December 31, 2009




Outaroad recording artiste Ikaya made a successful Sting debut on Boxing Day at the Jamworld Entertainment Complex in Portmore.
She made her stage entrance on stage chanting the single Amber Alert which earned her a lot of love from the hard to please Sting crowd.
“It was really something, to see,” a pleased Ikaya said, adding that from there it was smooth sailing.
Performing in the Vixens of Dancehall slot Ikaya then performed her hit single Good Up Good Up but it was the ‘mix up’ song that really had the crowd going and that was Headline where she took digs at Lisa Hype.
“I am happy with the reception I was given at the greatest one night show on earth. I was aware of the fact that the crowd can be very hard to please and they are not afraid to boo if you fail to shine. I had all the confidence in the world, that I could deliver...and I did just that,” the proud upcoming artiste said.
With Sting now behind her Ikaya is looking forward to her next performance which will be at Sommerset Falls in Portland at Family Funday and Stage Show where she will be sharing stage with Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Merciless, Capleton, Sizzla, Anthony Cruz, Nesbeth, Admiral Tibet, Professor Nuts, Chuck Fenda, John Holt, Ginjah, Josey Wales, Courtney Melody, General Trees, Anthony Malvo, Peter Metro, Ikaya, Lenn Hammond and Flippa Mafia.

December 29, 2009


Former Portmore Empire First Lady Lisa Hype has been expelled from the Portmore Empire by Empire CEO Adidja 'Di Teacha' Palmer after what a release called her 'overall conduct' which was "not consistent' with what is expected of members of the group.
"Lisa Hype is no longer a part of the Portmore Empire. The members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain 'developments' that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct, conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire. She is an incredible artiste and we wish for her all the best in her future endeavours, but Lisa Hype will not play a future role in the Empire as she no longer fits in with our organisational goals as we move forward in 2010," the release said.


Zj Sparks has been starting fires everywhere she goes fresh of EVA CLEAN in Porus & The Mavis Bank Community Treat over the weekend she was in fine form; so much so the promoters have booked her for next year from now.

This weekend going to be a busy one for the hot head Zj, On the Eve of New Year's Eve, Wednesday December 30, she will be throwing it down at the Mayor's Party and New Year's Eve Junction will get a blast of fire at the FUSE NIGHT Club in Junction - The All Black Edition.

At the start of the of the year Sparkie will be stirring up at storm at the Party THE COOK OUT set for Limelight on January 2, 2010.



December 28, 2009

Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart for December 25, 09

Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart for December 25, 09


Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha wowed a record-sized audience during Pepsi Teensplash at James Bond Beach on Boxing Day December 26, 2009 with an entertaining set full of current hits.

It was a performance that all at once underlined his dominance as Jamaica's top dancehall act, showcased the squadron of young acts in his Portmore Empire act and hinted at even greater promise at his future development as a major dancehall star.
He hit the stage to a huge roar as he sang Million by a Morning before seguing into Dollas. He even exhibited some stagemanship a la Beenie Man directing the Ruff Kut band with flourishes of his hand as the song came to an end.
The girls almost lost their mind when he did Love Dem, then he sat down on a speaker box and shaking his head ruefully said 'every time yu come inna public with the same almshouse'. On walked Sheba, doing the intro to Mi ah Go Do Yu Back, and the forward was deafening. They worked well together, however Sheba needs to project her voice more deliver the song with more energy. After she exited, Kartel segued neatly into his next song, explaining that even though she was upset, She Nah Let Go, and the crowd loved it.

He closed his set with Bicycle, Life We Living and Slo Motion while Beenie Man waited in the wings. Rumours are circulating within the industry that Ruff Kut and Beenie Man have permanently parted ways, but that was not obvious as they worked well together. Beenie Man won over the crowd with his Gaza Mi Seh antics and his new hit, Eva Clean.

Earlier, Mavado worked a tight set and even bigged up Adidja Palmer before doing his number one hit, Hope and Pray. He got big forwards for his Christmas song, New Llama and Never Believe Yu.

Mr. Vegas showed his great experience as a performer and immediately connected with the young crowd with his current hit, Man a Gallis. A consummate professional, he worked the huge teenage audience well, energising them by asking them to move like they were young people. The crowd responded well, and he had them in a towel-waving frenzy for about five minutes as he did Up Deh, and then injected a note of gospel in the venue as he did a medley of songs that included Saints Go Marching In, before closing strongly with I Am Blessed, his huge number one. It was one of his best local performances for 2009, and he had the predominantly teenage audience jumping and rocking throughout showing why he has been able to stay at the top of his game after 12 years in dancehall.

Lady Saw got one of the biggest forwards of the night as she deejayed a R rated song which appeared to make reference to Vybz Kartel and a leaked x-rated photo that hit the Internet several weeks ago. She personally edited the song so as not to corrupt the minds of the young teens but the x-rated element was not lost. The punchline of the song was that 'mi love go school but mi nah study because The Teacha ah teach the student fi suck buddy'. The audience roared when she first did the song, forcing her to do the song again to an even bigger ovation. She closed strongly with a medley of hits such as It's Raining, Eh Em, and If the Man Lef, hiking up her skirt tantalizingly, a real treat for the young men in the VIP section of the crowd.

Earlier, G Whizz had impressed but perhaps overstayed his welcome a bit with five songs. Jahvinci worked well, doing a quick set full of his hits, and saving 'Watch Yu Friends' for last. Blak Ryno needs to work on his stage craft a bit more particularly his dressing; however, he still connected with the crowd who loved Bike Back.

