July 30, 2010


Lil’ Kim may not be in Nicki Minaj’s corner, but her longtime rival Foxy Brown is riding for the Young Money diva.
The Ill Na Na raised eyebrows during her show at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill when she rapped, “I’m the only Trini chick that can kick yard shit,” causing concertgoers to speculate whether she was taking shots at Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj, but Foxy said she has no problem with female rap’s breakout star.
“I actually applaud Nicki for it,” she told MTV News. “I think she’s doing an incredible job of branding herself. When you’re a boss bitch, you give it up. Send her a Chanel bag or something. If you’re winning, you’re winning. That’s just how I see it.”
While she did give Minaj props, she also cautioned female MCs not to mess with her. “I’m a beast on that mic,” she warned. “I don’t really think they want any problems with that.”
Unlike the Queen Bee, Fox doesn’t feel her peers need to pay homage to her. “I’m not even in that category ’cause I’m still one of the youngest female rappers in the game,” she said. “[Other rappers] may feel like that because they’re older, but I myself am still young.”

Source: www.rap-up.com


Fast rising female deejay Ikaya has a reason to feel good about her career. She proved that she had what it takes to hold a 12,000 strong crowd and deliver.
The deejay took the Catherine Hall stage on Thursday, July 22 at 10:30 pm adorned in a black sexy edgy Lady Gaga like outfit, accompanied by her three backup singers and launched accapella style into the single that first gained her attention in the dancehall Amber Alert.
She then went into a medley of songs including Good Up Good Up, Headliner, Joe Grind, Hard Way closing out her segment with Money Ova Man.
Ikaya says she is happy with the response she received from the crowd, “I made sure I put in the rehearsal time and was determined to give of my best. But it was great to see that my performance went over well,” she said, adding, “Honestly, this experience was a wonderful one for me. Having conquered this hurdle, I am now looking forward to bigger and better things happening in my career,” Ikaya said.
With Reggae Sumfest now behind her, the deejay/singer is heads to St Mary mi come from show.

July 26, 2010


Contributed by Tricia Spence

Well Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night, July 22, 2010 night has come and gone and what a night it was. The underdogs pinned the show tighter than a head of freshly done sewn in weave and raised their profiles by leaps and bounds.
Entrance into the venue was smooth and signs were clearly posted for VIP ticket holders, persons with armbands and persons purchasing tickets at the gates. Parking was hassle free as was the traffic flow post the event. Security detail littered the venue and parking lots and adequate checks were done to ensure that no weapons were allowed into the venue
As per usual the venue was a plethora of well decorated sponsor booths trying to out bevy one another in an attempt to woo the many patrons at the venue and quite frankly they succeeded. The usual fare of local food vendors was present both on the periphery and backstage and craft vendors were tactically located near the entrance of the venue. Due to the heavy down pouring of rain earlier in the day the grounds at the venue was a soggy mess and an unwanted stunt ground for many women who had worn slippers, that aside the venue was an eye pleaser.
Some celebrity sightings were Ms Universe, Yendi Phillips who was in good spirits, Annmarita Golding, the P.M.’s daughter, Minister Of Information, Daryl Vaz, Chris Martin, Beenie Man, Bescenta, Charly Black, Harry Toddla.
The first artiste we saw on stage was Tifa who made no bones about spelling it out;

