April 30, 2009


Performing after Autotune sensation Ron Browz, Mr. vegas was in sparkling form at the DJ Prostyles' birthday concert Monday night at the University of Central Florida UCF Arena in Orlando. The large crowd almost lost its collective mind when he delivered Hot Wuk, ably assisted by dancer Mystic whose frenetically sexy moves energised and captivated the large audience
The crowd cheered again as Mr. Vegas performed Tek Weh Yuself, showing off the popular Jamaican dance move. Vegas, who is truly a talented live performer, showed his uncanny ability to connect with audiences regardless of their cultural backgrounds. He performed for 25 minutes and closed his set with a well-received I Am Blessed, a song that has been added to the playlist of several urban radio stations.
Red Rat hit the stage after Vegas and also represented for dancehall. Serani had the girls rocking to No Games, but curiously, Mavado appeared to be a no-show because when one876 left the venue just after Souljah Boy hit the stage, the artiste had
not yet arrived. The show also featured several heavy hitters in the rap business including Jadakiss, Mims, the aforementioned Ron Browz, Young L.A. and Reggaeton star De La Ghetto.


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April 27, 2009



Following performances at various venues in California over the weekend, 'I Am Blessed' singjay Mr. Vegas will complete his stint in the US when he performs tonight in Orlando, Florida at The DJ Prostyle Celebrity Birthday event at the UCF Arena.

Mr. Vegas will perform alongside popular international acts like Soulja Boy, Mims, Maino, Yung LA, De La Ghetto and others. Also joining the lineup of performers are local acts Mavado and Serani.

Mr. Vegas will return to the island tomorrow (Tuesday, April 28) before heading off to Belize for two shows on April 30th and May 2nd.


Denroy Morgan gets spiritual with Theocracy Reigns

Reggae veteran Denroy Morgan on Tuesday released his latest album entitled Theocracy Reigns.
Recorded on Asaph Records label and distributed through VP Records the 14-track album feature Morgan Heritage, LMS
Glenda Phillips-Lee (Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church) and Clifford Branch on piano.
The album, which was three years in the making is more than worth the wait as it packs powerful, uplifting messages where Denroy tells the story, but through it all he gives Jah the praise and glory.
Theocracy Reigns is a musical documentation of the ceremony and launching of the ministry that took place on July 23, 2005 at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church of North and South America (Harlem).
In speaking about the experience Denroy shared, “The church has now welcomed the Sabbatical worship in oneness with their Sunday worship. When I come representing Asaph Music and told Abuana that I was ready to launch the musical ministry, he made it possible and gave us a charter to administrate it in the church.”
The CD is aptly titled as each song resonates of heavenly R&B and traditional gospel influenced vocals, soulful piano and guitar leads, international keyboards and the groundation of the Nyobingi drum. As the rhythmic pattern of the Nyobingi drum is blended with Reggae, R&B and gospel - a powerful spiritual revival takes place.
On the album Shy poo (Nashayah Morgan) mixes the R&B emotion on Little Children, while Peter Morgan moves to the choir on Jesus is Still Alive - Kirk Franklin style and on Holy Sabbath he revives the spirit. God Meant For My Good accompanied by Clifford Branch on piano is sentimentally sung by Glenda Phillips.
Among the other tracks on the album are Go Before Us Jah, The Lion of Judah, Theocracy Reigns, Rock My Soul and I’m Still Holding On.
Denroy Morgan is known for his chartbusting single I’ll Do Anything For You and later other hits such as Sweet Tender Love, Happy Feelings and Africa Is Calling.

April 24, 2009


Following on a highly successful 2008 season in which she captivated many hearts and collected quite a few awards, highly-acclaimed singer/song-writer Etana, is still making her incredible journey.
Hailed as the Strong One, Etana is imbued with that quiet passion that ignites whenever she’s in her element — and that means on stage performing for her adoring fans. Recently returned from Barbados, where her performance surely gained her a whole new set of fans in that reggae-loving Caribbean island, Etana is scheduled to give a not-to-be-missed local performance come Saturday night. She will be the special guest at ‘Jordu Live’ a fairly new series which allows patrons and artistes to commune in an intimate setting.
This event will be held at the Jordu fashion boutique located in 7th Avenue Plaza and the show promoters are excitedly anticipating the arrival of Etana to give even greater credence to the already successful showcase.
“Etana is such a warm person, both on and off stage and it’s as if the intimacy and the ambience were created especially for her,” the promoter declared.
Quite occupied with rehearsals for this show, in addition to other upcoming overseas engagements, Etana is also on a promotional blitz for her latest singles, Free, Caltariba System and Blessings, the sensuous collab with Italian reggae artiste Alborosie which is exploding on the airwaves. The song climbed to the coveted number one slot on overseas charts a few months ago and it’s popularity has not waned, in fact, it seems to have increased.
With the video now out and in rotation, it will be interesting to see the blessings that will undoubtedly follow Blessings.


