March 31, 2009

Mr. Vegas will be shooting a video today March 31,for the single, Mama Don't Cry

Mr. Vegas will be shooting a video today for the single, Mama Don't Cry, in the Corporate Area with famed director Winston Mayhew.
The video will be shot in sections of Shortwood Road, the train track in Tivoli Gardens before heading to ADVIDCO. on Lindsay Crescent in the afternoon.
Over the weekend, Mr. Vegas delivered a sizzling performance at the Spring Bling show where he closed with his super-popular hit, I am Blessed, rousing the audience with his high energy appeal. The singjay has been on a tear in recent days as his I Am Blessed video premiered last week to rave reviews and the single has popped up as one of the top five bubblers on the HYPE TV charts. The video is also available through well-known video distributors, Reggae Rocket.

March 29, 2009


By: Maria A. Hitchins

Bwoy some artistes always inna trouble, everytime you tink dem give the headlines a break a dem dat again pon di double, dem can’t stay outta jail, mussi love pee pee inna pail?
Ninja Man a wha wrong wid u massa, mek your name eva call up inna criminal passa passa? But who come tek di cake a Luciano, him mussi stop consult the rasta teachings of Mortimer Plano?
People have it mek joke bout the ‘solid’ bust head he got the other day, and now it is alleged im a harbour criminal stray? No sa, not my ‘messenger’!
But all wha a gwaan his true fans stay steadfast and a pray.
Zebra dem release you and you seemed to have gone silent, people a say dem hope u begging for forgiveness and a repent.
I don’t know how some entertainers find it with themselves, to sing, deejay and chant their way into our youngsters hearts, including all those who go on stage and cuss up pure claat.
From tax evasion, to drug possession, gun crime and mischief making on-line, di ‘duppy’ dem a follow the idiot line that says “all publicity is good publicity, well my dears that will be to your folly!


Shaggy with Bad Man Don’t Cry continues to take hold of the #1 position on HYPE TV.

Etana & Alborosie with Blessings is copping the chart’s Greatest Gainer title for jumping three spot up to the number 13 spot.

Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart

March 26, 2009

Mr. Vegas launched his highly anticipated video, I Am Blessed

Mr. Vegas launched his highly anticipated video, I Am Blessed, Tuesday night at the Indies Bar and Grill in New Kingston to rave reviews from those who had come to the private screening.
The press seemed to enjoy the reverse narrative concept of the video with two men pursuing Mr. Vegas through easily recognizable milieus such as the community of Mona, and Papine Square before they reach a revival church. The I Am Blessed video also segues into another gospel-flavoured single, Up Deh, and ends with a scene where a man, presumably the don, enquires why his henchmen have not succeeded in getting rid of Mr. Vegas. They explain that he ran into a church, but the don says chillingly: ‘church ah the best place fi mek the man rest’. Then he sends the men away in disgust.
Comedienne Elva was at her vivacious best, heaping accolades on Vegas for his longevity and consistency in the business.
“Yu stay true to your game, yu never mek no headline fi box down nobody, mi no hear yu inna no ramping shop and yu nah sell no condom,” she said, to titters of laughter from press representatives gathered at Indies Bar and Grill for the video launch.
She grilled Jaywill mercilessly, teasing him for sweating and asking mischievously: are we going to talk about this video for years and years and years?
Jay Will, who won the HYPE TV Video Director of the Year prize this year, played along with the feel-good vibes of the launch and teased Vegas for his poor acting skills.
“Him caan act,” he said to loud laughter. “Him can sing but him caan act.”
Jay Will also explained the concept behind the video, revealing that he had ‘borrowed’ the reverse narrative concept from a Coldplay video, The Scientist.
Vegas said that he was ‘honoured and privileged to have worked with Jay Will on the project”.
“We have a chemistry when it comes to music videos and it worked out well,” Vegas said. The two have done at least eight music videos together.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable video launch with well-known video remixer Kentech putting together a montage of Vegas’ videos over the years that entertained the media until the video was finally shown at 9 p.m.

Etana, Mystic ready for Red Stripe Live

Multi-award-winning songbird, Etana, is eagerly anticipating performing for her fans this weekend at the first staging of the concert dubbed Red Stripe Live.
"Regardless of how often you travel overseas for shows, it's always a special feeling to perform for your home crowd," Etana says, flashing her signature winning smile. "And I am looking forward to Saturday's show," she says.
So far, Etana has collected all of six awards -- including the highly coveted 'Album of the Year' from the EME Awards -- for the stellar word she did last year, and she is also nominated for other awards internationally.
Still beaming, she says, "All these accolades have made me feel very humble and give me strength to carry on and work even harder than before."
Known for songs such as Warrior Love, Blessings, Wrong Address, which are all on her brilliant debut album, The Strong One, the uber conscious Etana is smoothly and confidently claiming her share of the musical pie, while representing female artistes in a way that has rarely been seen before.
Scheduled for Saturday, March 28 at Sabina Park in Kingston, Red Stripe Live has a stellar line-up of reggae/dancehall artistes and musicians, along with a production team that is second to none. An integral part of the line-up, too, is the dancers who have proven time and again their ability to excite and entertain an audience.
Among the dances will be the winner of the Hype Awards Dancer of the Year title, Mystic. Known for her relaxed yet energetic style of dancing, the very talented Mystic has numerous video and a few television commercial appearances to her credit.
"Dancing is all I've ever wanted to do," she says and as such she makes the stage her home and vows to give fans another memorable performance at Red Stripe Live on Saturday.
The event, which will be staged under the patronage of Prime Minister Bruce Golding, will include a band assembled by Dean Fraser with musicians from C-Sharp and the backing bands of Beres Hammond, Stephen Marley and Jimmy
Cliff. Among the other artistes on the showcase are Ernie Smith, Toots, Assassin and I-Octane.