then came Dancehall’s Bad Gyal, Ce'Cile who worked a very good set, considering she performed earlier than was scheduled. The inclusion of Mr Budget! Twitter, Spectacular! Tanto Blacks enhanced her routine when she performed her big hit Coffee, the crowd heartily drank it all up.
Dressed by Uzuri D'Angel worked a greatly improved set which playfully incorporated The Shady Squad dancers into her routine.
Ding Dong belted out the energy required for the hard to please crowd and did not leave the members of his Ravers Clavers family behind.
Performing at Sumfest for the first time without recently slain member O’Neil, to whom the night was dedicated, Kevin and Craig dressed in clean fitting white suits trimmed with black walked on with a choir and kicked off their set with Praise His Name, an inspirational song (1st performed at O’niel’s memorial service). Images of O’niel were interspersed throughout the performance. Swiftly reminding the audience what Voicemail is known for, the duo moved into a dance set with Craigy Dread and others before delivering some of their hit ballads. Shortly before the end of their set Craig did a nouveau piece encouraging the audience to make a change in their lives by looking at themselves in the mirror. Often overlooked in the group and often described as a filler, Kevin stepped to the plate to close out their segment with a rare solo piece which encouraged the audience to say what they needed to say to a loved one before they lost them, it put them in a somber mood.
GT Taylor, one of the emcees for the night asked for the patrons to put up their lighters for a minute in tribute to O’Neil, Sugar Minott and Karl Young, founder of Irie Fm (the first Roots Rocking Reggae Radio and #1 station on the island) and Zip Fm.
At about 12:04 am one of the young gunz of 2009 came blazing onto the stage fireman style in an eye catching attire by former Atlanta based now relocated to Jamaica designer, Mr Spokes. Showing why he cyan be cooled, Khago formerly Chicago caused torches to flare in tandem to his lyrics. Nah Sell Out Mi Fren Dem on Seanizzle’s One Day riddim brought him a double encore. For a young performer, his use of stage and energy was phenomenal.
The Gangstress Stacious came into her room on the big stage, all dressed in her self-designed ‘goodas’ outfit. It was, however, the daggeration moves with the midget that had the crowd railing with howls of excitement. Putting a different spin on things, the Gangstress handled the midget hoisting him around her waist and giving him a real gully wine.
Clean crisp and dressed like a young captain, Chino sailed onto the stage and wasted no time launching into his hit songs. It was his varied rendition of Ruff It Up (Acoustic style) while seated and pretending to play a guitar that made the ladies really look. From Mawning got the biggest response in his set. When he brought on the Captain of the Ship, veteran performer and his father, Freddie McGregor, he almost was overshadowed. As if that were not enough, the patrons got a treat from one of the busiest Jamaican beat makers in the business, Di Genius. Clad in black, which provided a good contrast to Chino’s white and gold outfit (both designed by Romeich) his Nah Fren Again and Cyan Forgive dem earned him encores.
Sprinting onto the stage for his set was the hilarious and witty Kiprich aka Kippo. His ‘A Wanna Know Where Bruce Is’ using Foreigner’s I Wanna Know What Love Is melody earned him forwards. What can really be said of Kiprich is that he does not need to have a hit song to be able to tear down a venue. He then jumped into a medley of his hits which was well received, but strangely when he ‘styled’ the gays there was hardly much of a response as would normally happen in previous years. Maybe the times are changing.
Peppered and charged up, Spice dressed all Lady Gagaesque found great favour with two extempo songs on both the Hold Yuh Riddim and Mad Collab Riddim. Instead of singing ‘a weh u get dat new clarks deh dawdie’ she put her twist to it ‘a weh u get dat big **** deh dawdie’. She had the ladies in a chokehold with that. The real clincher in her performance however was when, the Fluffy Diva from Flecthers Land aka Pamputtae posed the Fluffy vs Slimmaz challenge. It took Spice’s set to a whole new level. Dressed in lace and a body suit Pamputtae jumped, bubbled, rolled and rested on her head top fluffy style, but it was the alternate vibrating of her left and right posterior cheeks that had the crowd screaming. Miss Kitty, one of the emcees also got involved and showed them that big girls do possess di action.
Another young gun to the business, Konshens played on the girls conscience with Good Girl Gone Bad that earned him an encore. He has come a far way in terms of his use of stage and delivered a tight set. Keep an eye on this performer.
Next up was the man who produced Digicel's Riddim (The Next Generation Riddim) for Sumfest, none other than prolific beat maker cum artiste Demarco. He spewed out the hits with a strong vocal delivery some of which got a good response, but part of the problem with Demarco’s performance is that he has to work around the stage, albeit Sumfest’s stage is a big one to master. It was not until Love a Come Down that he got a monsterous response, even involving his drummer and a female dancer while he took over drumming duties.
When Lord Evil aka Idonia held onto the microphone and shouted in his grovelly voice, Bad People Deh ya Move, the crowd did indeed move. Dressed like a vampire from Romania, in full black and a long flowing coat lined with purple silk he sank his teeth into the crowd, moving spit fire style, delivering hit after hit after hit. He called Aisha out to do Heart Is Hers and showed them all that he not only can get 'em, but can grind 'em. Giving the slowest most pulsating wine on Aisha while rhyming his lyrics, Idonia had women biting and licking their lips. Not leaving out Jahova he acknowledged the Messiah to close. He was a crowd pleaser.
At 2:41 am the crowd was bowled over by the young man from Clarendon who many say stole the show. One of two Digicel Ambassadors, I Octane lived up to his name. Dressed in Purple and White, he was in a no nonsense mood. His performance elicted the buzz of vuvuzelas, the rage of a bonfire, torches flaming all around the venue, lighters and phone lights on almost every hand in the venue. His energy was immeasurable and the sequencing of his songs so well put together that he had the audience eating out of his hands. A surprise act in his set was Zj Liquid (son of St James and Red Stripe Ambassador), walking out with Chant A Psalms and quickly moving into Wifey Walk Out Matey Stand Up, his addition amped up the set even more. No doubt Digicel is going to look into doing Bigger Better things with I Octane after this performance.
Up next came one of the most intelligent and well spoken artistes in the business Agent Sasco aka Assassin. The second of the Digicel Amabassdors, dressed like a general he led the charge in his set giving an impressive, high energy and educative set. It is clear that he has spent a lot of time working on how to deliver his huge catalogue of hits and it has paid off.
Fresh off the confiscation of his convertible Mercedes by Jamaican Tax Authorities and introduced almost in the same manner by emcee Miss Kitty, the Energy God exploded unto the stage at about 3:30 am and as predicted addressed the issue before swinging into his set of feet swagging tunes. A guest appearance into his set by ‘di gyal dem’ selecta Tony Matterhorn which saw them switching back and forth between hit songs had the ladies bending and vibrating uncontrollably. It was a bit evident though that his recent debacle with the tax authorities did affect his energy somewhat, this in comparison to recent years.

He might have had his US Visa taken from him but the Gully God aka Movado gave a truly international performance. Giving prime attention to the ladies at the commencement of his set, he showed why a him the ‘gyal dem a mad ova’, when he brought Stacious into his set for Come Into My Room, the chemistry between them elevated the crowd to another level. Not doing away with his gangster ways he did a medley of his badman hits and other tunes which set off torches and lighters. He made mention of the peace between Gully and Gaza. Most astounding was his unbelievable energy and use of the grand stage which hardly left him breathless; it seemed almost as if he had been in training with Usain Bolt. A true Alliance member he acknowledged The General, Bounty Killer and brought other Alliance Members Flexxx and Wayne Marshall into his scintillating set. Rehearsals for the Gully God have definitely paid off with huge interest.
Come 4:34 am the General of the Alliance, Bounty Killer darted unto the stage and in his first song he acknowledged his son Vybz Kartel. In true Warlord style he launched into a war catalogue and ran the hits that made him famous over the years. Visibly upset over the crime in Jamaica he made a poignant statement to which the crowd agreed; it alluded to the fact that the dutty shotta dem name waste sperm, dutty germ. Big up police weh a do dem work. He brought on Angel Doolas and praised him for writing Book Book Book and said he was one of his best friends. He said they were honoring him on that night he would not ‘gwan too mad’, but as the sun rose he chided the engineering for not setting the microphone with a proper mix. He also addressed the Government saying they imposed a State of Emergency, but they needed a State of Urgency cause poor people more ‘feduperer’ to which the crowd cheered merrily. Truly confounding was when the Killer asked the gangster dem if they knew about punaany the place was quiet. He had to ask it again. He then brought up Bugle followed by Elephant Man to do their hits on the Mad Collab Riddim. The final artiste he bought on stage was young talent Pattexx. While Bounty's set was a bit long, the audience was tolerant because he was being honored. It was his time, even Beenie Man was in the crowd acknowledging him.
Johnny Gurzong and Robert Russell presented him with a plaque, which placed a smile on his face. The Killer made a statement to the effect that he has done things in the past of which have not approved, but he was a good boy. They all agreed. A video tribute was then played while the band exited.
At 5:34 am the man who had a great deal of controversy surrounding his improbable performance at Sumfest due to his recent lock up was getting ready to close Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest. A newscast announcing his arrest followed by another newscast announcing his release was played, at which point Vybz Kartel was escorted on stage in his prison attire complete with handcuffs and tie head by a police officer. The place went into an uproar. His entrance was the best at Sumfest and the start of his set was excellent. He gave a good performance considering he was in lockup for close to 2 weeks. A number of persons started walking out on his performance, but that could have been due to the time of day and the long hours of standing, since they could not lie down on the traditional 'reggae mat' on the soggy ground.
Overall Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest was okay, Band Changes were much better than in previous years, but the Mixing Engineer could have done a better job on the microphones.