Among the stellar line-up of performers scheduled for Take Me Away on Sunday at the Cable And Wireless Golf Academy in New Kingston will be the sensational Stevie Face and super talented, all-male group, LUST.
It comes as no surprise that these artistes have been requested to perform on this highly-anticipated showcase, which also includes acclaimed international acts such as Jeffrey Osbourne, Riche Stephens - also the promoter - Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibbles, Gregory Isaacs and Gem Myers.
They will no doubt add their voices in a memorable way to this event that holds pride of place on the annual entertainment calendar.
“We know that LUST just can’t help but be impressive. To see them on stage performing together is a totally new experience … different from listening to them on radio. LUST is a group that is just so dedicated to doing what they do best — thrilling fans — and patrons can be assured that they will be nothing short of memorable,” a spokesperson for LUST said.
The owners of the coveted EME Song of the Year Award for 2008, LUST serenaded fans with the Air Supply hit Just As I Am and showed exactly how to do a cover and make it credible. But that is just one of the numerous ‘big tunes’ in this group’s awesome arsenal of hits. And while they will do exactly what they do best, patrons are cautioned to “expect the unexpected” from these singers who have what it takes to thrill and impress.
According to Stevie Face, he plans to take fans and potential fans on a musical journey to a place they have never been before
Not one to brag and sing his own praises, the soft-spoken singer, seemed in the mood to make promises. “Knowing the calibre of show that Take Me Away is, it will be up to me to ensure that I am at my impressive best and I will be,” the singer stated.
Still making waves with his cover of the 1966 Aaron Neville hit, Tell It Like It Is — a song which briskly climbed local and international charts late last year — Stevie Face has been working on follow-up singles with his Boot Camp producer/manager Computer Paul.
An excellent stage performer, Stevie Face will take any audience to a musical high.
Staged under the theme ‘Real Mistas Stand up For Sistas’ the show will be held at the Cable & Wireless Golf Academy on Sunday.


Oh looky here, people. Guess who’s returning to radio? None other than the irrepressible DJ Flamze.The enigmatic and colourful Sidony ‘DJ Flamze’ Smith may be returning to prime time radio in the next coming weeks, and she may be returning to one of her old haunts to blaze the airwaves once again. Last year, the DJ was ousted from the 1- 5 p.m. afternoon programme by RJR bigwigs who wanted to replace her with the bodacious Ms. Kitty.
There was a bit of a brouhaha which turned nasty on the Internet and then leaked into the daily papers, but Flamze walked away strengthened by the ordeal and landed gigs on HYPE TV and even co-hosted their inaugural HYPE TV awards show earlier this year.

Last night, she showed that she’s still got crazy skills on the ‘wheels of steel’ when she played alongside Nico Bam Bam during Up and Live. Some of the rumours circulating in the industry suggest that she may be returning to ZIP FM. One876entertainment called the radio personality who artfully dodged the question.

“Yes, I am definitely eyeing a return to radio, I have a number of options I am looking at it right now, but I can tell you this, it will be a return to a station that I worked for before, and it’s going to knock the socks off a lot of people...that’s all I am willing to say at this point,” she said.

DJ Flamze has worked on a number of radio stations including Links FM, Vibes FM, Zip and then RJR.

April 19, 2009



To experience the power of reggae/dancehall music, one has to witness the artistes on stage, especially in a country where English is not the mother tongue.
It was nothing short of electrifying to see Mr. Vegas in action on stage last week Sunday, in the French city of Toulouse. The promoters estimate that there were over 11,000 fans inside the auditorium ready, eager and waiting to see, hear and hopefully even touch the dancehall star from Jamaica.
“Mr. Vegas is extremely popular here,” a photographer from the French Caribbean island of Martinique said. “When I heard he was going to be at this year’s French Caribbean festival in Toulouse, I bough a new camera and booked my ticket. I just had to see him perform,” he declared.
And Mr. Vegas surely delivered. In the absence of his band, his DJ Fatta Diamond, who also doubled as “hype man” had the crowd rocking for a full 10 minutes as he pulled reggae, dancehall and soca tunes from Vegas and other artistes to huge forwards.
At 1:10 am, Fatta’s voice boomed from the stage, “Are you ready for Mr Vegas? Make some noise!”
And when the man of the moment entered centrestage it was pandemonium. It was an energised Mr. Vegas who took control of the crowd, reeling off his hits, engaging his fans and having them move to his every command. “If you love reggae music, mek me see the hands up,” he shouted and every hand immediately reached towards the ceiling.
This was a crowd that knew every Mr. Vegas song and they gleefully sang lyric for lyric, dancing to the beat, especially with their favourites like Hot Wuk, Tek Wey Youself, Heads High and We Nuh Want Nuh Friend From Dem.
Not to be outdone were the dancers from Toulouse, an male and female aggregation, calling themselves Wining Fire. Well rehearsed, they were on point with every dance out of Jamaica, from Dutty Wine to Nuh Linga, to Sweep and their appearance on stage heightened the excitement level a couple notches.
Upon their exit, Mr. Vegas resumed his personal connection with his fans and, upon giving Toulouse a taste of his newest hitbound single, I Am Blessed, he made his exit with a promise to return soon.