Lisa Grant for Festival of Prayz

P&W artistes Lisa Grant if gearing up for her performance in Canada this weekend for Caribbean Festival of Prayz. The singer along with Katalys Crew will be representing Jamaica at the event as she takes her message of hope to the masses there.
The festival which runs from March 26 – 30 will see Lisa and Katalys performing on March 28.
Lisa has been steadily making her mark on the scene since her 2007 album which features tracks such as Behold I Come Quickly, God Is Able, What Have I Done and The Lamb among others.
With her sweet, soothing voice the singer has been able to make that connection with her listeners.
Grant further endeared herself into the hearts of many when she appeared on the award winning POP Volume One compilation album – another P& W project which brought her ministry to the forefront of local gospel with radio anthems such as the title track ‘Power of Praise’, ‘Stepping Out’ (featuring Ryan Mark) and the Latin inspired acoustical rework of the hymnal classic ‘Leaning’, all bringing her closer to her growing legion of fans.
Following her performance in Canada Grant and P&W stable mate Mr Gallimore will be looking towards the Rustic Concert Series – Pre-Easter Praise Concert on April 4.

March 25, 2009


Having been nominated for at least four major awards this year and emerging victorious in two, dancer Mystic, real name Mystic Davis, is now set on maintaining her steady rise to the top.
Mystic won Best Dancer in 2008 for The Star Readers Choice Awards and the Hype TV Awards. She was also nominated for Best Dancer in a Video at the Youthlink-sponsored Youth View Awards and Best Dancer at the RE TV Awards.
Mystic says, "I am very happy and very grateful to be nominated and to even win the award (Hype) despite all the controversy I've been through because of it ... I worked really hard last year, doing videos, commercials and stage shows and it wasn't for an award, so to be nominated and to even win is a humbling feeling and it makes me grateful for my fans and friends who are supporting my love for dancing."

Her own space

A dancer who has been honing her craft from an early age, Mystic has been quietly building a reputation as the one to watch. One of the newest sensation in the streets, Mystic initially sought to carve out her own space in thehighly competitive dancehall arena, where she jostles with the best, both male and female and usually comes out the winner.
Now, Mystic says she will continue to do what she loves best, "just dancing and performing".
Adding, "I have overseas shows that are booked and confirmed and I am also working on a documentary and a photo shoot."
The dancer, who has gained tremendous popularity since breaking into mainstream just under a year now, attributes the immense love that she has received from fans to the fact that she simply loves and enjoys dancing.
"You will win some and you will lose some, but people see that I genuinely enjoy what I am doing... I smile and I also think I am a good dancer," she said.
SOURCE: Jamaica star


Singer: - Stevie Face
Song: - I Wanna Wake Up With You
Producer: - Computer Paul
Label: - Boot Camp Records

This is the second ‘oldies’ in succession being covered by lovers rock singer, Stevie Face, who seems to be in a particular groove when it comes to doing covers of hit songs. From Alton Ellis blockbuster Breaking Up to Aaron Neville’s signature hit, Tell It Like It Is — the song which cracked the door for him last year — Face has been making memorable cover versions.
He now takes a swipe at the Englebert Humperdink single made popular locally by Boris Gardener, I Want To Wake Up With You. This timeless classic will undoubtedly have an impact with its resurgence and Bootcamp Records looks poised to score again.

March 23, 2009


Super talented singjay Vegas will be launching his video for his runaway hit single, I Am Blessed using two promotional avenues next week. He will be launching the video with a private screening for the media at a yet-to-be-disclosed at a venue in the Corporate Area on Tuesday March 24th between 7 and 10 p.m. while simultaneously making the video available on youtube at 9 p.m. sharp. This is the link to go to on the night: www.youtube.com/jaywillfilms
The video was directed by HYPE TV Video Director of the Year Jay Will who is at the top of his game. The video includes several action scenes which involve Vegas fleeing from his enemies. There is also a church scene, and scenes were shot in Papine Square, Hermitage, Mona and other areas of the Corporate Area.


By: Maria A. Hitchins

Taxi cabs and buses gone mute, so says the law of the public transport sector what a way dem get astute.
No little music all because the drivers abused it, no little Mutty, Miss Kitty aka Miss fluffy, neither Ragashanti Miss Cherry wash belly, not even a drop of mout a massie Jenny Jenny.
No midday news, how crude, no Madea on dvd, not a picture not a sound, bwoy just tru the B.C. everybody a compound the locking down from country to town.
If road block a happen too bad, gun man and police inna shoot out, river come down and flat bridge flood out, all we can do is get mad.
What a quiet ride it shall be I guess the phone companies will prosper, cause everybody to pass the time a go kotch off pon dem cellular.
Rain a fall breeze a blow this new rule leaves passengers backside and safety out a door!.
Source: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

March 22, 2009

Shaggy dethroned the playful pair out the number one spot on the Hype TV charts.

Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart

March 20 – March 26, 2009

01 03 09 Shaggy – Bad Man Don’t Cry – Big Yard -1wk@1

02 02 14 Prodigal Son – Head Cyaan Hot So – Main Street

03 01 10 *Vybz Kartel & Spice – Ramping Shop –NotNice (Censor) -3wks@1

04 04 12 Beres Hammond – I Feel Good – Penthouse -Shot to Watch

05 05 09 Da’ville – Missing You Right Now - Fashozy

06 08 07 Tarrus Riley – Start A New – Juke Boxx

07 06 16 Bar-Bee – Love You Anyway – It’s Not A Game - Peak@#2

08 10 06 Vybz Kartel – Last Man Standing – NotNice Records

09 09 07 Mavado – I’m So Bless –Big Ship

10 07 15 Vybz Kartel – Get Wild – Adidjaheim/NotNice Records 3wks@1

11 11 06 Tony Rebel – Another Bill Again – Penthouse

12 13 04 *RDX – Ben Ova – APT.19 (Censor)

13 15 04 Laden –Time To Shine – Big Ship

14 12 16 *Charley Blacks – Bubble – Fresh Ear (Censor) -Peak@#7

15 18 02 Queen Ifrica – Far Away – Jamplified Records - Greatest Gainer up3

16 NE 01 Etana feat.Alborosie – Blessings – Forwards Records – hotshot debut

17 14 18 D’Angel - Stronger – Son Of Spoon -Peak@#3

18 NE 01 Konshens – This Mean Money – Head Concussion

19 16 17 Terry Linen – A Better Man – Uplifting Music - 2wks@1

20 17 22 Ms. Triniti ft. Beenie Man – Burnin Burnin – Unseen Lab - Peak@#3

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WC – Weeks On Chart, NE – New Entry & WKS@#1 – Weeks @#1 * Censor