July 22, 2010


Kelly Rowland proves she’s a grown—and sexy—woman in the new promo photos for her forthcoming album, which has been delayed until later this fall. Apparently Kelly has had a change of heart and decided that she may not self title her third solo album, so she is asking fans to submit a name for the project.
The Texas gal is currently visiting radio stations across the U.S. to promote her two new singles “Grown Woman” and “Rose Colored Glasses.”
Source: www.rap-up.com

I-Octane coming with something special for Reggae Sumfest

If I-Octane’s energetic performance at the Red Stripe Summer Kick Off Party held at the National Indoor Sports Centre was anything to go by, then his fans can gear up for a show at Reggae Sumfest on Dancehall Night.
The singjay had the crowd going with songs such as Think A Little, Nah Let Go and his big hit.
“It was a really great feeling getting the kind of response I did at the kick-off party,” I-Octane commented adding that he is looking forward to topping his performance at the upcoming reggae festival.
“I plan on going all out at Reggae Sumfest. Fans can come out expecting something special on stage from me,” the singjay said.
Last year, I-Octane made his Sumfest debut and according to him, he will be coming with even more in his arsenal for fans.
“I have matured a lot over the year as a performer and artiste, so it will be even better this time around,” the artiste promised.
Following his Sumfest performance I-Octane will hit the road on Friday and Saturday morning for the Digicel road show in Westmoreland and Montego Bay respectively. On both occasions he will return to the Sumfest venue at the Digicel boot he to meet and greet fans as well as engage in an autograph signing session.


Acclaimed Queen of Fluffiness, Pamputtae is quite happy with her size and has no intention of “trimming down”. In fact, the deejay has built her ever-growing fan base on ensuring that fluffy ladies in the dancehall fell respected.
“When I go on stage and say ‘whe all the fat girl dem deh’, the place tun ova,” Pamputtae declared. “It just good fi see the fluffy girls step out and hld up dem head high,” she added.
Pamputtae noted that many had scoffed at her size and had advised her to lose weight if she intended to pursue a career in entertainment.
“But not everyone was meant to be slim … some people haffi fat, a just so it go,” she said philosophically.
For Pamputtae and those of her size, being fluffy is not a deterrent … it is seen as an asset.
“Mi big thick and can flick,” is her mantra, which she repeats with immense pride.
Confident that anything that a slim girl can do, the Fluffy girl can do even better, Pamputtae linked up with popular deejay Spice for the single Slim vs Fluffy, which is “tekking life” in the dancehall.
“Did song maaad,” gushed Pamputtae, whose real name is Eveana Henry.
“Me and Spice have the right formula … is Spice write the song inna the studio and from we were voicing it we know say the fans woulda love it,” she explained.
The single has been doing well locally and overseas and the deejay is looking to overseas gigs, especially in the Caribbean.
Pamputtae, who has distinguished herself by “talking up did tings dem”, recently released the single, Neighbour on Fams House Productions’ Multi-Symptom riddim.


Fast rising female DJ is excited about making her Sumfest debut on Dancehall Night, this Thursday at the Catherine Hall Entertainment complex in Montego Bay.
“It will be a chance to prove myself. I will be sharing the stage with the best of the best from the dancehall arena and my intention is to deliver a solid performance,” she said.
Ikaya says, she has been living for this moment to show that when it comes to performing for an audience such as Sumfest, she can still hold her own.
Ikaya has been enjoying a buzz on the scene with singles such as Good Up Good Up and Money Ova Man for which she is currently enjoying chart presence.
Ikaya has been making the rounds on the stage show circuit leading up to Sumfest and as the day approaches Ikaya says she is looking forward to Dancehall Night and that she is really excited and can’t wait to face her audience on stage.

July 19, 2010


Having taken off the summer from touring to concentrate on promotions and Recording New Singles for the Jamaican Base Market badgyal Ce'Cile has strategically placed herself in top section of the current female dancehall pack and is ready to showcase herself on this the biggest Reggae Festival in Jamaica, Reggae Sumfest.

This summer is Ce'Cile's first full break in five years from her yearly European Summer tour and the badgyal is hotter than ever.
Armed with a slew of new, exciting and hot singles Ce'Cile will no doubt be reminding her fans why she has been a consistent and prolific artist for the past ten years.

“I am very excited to actually be able to do Sumfest this year Ce'Cile said, i have missed it for the past four or five years but i think i am doing it at the right time”.

“While i have always maintained my presence in Jamaica, i have not been on every show, all the time, so my fans should be genuinely be happy to see me”.

