definitely added to the excitement both in Jamaica and abroad.
Flippa, who was voted one of the top 10 performers at the recently held Sting stage show in JamWorld, Portmore, was also nominated for an EME award in 2009.


On February 27 at the James Bond Beach in St Mary the annual Follow Di Arrow will take place. The event which is still weeks ahead is getting a lot of buzz around it as speculations are rife surrounding the fairer sex in the dancehall.
Spice was denied the chance at Sting to face off with Lisa Hype, rising Outaroad DJ Ikaya recorded two biting songs about Lisa and it is left to be seen what will unfold on stage at Follow Di Arrow.
However, a very confident Ikaya said that her performance is not about clashes or confrontation, as she pointed out, “I am trying to make my name in this competitive field. My main focus will be to represent to the best of my ability on stage at Follow the Arrow.”
According to her the reception she got at Sting was encouraging and she wants to score further points in the dancehall by remaining focused “and no, I won’t run if I am challenged though,” she said with a teasing smile.
Presently Ikaya is enjoying success on the charts with her single Good Up Good Up which is #12 on Hype TV singles chart and the video for the song is making its way up the RE TV MVP Top 10 Video Countdown chart.

January 15, 2010



1. They are always arguing with the flight attendant over seat position; even when the seat they are in was assigned to someone else; and insist on not moving so much so it becomes almost like an IMF round of negotiation between the flight attendant and the stubborn Jamaican; hence we are always delayed.

2. They always have their documents well put up even after they move off from Immigration to Customs; everything well hidden so much so it takes about 5 minutes to find them

3. Just before landing, the flight suddenly smells like you walked in a perfume or cologne store; cause Jamaicans have to freshen up before they meet immigration

4. They are the ones in deep conversation with the Immigration officer; smiling and greeting as if they are the Immigration Officer

5. They always have the loudest discussion on their cell phones even when the captain just instructed them to turn off all electrical instruments and wait for the flight attendant to tell them 2 times after that that they have to get off as though it's the first time they are hearing it

6. As the plane lands on the tarmac; even if they were in a deep sleep during the flight they jump up like they were tasered and take off the seatbelt faster than Usain in Berlin and try to take down their 50 lb luggage so they can get to the front of the plane before it gets to the gate; even if they were in seat 33D

7. No matter how well dressed they are a scandal or lada bag is a must; even if it contains expensive items or they have to walk with a Mega Mart, Price Mart or Bashco bag

8. The women always wear some impossible heels even though they know that all flights that originate from Jamaica and that land in the USA are always given the gate farthest from the Immigration Counter; the men always have on the latest sneakers or kick me come kill me boots that are squeezing the daylights out of their toes. Regular born in the USA Americans wear whatever.

9. Jamaicans are the only ones you will see bending under the cue belt instead of following the line to get to the immigration officer

10. They are the only ones to hold spaces in the check in line and the Immigration Line.

11. They consistently never have anything to declare even when they are visiting for one day to the USA and have 3 bags that look like they weigh a tone.

12. Jamaicans are always reading the Immigration and Customs forms over and over like it's the first time they are seeing one; checking and rechecking and even when they get to Immigration they have to step aside to fill out something that they missed; holding up the line in the process

13. Even if they are not hungry they will accept the food that is served on the airline; look carefully and you will see them stuffing it in their luggage which is already straining at the zips;

14. After they manage to trick the check in agent and get on board the aircraft pass the flight attendant with hand luggage that should be on a cargo plane or a barge; they look around in amazement at the storage bins wondering why they are so small and why their hand luggage can't fit; even upon realizing that it can't fit they will launch into a mini powerlifting competition raising the fluffy piece of luggage as many times off the floor or passenger seat to the bin as possible trying to force it in; HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY GET PASS THE CHECK IN AGENT AND FLIGHT ATTENDANT IN THE FIRST PLACE? I think the key is to eye lock the check in agent and flight attendant so they never look down at the oversized hand luggage.