01 Mavado - Again & Again - Daseca

02 Vybz Kartel - Dollar Sign - Liv Up Records

03 Stacious - Tired - Docmac Int’l

04 Mr Vegas - I Am Bless - Liv Up Records

05 Charley Black - Money Dreama - Lazeme Music Prod.


Compilation was done based on information received from the following Sound Systems, Record Shops and Club: Derrick Harriot – Record Shop – St. Andrew, TNG Muzik-Sound System-Kingston, Love Stone–Sound System- Portland, Lazeme- Sound System- Westmoreland, Unique Super Mix–Sound System- St. Catherine, Copper Shot- Sound System- St. Andrew


Free TV Show from Ustream

March 20, 2009


Popular roots singer, Etana, who has so far enjoyed an astounding season of awards, copping the ‘Female singer of the Year’ title in all local awards, and the much-coveted ‘Album of the Year’ award, is now in overdrive as she prepares to soar even higher in 2009.
With her career poised as it is to move to an even more international level, it is inevitable that changes will take place. The Strong One, who has set up her own label, Freemind Music, The BES Records, is channeling free-spiritedness and female power as she seeks to establish herself. One important career decision has been to enlist the services of highly respected music mogul, Heavy D, as her co-manager.
“I am being managed by Freemind music, but we understand the need to partner with other entities and individuals as we seek to secure that winning team,” the conscious females singer and role model states. “We have been in dialogue with the best in the business and have assembled what we are confident is the right combination,” Etana declared.
Solid Agency, which has been directly involved in Etana’s career, will remain as the entity responsible for booking shows for the artiste. “We will continue to work with Solid in this regard,” she stated, adding that the company, Dancehallreggaeweseh, will co-ordinate all aspects of her public relations portfolio.
The singer, who will be going on a promotional tour of the United States and Europe in the summer, is now promoting her latest single, Free.
Source: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com


Since coming under fire from all sectors of society, including some of her very own dancehall colleagues, for the controversial sexually explicit ‘Rampin Shop’ single and music video done in collaboration with Vybz Kartel, DJ Spice has made a right-about turn and recorded a single titled ‘No Matter What’.

The single, which speaks of her early childhood and aspirations, is very clean and fit for airplay for audiences of all ages. More like a personal biography, Spice emotionally recalls the days while growing up how they were hard for her and other siblings.
She recalls how after her father died when she was 9 years old, leaving her and five other siblings, things were very rough for her mother who she used to struggle everyday to put food on the table.
Teary eyed in the video, the female DJ said that often she went to school without lunch money, feeling almost envious of the other children who had.
It was almost as if she was crying when she said that she came home from school one day and saw her mother with tears in her eyes because their house had burn down flat.
However, with all that was happening around her, she made a promise to herself that she was going to make it to the top, even though some people were trying to pull her back.
She singjayed, “No matter what people say, I’m gonna make it anyway.”
‘No Matter What’ was produced by Notnice for Addijaheim Records, the video was directed by Terminal and shot on location at Hellshire and Big Yard Studio.
The controversy surrounding the ‘Rampin’ Shop’ single and video seems to have done more good than harm for Spice and Kartel, as the single holds firm in the #1 position for the third consecutive week, spending its ninth week on the Hype TV chart.
After her devastating performance at the 10th anniversary of the New York/Miami Linkup Spring Break 2009 at Long Bay Beach in Negril on Friday, March 13, Spice left the island Thursday for Bronx, New York for gig tonight and in a couple of weeks she will be off to England on April 4, St Lucia, April 11 and then on May 16, Club Amazura in Queens New York.
Source: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

March 19, 2009


Beenie man, Anthony Cruz and peter Lloyd are the latest additions to Irie fm’s healthy lifestyle celebrity run/walk.
Other celebrities set to participate in the grand health fair set for Sunday March 29 are national reggae boys coach Theodore Withmore, royal African soldiers, prophecy and Richie Stevens.
Other features of the day will include a 5k walk, 10k run and an expose’ displaying healthy lifestyle materials raging from food to literature as well as offering free blood pressure checks, free blood sugar checks and free hiv checks.
Persons wishing to participate in Irie fm’s healthy lifestyle 10 k run and 5k walk should register online at iriefm.net or call the station at 974-5051/5043/5079.

March 18, 2009

Jah Cure shoots video for ‘Call On Me’

Over the weekend, Jah Cure and the Danger Zone Music team took to locations across Jamaica to shoot the music video for his soulful new single ‘Call On Me’ featuring the sexy Phyllisia.
Filming from late Friday evening into late Saturday night, the shoot was done in the beautiful town of Ocho Rios and Mammee Bay. Director Rhona Fox assisted by local and US based crew, including director and cameraman Asha, worked non-stop to capture the perfect footage for the video, the single for which is expected to be a major hit.
Several celebrities were on hand to lend support and add their flavour to the video, including singer Wayne Marshall, producer Baby G (who produced ‘Call On Me’), plus executives and staff of Danger Zone and SoBe, including the company’s CEO Delmar ‘Della’ Drummond. Several media outlets were also on location covering the shoot, including XtraNews.
Produced by SoBe Entertainment and Danger Zone Music Group, ‘Call On Me’ is from Jah Cure’s new album ‘Universal Cure’, which will be in stores in April.