Beres Hammond must be feeling great as his I Feel Good track takes the #1 spot for this week. The single has been claiming the shot to watch title for a few weeks now so it seemed inevitable for anything else.
Ever rising Da’Ville is on the go with Missing You Right Now. The track has jumped in the #2 position moving from #3 and also copped the Shot To Watch title.
‘Gully God’ Mavado is magnificent with his I’m So Bless track as it blaze two places up the Hype TV chart this week to take its position at #3 leaving #5.
Tarrus Riley holds still with Start Anew as it keeps the #4 position for two consecutive weeks.
Gospel artiste Prodigal Son with Head Cyaan Hot So suffers quite a concussion after spending two weeks in the number one the single has been booted from the number one position to claim the #5 spot.
Mr. Vegas’ I Am Blessed is making quite a mark on the chart. The track held on to the Greatest Gainer title for another week. It now jumps three places up to take hold of the #12 spot leaving the #15 position after three weeks on the Hype TV chart.
The chart’s New Entry for this week goes to Vybz Kartel aka de teacha with Dollar Sign and it has made its entrance at the #18 position and it’s off the Liv Up record label. The single has been tearing up airwaves and it’s no wonder it’s on the chart.

April 16, 2009

Demarco makes his musical mark

Collin Edwards, aka Demarco is the embodiment of the totally rounded music practitioner. And, while he manages to intertwine song writing with music production, engineering, and performing, he sees all of this as just another day’s (and night’s) work.
“As long as there is a passion within you for what you do, then it won’t even seem like work. It’s all
about doing what you really like,” Demarco says.
For him, music is music, whatever the genre, and he skillfully traverses the lines between dancehall, roots reggae, hip hop, and R&B.
He has either written, produced, or built tracks for some of the world’s most popular figures in music. Top names like singer/rapper Olivia, rapper Styles P and deejay Sean Paul have experienced his production skills, while deejay Bounty Killer and others have put vocals to his cutting lyrics.

A graduate of Ardenne High School in St Andrew, he was originally a member of a school based sound system called the Future Disco. Spinning the hits and mixing them, increased his love for it, and inevitably, he graduated to performing on the sound system.
Bitten with this performance bug, it was easy to see why he scored with the song Fallen Soldiers, arguably a blooming anthem in the dancehall.

Through a mutual friend, he was introduced to Star Kutt Music. They reviewed his material and immediately signed him up as a part of the team. With Star Kutt, his work load, his talent, and his reputation exploded, landing him jobs with some of Hip Hop’s leading players. He created tracks for rapper Styles P, and Free from BET’s 106 & Park.

Since then, he has produced and written a steady stream of hits that have ridden local charts to the top, while still with the Star Kutt label. These include Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten, Beautiful Lady, Sort Dem Out, Better Jamaica, and Give The World. The bulk of these tracks have climbed to the top of local charts at one point or another, and the music videos have increased Demarco’s presence inside the local scene as a competent and formidable contender on the performing stage. Other releases include Listen To Your Girl, Blessings A Multiply with Da’Ville and Face Life featuring Busy Signal.
He has also done a remix of the Mighty Diamonds’ classic I Need A Roof which is creating quite a buzz on radio and in the dnacehall.

Lisa Grant delivered in Canada

P & W artiste Lisa Grant made her presence felt in Toronto in late March when she appeared on the Caribbean Festival of Praise. The singer represented Jamaica with her message of hope to the masses there.
When she went on stage it was definitely worship time as she infused a spiritual energy that saw patrons singing along, with their hands outstretched, intent on one thing and that was to send up praises to the King.
Lisa was in a no nonsense mood as she set about using her ministry of song to do deliver the word.
Among the songs she thrilled the crowd with were Power of Praise, Stepping Out and the Latin-inspired acoustical rework of the hymnal classic leaning which had the crowd totally involved as they sang along the words of the well-known song.
The gospel singer was touched and humbled at the overwhelming response she received in Canada, but for her the best part was in knowing that she managed to touch souls through her songs.
Another gospel act out of Jamaica also delivered a sterling performance and that was the Katalyst Crew who are no strangers when it comes to igniting the crowd on fire.
With her Canadian performance behind her Lisa Grant is now gearing up to shoot the music video for POP Vol 1 title track Power Of Praise.