15. Even after they get the confirmation email which says you are allowed only 1 piece of check in luggage of a maximum weight of 50 lbs you will find them at the check in counter opening 3 - 5 very massive suitcases removing sneakers, sugar, toilet paper, radio and such the likes and hissing their teeth the entire time and cussing under their breaths that "afta it cyan weigh more dan 50 lbs" which always hold up the line;

16. You can always spot a Jamaican who is coming back a yard because when they are at the overseas airport they always want to take picture at the drop off point even when the signs STATE CLEARLY that NO PARKING, ONLY DROP OFF.

17. They always are the ones in the cars you see circling the pickup area about 50 times like they are in a rally; when it would have been cheaper to park.

18. When they land overseas if they don't have a roaming cellular or no coins to make a call; look carefully that person you see edging closer and closer to you and circling nearby who suddenly ends up by your side wanting to borrow your phone to make a call is more than likely a Jamaican

19. They are always the ones who are stripping off the most number of items when they have to go through the security check points cause Jamaicans have to floss; they have to be extra with everything down to platinum filling

20. They are always cussing the Security Agents who upon checking their hand luggage discard their perfume, make up, cologne, toothpaste, lotion and salon size shampoo because they are not in a zip lock bag. The Jamaican is always wondering out LOUD why a scandal bag not good enough.

We Say It How We See It


Conscious Reggae singer, Duane Stephenson is one of the latest artistes to join the line up for this year’s staging of Pepsi Rebel Salute.
The artiste stated that he had been approached earlier by Flames, the organized of the event, but at the time it didn’t look possible. However, things subsequently changed, making it possible for the talented artiste to take his place on this highly-anticipated reggae festival.
According to Duane, he too is thankful for the opportunity to perform on Pepsi Rebel Salute, a show which is now in celebrating 17 year. He notes that Pepsi Rebel Salute is just another event in what has been the great start to 2010. The former member of the group To-Isis, just returned to the island following shows in sister Caribbean isle, Dominica and is set to leave for his first European tour immediately after Rebel Salute
The one-night roots reggae show, which brings together a variety of artistes spanning a wide cross section of generations, will take place this Saturday, January 16, at the Port Kaiser Sports Club in St Elizabeth.
A variety of local acts with international prominence have been booked to perform at this year’s show. Among them are the Grammy-award winning Steel Pulse, Freddie McGregor, Barrington Levy, Tarrus Riley, Etana, Queen Ifrica, I Wayne, Gramps Morgan, Richie Spice, Marion Hall, I Octaine, Jah Cure and promoter Tony Rebel.

January 13, 2010


Fans expecting a new album from Beyoncé this year shouldn’t hold their breath. The superstar has announced that she will finally take a well-deserved break in 2010.
The 28-year-old entertainer, who has been working non-stop since she was a teenager, will be slowing things down in the new year. “It’s definitely time to take a break, to recharge my batteries,” she tells USA Today. “I’d like to take about six months and not go into the studio. I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again.”
But not so quick. Before taking time off, Beyoncé will perform at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on January 31, where she is nominated for 10 awards, including Album, Record, and Song of the Year. “I was focused so much on my husband’s birthday—I threw a big party—that I didn’t really think about it. But it’s really an honor,” she says of the nominations.
Beyoncé films a commercial for Nintendo's Style Savvy video game.
Just last month, the singer shot two commercials for Nintendo’s Style Savvy, a video game that turns players into managers of a virtual boutique and features items from her Deréon clothing line. In addition, she will appear in ads and collaborate on the development of future products as part of a three-year endorsement deal with LCD HDTV company VIZIO.
So what exactly will Mrs. Carter be doing while she’s off? “I want to go to restaurants, maybe take a class, see some movies and Broadway shows.” She also plans to spend more time with her 5-year-old nephew, Daniel, son of her sister Solange. “He’s a wonderful kid, amazing, so smart. And I spoil him, so it’s a lot of work. He’s a 24-hour job.”