Black Queen surprised quite a few people with her set, walking on with You Say and then doing Dream Lover. She got a nice forward when she sang 'Kartel was mi one and only but him lef because mi never freaky'.

Baby Tash was simply electric during her performance, and she radiated sex appeal with her curvaceous body and her delightful dance moves. She earned an immediate roar with her popular song, Mix Up, before doing the socially conscious Nah Bleach. However, it was her monster radio hit Facebook song that had the audience singing along and watching her every move, and she closed by doing a new song, Fair Share acappella

Stacious, dressed in a sexy red outfit, thrilled with her hits, Falling Down, and Goodas Clap. She introduced her songs well with good banter in between songs and had the audience singing along to It's Over and laughing during Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo. However, the audience seemed really titillated by her controversial song, Head, which takes a swipe at Lisa Hype's controversial photo, and were a bit disappointed that she did not go into it more.
Timmi Burrell only got a chance to do one song when emcee Reggae Rogers walked out on him. I Octane showed why many regard him as the next true voice of reggae with a great performance. Ras Goudie impressed and sounded a warning that he will be coming to take his place in 2010. The Free People team which managed the event must be credited with doing a good job with swift band changes and a line-up that built the excitement up to a satisfying climax with Beenie Man.

December 25, 2009



Well it is Christmas so I will make it light this week. After all we will be saddled with enough taxes next year that even boxers with holes and panties with stretched out waistlines will still be worn.

• Paint their houses. Why does the house have to be painted, white wash anyone? It is not a law, it is not a commandment. It will still be the same house the 31st of December of the old year as it will be on the 1st of the next year.

• Middle and top brass managers try not to have to go to work (SMIKLE anyone) because strangely it seems like at this time of year workers seem to have crosses following them so they need more cash or some strange expenses appear so they kinda get cozy with the boss. Not to mention workers in general try to avoid work. Suddenly someone in the family dies (even if they were dead years before), a child is ill, or they feel ill (even though they have an airline ticket for North America), they met in an accident and the list goes on.

• Bosses go to office parties, enjoy sufficient libation, pretend to be drunk just so they can put it on on a co-worker they have the hots for all this time.

• Throw away perfectly good clothes, even though not a thing wrong with them. Then they go out and buy some even if they have to borrow the money or trust the clothes

• Men will find all reasons to be upset with the girl on the side just so he can drop her until the New Year and avoid extra expenses during the Christmas; ladies will start going to parties heavily in November so that they can hook a man for the Christmas and get some hot clothes, new hairstyle, and mani- and pedi- money.

• They will visit grandma or mommy’s house and eat the same Christmas dinner they have been eating every year since they were a child (if is the only time the parents see their child); some will eat the food even though they wish they had a dog by the table foot to just filter off the food cause it just doesn’t taste good, but you want mama fi feel good

• They lose all common sense and drive like darn idiots on the road. They cause a lot of congestion not because there is a long line, but because SELFISHNESS becomes premium and generally drivers don’t know how to change lanes properly. Let’s not even mention the fact that pedestrians refuse to use pedestrian crosses and develop an uncanny habit of just walking out in the road despite an oncoming vehicle or just standing wherever they want in the middle of a busy road and cuss you out or cut their eye if you ever dare to honk your horn

• They go to church even if it is for the one and only time of year they do it and then they hurry back to the car of home to change off so they can enter back to reality by reveling in pagan behaviour

• They try to make peace with someone they malice over foolishness in the spirit of the season and as January morning comes around, war resumes.

• They try to bleach (stay up all night) to party; the ladies will wear 10 steppers (shoes that you can only wear for 10 steps before you want ‘dash dem off’ cause your feet feel like your matey obeahed you); the men will wear outfits they just bought from a vendor they just passed because men generally try to pretend Christmas is not here (it means they have to spend more money or find a stash to give x, y, z …..)

I know right, you are dropping off your chairs now. Add some more to the comments section so we can all have a good laugh

December 24, 2009


The Flossing King Flippa Mafia, who should be in the island by now, is promising fans “nothing but the best” at Sting 2009, come Boxing Day, December 26.
“Sting,” Flippa noted seriously, “is an experience.”
He names last year’s event as one of the highlights of his career, particularly since he was so well received, by the notoriously discriminating crowd, who has the reputation of making and breaking careers.
Flippa, who has set himself up as the ‘man to watch’ as it relates to any and everything to do with flossing,
Meanwhile, Flippa will also perform at the Jagra GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza, which has arguably one of the best line-ups of the shows for the Yuletide season.
According to Flippa, he was more than happy to perform at this annual show and when he got the call from Irie FM disc jock, GT Taylor, he was more than ready to respond positively to the call.
“When you perform at a show on Christmas Day that is like giving fans a Christmas present, so it has to be good,” Flippa said.
It was last weekend that Flippa had been scheduled to perform at three venues England. December 18, 19 and 20 should have seen the deejay in Manchester, Coventry and Bristol on a big bill that included the Gully God Mavado, Assassin and Serani.
However, due to no fault of the artistes, the shows did not work out as planned.
But Flippa is now back on Jamaica soil for Jagra GT Taylor’s Christmas Extravaganza and the greatest one night show on earth, Sting.

“It will be flossing with a difference,” he said.