April 14, 2009

Beenie Man going back to Shocking Vibes?

The local entertainment fraternity is bracing for a cosmic realignment with rumours racing around the corporate area that Beenie Man is contemplating a return to Shocking Vibes camp and its charismatic manager Patrick Roberts. In March sources close to Beenie Man’s camp said that while he was in New York recently, the entertainer meet with a number of prospective music managers as he has seen the need to ‘tighten’ up his financial affairs by hiring a business manager.
However, since return to Jamaica last week, tongues have been wagging that he may just return to Shocking Vibes, the label he help to make famous. When contacted this week shocking vibes chief executive officer, Patrick Roberts attacked with surprise to the rumour that Beenie Man was seeking a manager, blurting out. “That’s news to me!” “Beenie Man cannot be seeking a new manager when he has me available,” Patrick Roberts said. “Since Beenie Man left I have not manage any other artiste. If he wants to return to Shocking Vibes, I am willing and ready. Beenie Man will always be my artiste regardless of things that were said. Thaere is a synergy between Beenie Man and Shocking Vibes led by Patrick Roberts”.
Roberts a successful business man and producer, was the architect behind the successful careers of Beenie Man, Tantro Metro & Devonte and Sliver Cat for 20 years. He has also dabbled in politics, running on the PNP ballot twice against the Jamaica Labour Party’s Andrew Holness, the last time in 2007 general elections for the West Central St. Andrew he is currently the constituency care taker. “if Beenie Man wants a proper manager, he needs to come back to Shocking Vibes….. I am hoping for it Robert said. Roberts is also the president of former premier league champions Arnett Gardens Football Club, and stood surety for embattled politician Kem Spenser, who is facing serious charges for impropriety in the Cuban light-bulb scandal.
Efforts to get a comment from Beenie Man proved futile as it was said that he had lost the phone. XtraNews was unable to get in touch with Beenie Man’s bother and manager, ‘Blue, who failed to return several calls to his mobile phone. The music industry was hit by the earth-shaking announcement in December 2006 that Beenie Man was leaving Hocking Vibes, a move that signaled a big shift in balance of power equation in the dancehall universe. “beenie Man is going is going to do his own thing as of January 1, 2007,” his wife D’Angel said in a release at the time.
At the time, Patrick Roberts, Beenie Man’s manager for over two decades, had appeared a bit disturbed by the whole situation when contacted but nevertheless issued an upbeat statement. “We wish him all the best, if he wants to leave, he is his owna big man, he is married now, he can do anything he wants to do. We just wish him all the best,” Mr. Roberts told the reporter at the time.

April 12, 2009

Sizzla Apologizes to Canadian fans for concert cancellation

Sizzla Kalonji and the Fire House Band would like to apologize to the fans in Canada for the show cancellation at Paramount Concert Theatre. Although there are numerous allegations as to why the show was cancelled, the reason was time inefficiency and late entry of the paperwork to the Canadian Embassy in Jamaica. Sizzla was approved by authorities in Canada to perform.
There was no involvement of any form of contract or agreement to determine the acquisition of the visa in Kingston. At this point in Sizzla’s career, he is moving forward with total positivity, unity, and urges all to stop the violence. Under the circumstance, we insure that Canadian fans will get to see Sizzla perform in the near future.
In the meantime, join us Friday, April 17th as he celebrates his 33rd birthday at Judgment Yard, 40 August Town Rd in Kingston, Jamaica. During the day, there will be a kid’s fun day and in the evening the Birthday Party featuring King Taffari, Fresh International and Rebel T.
Also look out for his upcoming album due to release on Greensleeves called Ghetto Youth-Ology on April 21st produced by Fire House.
Also look out for his upcoming album due to release on Greensleeves called Ghetto Youth-Ology on April 21st produced by Fire House. For media related questions contact, publicist Olimatta Taal at Jerrejef@aim.com or 1-876-437-2889. For other information contact Kalonji Records at kalonjimuzik@yahoo.com.

April 11, 2009


The award winning gospel artiste Prodigal Son with Head Cyaan Hot So continues to makes his present in the #1 position for another week. The single is spending its second at number one
The Reggae lovers rock king Beres Hammond seem set on taking the number one spot with I Feel Good, as he sits in the #2 position for yet one more week and clinching to the Shot To Watch title.
Daville jumps a notch closer in the top with Missing You Right Now. The track now gains the #3 spot to leave the #4 position.
Tarrus Riley’s Start Anew now claims the #4 position leaving the #5 spot. The single look as if it’s in gear to cause a threat to the number one title. Let’s see what will happen next on the chart.
After only nine weeks Mavado’s I’m So Bless becomes one of the top five singles on the chart to be seated at #5.
The ever hot and innovative Mr. Vegas with I Am Blessed is this week’s Greatest Gainer title holder. The track was debut last week on the chart at #18 and now sits at #15.