Kemar Gallimore aka Mr Gallimore has steadily grown his ministry over the years with his trademark wailing sound wrapped over bass-rich rhythms.
His talent and powerful delivery of his message in songs is the staple of his identity as he manages amidst the ever-growing gospel music to carve out a solid base for his growing ministry. And with a new album, aptly title Brokenness to Victory now in the works, the young minister is charged more than ever to take his word across the highways and byways.
Having started his musical career as part of the popular Main Street Records family, Mr Gallimore is now a popular fixture on the gospel scene and have made several appearances at some of the top international and local productions such as Fun in the Son and the Genesis Music Festival in full agreement to his personal commitment to “reach the lost at any cost and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ uncompromised.”
Born in 1981, Mr Gallimore is a true product of one of Jamaica’s harshest inner cities having grown up in the volatile, Trench Town community. As a youngster he was exposed to excessive politically induced violence, which invariably affected his childhood, giving him a sense of hopelessness and despair. Today, his life is a testimony of the power of his Saviour, and he aptly summarises his triumph over his circumstances as God’s gift to him of “beauty for ashes.”
His entrance in the gospel music industry was preceded by a powerful and life changing spiritual experience; his conversion from the Rastafari belief system to faith in Jesus Christ in 1997. His conversion was set in motion after reluctantly accepting an invitation to a Bible class in ‘Rema’ Community.
He was not fully convinced of the Gospel of Jesus Christ until one day while showering at home, he felt what he described as a “mighty, rushing wind” coming over him and he began uttering praises to God. A period of calm and a sense of inner peace followed. He submitted to the call of Jesus, which he felt strongly on his life. He began fellowshipping at a local (Jamaican) assembly and committed to a personal relationship with the Lord.
Deejaying then moved from being a hobby to a passionate career. His first major recording was with Ziggy Soul. Gallimore and reggae-gospel Deejay, Moses formed the KGs, a group name based on their initials (Kemar Gallimore/Kasim Grant). They eventually separated, each into their individual acts. Mr Gallimore responded to an also converted Danny Brownie’s (former secular producer) search for hardcore deejays.
After much grooming by the Mainstreet patriarch (Brownie), Gallimore was given the opportunity to ‘voice’ on the Yow! Street Gospel Volume I album. He appears on subsequent YOW volumes.
The firebrand minister is now signed to the ballooning P&W Music label and was featured on their recently released POP Volume One compilation. The Randy McClean - operated label is also responsible for the deejay’s Brokenness to Victory project, which is set to be completed in short order.
Among Mr Gallimore’s other recordings are Marching, What’s Going On, Tink seh Mi Sick, Brokeness to Victory, Prayer and Problem.
SOURCE: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

March 16, 2009


By: Maria A. Hitchins

What a way LUST catch a big come back, it seemed as if a lovers rock ‘do over’ was what the Dancehall public lacked.
“Just as I am” gave them a huge number one, and squarely placed the group back in demand, from Kingston to New York and across the pond to London.
But this ‘sing over’ production is nothing new, Ghost, George Nooks, and Wayne Wonder have all employed this musical method too.
Though there is always a question of legal rights and royalty, the Dancehall crowd cares not and show no loyalty, to those responsible for the songs’ originality.
Same knife stick sheep stick goat, some of our legendary artist can only screw face and bloat, as other artistes, management and dem crew have taken their lyrics and melodies too,
Perhaps that’s what Ghost should get back to, instead of clashing Kiprich in a losing battle. “The higher you build your barriers”, will forever be a part of his musical memoirs.
Choosing a hit song to re do, often times turns into a major career boost, so while we ‘LUST’ and yearn, perhaps there are lessons for other artistes to learn.
SOURCE: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com



You know a just di odda day we mind run pon Risto Benji and did a wonda a whey him up to. But just tru we know sey nuff time yuh nuh si di artiste dem a Jamaica but dem a tour dung di whole world, we just assume a dat him a duh. People, unno can imagine how wi shock when wi hear sey police arrest Benjie fi robbery wid aggravation. No sah, we still a listen out fi hear Risto side a di story, because everybody know sey Risto Benji a big artiste and him is a bigga Ras and Rasta nuh mix up wid certain tings. In a di meantime, we a beg smaddy, please go and bail him. And, Risto, give we a small check when you come a road, cause we want di full hundred.


We love how di Messenjah a move. Him a tek him career serious and a deal wid di ting proper. People a say di iron pipe lick more sense inna him head and mek him start reason pon a higher level. Cause, of a truth, when you life flash before you eye, people always have a transformation. Solid fi really big up Freckles, cause Looshie get the message ... SOLID.


Di new video fi No Games get a D-. A it haffi get worst video fi 2009, cause we know say no more video nah mek fi come test it. How Serani dem fi sign off pon dat deh fool-fool sinting deh? Whoever do dat fi get fired. And people a nuh eediat, cause di comment dem wha deh pon youtube nuh pretty at all. No storyline, no concept, fake background, King Kong a hold girl inna him palm. Hear some a di comment dem: “Who directed this terrible video?” “Luv di song....video is poor i mean very poor what about the real yard vibz ????.” “Stupid video...............” “A wa dis.fi a song wey a mash up the worl a so di video look.daaaaaaaaaaam.” “Lame artiste, lame song and even lamer video.” “This is one of my favourite songs for 08/09 and I must say I am extremely disappointed in the video! This song is way to exquisite for such a poor video.”


But a wha really a gwaan wid di Jamaica Public Service. Just di odda day dem get increase and now wi hear sey dem send confidential request to Office of Utility Regulation (OUR) fi nex one. Wi waan fi know one ting when food price hit di roof, when hurricane lick, when people lose dem wuck, who poor people can call pon fi help. Wi nuh just haffi grit wi teeth and try fi figure out a way fi stay wid wi head above di waters. So how come every time di dollars gone up, or some disaster or anodda JPS want sen on increase in rates pon fi help cushion dem. A time fi OUR start act out dem name and tink about OUR needs instead a di utility company dem.


From di odda day every single police release wi get a pure ‘sleuth’, ‘sleuth’ wi a read bout. It come een like sey dem just learn deh one dey and like it. Wi a ask di English professor who teach dem da word yah fi teach dem some new one whey mean di same ting as sleuth or else wi affi slew ‘sleuth’.


Who sey wi nuh creative? Unno did a watch di count down pon TV wha day yah and when it reach di number one song, Romping Shop, dem couldn’t play it. But what some creative person do was put three puss inna one box and have dem a romp out dem life and a have fun. Di lickle cute puss name Spice, di big man one name Kartel and di next one name BC.