December 23, 2009

Ikaya looking forward to Sting Challenge

Outaroad Records Ikaya is all geared up for Sting. The female artiste who will be making her debut appearance at the event dubbed the Greatest One Night Show on earth is very excited about getting the chance to prove herself.
Performing the segment Rising Vixens of Dancehall Ikaya will be performing in a group of hot upcoming females which will include Cymply Hot, Sherita, Angelina, Pretti Kitti and Sassy among others.
“I can’t wait to take centrestage cause I know what I am capable of. I know the Sting crowd can be very tough, but I am not fazed by that, I enjoy a good challenge said the artiste who now has several songs enjoying good rotation and chart presence with her popular single Good Up.
“My plan is to keep doing more songs that will appeal to the mass and to stay on a positive trend with my career. For my Sting is the ‘testing’ ground so to speak and it’s a challenge I am really looking forward to,” Ikaya confidently stated.
Following her performance on Sting boxing Day Ikaya will be on a New Year’s Eve Bash and a Family Fun Day in Sommerset Falls Portland where will be sharing stage with a host of other artistes.

Listen to her latest song title "Headliner" below for sting

December 21, 2009


Music insiders are already dubbing this year's Teenplash as arguably "the best and most anticipated show" for this Christmas season because of the powerful lineup of reggae and dancehall acts who will be showcased on this year's Boxing Day event.

The show is headlined by Beenie Man, the king of the dancehall, Lady Saw, the Queen of the Dancehall, I Am Blessed singjay Mr. Vegas who is having another outstanding year. Plus the show boasts a galaxy of new generation superstars, Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire, and Mavado and the Gully Squad. Rounding out the lineup are the bright and talented young females Baby Tash, a former Magnum Kings and Queens contest winner, and DocMac Entertainment artiste Stacious.

The annual Tensplash show will be held at James Bond Beach in St. Mary on December 26th. The Gaza and Gully fans in the northeastern section of the island are salivating over the opportunity to see their favourite artistes, former arch-rivals, Vybz Kartel and Mavado, perform on the same event. Both artistes forged a peace and shook hands and took photos in the last few weeks, helping to quell Gully-Gaza tensions among teenagers.

"In the interest of the unity in the business, we're having Mavado and Vybz Kartel on the same stage, and the anticipation is great for them to come and do an electrifying set. Plus we have top artistes such as Mr. Vegas, Beenie and Lady Saw, we're just doing our best to entertain the fans," Linval Gibbons, organiser of the annual Teensplash event, said.

Other artistes on the show include G Whizz, Brown Sugar, Black Queen, Timmi Burrell, Rum Head, GB, Ras Goudie, Nico D and Xinyu.

The Teensplash series of shows is one of the most successful series in the history of Jamaican entertainment events and this will mark the first occasion that Vybz Kartel will be doing the show since his ascendancy as one of the top box office pullers in dancehall. Vybz Kartel has had an incredible year, scoring seven number one hits, including the mega hits, Ramping Shop, Million By a Morning, Last Man Standing, Mama, Love Dem, Completely, and Money on Mi Mind. His Ramping Shop also hit the Billboard R & B charts twice. Mavado also had a great year with I'm So Special hitting the Billboard charts.

"We have a really incredible lineup this year. Last year, Beenie Man did an amazing job and I know he is going to be great again this year because he is a really professional artiste; Lady Saw is always great, Baby Tash is a great performer. The younger fans are also looking forward to Blak Ryno and Jahvinci, two of the hottest talents to have emerged in dancehall over the past year. Teensplash is going to be even better this year," Gibbons said.


Mavado holds the top spot with House Cleaning it now sits at #1 for two consecutive weeks.
Ding Dong & Chevaughn with Holiday continues to threaten the number one position as they hold both the #2 spot and Shot To Watch title for yet another week.

Portmore Empire’s Emperor Vybz Kartel with Like A Movie keeps his position at #3 and while spending sixteen weeks on the chart and one week at number one.

The 'Flossing King' Flippa Mafia steps in the top five with Foundation Over Hype to take over the #4 position and grips the Greatest Gainer title, moving three places up.
Meanwhile Mr. Vegas with Gallis sits at #5.

The chart's New Entry goes to Voicemail and Busy Signal with Dance The Night Away makes entry at #20 and is off the Washroom Ent. label.



01 - Khago - Caan Cool - Pot Of Gold.