April 10, 2009


Mr. Vegas is now doing a refresher course on his French as he prepares to head to Toulouse, France this weekend to perform in the Beach Party Festival that will take place on Easter Sunday.
“Oui, oui,” he joked. “I am looking forward to my performance in France this weekend, France ah mi place, I have a great time over there all the time, and the thing is that is a funny market, a song coulda hit three years ago and is just now ah go hard inna France so yu find songs like Tek Weh Yuself, Raging Bull and Hot Wuk ah go hard over there now.”
Vegas added that old-time dancehall favourites such as Heads High were also guaranteed forwards in some areas of Europe.
“But yu find that songs like Raging Bull carry a particular type of energy that can get the crowd moving,” he explained.
In the meantime, the video for singjay’s latest song, Mama Don’t Cry for Me, was shot last in Kingston, by accomplished director Winston Mayhew, will be released by next week.
“It’s a really amazing video that the Jamaican people can gravitate towards especially with Mother’s Day around the corner,” he said.
The singjay has been in awesome form during his recent live performances. Last weekend, he performed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA at a venue called the Barfly where he packed in 1,100 patrons. He was his usual energetic self, and whipped the patrons into a frenzy with his popular dance-oriented hits such as Tek Weh Yuself, Raging Bull and Hot Wuk with nimble assistance from his two female dancers . He also scored big with his Billboard charter, Heads High, as well as his latest hit, I Am Blessed which is a big fave on radio stations in the US.
“I was really surprised at the turnout, especially since snow was falling heavily. The people dem a say ah me bring the snow star but dem turn out and everyone had a great time,” Vegas said.
Once he bids adieu to France, Mr. Vegas will then swing through California on a mini-tour with stops in Oakland on April 24th and Los Angeles on April 25th.


When it comes to doing great covers, singing group LUST definitely has a knack for selecting the right songs. The group has scored again, this time, with a remake of the group Chicago blockbuster hit, You’re My Inspiration.
It was last year that they easily walked away with the Song of the Year title for their soulful rendition of Air Supply 1995 runaway hit single, Just As I Am.
Always keeping their fingers on the pulse of the music, LUST knows exactly what their fans appreciate and decided to give them another great love song, You’re My Inspiration. It has proven to be a winner.
Capitalizing on the popularity of the song, the group recently completed the video for the single. They selected Garcia Campbell and Kevin Berger as the directors and from all accounts this duo has done a remarkable job. With a storyboard that is easy to follow, the members of LUST — Singing Melody, Trilla U, Lukey D and Tony Curtis — expertly bring the essence of the song to life.
The video was shot at four locations in Jamaica, Norman Manley International Airport, St Joseph’s Hospital, Bamboo Village and Trevor Baille’s Studio.

April 07, 2009

Jamaica STAR to re-launch website with star- studded online concert

On Thursday, April 9, Jamaica’s number one tabloid newspaper will re-launch its website to give users a more interactive, fun and lively experience.
In true STAR fashion, we will have stars online to welcome you.

Experience for the first time, an online concert with a star-studded line-up of top artistes such as Vbyz Kartel, Jah Vinci, Bugle, Raine Seville, Mavado, Chino, Laden and LA Lewis.

The STAR is the people paper and so we are aiming to give the people what they want. We invite you to be a part of this new experience by logging on to www.jamaica-star.com and sharing in the experience and seeing the new look.

The brand new site promises to give you more than just news but it will include the latest videos, music and other features to keep you in the know about all the entertainment and news in the island. Remember log-on Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. Jamaica time for the new Star experience.


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Terry Linen’s ‘A Better Man’ album to hit stores April 15