Beyoncé’s down time won’t begin at least until the spring as she has two weeks of concert dates for her I Am… tour scheduled in South America and the Caribbean in February. Additionally, she will be promoting her new fragrance Beyoncé Heat, which launches next month.
But don’t be surprised if the worker Bey’s vacation is cut short. “It will be the hardest thing in the world for me to make myself not do an album and shoot a video and turn it in and say, ‘I’m ready!’” she confesses. “I already have all these melodies and ideas in my head. I have to tell myself, ‘Sit down! Sit down!’”
SOURCE: www.rap-up.com



January 12, 2010


Flippa Mafia celebrates his EME Award. Stampede looks on.


The 2010 staging of the Excellence In Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards will unfold on Thursday February 4, at the Gardens at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston. Founded by popular radio personality Richard 'Richie B' Burgess, the awards show was created to honor the players in the local music industry, both past and present.
The EME Awards, a non-profit venture, has garnered unwavering support and popularity through the years and has attracted coverage from both the local and international media. Last year, the presence of America’s BETJ Channel, provided quite a fillip for the EMEs and their repeat airings of the event has definitely added to the excitement both here and abroad.
The publication of the List of Nominees for this year has triggered off wild voting well beyond the initial projection of the organizers. An EME Awards spokesman said, ‘we had such a mad rush to our website (www.emeawards.com) that we had to speedily upgrade the capacity of our server to accommodate the increased traffic. In fact, we had to upgrade our server’s capacity to terabytes in order to facilitate the existing and growing traffic’. Internet votes represent 30% of final scores, the other 70% based on Chart success and overall impact.
Awards will be given out in over 30 categories including, Dj of the Year, Vocalist, Album, Song, Producer,Singjay, Lyricist, Best New Artist and Breakthrough Artist of the Year among others. Additionally, the Award of ‘Role Model of the Year’ will be bestowed on Toots Hibbert and Denroy Morgan.
Considering the number of A-Listers that will be attending the 6th Annual EME Awards, the world awaits the fashion statements that will be made on the Red Carpet which opens up at 7 pm. The Awards Ceremony itself, which gets underway at 8 pm. The EMEs remain an invitation only event but will be aired on CVM TV, CVM Plus, Hot 102 FM and other local and international media affiliates.



January 11, 2010



Tel. Conversation
How you mean by hello
My girl you nah stop tek mi man
From last night mi a look out fi him
An all now him can come
An mi see yuh number inna him phone

So why you keep calling my phone
Telling me to leave you man alone
When a your man deh inna mi comfort zone
Telling me he don’t wanna go back home
Gal you better clean up you mongrel life
You life style dutty, and him nuh longer a entice
Bet you didn’t know i got your file here
Right now i’m about to reveal it......

A true mi have di got the good up good up good up good up........(rept)
Because mi know mi body good
A gal a chat because the the man whey she a mine
Inna mi hand every red cent a shub......
Good up good up (rept)
Because mi know mi body good
You man seh you too loose
And you smell like a wife fowl coob

Because mi have the hips dem weh thick
An you man caan lef it
Mi Gucci fit right inna vicky secret
It took one hit, and like glue him stick
None a we nah lef... so you better face it
Cause 12 o clock inna di morning
When you claim you a rap up wid you darling
Who fa phone him a text an calling
A tell me how him want fi tear down mi walling
A true mi got the
Good up good good up (rept cho)

Gal yuh seh you a di wife
Katch up inna di house wid you fake wedding ring
Wid a bag a dutty plate inna di sink
When you man did want up the good good loving
You out wid you fren dem a pose an a bling
But mi body fit gal yuh no see mi go a gym
Mi have whey fi hold di man
Because you caan hold him
The hair under arm need a shear need a trim
Only take one look a bare money him a fling
A true mi (rept cho)
REPT 3 fade.....