March 15, 2009

Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart

March 13 – March 19, 2009

TW - LW - WC - ARTISTE - TITLE - LABEL Peak Position
01 01 09 *Vybz Kartel & Spice – Ramping Shop –NotNice* -3wks@1

02 02 13 Prodigal Son – Head Cyaan Hot So – Main Street -Shot to Watch

03 03 08 Shaggy – Bad Man Don’t Cry – Big Yard

04 07 11 Beres Hammond – I Feel Good – Penthouse

05 05 08 Da’ville – Missing You Right Now - Fashozy

06 04 15 Bar-Bee – Love You Anyway – It’s Not A Game - Peak@#2

07 06 14 Vybz Kartel – Get Wild – Adidjaheim/NotNice Records 3wks@1

08 08 06 Tarrus Riley – Start A New – Juke Boxx

09 10 06 Mavado – I’m So Bless –Big Ship

10 12 05 Vybz Kartel – Last Man Standing – NotNice Records

11 13 05 Tony Rebel – Another Bill Again – Penthouse

12 09 15 *Charley Blacks – Bubble – Fresh Ear*-Peak@#7

13 16 03 *RDX – Ben Ova – APT.19*

14 11 17 D’Angel - Stronger – Son Of Spoon -Peak@#3

15 19 03 Laden –Time To Shine – Big Ship - Greatest Gainer up4

16 14 16 Terry Linen – A Better Man – Uplifting Music - 2wks@1

17 15 21 Ms. Triniti ft. Beenie Man – Burnin Burnin – Unseen Lab - Peak@#3

18 NE 01 Queen Ifrica – Far Away – Jamplified Records

19 18 12 Lady Saw – Your Boyfriend – Birchill - Peak@#13

20 17 07 Elephant Man feat. Ding Dong – Dip Again – Big Ship -Peak@#15

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WC – Weeks On Chart, NE – New Entry & WKS@#1 – Weeks @#1


01 Mavado - Again & Again - Daseca

02 Konshens - This Mean Money - Head Concussion

03 Stacious - Tired - Docmac Int’l

04 Mr Vegas - I Am Bless - Liv Up Records

05 Etana ft. Alborosie- Jah Jah Blessings - Forward Records


Compilation was done based on information received from the following Sound Systems, Record Shops and Club: Derrick Harriot – Record Shop – St. Andrew, TNG Muzik-Sound System-Kingston, Love Stone–Sound System- Portland, Lazeme- Sound System- Westmoreland, Unique Super Mix–Sound System- St. Catherine, Copper Shot- Sound System- St. Andrew

March 14, 2009

Hype TV Awards to be rebroadcast on Sunday at 8:00 pm



For those of you who missed the live broadcast of the inaugural Hype TV awards you will get another opportunity to view the programme Sunday night at 8:00 pm on the local cable network.
The awards show enjoyed a strong showing from the entertainment industry and some really good performances from artistes such as Ce’cile, Bar-bee, Stevie Face, Tony Rebel Tarrus Riley, Queen Ifrica, Vybz Kartel, Spice, D’Angel, Prodigal Son, Teena Tamara, Omari, Chino, Laden, Black Ryno, dancers Mystic, Global Bob, Ravers Clavers and the UWI Dance Society.
Viewers will have the chance to relive the excitement that was the Hype TV awards at 8:00 pm Sunday night. It also can be view on www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com


Free TV Show from Ustream

March 13, 2009


A bunch of super-sexy photos with a scantily-clad Lisa Hype posing in the arms of her mentor and boss Vybz Kartel has the Internet world in a tizzy. The photos which show a semi-nude Lisa Hype with Vybz Kartel's hands cupping her breasts have set tongues wagging all over Jamaica.

The provocative photos, which appear to be promoting the Wine for Me single from the Portmore Empire show Lisa Hype in a number of interesting poses. In one photo, he is standing behind her cupping both breasts while she looks doe-eyed at the camera. In one particularly erotic pose, she is seated in his lap and his hands cover her pubic area in a V, while she grabs her breasts and appears to be in the throes of some ecstatic sexual encounter. It is not quite clear whether she is wearing panties or not in the photos.
In yet another photo, she is seen pressing against his chest, while wearing his red-striped jacket.

Vegas Shoots 'Action-packed' I Am Blessed Video Shoot

Mr. Vegas completed the challenging shoot of his latest video, I Am Blessed, on Friday with a few scrapes and bruises, but none the worse from what insiders feel is his most 'action-packed' video to date.The video was shot for his popular single, which has been blowing up all over FM radio in Jamaica, and which is produced by Live Up on his Good Life rhythm.

“The concept of the video is that there is a greater power watching over me because each time mi come close to danger, mi find a way to escape. The video start out wid some man ah pree me, and it continues with a number of scenes where mi escape from danger each time the man dem approach me fi do mi harm. No matter the crosses, God help me overcome the obstacles.”

The video was directed by HYPE TV Video Director of the Year Jay Will who was at his fun-loving vivacious best on the shoot, hamming it up with the set-up men and joking with Vegas as he outlined what he wanted him to do.

There was also a church scene, and scenes were shot in Papine Square, Hermitage, Mona and other areas of the Corporate Area..

Other professionals on the shoot included caterer Julia Jones, make up specialist Cathy Stephenson of Wow Factor, and cinematographer Richard Lannaman of Paper Dragon Productions. Also, motivational dub poet Charlie Bobus played one of the thugs pursuing Vegas to do him harm during the course of the video. The video should be ready for release within the next two weeks.

Look out for upcoming Vegas singles such as the Lil Jon-produced So Dope featuring Indra from Barbados, and the one-drop single, Mama Don’t Cry.



By: Maria A. Hitchins

Unnu no see awards shows seem to be taking Jamaica by storm, prompting many onlookers to ask, is wha deh gwaan?
It is the lastest craze with many being held within a few days, the many categories presents like a maze, figuring out just who would win left ones head in a daze.
Some in the industry have taken not being nominated to heart, and even start cuss pure claat, bout how some people reach in a category and dem is no popular or top ten smaddy?
Finally the aspiring ‘hollywoodites’ can legitimately skylark, red carpet and bare tings, false hair, fingers nails, tattoos and belly rings, mass a makeup, hair gel, pointed toe boot and pin strip jacket suit.
Some in the industry never looked so good, while others would have loved to loosen the fat holding girdles right where they stood, oh but if they could.
Mek I try list some of them, EME’s that a Richie B; CVM PEOPLES CHOICE you had to be a special invitee; JARIA, oh yes it was the Reggae Academy replacee, what a joke een, after last year dem try showoff pon we, anyway that, they whispered was for specific awardees; HYPE TV theirs was live across the Caribbean and had plenty a hiccups and a few mishap, bang-a-rangs, RE TV claims the first ever Caribbean music video awards show, while YOUTH VIEW AWARDS held a huge after-show.
Who even remembers the Jammy’s? Some say they were only following the Grammy’s, but soon enough it came to pass that artistes didn’t pay it no mine, thus through the years it quickly had lost its shine.
I can’t wait to see who next stands in line, eager to award a hook,, a verse, a chorus and all its rhymes!
SOURCE: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