Wednesday, April 15 will mark the release date of one of the most anticipated albums to be released in a long time, ‘A Better Man’ by crooner Terry Linen. Scheduled to be released simultaneously on the local and international markets, Jamaica and the rest of the world will soon get their hands on some of Terry Linen’s best work to date.
Released on the Africa-led Uplifting Music International label and distributed by Tads Records Inc., ‘A Better Man’ features several of Terry’s chart toppers, including ‘Mood For Love’, ‘Better Man’ and ‘No Time To Linger’ – songs which have topped most of the charts on and offshore and have been complimented by music videos being heavily rotated.
“The songs are creating waves overseas in places like the US, Caribbean, Cayman, England and Japan, to name a few. Sometimes I am surprised to hear the people sing the songs word for word,” Terry said.
His recent performance in these territories has definitely served to build up the anticipation for the CD.
“I was in Negril two weeks ago and I performed the gospel song and people loved it and I am also expected to be in Orlando on the April 11 for a performance alongside Beenie Man,” Linen said, as part of the upcoming promotions for the CD.
And although these hits are track listed, ‘A Better Man’ will also feature singles that are just as hit effective. Among the plastic fresh singles are gospel content ‘Praise He The Lord’ and ‘Say A Prayer For The World’.
“There is a song for the girls titled ‘Shake’, it has a fast beat, the kind of beat that is like a crossover. While ‘Praise He The Lord’ is, as it says, a gospel song of praise. This is the first of its kind to be released by us and ‘Say A Prayer For The World’ is a song for all humanity,” Terry Linen stated.
‘A Better Man’ is produced and released under Terry Linen’s management label, Uplifting Music International. The album is being toasted as a long awaited one, which should quench the thirst of loyal Terry Linen fans worldwide. Reggae label Tads Records Inc. will be handling the worldwide distribution of this, Linen’s third album.
The first was self-titled ‘Terry Linen’, which featured his breaking cover ‘Your Love Is My Love’ and ‘Call On A Friend’, while the second was released only in Japan.
To solidify his third album, some of the best musicians known to Jamaica and the world lent their Midas touch to ‘A Better Man’. These include Clive Hunt, Chinna Smith, Dean Fraser, Live Wyah and Axeman, among others.
Since Terry Linen signed to Uplifting Music International some two years ago, he has been working on the release of ‘A Better Man’, the first of three albums for the label.
His management team comprises of executive producer and CEO of Uplifting Music International, Africa, and producer Damion Allen. The camp also manages Bescenta and comedian Newsman.
In the past, Terry Linen would be a scarce commodity to his fans and would do more covers than originals, but according to Linen, this will change.
“In terms of performance, sometimes I am booked overseas and these dates sometimes clash with others. We plan to do more videos and try to stay current on local showcases. It’s a variety of songs with different vibes and moods. More mature feeling. I have matured, my music has matured and as the song says, ‘I am a better man’,” Linen explained.
According to Linen, of the 14 tracks on the album only two are cover versions. These are ‘Have Mercy’ by Mighty Diamonds and ‘Anytime You Need A Friend’ by Mariah Carey.
Using another track from the expected ‘A Better Man’ CD as example, Linen describes his level of maturity. “My music has grown. Take ‘Happily Married’, this is a song that all married people can listen to and feel proud to be married. It goes, ‘I am happily married and I don’t intend to cheat, even if you throw expensive flowers at my feet’,” Linen, said giving a preview of ‘Happily Married’ also in rotation.
So for music lovers who have kept it real with Terry Linen and appreciate his music and show love at his performances, Linen said he appreciated this and dedicated this one to them.
“It’s a long awaited tribute for my fans and it is much more than an album. It means the world to me to deliver this to my loyal fans and well-wishers around the world. Many thanks to the disc jockeys, promoters, producers and to Uplifting Music International, the whole team. Special thanks to Fitz Livermore aka Favorite, and all musicians who worked on the album,” Terry closed.

April 06, 2009


By: Maria A. Hitchins
Ring ring ring the 'RED' bell tolls again, only to apologise drop back and blend.
Wha dat dem do pull Assassin off the stage, no doubt sending his fans in a rage, but the yute kept his cool knowing he followed their rules.
Soon enough they had to eat their words, publicly saying sorry for their mislead folly.
Boo hoo hoo, dem a bawl as sales numbers start to fall, after unnu abandon the music and its people quicker than the flu, talk up and tell us the real reasons we need to know what is true?
All of a sudden dem turn Social Sheriffs by the dozen. I guess they are trying to get handpicked for alcoholic heaven?
All those years they sponsored big and small events and rode the backs of our artistes as they vent, from righteous to indecent, side by side the ‘RED’ company partnered like Bonnie & Clyde.
This latest incident has inducted them into the circus. Who is the ring master and what is his purpose?
No doubt this has left them walking a tight rope act, word of warning to all other artistes watch unnu back!



Perfect combination...that's what Taddy P and Tanya Stephens seem to have when it comes to the explosive combination Heart of Stone which is reportedly getting some heavy on air rotation.
Bassman Taddy P delivers intense reggae riddim, forming a harmonious union without compromising the beauty of the reggae dub in the single. As Tanya belts out the words of the song Taddy’s input is hard to miss as the music engulfs you and draw you into a world of beats and good vibration.
Well known on the reggae touring circuit for his vast musical experience and easy reputation, Taddy P has performed with Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Rita Marley, Shabba Ranks, Wayne Wonder and most frequently with internationally known artiste, Maxi Priest.
His experimentation with harmonies, melodies, rhythmic beats and booming bass lines has seen him working feverishly in studios producing new music for Maxi Priest, Big Mountain, Patra and upcoming artiste Lady Love D Wisdom. It is this kind of passion and total commitment to his craft that makes him stand apart. With several projects on the way such as Taddy P at III Kings Studio in New York the music world can look out for a lot more exciting beats from the talented player.