Lloyd Banks has been arrested on assault and robbery charges after allegedly attacking a promoter following a concert in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, on Friday night (Jan. 8).
The G-Unit member, born Christopher Lloyd, performed at Brantford’s Club N.V. before the altercation occurred. According to MTV News, the rapper and three associates, Nicklas Sloane, Shawn McGee, and Tyrell Cooper, got into an argument with the promoter over payment for his appearance and performance.
The promoter claimed that Banks and the three other men held him in his hotel room against his will before assaulting and robbing him on Saturday morning (Jan. 9). All four individuals were charged with forceful confinement, aggravated assault, and robbery.
Banks and his associates appeared in court via video on Sunday (Jan. 10) and are due back early this week. They currently remain in police custody.
SOURCE: www.rap-up.com

January 09, 2010


Ding Dong & Chevaughn continues to hold their reign in the New Year with Holiday as it sits in the #1 spot for three weeks.

Flippa Mafia keeps Foundation Over Hype in the #2 place and held on the Shot To Watch title for yet another week.

Singjay Mr. Vegas gets Gallis to hold still at #3.

Constant hit maker Mavado's Hope & Pray move up four places to head in the top five position on the chart this week and claims the Greatest Gainer title, whereas his single House Cleaning fell one spot down to #5 and as spent two weeks at number one.

The chart New Entry goes to the Dancehall King Beenie Man with his contagious track Mi Woman A Call Mi as it steps in at #19 and is off the Sankofa Production label.




01 Baby Tash - Facebook - Yellow Moon

02 Khago - Caan Cool - Pot Of Gold.

03 Beenie Man - Ever Clean - Young Blood

04 Idonia - Mood For Love - Big Ship

05 Tiana ft. Chi Ching Ching – Skippin Feelin - Media House

January 08, 2010



Last year was the Gully Gaza Year and at the close a truce was called, Thank God. Since the start of the year it’s been a bit more enjoyable to party. It’s like there has been a tension lifted from the partying atmosphere. Persons who would like a Mavado song, but before the truce wouldn’t rail to it are now doing so joyously and a lot of other songs are getting to the ears of listeners. What the deejays who spin music can now do is please stop discounting party goers and play a wider selection of music. That is for another article.

So far the men have called a truce even though Stephen McGregor has issued a song which is clearly throwing darts at Vybz Kartel; let’s see what the response will be to this.

Remember the year before coming off Sting, Kartel and Mavado had a clash to which we can’t clearly call a winner and the rest of the following year (2009) we had a rather factious year. Well last year Lisa Hyper (nee Hype) had a nasty expose which found her grappling with the Emperor’s Mic. Everyone except maybe those doing battle in the Middle East and those suffering in Somalia and Rwanda saw the pic and tongues were set wagging.

Stacious did a song which Hyper felt came as a direct attack at her, IKAYA did a song, apparently Face did a song. Well Timberlee, Baby Tash, Tifa and Pamputtae did not do songs so it begs the question, how did they get embroiled in the Hyper Soup?

Lisa Hype came out with guns blazing and responded to Stacious’ song since she perceived it as an attack on her. The Gangstress responded and the former 1st Lady of the Empire retorted. Well that war was soon shortlived since The Gangstress had loftier future ambitions.

Sting 2009 came and Hyper came to war, but with whom? She received forwards and boos and recovered from her boos by persisting. Well Pamputtae had finished her performance and Spice was next in line for the stage, but there was no performance by her. Why, what happened? Instead we had General B and Kiprich. The General became only known by B and had to buzz off. Well that aside Spice’s absence cause a lot of furore post Sting.

Nuffy called her a coward. Spice asserted that she was next in line after Pamputtae and Nuffy saw her, but because they had personal differences he ignored her and called up the other act. Nuffy claimed he had seen her and then he did not and so he moved on to the next artiste because he figured since he knew she was a coward she was afraid of the ball of fire that Hyper had built.