March 11, 2009


Word on the street is that Bad Gyal Ce'Cile did the first show with Peter Fox last night and the house was packed, when the Jamaican artist stepped on stage and she rocked the 7000 strong with songs from 'Bad Gyal' album. The German Version of her Album including her German crossover hit 'Hot Like We' (which is the second single from the album). Ce’cile will be the opening act in Stuttgart tomorrow March 12th, where she will perform to the already sold out crowd of 14,000; and she will also accompany Fox for an encore in his set.
To peep on the Bad Gyal's images that the German massive are enjoying go to www.k1x.com Talks are circulating she will be the new face for the Sporty Girl Version of the K1x line.
Source: dancehallreggaeweseh.com

March 09, 2009

Stevie Face looks hitbound … again

Lover’s rock singer Stevie Face, who is still riding high with his hit song from last year, “Tell It Like It Is”, has another single which pundits are saying looks hitbound.
A cover of the song made popular locally by veteran singer, Boris Gardiner, “I Wanna Wake Up With You” is also produced by Bootcamp Record’s Paul ‘Computer Paul’ Henton.
“Computer Paul and I have the right synergy musically,” Stevie says of his manager/producer. “He gave the right touch to “Tell It Like It Is” and we were both pleased with the result. Locally and internationally, it has done wonders for my career,” he declared of the song which went number one locally and is still on various charts across the world.
He stated that certain songs have special meaning to him and this Boris Gardiner single is one such. On this cover, Stevie captures the essence of the original and one can almost hear Boris on this recording, which is definitely a tribute. It will have appeal to Boris Gardiner fans and will teach youngsters hearing it for the first time about Boris.
Stevie Face recently returned from gigs in London, which he says were “very good”. He was also one of the performers on the recent Hype TV Music and Video Awards, where he performed the single, “Tell It Like It Is”, much to the delight of his fans.
SOURCE: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

Spice all set for local & international stints

DJ Spice is in an optimistic frame of mind. She has copped a number of awards recently and is now getting ready to hit the stages at home and abroad.
Come Friday, March 20, Bronx, New York hardcore dancehall fans can look forward to seeing her perform. She is expected to ‘spice up’ the place some of her most potent lyrics such as the controversial ‘Rampin’ Shop’ which is now No. 1 on all the charts.
England will be next to get a taste of her spicy performance on Saturday, April 4. With the amount of heat she and DJ Vybz Kartel have generated in the dancehalls since their ‘Rampin’ Shop’ video, fans there can certainly look forward to a very tasty stint with a few additional ingredients to give a ‘hot & spicy’ performance.
Spice’s next overseas trip will take her to St. Lucia on April 11, after which she will return to Jamaica for a show at Ewarton Sports Complex, Ewarton, St. Catherine on Sunday, April 12.
She will then embark another overseas trip, performing at Club Amazura in Queens on Saturday, May 16.
In between her travels, Spice will be very busy in the studios working on some new singles for an upcoming album.
Spice recently shot a video for her new single titled ‘No Matter What’ produced by NotNice and the video was directed by Terminal 4. It was shot on locations at Hellshire beach and Big Yard studios.

March 08, 2009


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CéCile’s ‘Waiting’ was worth it

By Thirteen
Save the hour I spent salivating over the CD cover photo of ‘Bad Gal’ CéCile for her best album to date ‘Waiting’, a photo that depicts her amazingly sexy, polished image, I did get to listen the album…and I loved it.
Dubbed with her bold funky ghetto love, ‘Waiting’ as title track, is the right tag owing to the popularity of the single last year. The single was all in your face and still triggers the missed rub-a-dubness of the 80s dancehall.
Incidentally, save for last on the track arrangement, the remix with Shaggy at track four of the 15-track CD is all up-tempo and hype. Though not all asset selling, being educated and all, ‘I’m So Fly’ featuring the Doctor Beenie Man, ‘Worth It’ and ‘Hot Like We’ put a high price tag on the browning from Manchester.
The gold digging ‘Worth It’ single, though, is leather interior e-class and CéCile cruised that Arabian snake charming riddim like she was born in it. It should be interesting to see how it does on the Billboard.
‘Ride or Die’, ‘Don’t Go’, ‘Kinda Lovin’ and ‘No Disturb Sign’ are overwhelming evidence that the world needs a reggae album soon from ‘Bad Gal’ offering variety like a spice rack. From the jamming head bobbing “gangster girl mi love the gangster guy”, or a Pam Hall sounding ‘No Disturb Sign’ to Cordel Scatta galloping produced ‘Goodie’, you all know what it is. “Her litty kitty kitty, that her vici secret can’t keep it”.
The combinations are hitting on ‘Waiting’ and CéCile shares the spotlight with just as popular in genres hip hop/R&B rapper Trina, a Danger Zone, Steelie & Cleevie production. Or with the street dance movement, Ding Dong in the “rushy” ‘Dance’. Then flipping the script again, you know how she gets, all toe stepping, like ‘Changez’, Scatta again with his jungle like produced ‘Talk Talk’.
CéCile is credited with writing and producing most of the tracks on the album, and she is proud of her long experience as a producer.
Released on the Danger Zone/SoBe Records label, ‘Waiting’ features production credits from renowned producers such as Kirkledove Bennett, Big Yard, Cordell 'Skatta' Burrell, Steelie & Cleevie, Lloyd ‘Baby G’ James, Scot Storch and several other top producers.
Distributed by Tad’s Records Inc and digitally by Zojak Worldwide, ‘Waiting’ remains a top seller since its release last year and one of iTunes international top reggae sellers, climbing the music store’s top 100 reggae charts.
The digital version of the album titled ‘Worth It’ moved up the US iTunes 100 Reggae charts. In fact, CéCile was the only female artiste on the chart out of 100, which is an amazing achievement. She also hit number 3 on the UK iTunes charts. While the ‘Waiting’ album is doing quite well in terms of sales and chart action in Jamaica, New York and South Florida.

March 07, 2009

Tony Rebel Another Bill Again makes a jump on the Hype TV chart.