April 05, 2009

Prodigal Son copped his first #1 on the Hype TV Charts.

Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart

April 3rd – Apirl 9th, 2009


01 02 11 Prodigal Son – Head Cyaan Hot So – Main Street -1wk@1

02 03 14 Beres Hammond – I Feel Good – Penthouse -Shot to Watch

03 01 11 Shaggy – Bad Man Don’t Cry – Big Yard -2wks@1

04 04 11 Da’ville – Missing You Right Now - Fashozy

05 06 09 Tarrus Riley – Start A New – Juke Boxx

06 07 08 Mavado – I’m So Bless –Big Ship

07 08 08 Vybz Kartel – Last Man Standing – NotNice Records

08 05 12 *Vybz Kartel & Spice – Ramping Shop –NotNice (Censor) -3wks@1

09 10 08 Tony Rebel – Another Bill Again – Penthouse

10 11 07 *RDX – Ben Ova – APT.19 (Censor)

11 12 06 Laden –Time To Shine – Big Ship

12 13 03 Etana ft. Alborosie – Blessings – ForwardsRecords

13 09 18 Bar-Bee – Love You Anyway – It’s Not A Game - Peak@#2

14 14 04 Queen Ifrica – Far Away – Jamplified Records

15 16 03 Konshens – This Mean Money – Head Concussion

16 15 17 Vybz Kartel – Get Wild – Adidjaheim/NotNice Records -3wks@1

17 18 02 Harry Taddler – Pray Fi Dem – Down Sound Records

18 NE 01 Mr Vegas – I Am Blessed – Liv Up Records

19 20 02 Mavado – Again & Again – Daseca

20 17 18 *Charley Blacks – Bubble – Fresh Ear (Censor) - Peak@#7

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WC – Weeks On Chart, NE – New Entry & WKS@#1 – Weeks @#1 * Censor


01 Vybz Kartel - Dollar Sign - Liv Up Records

02 LUST - You’re My Inspiration - Born Music

03 Charley Black - Money Dreama - Lazeme Music Prod.

04 Ras Penco - Thousand Miles Away - Uprize Music

05 Etana - Free - No Doubt

Compilation was done based on information received from the following Sound Systems, Record Shops and Club: Derrick Harriot – Record Shop – St. Andrew, TNG Muzik-Sound System-Kingston, Love Stone–Sound System- Portland, Lazeme- Sound System- Westmoreland, Unique Super Mix–Sound System- St. Catherine, Copper Shot- Sound System- St. Andrew

April 03, 2009


LUST moves to the right beat

When the group LUST decided to do a re-make of the Air Supply hit, Just As I Am, they knew they were on to something good.
“We heard the song and liked it. And the great thing about it was that we were able to get a part that fit each of our voices,” Singing Melody explained.
Well, each part fitted like a glove and when Just As I Am was released, it immediately found that oh-so-elusive ‘hit song’ stamp of approval with the public. Despite all that’s said and done, the dancehall massives know and love a good love song, so it wasn’t surprising that the group wove their way straight to the pinnacle of music charts across the world.
The single went number one and remained on the Top 20 Reggae charts for 22 weeks as shown on TVJ’s weekly Entertainment Report (ER), arguably the most popular entertainment programme on television. Done under the Born Music Label and produced by Garcia Campbell their manager, it was considered a monster hit for the 2008, and did in fact take home the Song of the Year title at the EME Awards.
Over the years, the group has worked with many of the best producers in Jamaica such as Mikey Bennett and Mikey John who was responsible for the LUST hit Run Free.
Now focused on building their career and pleasing their ever growing fan base, LUST has started the year on yet another melodious note with the singles You’re My Inspiration and Do You Love Me, produced by Garcia Campbell on the Born Music label.