Hyper’s set primarily constituted a machete wielding exercise at the women in dancehall. She has since gone on to explain that she was sparing no one and was doing what was never done before. If Hyper is as bad as Nuffy claims why did he not allow Spice to go on the stage and have Hyper run in on her performance so that we could have a LIVE WAR instead of a studio wars. Spice penned a song addressing Hyper who had voiced a slewing song post Sting. Spice shot back like a sharp shooter, Hyper came back with two songs (one of which uses Baby Wayne’s flow from THE TRUTH, note carefully that she also uses a piece of Lady Saw melody from If Him Left). The last piece interesting given that Lady Saw has expressed her displeasure at the direction that the music is moving and how Hyper has behaved. She even went further to advice Spice publicly on Ragashanti’s programme telling her it was a war that was not worth it and that she needed not to respond any further as her career was more international than that.

Let’s hope that Spice heeds the advice and not descend into the quagmire that Hyper set for herself. We are a country of 9 day wonders and seem to relish scandal after scandal. Hyper not only sets a bad precedence for young women (gloating at sleeping with the boss), but display a trait that is highly destructive: TRAMPLING ON ANY ONE JUST TO GET AHEAD. Including those who were not critical of her career in the war, at least Tifa while being physically challenged has not allowed it to hold her back. Whether the ‘file’ that Nuffy has given to Hyper for Spice is incomplete or incorrect is irrelevant, he was afraid and unable to resolve his differences with Spice and used another female to do his deed. Maybe we ought to examine our men in dancehall. How are we so homophobic yet our men in dancehall trace more than the women? NOT ARGUE, but TRACE.

Let’s hope all the women in dancehall ignore HYPER so we can get on to good music and not big fish in a little pond behaviour as lyrics of this kind does nothing to further the genre overseas.


People, mi waan share something wid you. Yesterday, mi inna traffic pon Constant Spring Road when mi look over inna the lane and see Shebada inna one car, him and two other bleach out face bwoy, and people, mi a bet say yu woulda never believe which song dem a play inna the car.
Nuh the song by Busy weh name One More Night, the same song that go #1 a few weeks ago pon all the reggae charts. People, if yu eva see how the man dem a gwaan and a rock to the tune and ah look pon each other and ah sing. People, the way mi a laugh hard mi almost run offa the road. And people, yu know how the traffic stay terrible, the man dem wire the song so it ah repeat and repeat fi about fifteen minutes, all when dem gone ahead ah mi inna the traffic, mi still hear it a beat out. No wonder Busy no too interested fi perform inna Jamaica right now, The engineer who do da song de mash him up wicked inna life. Mi listen to it over and over and mi know say anno Gary him say, but it sound like it, why dem neva just change it before the ting get outta hand.
Source: one876entertainment


1. Why Spice Decide To Answer Lisa Hype? Worse Lisa Hype Dont Have A Thing To Lose And Her Shame Tree Dead.

2. What’s The Beef Between Stephen Mcgregor and Vyb Kartel? Why Stephen A Cut Him Off Suh?

3. When Gary A Go ‘Fess Up Bout He Being In Busy Song?

4. When Cecile Going To Tells Us The Name The Man She Engage To And If Hes The Same One Shes Willing To Mine The Matey Pickney?

5. If Its True That Daville Turn Babysitter In New York?

6. Why Baby Tash Nuh Want Her Man To tell Her she’s Sexy, But tell Her she’s Beautiful Instead?

7. Where Is Barbee And If She Nuh See How D'Angel A Model Pon Har In Har Latest Music Video?


The prestigious Excellence In Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards is back and this year’s staging of the event will be on Thursday February 4, at the Gardens at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston.
The EME Awards is the brain child of popular radio personality Richard 'Richie B' Burgess. He created this award show to honor the players in the local music industry, both past and present, for their hard work in creating and maintaining excellence within our rich musical culture. The EME Awards is a non-profit venture.
Since its humble beginnings back in 2005, as a small in studio production, the Excellence In Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards has grown to become one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the local entertainment calendar, due primarily, to its high production standards. The EME Awards has garnered unwavering support and popularity through the years and has attracted coverage from both the local and international media. Last year, the presence of America’s BETJ Channel provided quite a fillip for the EMEs and their repeat airing of the event has definitely added to the excitement both here and abroad. Over 85% of the awardees were in attendance for both the 2008 and 2009 staging and the organizers hope to improve on that this year. This is a clear indication of the respect the industry has for this event. 2010 promises to be even bigger and better.