Touted as the hottest come back artist for 2010, word on the street is that Ce'Cile is definitely the hottest female dancehall act right now with fresh tunes, fresh sound and fresh topics. Having been called controversial since her song "Changes" Ce'Cile is living up to the moniker with her provoking single "Coffee" (Wallabeez : MataO Music) which is receiving some heavy rotation on radio, clubs and dancehall. The Badgyal also heats up the airwaves with the ladies Anthem "No Stress over Man" (Street Bullies: Big Yard) "Love him fi You" (Almshouse: Ballaz) "Like A Virgin" (Get Fresh - Birchill) "Tek Your Man" (Rail up - Sankofa) "Baby Go" (Gala: Don Corleon) and "Show Me Your Motion" feat Liquid (Bank Robbers: Corleon)

Ever the chameleon, Ce'Cile continues to represent on the Reggae side with her sultry smooth reggae ballads including the sexy "Anything (Cook fi You: Corleon Records) The video was recently shot by Dexter 3D Pottinger and is on rotation on all TV and Cable stations across Jamaica and on Tempo which is aired in 28 Countries. Other reggae songs includes "Home Tonight" (Feelings: Don Corleon) and "When You're Gone" (Cardiac Bass: Chrome) "Take My Heart" (Major n MInor: Don Corleon)

Ce'Cile has just returned from Trinidad where she performed alongside Beenie Man, Busy Signal, Macka Diamond and Bunji Garlin. Her next stop is Sumfest then off to Tortola. The Badgyal keeps going...


July 16th – July 22nd 2010
01 01 15 Mavado - House Top - Rose Gold Ent -2wks@1

02 02 12 Richie Loops – My Cup – Big Yard – Shot To Watch – NM

03 06 08 Gyptian – Hold me – VP Records – Greatest Gainer up3

04 03 14 Vybz Kartel/Popcaan/Slim - Clarks – Notnice/CR203Records –D1- 3wks@1

05 05 12 Ikaya – Money Ova Man – Outaroad Records – NM

06 04 16 I-Octane – Think A Little Time –TJ Records -pp@ #2 – D2

07 08 11 Jah Cure/Phyllisia – Unconditional Love – SoBe/Danga Zone – U1

08 07 15 Ms. Triniti - Mr. Deejay - Trini Girl -pp@ #4 – D1

09 11 07 I-Octane – My Life – Dj Frass – U2

10 10 16 Etana – Free – No Doubt Records – NM

11 12 09 Toya – Boss Lady – Downsound Records – U1

12 09 17 Etana – August Town – Necessary Mayhem - 2wks@1– D3

13 14 05 Andy Livingston – My Promise – Black Dutch Records U1

14 16 04 Dj Sunshine/Unicorn/Chi Ching – A Doh Care Anymore – Dj Frass - U2

15 13 18 Mavado & Stacious – Come In To My Room – Di Genius - 3wkS@1– D2

16 18 02 Bounty Killer/Elephant Man – How We Do IT – Notnice/CR203Records - U2

17 15 17 Stephen McGregor – Caan Fren Again – Di Genius -pp@ #4 – D2

18 NE 01 Sophia Squire – Nah Fight Ova Man – Breddroc Music - NEW ENTRY

19 17 23 Vybz Kartel – Slow Motion – Big Yard Music - 2wks@1- D2

20 NE 01 Busy Signal – Night Shift – Tuff Muzik/Star Player Music - NEW ENTRY

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WOC – Weeks On Chart, PP – Peak position, NE – New Entry & WKS@#1 – Weeks @#1
Key: U - Upward, D - Down, NM - Non-Mover


01 Vybz Kartel – Clarks Pt. 2 – Head Concussion

02 Ce’Cile – Coffee – Matao Music

03 Beenie Man – Under Curfew – Rose Gord Ent

04 Bugle – Pearly Gates –TJ Records

05 Etana - Happy Heart - No Doubt Records
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• Chart Compilation was done based on information received from the Sound Systems, Record Shops and Clubs Island wide.

July 18, 2010


01 NE Richie Loops – My Cup – Big Yard - 1wk@1

02 NE Vybz Kartel/Popcaan/Slim - Clarks – Notnice/CR203Records

03 NE Mavado - House Top - Rose Gold Ent

04 NE I-Octane – Think A Little Time –TJ Records

05 NE Gyptian – Hold me – VP Records

06 NE Jah Cure/Phyllisia – Unconditional Love – SoBe/Danga Zone

07 NE I-Octane – My Life – Dj Frass

08 NE Ikaya – Money Ova Man – Outaroad Records

09 NE Etana – Free – No Doubt Records

10 NE Dj Sunshine/Unicorn/Chi Ching – A Doh Care Anymore – Dj Frass

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, , PP – Peak position, NE – New Entry & WKS@#1 – Weeks @#1
Key: U - Upward, D - Down, NM - Non-Mover


01 Busy Signal – Night Shift – Tuff Muzik/Star Player Music

02 Bugle – Pearly Gates –TJ Records

03 Beenie Man – Under Curfew – Rose Gord Ent

04 Bounty Killer/Elephant Man – How We Do It – Notnice/CR293Records

05 Demarco ft. Craig - Show It – Star Kutt

• Chart Compilation was done based on information received from the Sound Systems, Record Shops and Clubs Island wide.


July 15, 2010


Ikaya has just shot the video for two new singles Hard Way and These Tears. The video was done under the direction of Scorpio 21 and was shot on location at Sterling Sound Stage studio on Red Hills Road.

Speaking about the shoot Ikaya says Hard Way plot is geared at emphasing the lessons that there are always consequences for wrong choices made. The storyline so rounds a young boy and a girl who refuse to listen resulting them learning a trough life lesson the hard way.