Free TV Show from Ustream

April 02, 2009


Hardcore dancehall female entertainer, Spice, isn’t an easy pushover. The DJ proved just that when she performed at ‘Rampin Shop Flossing Fridays’ at a club in the Bronx on March 20.
According to Shelly from Manhattan, a patron who was at the event, “Mi neva know sey a so Spice a go hard. The club did too little so it sold out fast and then half of the crowd couldn’t get in, so it cause a piece of chaos which saw the police coming out.”
Spice said that she was pleased with the appreciation she got from the audience and promised that she would be back soon, hopefully at a bigger venue to please all the fans that didn’t get the chance to see her performance.
Her next performance took her to Philadelphia on March 22, where she again gave a devastating performance. The event saw the Philly ladies turning out in their numbers, all dolled up in the hottest name brand clothes to join Spice in her ‘rampin shop’ escapade. They became Spice’s back-up singers, while several of the men tried to claw their way onto the stage to play the role of Vybz Kartel. She just couldn’t do any wrong for her fans that were all over her after the event, trying to get photos and autographs.
After a brief return to Jamaica, Spice left the island on April 1 for two stints in England on April 2 and 3. One of the performances will take place in Stratford, while the other will be at the opening of a new club by Chris Goldfinger of BBC Radio.
Spice says she is expecting a different type of crowd other than the hardcore dancehall fans to be at Chris’ event so her performance will not be as raunchy. “I will be modest, but give a spicy, entertaining performance,” she said.
With an active schedule, she jets back to New York for a show in Brooklyn, then heads for a show in St. Lucia on April 11, returning to Jamaica for Easter Bike Fest in St. Elizabeth and an event on Easter Monday, April 13 at Seaview Lawn, Whitehouse, Westmoreland.
The female artiste says that after the events she will be available to all producers who are ready to voice her.
“I am ready to jump on any rhythm that has the right ingredients to produce spicy hit tunes,” she states.

April 01, 2009


After her 2007 effort Never Look Back, Lisa is back in the studio working hard, putting her inspiration to paper while joining forces with some of the very best in the business. The soon to be titled project is expected to feature her trademark vocals and rich harmonies over semi-contemporary beats resulting in an album that her fans will really enjoy.
The young gospel singer’s appearance on the much touted POP Volume One compilation album – another P&W project – brought her ministry to the forefront of local gospel with radio anthems such as the title track Power of Praise, Stepping Out (featuring Ryan Mark) and the Latin inspired rework of the classic hymn Leaning, all bringing her closer to her growing fan base.
The Rollington Town native has been a servant of Christ for virtually her entire life, and is committed to taking her conviction to the World to effect positive change in the lives of those she comes in contact with. In fact, Lisa has been performing for as long as she can remember…even back to the days when she had to be placed on a chair so that the audience could see her tiny three year – old frame. Even at that tender age, her talent was there for everyone to see, with a commanding yet soothing voice.
It all started for her during a fateful meeting with P&W Music boss, Randy McClean, who encouraged her to get into the ministry after witnessing a stirring performance at a watchnight service.
“I would like to see lives being changed through my ministry in music. I have seen where secular music has affected people’s lives in a negative way and I would love to see my music changing people’s lives for the better. I want to see persons smiling again, being encouraged and families coming together, despite the rough and sometimes chaotic situations that we face day by day,” she professes.
Lisa’s Ministry has taken her through the length and breadth of Jamaica and has allowed to minister in the Bahamas much to the delight of her audience.
The soft spoken songstress list the likes of Donnie McClurkin, Crystal Lewis and Chevelle Franklin as her main sources of mucisal inspiration, along with McClean and her ever present parents as her main motivators.
She has so much to say and all the requisite skills to make you take notice and listen.



There are covers and there are re-mixes and singer/producer/song-writer, Demarco has done a commendable re-mix of this Mighty Diamonds classic, I Need A Roof, bringing it squarely into the present. Utilising the basic components of the original riddim, he keeps the signature phrase “I need a roof over my head”, but thereafter goes on to plays with the lyrics, giving the song a twist which hones in squarely on the theme.
“This year a steel and block and cement, I need a roof over my head,” Demarco says in acknowledgement of his goal. “Dash way car key, a house key we want, cyaan live inna you car …”
On his very own Star Kutt Records label, the single speaks to ghetto youths in a language they can understand and gets the message across that owning a house should be priority. “A real esate mi say.”





The Strong One, Etana steps away from the “roots reggae” mould in which she has been cast and digs deep into her soul to pour out this homily, Free. Prayerful, yet simultaneously possessing a hard-edged reality that evokes a wide range of emotions, Free is a song of empowerment, of freedom, of survival and struggle, yet tinged with that echoing wail of frustration. One thing I know, is that I must survive, one thing I know, is that I must rise. I know one day I must and I will free myself from everything that holds me captive.
Not surprisingly, Free is produced by 2008 EME award winning reggae producer, Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor, whose body of work reflects his stated aim to give the world music that endures. The youthful Flava has worked with the best in the reggae music business, including Beres Hammond and Marcia Griffiths, and it’s almost a given that his genius and Etana’s talent would find a common musical meeting ground
“Everyday I rise on a prayer, that’s all I got to take me through … I know one day I must and I will free myself from everything that holds me captive. Gonna be free …”