02 - Baby Tash - Facebook - Yellow Moon

03 - Beenieman - Ever Clean - Young Blood

04 - Idonia - Mood For Love - Big Ship

05 - Chino - From Mawning - Big Ship


December 18, 2009



Well by now you must have heard that after this bleak Christmas, the New Year is going to be like a permanent midnight. Recently there was a Black Friday type event uptown and just this week something of a similar nature was launched in downtown. While they have seen success so far, I can bet you come next year retailers are going to be downscaling faster than spit falls to the ground. Estimates from the Bank of Jamaica has so far shown that the amount of money in circulation (which normally increases during the Christmas season) is far lower than last year. No surprise here. Riding on an electoral campaign, this Government which promised jobs jobs and more jobs and no taxes has literally made the proverbial wolf inna sheep clothing seem like a scrawny gal, they mastered pitching better than any best actor or actress Oscar winner.
When we experienced the blowout from these get rich schemes and announcement of a recession in the USA, our same brilliant Finance Minister and Prime Minister proclaimed that we have nothing to worry about since we would not be affected, clearly they were living in a shiny bubble. Amusingly, the Finance Minister recently said that we have lost our appetite for risk. Hmmm, I wonder why. Earl Jarrett from the JN Small Business Loans Limited Board said that Jamaicans are not taking advantage of business options because we are not aware of the opportunity. If that was not the most embarrassing statement to be made by a Mr Jacket and Tie, please tell me of another.
Let’s see what has happened so far:
a. GDP has fallen by 4%
b. GCT will now increase again to 17.5%
c. Over 40,000 persons have lost jobs with more to come
d. Public sector wages will be frozen for 2 years; yet government consultants are getting astronomical fees which are stupidly justified by the parliamentarians
e. The P.M has increased the public sector wage bill from $84 billion to $125 billion, a 50% increase. Don’t mention the fact that they have less consultants but are paying out more.
f. Purchasing Power has been estimated to have fallen by 20 – 25%
g. Remittances declined by 17%, which has seen foreign exchange inflows plummeting by US$300 million
h. Minister Tufton has said that we have lost $24 million since the last 5 months at 3 of our sugar estates due to theft; Aubyn Hill better hurry and sort out the sale of our estates since he is being paid a tidy sum only to apparently be collecting a hefty consultant fee
i. Our Hotels have seen our hotels dropping our rates by 30-65%; apparently it has worked, but obviously that leads to a revenue decline, less gratuity for hotel workers (even that is now being taxed).
j. Taxes are going on Raw Food Stuffs such as fresh fruit and vegetables, ground provision, meat, poultry (chicken anyone), fish, cornmeal, corn beef, pickled mackerel, herring, salt fish, peas and beans, onion and garlic, sardine, mackerel, bread, bullas, biscuit, crackers, sugar, salt patties, oats, oil, syrup, eggs, sanitary napkin, activities for which an admission is charged by any cultural or other organization, servies rendered by an undertaker in relation to burial, creation, including the supply of the coffin
So now you can’t even think of shopping in the markets because they too will be charging GCT there. I think the one that has struck me the most as being backward is the tax on fresh fruit and vegetables. After heavy promotion of the NHF and healthy lifestyles and preventative medicine, the very same things we need to help feed a body in a healthy way is the same thing we will be taxed on. Lu! What is amazing is whether you choose to die or live this administration is going to suck you dry. What is amazing though is they have allowed to remain exempt: payment of dividends and interest and travel tickets for international travel, BRAIN DRAIN AND CAPITAL FLIGHT ANYONE?
The gap between the UPPER CLASS and the MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASS will no doubt expand more than a fluffy girl. Just to party, just to survive will leave us in pain. Previous administrations have contribution to the current situation, no denying that and it will take perseverance to get through this, but what is sure is that we will see our country being sold out to foreigners who have more bargaining power (our dollar is worth nothing), a decline in morale, more crime, more extortion, more diseases (due to the stress)


1. Who Are Going To Clash At Sting This Year? Goofy And L.A Lewis? Because Kartel Says He Will Not Clash With No Artiste.
2. Why Buju Why? The Reggae World Wah Kno.....
3. When Last Serani Perform Inna Jamaica if afraid him fraid?
4. What Kinda Gimme-And-Tek- Back Government We Have In Jamaica? They Come Back And Tax The Salt Again!
5. If Jah Vinci Finally Going To Come Out Of Hiding And Perform On The Shows That He Is Booked For?
6. Will Lisa Hype Carry Her Own Custom Made Mic To Sting Or She's Going To Share With Others?

December 17, 2009


Pink tanks, machine guns, and a little duct tape go a long way in Rihanna’s “couture military” video for “Hard,” the latest single from her fourth album Rated R featuring Young Jeezy. The pop star joins forces with director Melina (BeyoncĂ©, Ciara) for the first time and the results are explosive.
“Everything is surrounded around the idea of something military,” Rihanna says of the clip. “We have tanks, we have troops, we’ve got helicopters, we’ve got explosions. We’ve got lots of cute outfits, lots of bullets. It’s crazy.”

SOURCE: www.hiphopdx.com & www.rap-up.com



December 16, 2009

Reggae star Buju Banton waives hearing in Miami

MIAMI – Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton will fight the drug charge against him in Tampa instead of Miami.
Banton, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, waived his bail hearing Wednesday in Miami federal court. His case is being prosecuted in Tampa, where he will be transferred.
U.S. Magistrate Judge William Turnoff issued a temporary order of detention.
A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration affidavit says Banton and two others tried to buy a large amount of cocaine from an undercover officer in Sarasota last week.
Banton has been in federal custody since Thursday. He is charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine.
Banton's attorney says the singer denies the charges.
Source: Associated Press