The video for the second song These Tears was just a performance piece, but no less enjoyable. According to Ikaya fans will see a more softer side to her as it’s a soulful piece. The artiste is seen in a beautiful gown in front of a screen that shows off “an out of this world image” in the artiste’s own words.
The first video to be premiered will be Hard Way.

Coming up for Ikaya is her Sumfest debut on Dancehall Night. The fact rising deejay says she is looking forward to sharing the best of the best from the dancehall arena. “I definitely will be going all out to win over new fans,” she said.


Master One Production artiste, Denno, last week completed a video project for his latest songs Make It and Mi Feel It, two singles which have been receiving power play, especially on the local market.
The medley video was directed by high-riding video director, Asha and shot at locations in Kingston, St Andrew, Portmore in St Catherine and May Pen in Clarendon. It is certainly not the norm for video projects to travel across four different parishes, but the team is focused on bringing the storyboard to life.
Denno emphasised that the video reflects the mood and tone of the songs and is confident that his growing fan base will have nothing but high ratings for the video.
“The creative juices are always flowing and we have given nothing but the best. It is always a wise idea to make a great first impression and we know that we have the ability to do just that,” Denno said.
The artiste and his management have already expressed their satisfaction at the rough cut and are eagerly anticipating the edited version.
The video, which is scheduled to be premiered on July 22, will serve the dual purpose of putting the songs with the face of the artiste, while providing Denno with extensive exposure, not just in Jamaica but in the wider Caribbean and, in fact, the world.

The production house to which Denno is signed, Master One Productions, is definitely working with a plan – to turn Denno into a household name – and they are sticking to their draft.
“It’s a case of so far, so good,” a Master One Production representative stated during an interview. “Airplay has been good and the feedback has been even better. And, that has helped to inform our decision to embark on video projects,” he added.
With the video project complete, the conscious lyricist and singer, is ready and waiting to take his music to another level through a different medium.
And, having scored with Make It and Mi Feel It, Denno is just getting ready to put on the musical pressure and up the ante by giving his fans more conscious and uplifting songs for these times.

July 14, 2010


• July 9th – July 15th 2010
01 02 14 Mavado - House Top - Rose Gold Ent -1wk@1

02 04 11 Richie Loops – My Cup – Big Yard – Shot To Watch – U2

03 01 13 Vybz Kartel/Popcaan/Slim - Clarks – Notnice/CR203Records -D2- 3wks@1

04 03 15 I-Octane – Think A Little Time –TJ Records -pp@ #2 – D1

05 07 11 Ikaya – Money Ova Man – Outaroad Records – U2

06 09 07 Gyptian – Hold me – VP Records – Greatest Gainer up3

07 05 14 Ms. Triniti - Mr. Deejay - Trini Girl -pp@ #4 – D2

08 10 10 Jah Cure/Phyllisia – Unconditional Love – SoBe/Danga Zone – U2

09 06 16 Etana – August Town – Necessary Mayhem - 2wks@1– D3

10 11 15 Etana – Free – No Doubt Records – U1

11 13 06 I-Octane – My Life – Dj Frass – U2

12 14 08 Toya – Boss Lady – Downsound Records – U2

13 08 17 Mavado & Stacious – Come In To My Room – Di Genius - 3wkS@1– D5

14 15 04 Andy Livingston – My Promise – Black Dutch Records U1

15 12 16 Stephen McGregor – Caan Fren Again – Di Genius -pp@ #4 – D2

16 18 03 Dj Sunshine/Unicorn/Chi Ching – A Doh Care Anymore – Dj Frass - U2

17 16 22 Vybz Kartel – Slow Motion – Big Yard Music - 2wks@1- D1

18 NE 01 Bounty Killer/Elephant Man – How We Do IT – Notnice/CR203Records NEW ENTRY

19 17 23 Junior X – Gangster Life – Revolutionary Ent. -pp@ #4 – D2

20 19 23 Mavado – Gal Ova Gun – Armz House Records - 4wks@1- D1

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WOC – Weeks On Chart, PP – Peak position, NE – New Entry & WKS@#1 – Weeks @#1
Key: U - Upward, D - Down, NM - Non-Mover


01 Busy Signal – Night Shift – Tuff Muzik/Star Player Music

02 Bugle – Pearly Gates –TJ Records

03 Beenie Man – Under Curfew – Rose Gord Ent

04 Sophia Squire – Nah Fight Ova Man – Breddroc Music

05 Etana - Happy Heart - No Doubt Records
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• Chart Compilation was done based on information received from the Sound Systems, Record Shops and Clubs Island wide.

July 11, 2010

Rose Gold Entertainment finds success with House Top rhythm


Popular radio personality ZJ Rose is all smiles as the songs on her House Top rhythm, continue to blaze the airwaves both locally and abroad. One of the biggest songs on the rhythm is Mavado’s hit single titled House Top, which is currently number one on the FIWI Choice Top Ten Countdown, HYPE TV Top 20 Singles Chart and the Stampedes Street Charts. Her Rose Gold Entertainment imprint is also enjoying tremendous success with Tarrus Riley’s hit single titled Intimate Reservation, which is enjoying much popularity overseas.
ZJ Rose whose real name is Samantha Rose is currently working on another hot new rhythm project called Good News. Artist that have already recorded on the Good News rhythm include Mavado, Lt. Stitchie, Ryan Mark, Elephant Man, Crissy D and Charley Blacks.
ZJ Rose can be heard locking it down on ZIP FM on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday mornings, as she plays the hottest tunes and keep listeners in tune with what is happening in the world of entertainment globally.



Western Jamaica based entertainment cable station NTV is about to launch a Top Ten singles Chart. This chart will be called the NTV Top Ten Singles Chart and will be compiled weekly based on information that is sourced from a pool of leading radio DJs and sound-system selectors. The chart is schedule to be aired on Fridays starting from Friday July 16 at 6:30 PM. The chart will also be aired several times each week.