January 07, 2010


Gargamel Music, Inc. is pleased to announce that top federal criminal defense attorney, David Oscar Markus, has officially been retained to defend four-time Grammy-nominated Reggae icon, Buju Banton, against the trumped-up drug charges currently being levied against him by the United States government.
"Buju is innocent - plain and simple," declares Markus. "He was set up from the jump by some evil people trying to take advantage of his trusting and honest character. We are all looking forward to getting him out of prison so that he can move forward with his stellar music career."
Mr. Markus is a Magna Cum Laude Harvard Law graduate who kicked off his high profile legal career as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Miami. His overwhelmingly successful private practice, Markus Law (www.markuslaw.com), focuses primarily on federal criminal cases at both the trial and appellate levels.
Prestigious attorney resource guide, Chambers and Partners, says David Oscar Markus "is a man who gets consistently great results... When he walks into a room the US Attorney's office winces as he puts them to the test every step of the way." The National Law Review says, "David is a reincarnation of the old time great criminal defense attorneys."
The nationally recognized litigator has also consistently been named one of the top lawyers in the country by Florida Super Lawyers (2006 - 2009); Florida Trend (2008 - 2009); Daily Business Review's 5th Annual Most Effective Lawyers (2009); Top Lawyers In South Florida (2002 - 2009); South Florida Legal Guide (2002 - 2008); Best Lawyers In America (2007 - 2008).
Early Tuesday morning, US Marshalls transferred Buju Banton to a jail facility in Tampa. He is scheduled to appear in US District Court for the Middle District Of Florida on Thursday. Meanwhile, sales of Banton's Grammy-nominated album, Rasta Got Soul, have continued to increase in the four weeks since his incarceration. A documentary-style music video for new single "Optimistic Soul" will begin circulating in the coming weeks.

January 05, 2010


It looks like Rihanna has found new love in the new year. The singer, 21, kissed her new boyfriend while vacationing in Mexico on Monday (Jan. 4). The lucky man is 25-year-old Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. He reportedly accompanied Rihanna to her New Year’s Eve concert in Abu Dhabi. Photos via Just Jared.
Source: www.rap-up.com

January 04, 2010


On Tuesday night January 5th 2010, dancehall’s Flossing King, Flippa Mafia will set the stage for his annual Flossing Christmas, but this time, it will be with a difference.
“It’s Flossing Christmas — The Repeat,” he said. “This means that all those who came out to the original event last week, which was cut short by the police, can wear back their same clothes. It’s the repeat, so just repeat your clothes,” the affable deejay said.
Now in its second year, Flossing Christmas was staged at Rebel T HQ, but a visit by the forces which seem intent on strangling the music led to the untimely end of the event.
The Repeat will be held again at Rebel T HQ.

“We will at Rebel T HQ just having a lot of flossing fun. Ladies will be free before 1:00 am,” said the deejay who was recently involved in a car accident along Hagley Park Road in Kingston.
He noted that he was in good condition following the smash-up, which saw him sustaining minor injury to his hand, as a result of the vibration when the vehicle struck the wall. His Porsche Cayenne receiving damage to the front, but according to Flippa, “it can be fixed. It’s nothing major”.
Flippa was voted one of the top performers at the recently held Sting stageshow in JamWorld, Portmore.

January 03, 2010


After nearly 20 years at the top of the Jamaican music industry I have been involved in many battles - sometimes with fellow artists, sometimes with outside forces and sometimes with the state and its politicians. I've learnt to choose my battles wisely and the grounds upon which to fight them.
I've also learnt when to admit I didnt choose my ground wisely and Saturday night's Shaggy & Friends' show was one of those occasions. With so many politicians and members of the upper echelons of corporate Jamaica present, an audience I rarely get the ears of, I got caught up in the moment while expressing myself. I now realise it was inappropriate and extend my apologies to Shaggy, his sponsors, benefactors and all in attendance who were offended by my performance.
Alliance made a pledge to donate $250,000 to the cause and we will follow through on that promise and continue to support Shaggy and answer his call whenever he reaches out.