December 14, 2009


By: Yasmine

Monday, December 14, 2009

Irate show promoters in St Lucia and Guyana are planning to sue dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel for a series of no-shows over the weekend. Kartel and members of his Portmore Empire were reportedly booked for a concert in Guyana on Saturday night, after which they should have moved on to St Lucia to perform on the last evening of a three-day event called Love Fest.
Reports are, however, that while some members of the Empire turned up, Kartel missed his flight to Guyana, not once, but twice, after which the promoter was asked to send a charter. According to one report, this was done, but the plane sat on the tarmac on Saturday and the deejay refused to leave Jamaica. Conscious Minds Promotions in Guyana reportedly suffered tremendous losses when they were forced to cancel the show. The Sunday Stabroek in Guyana noted that "a press release advised that persons who purchased tickets for the show will receive full refunds beginning Tuesday at all ticketing locations".
The promoters are quoted as saying, "We again express our deep regret at the disappointment that our supporters must feel and pledge that we will make good with other promotions."
Meanwhile, the St Lucia promoter Andrew Hayles, in an interview last evening with the Observer, said that he had spent over US$20,000.00 on plane fare just to ensure that Kartel would be present for his show, Love Fest, which has built up a solid reputation during its eight years.
"Naturally, the Guyana promoter and myself have been communicating, since I was supposed to bring Kartel in from there. So those tickets went down the drain. Then I made direct contact with Kartel and he told me to send two first-class tickets for him and Jahvinci to travel from Jamaica. At 11:00 pm on Saturday we got the travel agent to open up her business place so we could purchase the tickets. Then plans changed and we were asked to get a charter and this was done. Then the next thing we know we hear on Sunday that Kartel had posted a statement on YouTube saying that he was not attending Love Fest in St Lucia and it was not the promoter's fault," Hayle said, still sounding bemused at all that had transpired.
A quick look at YouTube shows a 33-second clip with Vybz Kartel who identifies himself and then goes on to say "we a mek the people dem know from now that we won't be attending Love Fest in St Lucia ... but it's no fault of the promoters or the promotion which is Hot FM ... it's just circumstances beyond our control."
Hayles said he was aware that there were some "security issues and threats" and he had assured the deejay that he would have been closely guarded throughout his visit to the island.
"And then he doesn't even get in contact with us ... somebody told us that there was a statement on YouTube and that's how we knew that he was not going to take the charter. Well, we promoters have aligned ourselves, we have spread the word, we have even contacted BBC 1Xtra. And we are going to sue Kartel for our money. He charged us US$25,000.00 and he was paid his 50% deposit. We have to deal with Kartel," Hayles said.
He stated, however, that the concert would go on last night since there were other big names on the bill. However those persons who wanted a refund would be accommodated.
It was in May this year that Kartel was banned from Grenada for the event, Rap-it-Up, which was to mark the official launch of his Daggerin condoms in that island. Government officials reportedly refused to issue a work permit because of his violent lyrics.
Source: www.jamaicaobserver.com


It was at Stone Love’s anniversary dance last year that Flossing King Flippa Mafia signalled his intention to have tongues wagging about him in a different kind of way.
Flippa, who was still the relatively new kid on the block, had the song Dem Yah And Dem Yah making dents in the dancehall. Dressed in Gucci from head to toe, and armed with his aura of excitement, Flippa swaggered on the Stone Love stage, did his song, and then to the delight of the audience popped a bottle of champagne, poured it over the stage and then dipped in his pocket and came up with real money which he scattered in the crowd. The Flossing King was born.
Some revelled in the moment; others chastised him, while the media hyped him. What currency will Flippa throw out at Sting? they asked. Will it be pound sterling, or will it be US? The Flossing King threw out both. And the talk grew, and so too did interest in this artiste and his songs.
It’s soon time for the Boxing Day event again, and the Mafia, having enjoyed a challenging year, is in form and ready to Sting. Flippa enjoyed a real dancehall baptism, first with a dispute with Alliance CEO, Bounty Killer over the song (Some bwoy a hype over) Unfinished House and another with flamboyant deejay Elephant Man, with whom he trade tune-fi-tune insults. Flippa insisted then and is sticking to his story, “It’s all musical ... nothing but a lyrical war.”
However, he is ready to take this lyrical match-up to the Sting stage come December 26 at JamWorld in Portmore, St Catherine. “It’s all about enjoyment and entertaining the fans. The dancehall has always been a place where word and sound meet, sometimes conscious, sometimes vulgar and other time just plain humorous,” Flippa reasoned. “A clash is all about who can provide the most entertainment without going overboard with the insult level. A man must know not to ‘OD’,” he said.
What exactly does he have planned for Sting this year?

“Well, clash or no clash, the Flossing King will be stinging,” he promised.

December 13, 2009


• Controversial Jamaican reggae star in jail after arrest.


Buju Banton, the Jamaican reggae star whose anti-gay lyrics have drawn international criticism, is in a federal lockup in Miami, facing drug conspiracy charges.
Drug Enforcement Administration agents say Banton, real name Mark Anthony Myrie, has been in custody since Thursday and will soon be transferred to Tampa, where the U.S. Attorney is charging him with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilos of cocaine.
Banton has homes both in Jamaica and Tamarac.
While legions of dancehall reggae enthusiasts view Banton as one of the most prolific voices of Jamaica's poor masses, critics say he's a gay basher whose lyrics incite violence by calling for attacking and torturing homosexuals. His songBoom Bye Bye, a dance-hall hit released in the 1990s, advocates shooting gays in the head and setting them on fire.
As late as September, Banton's local management told The Miami Herald that the criticism of the star was unwarranted because he had stopped singing the song years ago. The song remains a hit among reggae DJs.
Still, such lyrics have made Banton one of the more controversial reggae artists, with angry gay activists this fall forcing the cancellation of a string of concerts by the artists during a U.S. tour that included a Halloween night concert in Miami.
Recently the firestorm ratched up after the Grammys announced that Baton's album Rasta Got Soul, released earlier this year, was up for an award.
Gay Men of African Descent and the National Black Justice Coalition joined with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation in a petition drive protesting the nomination.
SOURCE: www.miamiherald.com

December 11, 2009





It's is something that generates conversation no matter what. What I am talking about is hair. if you don't believe me, go changing your hairstyle and see what happens. Believe me you won't be invisible. You will generate comments.

Despite Independence, the somewhat liberation of women and societal enlightenment, we still have a somewhat narrow view of hair.