The managing director of NTV Hopeton Williams says that creation of the chart is in keeping with his decision to move NTV in a new direction. Therefore over the next six months the station which is largely music video driven, will be introducing several other new and exciting programmes and features to its viewers across the island. NTV is available to subscribers on the on the FLOW Cable Network.


The annual Mountain Dew Stunt Festival, which was scheduled to be held on Labour Day, will now take place n Sunday, July 18 at the Police Officer’s Club, on Hope Road.

“Everything is now in place for the event to be held. From the feedbacks I have been receiving, patrons can’t wait to come out and enjoy themselves,” said promoter of the event Linval Gibbons.

The event will feature the Pro Impact Stunt team with leader and owner Jeff Ferris along with team members Nick Happel, Mat Sager, Ommar Eststrada and newcomers to Jamaica, Dave McDaniel and Corey Coffey.

“There will be the usual gravity-defying stunts, which are definitely not for the fainthearted, “he said, adding that there will be other attractions and entertainment throughout the day, such as contests, games and rides for kids which will include mechanical bulls, ferris wheel, trains, trampo-leaper, helicopter, rock climber, merry-go-round and bunce-a-bouts.

The day’s entertainment will culminate with a stage show featuring Beenie, I-Octane, Ras Goudie, Rum Head, Blacker, Apachie Chief and Sarge, Voice Mail, Hitman Wally and Turner the Magician.

Sponsors for the Mountain Dew Stunt Festival are Main Event Entertainment Group, Chat!, Television Jamaica, The Jamaica Pegasus, Grace Vienna Sausage, Beaumont’s Car Rental, Dr. Lushus and Hype TV.

July 09, 2010


• Will miss Reggae Sumfest


DETAINED danchehall act Vybz Kartel will have to spend another 30 days behind bars after the authorities extended his five-day detention order.
The entertainer was yesterday served papers informing of his further detention, his lawyer, Christian Tavares- Finson told the Observer this morning.
Tavares-Finson however said that the legal team would be seeking the entertainer's release at the Emergency Powers Review Tribunal set up in the wake of the calling on May 23 of a State of Public Emergency to combat criminals loyal to accused drug lord and former Tivoli Gardens strongman Christopher 'Dudus' Coke.
"We will be going to the tribunal to get him released," Tavares-Finson said.
Vybz Kartel's five-day detention order was scheduled to end today, his lawyer said.
Kartel was detained last week Friday and underwent intense questioning after turning himself to the Greater Portmore Police Station, some three days after the police named him and five other men as major persons of interest.
The artiste, whose given name is Adijah Palmer, was questioned in relation to criminal gangs in Portmore, St Catherine.
Due to the extension of his detention, the artiste will now miss several bookings, both local and overseas, including the annual summer show Reggae Sumfest in a few weeks time.
When Kartel turned in himself last week, his detention was extended from 24 hours to five days.
Source: jamaicaobserver.com

July 07, 2010


There seem to be no stopping the conscious singjay I-Octane these days as he is “all over the place – be it with his music videos or singles.
Last Saturday, the conscious crusader’s video for the hot single My Life enjoyed its world premiere Onstage (CVM TV). Since then there has been a steady buzz surrounding it.
Lose A Friend is now sitting in the number one position on the Toronto Radio Dubplate Top 10 Chart.
I-Octane could not be any happier about all this as he says, “for me it’s the reward for putting good music out there. It shows that when you do songs that touch the heart of the people it will always find a niche.”
Last Friday morning at Digicel’s Jus Bus summer promotions launch at Mandela Park, the singjay was a hit with his many fans there when he took the stage. They just could not seem to get enough of him. Fortunately for them other opportunities will present itself as the I-Octane will be one of the featured performers on the Digicel road shows which will be taking him across the island. Wednesday July 7th you will see him making the first of those stops in Clarendon and Manchester.
The Digicel stage wasn’t the only that I-Octane stamped his class over the weekend. He was also one of the performers on Ochi Invasion along with Beenie Man, Mavado and D’Angel. There he showed why he is now being rated as one of the hottest artiste these days.
The pace doesn’t seem to be letting up any for this artiste who is currently reigning supreme on the airwaves with singles such as My Life, Puff It, lose A Friend, Missing you, Thank You Father, Think A Little Time, and Mama You Alone.

July 04, 2010


Vybz Kartel with Popcaan & Slim continues to hold Clarks in the #1 spot, this is the track third in the position.

“Gully God’ Mavado’s House Top maintains its threat for the ruling spot as it held the Shot To Watch title once more and has moved up in the #2place on the chart.

Conscious Reggae singer I-Octane with Think A Little Time slips into #3 from #2 which is now his peak position on the chart with this track.

Richie Loops moves My Cup one place up on the chart this week as it takes control of the #4 spot.

Ms. Triniti’s Mr . Deejay fell into the #5 position to close the top five single on the chart.

Gyptian who now can be called a pop star with his smashing hit Hold Me is this week’s Greatest Gainer as it climbs three notches up on the chart to capture the #9 place.