It seems that nothing is able to stop Vybz Kartel’s & Spice’s Romping Shop as they continue hold onto the #1 spot on the chart. The track is spending its second week in this position. Hype TV Awards top awards winner Kartel, may have a lot to do with the single keeping its position.
Award winning gospel artiste Prodigal Son with Head Cyaan Hot So held onto the Shot To Watch title for another week. The single also grips the #2 spot for yet another week while spending its twelve weeks on the chart.
The Hype TV Music & Video Awards Civic Award winner Shaggy with Bad Man Don’t Cry jumps three places up to take over the #3 spot leaving the #5 position. The track has only been on the chart for seven weeks.
After a fabulous performance at Hype TV awards show, Barbee is able to Love You Anyway. The single is spending another week at #4 and has peaked at number two after fourteen weeks on the chart.
Smooth singing Da’Ville with Missing You Right Now has found himself in the top five spot on the chart to close off at #5.
Long reigning act Tony Rebel with Another Bill Again shoots four places up the chart to take hold of the Greatest Gainer title. The track had made its way in the #13 position leaving from #17. Ironically, Tony was able to perform this hit single at Hype TV awards, to two former Finance Ministers that were present at the show.

March 06, 2009


By:Maria A. Hitchins

Anybody ever stop to ponder, what some artistes would do without the street dancers upon whose creative imagination they continue to prosper,
Some people talk ‘straight’ and say categorically some artistes in fact a pilfer.
Dem just hang around the dancers and capture, the latest dance moves from the hottest dance crews.
Undoubtedly some of the dancers have no clue, as to the whole creative process its rewards and dues.
From Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Vegas, Matterhorn and even Buju Banton all have wracked up significant number ones.
Even the very title of their songs are named after street dance moves, one wonders is there no governing rules?
This unfair practice that is causing much blues, dancers cry foul short term they win, but long term only to lose.
Street dancers need to unite and perhaps begin to write, dem own songs and stories and stop mek some artistes take all the glories, man up, make noise and refuse the handouts, cause the artistes dem a bling, and some dancers can barely buy a ring.
Dancers information, education gives you real clout, what you don’t understand don’t be afraid, ask questions and go sort it out!
SOURCE: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com


Ever since his radio hit, I Am Blessed and Up Deh have started blowing up all over FM radio, many dancehall fans have been wondering out loud whether Mr. Vegas has converted to Christianity.

"No, I am not a Christian, but I have always been a child of God," the super-talented singjay who first came to attention with the provocative Nike Air hit song.

"As I have grown older, I have become more spiritual. I am now spending more time with my family and kids, and I have had a well-documented heart condition so all of those factors have combined to make me closer to my maker...I am in a good place right now."

Vegas flirted briefly with the idea of retirement last year, but has revamped his management structure and is ready to go at it again. He has hired a new manager, Khool head honcho Ray Alexander, while jettisoning Irish and Chin, his former managers.

"I am ready spiritually, emotionally and physically to go all out and do my best in 2009."

The deejay has enlisted the help of HYPE TV Director of the Year Jay Will to shoot the videos for I Am Blessed and Up Deh, gospel-flavoured dancehall songs that are sure to resonate with a Jamaican audience floundering in harsh economic times and surrounded by gun violence.

"These songs are supposed to give Jamaican people spiritual nourishment in these turbulent times," Mr. Vegas said.

Vegas has an uncanny knack of making hits. After jumping into the spotlight with Nike Air, his next single, "Heads High", had a successful chart run in the UK and a #69 peak on the Billboard R & B chart. In 1998, his debut album, Heads High, was released, which hit #5 on the US Reggae chart. Vegas won a MOBO for Best Reggae Artist for the Heads High album as well. 2000's single "Hot Gal Today" was a minor hit on the US R&B charts, peaking at #66.

In 2001, he issued Damn Right, featuring guest appearances from Shaggy and Big Yard. This album went to #2 on the US Reggae chart. 2004 saw the release of the Pull Up LP, and the title track scraped the bottom of the Billboard Top 200, peaking at #98 (as well as #68 on the R&B chart). In 2007, his Tek Weh Yuself song on the Dutch Pot riddim was named as one of the top 50 songs of the year by Vibe magazine.

But despite all his successes, Vegas has had many challenges in the industry including a falling out with Bounty Killer who attempted to slander his name. Even before he became famous, Vegas' jaw was shattered by a man wielding a crowbar during a scuffle over stolen master tapes. His jaw was wired shut for six weeks.

"I am a survivor, God Almighty has kept me and protected even when my enemies have surrounded me and were tearing at my flesh. I have always had the love and support of my family so I know I am unshakeable, Mr. Vegas is here to say in the dancehall business," he said.

Mr. Vegas has a number of performances booked for various countries in the Caribbean later this year.

March 04, 2009

D-Lynx comes fresh with the Diggy Dong

All-male trio D-Lynx brings a new kind of swagger and freshness to the dancehall that is connecting with the masses and having universal appeal. Wayne, Felch and Jermz, all signed to Big Yard records, have been doing their thing and doing it exceptionally well. So it should come as no surprise that these youngsters, mentored by none other than Big Yard’s head honchos, Robert Livingstone and Shaggy, have put out a music video that is getting rave reviews.
Called Diggi Dong, the video has made its way on all the major video charts locally — Hype TV, CVM and RE TV — a sure sign that it has found favour with the very discriminating public.
The song Diggi Dong, which has been receiving heavy rotation on radio, is an uptempo, dance song which is strategically poised as a possible breakout single. The success of the music video will undoubtedly boost the already popular song.
“As a group, we are positioned to appeal to our own age group and so this song and the accompanying video were produced with that in mind,” Felch says, adding that “D-Lynx doesn’t want to stay in the box. We are creative and since linking with Big Yard, we have found the right force to guide us and put our career on the pinnacle of success.”
D-Lynx is the fusion of three formally trained voices and the members of the group are Jermaine ‘Jermz’ Wright, Alwayne ‘Wayne’ Harrison, and Fabion ‘Felch’ Mclean.
Check out their video below.