While the situation isn’t particular to Jamaica mind you, we can apply it to the Jamaican context. There was a time when braids, afro, kinky hair, natural hair or whatever you want to call it were not allowed in schools or in the workplace. In actuality though how far have we really come though?

When former Prime Minister Michael Manley announced he was engaged after making a trip to Hampton High, many persons had their curiosity at an all time high. Who was the lucky girl? Turns out it was a black woman with an Afro. Many utterances came forth especially along the lines of 'you need to relax your hair and stop embarrasing us'. Well that was more than 20+ years ago, but have we really relaxed our attitudes towards natural hair? Have we? When Joan Andrea Hutchinson came out full fledge with 'Dat Bumpy Head Gyal' she received alot of acrimonious comments from many in society. I wonder what would have happened if Michele Obama sported an afro.

Today it is evident that no matter the progression in society we still have deep seated issues with our identity. When Cindy Breakspeare won Miss Jamaica her hair was straightened by accident (her hair got wet and she had to blowdry it - that made it seem straight). Today even when most persons watch Ms Jamaica or Ms Universe if you were to do a bet to find out who would most likely win, the person most likely to be chosen as the winner would be the fairest and straightest hair person.

Where did this concept of 'good hair' and 'bad hair' come from? Many Jamaican women seem to feel more beautiful only if they are sporting a weave that is close to 'coolie' or 'caucasian'' or have endured some processing. The hair has to be relaxed preferably. It seems the kink would indicate that we are too wound up, too tight.

There are many institutions in Jamaica that do allow for hair that is a bit too natural. Only recently did BNS change it worker code. They had transferred a dreadlocked female (she came in with processed hair originally) from the New Kingston Branch to the Hagley Park Branch. Perhaps after the lawsuit brought against them, it forced them to rethink and then change the worker code. There was also a time when you would not see a natural hair person on the soon to no longer be National airline, but things have obviously been relaxed a bit.

Many women endure scalp burning, pin jooking, sticky glue, poisonous chemicals, skin searing and scalding just to fit in, either because they are going to be stereotyped, blocked from promotion, finding a mate (because whether we accept it or not Jamaican men like straight haired women, despite their love for the 'black woman' or because it makes life just a little easier. You can see it reflected even in the dancehall, thousands are spent lining the pockets of the same white man that we cuss, because even if a lot of women can't eat them must have the hair sown cause they can't grow it, so they weave it to achieve it. I have even heard that the creme or false hair can get them a ring, house, car and a man. What happened to working for your own?

How do we overcome this perception that natural hair and kinky hair is not tantamount to lowly stature? Why does a Eurocentric look carry more appeal than an Afrocentric one, why are women chastised if they cut their hair and sport a natural look or branded a lesbian? Why do men glare at women with a mane and bypass those with a low cut? Why do women become almost invisible with natural hair? Obviously we have unresolved tensions in our black community and in our country that has a majority of black people. And we wonder why the Indians are so rich, HAIR is the # 1 export and the Chinese are the major distributors of HAIR while black people are the main consumers.

I suppose even 30 years down the road we will still be having this discussion


1. How Long the Gully/Gaza peace treaty going to last?

2. Busy, Busy, Busy Signal, how was your night with Gary?

3. Why Vybz Kartel was so late for Bolt show, arriving at 4 am?

4. Why Lisa Hype and Stacious a cuss over fellatio? Who a nuh pro or junior?

5. Who fah clash a guh mash up Sting this year, Lisa Hype & Stacious or Killa & Kartel?

6. If the government is using Gully/Gaza as a distraction?

BABY TASH'S AND STACIOUS impressed @ West Kingston Jamboree

The streets are buzzing over Baby Tash's marquis performance at West Kingston Jamboree in Tivoli Gardens over the weekend. Hitting the stage a few minutes after 4 a.m., Tash delivered a set that has established her as one of the hottest young female acts to have emerged in 2009.

She performed a few minutes after Vegas closed the second segment of the West Kingston Jamboree, and some juggling by the Swatch International sound system, setting a wicked pace for the other females to follow.

Wearing a short body-hugging dress, she walked on to the stage to loud screams as she deejayed Mix Up. The girls screamed their approval as her voice cut through the early morning air with great clarity as the former Magnum Kings and Queens contest winner did a medley which included the stage show hit, Talk the Tings Straight. Then she closed a well received segment with her huge hit Facebook, but interestingly did not earn a big forward immediately. Instead, the members of the crowd seemed to be in awe as Baby Tash, working on a band for the first time, showed total command of her hit tune.

One girl remarked, her mouth in a perfect o of surprise: 'Den ah so she bad! Me never know. Gwaan Baby Tash!'.

The dancehall massive can next see her perform at Island Xplosion in Clarendon on December 24th, GT Taylor's Xtravaganza on December 25th in St. Elizabeth and Pepsi Teensplash on the 26th, Boxing Day, at James Bond Beach, St. Mary.

After Baby Tash performed, Tifa came on to rock the crowd with Spread it Out', while Stacious, dressed in a titillating sweatsuit that accentuated her curves, raised eyebrows and stirred laughter with 'Head', and won over the rude bwoys with her opening tribute to the fallen soldiers of Tivoli, earning a big roar when she mentioned Jim Brown's name.

Bridgez performed well but Pamputtae was clapped off by the crowd who thought she overstayed her welcome and maybe was a bit too raw. Spice scorned dem and closed off the female segment.