July 2nd – July 8th 2010

01 01 12 Vybz Kartel/Popcaan/Slim - Clarks – Notnice/CR203Records - 3wks@1

02 03 13 Mavado - House Top - Rose Gold Ent – Shot To Watch – U1

03 02 14 I-Octane – Think A Little Time –TJ Records -pp@ #2 – D1

04 05 10 Richie Loops – My Cup – Big Yard – U1

05 04 13 Ms. Triniti - Mr. Deejay - Trini Girl -pp@ #4 – D1

06 06 15 Etana – August Town – Necessary Mayhem - 2wks@1– NM

07 09 10 Ikaya – Money Ova Man – Outaroad Records – U2

08 07 16 Mavado & Stacious – Come In To My Room – Di Genius - 3wkS@1– D1

09 12 06 Gyptian – Hold me – VP Records – Greatest Gainer up3

10 10 09 Jah Cure/Phyllisia – Unconditional Love – SoBe/Danga Zone – NM

11 11 14 Etana – Free – No Doubt Records – NM

12 08 15 Stephen McGregor – Caan Fren Again – Di Genius -pp@ #4 – D4

13 15 05 I-Octane – My Life – Dj Frass – U2

14 14 07 Toya – Boss Lady – Downsound Records – NM

15 17 03 Andy Livingston – My Promise – Black Dutch Records U2

16 13 21 Vybz Kartel – Slow Motion – Big Yard Music - 2wks@1- D3

17 16 22 Junior X – Gangster Life – Revolutionary Ent. -pp@ #4 – D1

18 20 02 Dj Sunshine/Unicorn/Chi Ching – A Doh Care Anymore – Dj Frass - U2

19 18 22 Mavado – Gal Ova Gun – Armz House Records - 4wks@1- D1

20 19 26 Beenie Man – Mi Woman A Call Mi – Sankofa Prod - 1wk@1 – D1

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WOC – Weeks On Chart, PP – Peak position, NE – New Entry & WKS@#1 – Weeks @#1
Key: U - Upward, D - Down, NM - Non-Mover


01 Busy Signal – Night Shift – Tuff Muzik/Star Player Music

02 Bugle – Pearly Gates –TJ Records

03 Beenie Man – Under Curfew – Rose Gord Ent

04 Sophia Squire – Nah Fight Ova Man – Breddroc Music

05 Etana - Happy Heart - No Doubt Records
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• Chart Compilation was done based on information received from the Sound Systems, Record Shops and Clubs Island wide.


This Website brings you excerpts of the interview with Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, former police commissioner and former JDF chief of staff, with CVM Television's Garfield Burford:

THE security forces have continued to do a superb job. (But) we never had to get there. The security forces have a well-developed; call it modus operandi, operational plan for arresting high-profile persons, the kind of persons whose arrest will spark demonstrations. We have used it in the past, particularly with those associated with extradition requests. When you deal with requests for extradition, there are two critical elements — speed and secrecy. If it is the normal Joe Blow whom you're after, the commissioner of police and the chief of staff don't even know about it. It goes through the process; the files move from desk to desk; a warrant is produced; it goes to the fugitive apprehension team; they seek the people; they arrest them. Sometimes I read about in the newspapers. But when you are talking about big fish, the commissioner of police, chief of defence staff get involved: speed and secrecy.

• Former top cop charges Dudus was tipped off • Says ‘fire on the backside of J’can people’ spurred action.

Now on the 24th of August last year, that's the day before the request (for Christopher 'Dudus' Coke) was made, I was advised by the Americans that tomorow they'll be making a request and that they would like to inform the prime minister.
I said, Hold on, you've now informed me. It's my duty to inform the prime minister.

I said, 'work through my chain.' So I went to the minister of national security. I said, Minister, 'tomorrow I've been advised by the Americans that they'll be making a request for extradition of 'Dudus'.' The minister turned white! And without saying a word, he went on the telephone to try to find the prime minister.

In 10 minutes or so he found him at Vale Royal. He said, 'PM, I have the CP with me and he has an urgent matter involving one of your constituents. I think you ought to see him immediately.' I was told, 'The prime minister will see you at Vale Royal.'

I got up to leave and noticed the minister wasn't budging. I said, 'Minister, you're not coming?' He said, 'No! no! no! You go, go, go. You go brief the PM.' I found that strange. But I left his office. The time it took me to the basement, the time to drive to Vale Royal to brief the prime minister, no more than 15 minutes, within that period of time, Christopher 'Dudus' Coke was tipped off and was beating a hasty retreat into Tivoli Gardens. Strange coincidence. Frightening. The time it took me to get to Vale Royal, he was tipped off and was beating a hasty retreat into TG.

(Interviewer : How do you know?) Clearly I am not going to share my intelligence with you. I am saying it is a strange coincidence. Very strange.
I briefed the prime minister and he asked one or two questions. Now I asked the chief of defence staff to accompany me, because clearly, at that point I expected that there would have been a serious hunkering down to talk about the what-ifs, what-are-your-plans, what-do-you-expect-regarding-this-matter? It didn't happen.

The prime minister said, 'Well, I've been briefed.' So we said, 'Look, do the smart thing, and we left. I said, well, this does not have the appearance that it's going to go in the normal manner.

When we have these high-profile persons, speed, in terms of the process, and secrecy are critical. Had we followed the well-established operational procedures, he would have been arrested within 20 minutes or so of us getting a warrant. We would have deployed the forces, because we anticipated that there would have been at least 24 hours before it became generally known that he has been arrested. He's been arrested before and there were no riots or anything.

Now, had all that been done and anybody been killed or hurt or so on, ensuing from that, the PM could not be blamed; the minister could not be blamed. But that's not what happened. We embarked, clearly from all that has happened, we embarked on a strategy that says that anything, everything, must be done to prevent this from taking place.

Let's look at the history, including the hiring of a lobby firm. And right now we are making much ado about Manatt Phelps & Phillips. It's important, but to me that's not the issue. Manatt, Phelps & Phillips is just the manifestation of the bigger issue.

Mr. Prime Minister, who stood in Parliament, held in his right hand the book of his faith — that book for most of us is the Holy Bible — and swore allegiance to Jamaica, the Constitution, the law and the people. When crunch time came, on whose side did he fall? True to his solemn oath or to Mr Coke and his allies? Just look at what has happened from the 25th and all the efforts made in this regard. I don't have to say that. That is so well-documented.

Now, I ask the people of this country to contemplate this — which is the issue. Suppose the prime minister had had his way? Those people who were already emboldened by the stout and robust defence of the prime minister, to the point where he said he would put his political future on the line, and all the issues that were made up for why it could not go forward — legal issues and so on — matters that have been addressed in previous extradition requests by the High Court.