January 01, 2010

WHAT OF 2010


Well 2009 close out last night and today is a new year 2010. Let’s hope that given that the year starts on a Friday we will really get good entertainment for the 2010 and see new, relevant and true entertainers and not joke it out.

2009 could easily be branded the year of Gully and Gaza. It will go down in our musical history as one of the darkest period in Jamaican music to date. Crews, gangs, groups whatever collective noun you want to use have always had its place in Jamaican music; well in human existence really since we are communal, barring the sociopaths. Kartel, CEO of the Portmore Empire is inarguably one of the best lyricists at the moment in Jamaica, though he does not have a commanding voice or strong stage performing skills. His nemesis or now truce partner (we don’t even now what really is) Mavado, Chief of The Gully has melodies that make sparrows fly in for lessons though he is not always on key (we love you Stephen McGregor, you always tune Mavado’s voice right and fill in where necessary). Let’s make it clear, both of them dress well and have improved much over the years.

From the beginning of the year things were taut and many of us braced for the war; the main reason was that it was still disputable who won the clash at Sting 2008. I will reserve my opinion on that. Kartel with his Empire disciples and new found in house producers NOT NICE (who probably either needs lessons on the science of sound (Engineering 101 anyone) or some time off) and RUSSIAN (who is a good musician, but like Dave Kelly should stay away from singing or deejaying) spewed forth singles after singles and riddims after riddims week after week and day after day; they clearly were giving Lil Wayne, Prince and Sizzla a run for musical output (quality is another issue). Kartel became the King of Jamaica dancehall scene (sorry Beenie).

Mavado on the other hand took his career international and focused on gaining momentum and more traction along with members of the Gully Squad; working with artistes such as Trey Songz, Wyclef Jean, Alicia Keys to name a few he sought to dodge the missiles from the Empire like a Shaolin Ninja. At times the caveman in him would allow him to pen and voice a primal song firing back at The Empire, but for the most part the Gully focused on moving outernational.

A deep look at the charts would see a rally back and forth between Kartel and Mavado for chart topping positions, with Kartel having domination on the charts in most instances. Mavado might have voiced many songs in the year, but many may not have yet been released, but when a song was released by him, it would do well. Almost like a sharp shooter, precise!

The Gully Gaza feud which should have been a lyrical battle for showmanship and supremacy had several impacts which were mostly negative. It might have been good for the Empire and the Gully (collecting DUB money and getting heavy show requests) but overall it was negative.

There are many reasons we have so much violence in Jamaica and it would be unwise to blame it all on the Gully & Gaza feud, but entertainment at the moment is seen by many as the Golden Child, once it used to be sugar, bananas, bauxite and coffee. Now it is Entertainment followed by Sports & Gambling. Stooping mainly under severe economic pressures, high job losses, low literacy the country became and is becoming a ticking time bomb. Many persons used the Gully Gaza feud as an outlet (almost like over imbimbing or snorting too much white lady so you are suspended from reality and can’t be held accountable for your actions) and held staunch positions. It led to heated arguments, fights and a high concentration of Gully Gaza music in most entertainment outlets: clubs, beach parties, house parties, cds, stage shows. It got boring to party as we edged towards year end and few if any other artistes made any major impact. A lot of good songs which would have otherwise been favourably received were tolerated in a minor way. It had to be Gaza mostly or Gully to be entertaining.

Discussions with overseas deejays and lovers of Jamaican music have expressed concern at the direction of the music. Maybe 2010 we will realize that a change is necessary and that we need to act and not pay lip service only.

The dilution of our music form has made a younger generation in Jamaica unappreciative of the hard work of the musicians and other entertainment persons who have gone before us and it is making our music sink lower than a sub-genre overseas, which means we will have to work that much harder to move forward. THINK! THINK!

Why can’t we appreciate what we have, how much longer are we going to make outsiders extract the good we have, polish it and package it and sell it to us at a high price?