December 09, 2009

Profile Playlist by khoolray

Profile Playlist by khoolray


Up and coming Ikaya is enjoying a busy season where her career is concerned. Ikaya is back in the island following a successful stint in Canada where she was one of the featured performers at Nitro Da CD Sound Anniversary dance on November 28, 2009.
The Outa Road signed artiste left a big impression on the dancehall fans there as she showed just what stuff she is made of when it comes to her stage prowess.
Having conquered that territory she is now back in the island ready to embrace new challenges on the local scene.
This Friday Ikaya will be performing at an event dubbed My Life in Gayle, St Mary. December 20 will see her in action at Bounty Killer Stands Alone scheduled to take place at Peace Club in Braes River, other shows lined up for her to perform for the season are West Affair, Sting, a New Year’s Eve Bash and a Family Fun Day in Somerset Falls, Portland where will be sharing the stage with a host of artistes.
Ikaya is also enjoying success with her new single Good Up which has now made its way on the Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart. The video for the song is also enjoying good rotation on local television and cable stations.



December 07, 2009




WHILE not in a clash mode at this time, as he is focused on his career, Elephant Man, the energy god, says he will have a face-off with Flossing King, Flippa Mafia at Sting "if the price is right".
A feud of sorts had been brewing between the two artistes in the second half of this year, and at one point, when the tune-fi-tune dissing became really intense, it looked like the argument was heading to the Sting courthouse for settlement.
"The two artiste dem did have a ting a gwaan and the fans did get excited, but after a while it come in like it just fizzle instead of sizzle," one selector commented.
Ele, in his defence, said he deliberately cooled down things because with so much war going on -- musical and otherwise -- he decided to be responsible and focus on giving the fans something positive instead. "Some real good dancing tunes to keep the hype and energy flowing in a positive manner in the dancehall," he said. "I am the man to keep the dance in dancehall," he added.
However, having been accused of "running from Flippa", Elephant is getting angry.
"Everybody know say we nuh 'fraid a nobody. You figet say a we name Scare Dem and a me name Ele?" he quizzed.
Therefore, on the question of a proposed clash, Ele said, "Sure... if the price is right."
And what exactly is the right price? "Since everybody fee start in the millions, then mine haffi up deh to. A cool five mil sound good to me," the energy god said with a laugh.
"Remember say a clash is a ting where you put you career on the line, you know. So if a man going to risk everything, then the promoter haffi pay. It simple," he said.
Ele noted, however, that he is fully booked this Christmas season and he will be dancing his way into the hearts of his fans "like me always do".
Source: www.jamaicaobserver.com


Internationally acclaimed singjay Mr. Vegas underlined his position as one of the perennial dancehall acts with two marquis performances over the weekend.
On Saturday night, he held centrestage in Port Antonio, Portland during the 'Magnum 10 Long 10 Strong' promotion show working a full set chock full of hits including his current chart-burner, Man a Gallis. A surge of excitement ran through the crowd like an electric current as he did old-school hits such as Tek Weh Yuself, Raging Bull, Heads High and Hot Wuk. He closed his set with a huge forward for his number one hit, I Am Blessed.
Vegas changed up his set for the hardcore audience at West Kingston Jamboree using dancehall selector Maestro to 'hype' up the set as he blazed a fire. Backed by the Ruff Kut band, he started off with his current chart-burner, Man a Gallis before seguingly neatly into crowd favourites such as Sucky Ducky, Heads High, Hot Gal No Fight Ova Man, while Maestro did his part to give Vegas' set a Passa Passa feel with his antics that seemed to go over well with the capacity audience.
He closed his set with I Am Blessed, getting a huge roar from the crowd as he exited the stage.
Mr. Vegas will be embarking on a two week tour of Europe which will see him doing gigs in France, Germany and Spain.

December 06, 2009


The lyricist Vybz Kartel removed his arch rival to be back at the top once again, this time it’s with Like A Movie, it now anchors the #1 spot.

Even though Mavado has been dethroned from the peak position, he now owns the Shot To Watch title with House Cleaning moving up one place to take hold of the #2 place leaving the #3 spot. Whilst Mockingbird tumbles in the #3 position and has spent three weeks at number one.

Ding Dong & Chevaughn are having a great Holiday as it climbs up five places on the chart to capture the #4 place and held on the Greatest Gainer title for yet another week.

Etana’s Happy Heart keeps its place at #5 at the same time spending its twelfth weeks on the chart.

The chart’s New Entry goes to newcomer Ikaya with Good Up as it braces the #20 position; the track is off the Outaroad Records label.


December 05, 2009


Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha is extending an olive branch to David 'Mavado' Brooks to meet in HWT, shake hands and publicly resolve a roiling public dispute that has galvanised the society and the media, even as it divided members of society who found themselves in Gaza and Gully camps. At times, the friction between the two had threatened to trigger bouts of macho street theatre as fans traded barbs and insults even though for a large part of this year, the two artistes have refrained from trading insults on record. Below is a letter written by Kartel himself making himself available to publicly send a message that the feud between the two is strictly musical and not personal.
With all due respect to the Commissioner, I think they went a little overboard in making such a hasty decision, especially in light of the fact that Mavado and I are currently in negotiation as to how best we can publicly make a cry for peace.

I can undoubtedly speak on behalf of David when I say there is no animosity between either parties and truth be told, we have been in dialogue from time to time and since recently, even more regularly in our mutual big to best resolve this so-called feuding in the minds of dancehall fans in particular and the wider society, in general.