March 03, 2009


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Othniel ‘Taddy P’ Campbell has a passion for music

With a cool and easy tempered disposition, Othniel ‘Taddy P’ Campbell, who hails from Montego Bay is blessed with a musical gift. His early influences can be traced to the church and his alma mater, Herbert Morrison Comprehensive High School.
Taddy P’s first instrument was the trombone, which he played from 7th – 9thy grade in his high school band.
It was at age 13, that he discovered the bass guitar. His music teachers, Professor Grimes Snick Glenn and Carl Mathews, persuaded him to try out the bass instrument, right after the bass player from the school band graduated. Taddy P practiced tirelessly at home on a piece of board cut to the shape of a guitar, with fish line for strings, made by his father. Within a short space of time Taddy P attained sufficient competence to be the school bandís bassist.
Taddy P graduated High School in 1989 as an outstanding music student. He continued through with further studies in the Fundamentals of Music Theory at Royal School of Music in London, England and Sam Sharpe Teachers College in Montego Bay. Subsequently, he was a music teacher at Herbert Morrison Comprehensive, his former High School, where he taught Band Techniques, Music Theory and Conducting. It is not surprising that Taddy P became such a good bass player because he had excellent schooling. He attributes his success at mastering the
instrument to endless hours of practice and sheer hard work, honing a hard-driving, steady, well-rounded and infectious bass style.
Taddy P’s inspirations were Aston Barrett, Glenn Browne, Nathan East, Marcus Miller, Verdine White and Stanley Clark. Taddy Pís experience in Jazz, Popular and Reggae Music earned him a reputation that had several bands, both large and small, inviting him to be a part of their group. He performed in bands from 1991 through to 1996 on the North Coast in Jamaica, in hotels such as Seawind Beach Resort, Hedonism II, Wyndham Rosehall, Sandals Resorts and Swept Away Resort. These performances, set the stage, showcasing Taddy P’s talent that soon caught the eyes of various Jamaican Celebrity Entertainers / Artistes. Before long Taddy P was performing for Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Rita Marley, Tanya Stephens, Shabba
RanksYellow Man, Sanchez,Tessanne and Monifah in international arenas in Japan, Europe, Africa, the United States, Canada and various Caribbean Islands.
In 1997, the internationally known artist, Maxi Priest intrigued with Taddy P’s style, contracted him as his personal bass player and from there on their partnership continues until present. His current drive to produce music is indicative of his success as a professional bass player. Taddy P began experimenting with harmonies, melodies, rhythmic beats and booming bass lines that
have him working feverishly in studios producing new music for Maxi Priest, Big Mountain, Patra and upcoming artist Lady Love D. Wisdom. It is this kind of passion and total commitment to his craft that makes him stand apart.
With several projects on the way, Taddy P at III Kings Studio in New York is soon to deliver work that will give music lovers a real musical feast that he is sure they will find inspirational.
SOURCE: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

March 02, 2009


We hope di Messenjah Luciano a feel better now after dat deh piece a
iron pipe beating whey him get. One ting wi know, him must get dat deh
message loud and clear sey Freckles did a look justice. One long year
a grudge spill over in a dat deh gas station. But a one ting wi vex
bout still, how come Luciano loyal soldiers dem run lef him. Not even
one fi stand up and defend him…no sah, dem deh soldier deh waan go
back a boot camp. But anex ting…people a ask a how de Messenjah love
gas station so?

What a way di BC people dem come in wid dem daggering ban and tek way
all a di lickle hype wha did puddong fi Reggae Month. It look like a
Cordell Green and Missa Dunn shoulda get Artistes a di Month fi
February, cause everytime we look a just dem we see all ova di place —
Reggae Month couldn’t even get in a lickle word sideways,
just because a di BC people dem. Misters Green and Dunn
and BC (Broadcasting Commission) to di werl!!!!!!

Dis year Reggae Month soft. Laas year everybody did deh pon fire and
did a praise up di a Reggae Month ting. A either di people dem who dem
a put inna some position nuh right fi di job, or no money nuh deh, but
sinting neva right. Everyting was secret — di free show inna New
Kingston Tuesday was a big secret and di awards is a bigger top
secret. And look how dem just dash way di film festival so.
We nah tell no lie, Reggae Month neva nice.

But a really tek di church people dem bout dance fi shut dung. Is hype
dem looking or what? When di crime rate a spiral outta control we nuh
hear dem a mek nuh big speech a call fi national week a prayer and
fasting, but dem quick fi jump pon dancehall bandwagon. If dance fi
lock off, den sidewalk church and prayer meeting fi lock dung to.
We love church people cyaan dun, but dem must talk wid sense.
Dem know how much people send dem pickney go school outta street dance selling
and how much a dat deh same money go back inna fi dem owna coffer..


By: Maria A. Hitchins

What a way everybody and dem crew, dis a register philanthropic foundations, yes is true.
The end of last year Shaggy did fi him ting massive and a few days latah, Toots followed through.
But since the beneficiaries are more than a few, wha mek some a dem did tek so long dem mussi bug-a-boo?
Still some people say they know others that give away all the time, but never seek a line inna di media.
I only hope that statement don’t mek dem shy away either, cause is well-needed funds, from which these institutions are able to run.
From Bustamante to Jubilee, oh yes baby mothers will be sure to sport a glee, hopefully all the big ‘don’ dem will start to pree, giving away more tings outside a dem community, as such institutions belong and benefit all a we.
So whether you give under the quiet or create a ‘Big Yard’ riot, mek sure this is not a fad, or your reputation may become a ‘had’, because Jamaicans especially love a ‘Santa’, be him a stranger, politician or ‘shotta’!
SOURCE: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

March 01, 2009

Bar-Bee creating a buzz on the scene

Bar-Bee’s popularity has been growing by leaps and bounds in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean since she stepped up her game.
Two Saturdays ago the singer was in full flight at the Reggae Month concert held at Bourbon beach, the crowd rocked to the sounds of her hot single Love You Anyway as she shared the stage with Nadine Sutherland. The following Monday Bar-Bee was in company with vintage crooner, the Cool Ruler and never missed a beat.
It was a real thrill for her when the crowd sang along to the words of the song showing that they were really paying attention to the words.
Bar-Bee recently recorded Can I Stay With You a Karen White cover which although not officially released yet it getting some crazy rotation on air. The single which has been getting good airtime on the South Florida radio station LYNKS FM has taken off like a rocket. According to Clinton Lindsay, “the station lines have been lighting up! It seems that they are loving this one even more than Love You Anyway,” he revealed.
Bar-bee’s management is now in negotiations with a few Caribbean promoters are eager to have her perform there.
Music is not the only thing that has her attention as she has paraded outfits by New York designer Pat Brown whose designs have featured prominently in magazine layouts.
Following her performance at the Hype TV Awards Bar-Bee is now looking forward to new challenges ahead.
SOURCE: www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com


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