Coming down now to the last bit of thing, which was the constable and wiretap, a shift in goal post. Those people who were emboldened. Imagine if the PM had his way. They were large before. You know what went wrong? They were so emboldened, they decided to go burn down police stations after barricading themselves.

It backfired. For the first time, people of this country and organisations decided to take a stance. When you see the burning police stations, it wasn't stations that were burning, it was fire under the backside of the Jamaican people, that lit them up.

So I am not impressed with Mr Golding's new-found transformation. And he's now crime-fighter-in-chief, garrison-dismantler-in-chief. I'm not impressed by that. He was forced. Supposed he had his way, Mr Coke and his friends would be celebrating him as the garrison-entrencher-in-chief. Then, what about the rest of us?

Listen to me carefully, what this would have meant is that sometime in the future, it could be even another JLP (Jamaica Labour Party) government, trying now to deal with what would have developed as a consequence; to wrestle this problem, we wouldn't be having 73 people killed, it would be 730. The fight would not be contained within one little sector of Kingston, it would be islandwide.

...Let me explain something to you. If there are three million people in Jamaica and 2,999,999 are of the view that the PM should stay, this is one who says he should resign. This has nothing to do with Manatt, Phelps. Manatt, Phelps is a minor manifestation of the major issue... He (PM) took a solemn oath, like all parliamentarians, to the people of Jamaica, the Constitution and the laws. When the decision comes now to act in accordance with that, he sided with, and robustly defended, someone who is wanted.

...I am deeply hurt. I was deeply hurt, deeply disapppointed by the actions of the prime minister. The prime minister should do the honourable thing. There are two things which have suffered and continue to suffer in this country in the last 10 months — truth and honour.

We are in a little process right now, where every time most people speak, last one was Mr Montaque, we are quoting from the Bible. Well, I have one of my own, one that I have used to guide my own life. It's Proverbs 11:3. "The integrity of the upright shall guide them, but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them."

July 03, 2010

Veronica Campbell-Brown Sets PB Of 10.78 To Win In Prefontaine

By Gary Smith

Veronica Campbell-Brown stunned the Prefontaine Classic field to win the women’s 100m dash on Saturday July 3, 2010.
Getting off to a flyer, the 2007 World champion from Osaka, produced a sizzling world leading, meeting record and career best of 10.78second to take event over a very strong field.
World and Olympic champion Shelly Ann Fraser, also of Jamaica never got off to her more dominant start, but managed to hold on for second in 10.82secs, beating the rushing Carmelita Jeter, who finished third in 10.83.
Source: www.world-track.org



July 02, 2010


• To spend the night behind bars

POPULAR entertainer Vybz Kartel gave himself up to the police minutes after 9:00 am today July 2nd, 2010.
Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, went to the Greater Portmore police station accompanied by his attorney Christian Tavares-Finson.
He was named as a person of interest by the St Catherine South Police two days ago and despite expressing his willingness to be interviewed by the police, Vybz Kartel never made good on his word.
He will spend tonight behind bars as the police say he will be questioned tomorrow.
The entertainer has had an embattled year after being banned from performing in St Lucia and Barbados. He is also banned from entering the United States.

July 01, 2010


Jamaican deejay Vybz Kartel aka Addi the Teacha still has not turned himself in to the authorities despite the fact that he has been named as a "major person of interest". The deejay met with his team of lawyers yesterday, but it is still not clear when he will go in to meet the police officers at the South St. Catherine headquarters in Portmore.
He has been quite active on his Blackberry though and published this message early this morning. It reads:
A State of Emergency is implemented to treat poor people and ghetto people like dogs. Take for example me. I am always in the public eye. Always going about my merry way, why is it that now is the time when they have an interest in me. when all human rights have been suspended? What has changed in the last 28 days about me to make me so interesting ? Interestingly enough I have not been to portmore in over two years yet it is portmore police who have taken interest in me and not st Andrew north where I have lived for the last 6 years. This is not the first time they have tried to tarnish my name. Few years ago They accused me, a man who cannot hide as I am a famous artiste as the killer of " nunu puss". ? They dragged me to horizon, kgn central, and gun court remand centre in one night, took me back to horizon the next day where I stayed for three days, then released me and said " oh sorry we made a mistake”. it is not the whole police force just a few bad seeds who have always been trying to damage my career by slandering me. so now is the opportune time to rake vybz kartel through the coal again and punish him unjustly. Use him as the example, posters boy for " bad bwoy artiste". Me can't take it no more. If I was doing something wrong I wouldn't even feel the way I'm feeling now.BB people, Please publish all of this so Jamaica people know what I'm going through. Better they just crucify me and done. send this message to everyone, b4 dem try frame me and kill me like the people dem in west Kingston.


Born Ramone Drake on February 25, 1987 in Linstead in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica, the artiste/songwriter got his musical calling at the age of 14. Ramone decided to take on a name that best suited his vocal style and way of putting melodies to his lyrics, hence the name Melloquence was born, a creative fusion of the words melody and eloquence.

He first came to the public’s attention when he made the top 10 on Magnum Kings and Queen of Dancehall competition, aired on TVJ. Although disappointed at his exit from the competition before being able t reach his full potential, the singer pledged to make his fans proud. Mellquence soon returned stronger and determined and has since gone on to write and record over 30 tracks. His ability to across the genres of music has impressed both music insiders and listeners alike.
Since signing to the UK-based Big Already Entertainment in 2009, he has released number of commercial tracks that have enjoyed excellent reviews both nationally and internationally. The ever popular Royal Woman continues to be played and requested at live events and despite little promotion the 2009 release of No Get Away peaked in the download charts at #6 this was to be followed with the highly-rated return to Reggae follow up # Fool for Love.

“I am comfortable with my management team,” Melloquence declared. “Big Already is not about hype, it is about making good music, and that is what the business needs right now,” he emphasized.

The club banging Take You Home sees Melloquence career hit the big screen with his debut video directed by Janelle Dyer.