Let it be known that in a gesture of goodwill, faith and patriotism that I, Adidja Palmer, will be making myself available on Wednesday of next week, December 9 to stand with David Brooks, in HWT, at noon, under the famous clock to show Jamaica that we're patriotic Jamaicans and as such, are bound to secure the well-being of such. I am calling on the relevant authorities who also have a stake in resolving this public feud to endeavour to make it happen in a peaceful, organised manner.

Sincerely yours.
Adidja Palmer di Teacha

December 04, 2009



Well Christmas is almost here and despite the number of job losses, promoters are still (just like radio stations) trying to get a piece of the sponsorship dollar and hopefully cash in on a successful party. It has been a very challenging year on the entertainment scene. So many things make it tense at the moment: our music is not selling as it used to, demand for dubs are down, a number of the promoters who had the money that needed cleaning who used to put on sessions have been locked up or in hiding, the 'get rich schemes' are a thing of the past, the once vibrant lotto scam artistes are being killed or scraped up (plus they have to put their flossing under control), the government's deadly tax collectors are on the prowl for the big spenders, the police and parish councils have party promoters by their balls and at will do away with permits or refuse permits.

The mayor of Kingston has now said that promoters will have to pay a $50,000.00 cess as it is costly to clean up after them. In addition, I saw an article in one of the dailies that the government is now seeking to rely on tax collection by consumption tax; if this is true then the cost of putting on a party will become more expensive and either the promoters pass on the costs to the patrons or suffer a slimmer profit margin. This is definitely going to be an interesting situation ; especially since a number of parties have flopped since year with scanty numbers in appearance or person who attended barely bought liquor.

Let me add the wrench to the whole situation: the police recently issued a statement to the effect that if a party is being held in an area which they deem to be a tense or dangerous area, they would revoke the permit. I can see how this is going to heighten tension because more than likely subjectivity is going to rule high in the decision. What factors are they going to use to say an area is unsafe to keep a party? Please don't use the response that anywhere where there is likely to be an outbreak of gunshot or physical violence because that would be everywhere in Jamaica, look at what happened at the Quad, most recently Fiction, NO WHERE IS IMMUNE.

Danville Walker has had to find innovative ways to stimulate persons to bring things in through the port (now offering a flat rate to importers) when normally we are accustomed to having a backlog at the port starting from November; vendors in Downtown Kingston who are a great indicator of the economy are complaining that this year will not be a good year; many hairdressers and barber are seeing their clients less; people are recycling their clothes more and I could go on and on.

So how are we going to many partying fun again? No concept is new; nothing is more exciting than the other. We have seen it all before heard the music all before. Everything is the same except the financial state of the country. How does a cut off time of 12 am Monday - Thursday and 2 am on weekends work for promoters. How does it help to increase the profitability? We talk about building a vibrant entertainment industry, but it is more than just making music, videos and films (let's not even go there on the latter). The outlet music is not only on the internet, tv and radio, but also parties and promoters are feeling it. When they feel it there is a multiplier effect; from payments to hairdressers, barbers, wig shops, clothes shop, liquor retailers, taxi men, vendors, sound systems, deejays, security personnel and more. What's going to happen next year? Hotels get moratorium; why can't promoters get a break too?


1. Who is the king of auto tune?
Busy, Serani,t - Pain or Munga.

2. Why busy an him manger nuh fix him Gary?

3. Why "Lisa Myke" a tek so much beating from her mentor.

4. Who is really behind mavado getting is permit revoke for his party
(graze/ bolt)

5.Who is sexiest natural browning?
Cecile, Alaine, Denyque, I - shawna, D'Angel.

December 02, 2009


Despite the lackluster sales of her latest album, Amerie is not breaking a sweat. The R&B star is looking past the initial weeks and toward the bigger picture.
The “Heard ’Em All” singer’s fourth studio album In Love & War sold 12,500 copies in its first week, debuting at No. 46 on the Billboard 200. She spoke to Rap-Up.com about the sales figures.
“It’s a very weird time. I didn’t worry about it ’cause I felt like it’s not about the first week,” she said. “I knew when the album came out, it wasn’t coming out with a big hit ’cause we just went to radio with the ‘Pretty Brown’ record two weeks before the album came out, so we already knew it was going to be one of those over time things vs. a first week thing, which is cool.”
Amerie did not set expectations for herself based on the unpredictable state of the music industry. “There’s no way to tell right now. I was actually curious ’cause I kept saying, ‘This is interesting, going to radio with a song and two weeks later your album is coming out.’ I’ve never really done it like that before.”
The album was not immediately available on iTunes on its release day, but Amerie doesn’t fault anyone for the error. “That was weird. I don’t know what happened with that. The people at iTunes are really cool. I just thought that was so odd. They tried to fix it as fast as they could.”
Next up, she is planning to shoot a video for “More Than Love” with Fabolous.
SOURCE: rap-up.com


A refreshing burst of style, vocal genius, class and pure grace is emerging in the form of GoodThyme Click/MaxaMusic's 19-year old recording artist Meryl Carter. Meryl possesses a distinct voice that is powerful and soars to notes similar to those of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Close your eyes and imagine a young Ella Fitzgerald or Diana Ross. Meryl is poised to take the music industry by storm. Her collaboration with Vybz Kartel on the "Summertime Riddim" is also slated for a 2010 release from GoodThyme Click/MaxaMusic. This record is gaining major speed and support. It will be an interesting 2010 with the release of these exciting products. The records released by GoodThyme Click/MaxaMusic have actual vibes. As opposed to put-together studio artists, the artists under the GoodThyme Click/MaxaMusic label are people with real talent who are willing to give the public what they demand -- real music and no foolishness.