October 30, 2009


Colbie Caillat

Any publicity is good publicity, or at least so they say; I don’t think Kanye would be agreeing with that right now or the NBA Baller whose matey blasted their romping on the internet; lest not even mention our own local celebrities whose prowess and form would make the VMA’s seem as boring as our parliamentary debates.

It is debatable that dancehall is viable. In this article we are going to overlook production quality, lyrical content, music videos, artistes who collect for show and fail to show, badmanism and payola; that will be for another article. Publicity is a critical element to any artiste development. Previously, you had a few dominant publicists in the industry or avenues for publicity; now the avenues are many.

There are about ten dominant social networking websites with Facebook being the number 1, followed by My Space, and Hi 5 is now number 5, the rest are negligible. Twitter has raced around MSN, Yahoo and Gmail. So if you are talking about getting out there, that is minor nowadays (publicists still have a role, but now you have these auxiliaries).

What is rather befuddling is that you have some smart artistes who have put up good biographies on their site, even put up players so that fans can preview their songs and even post blogs; kudos to them. Then there are others who obviously seemed more concerned with Farmville and at all hours of the night letting you know ‘they are going to bed’, ‘they have a headache’, ‘they are watching this and that show’, ‘they are eating this and that candy bar’ and all sorts of utter irrelevant rubbish.

It begs one to wonder if that is why we have so much ‘lyrically wanting’ songs perpetuating the airwaves and dancehall. Seems most of these artistes spend substantive time all hours of night and day twittering and facebooking that their brainwaves go flat when it comes to being lyrically creative. We are not living like the Kardashians, we are still producing a stepchild of reggae which has sales that are like a morsel of candy instead of a nice big slice of bread pudding.

Colbie Caillat used it to her advantage by posting her music and going around and promoting her songs and now she is bubbly with constant shows. Instead what are we busy doing - blaming the government, sleeping around with other artistes man and woman, not showing up for overseas and local engagements because we have ‘gallis’ artistes busy watching the several ‘pums’ that them ‘own’, cussing out deejays for not playing their substandard songs and twitting rubbish.

Use the new media wisely, post videos of your interviews, clippings of your performances, tour dates, and upcoming projects. Spread seeds of usefulness.


Is Kartel really bore him tongue?

Is it true Baby Sham and Wayne Wonder fist fight in Bermuda?

Which female dancehall artiste has the best wine…Tiki, Natalie Storm or Baby Tash?

Mr. G, Goofy yuh really go jail fi L.A Lewis?

Is Cecile engaged to some top executive?


MIAMI – With only 4 days to go for the much anticipated Reggae Bash 2009, all eyes are focused on the Gargamel himself Mr. Mark (Buju Banton) Myrie. Buju Banton, whose Rasta Got Soul tour of the United States has been dogged by protests from gay rights groups, has just completed a show in Atlanta and his making his way down to Melbourne on Wednesday, Jacksonville on Thursday, Tampa on Friday and Miami on Saturday.
Amid all the protests Buju Banton will definitely be performing at Reggae Bash 2009 being held at the James L. Knight Center, 400 SE 2nd Avenue, Downtown Miami on Saturday October 31, 2009.
Gates open at 6:00PM show time 7:00PM log on to www.jlkc.com for more info.
SOURCE: sflcn.com

October 28, 2009


Alliance artists continue to break ground on the world stage, with Mavado and Serani once again being given the nod at a prestigious international award show. The 2009 Soul Train Music Awards has recognised both artists in the Best Reggae Artist category. They are in great company with Ziggy Marley, Sean Paul and the torch-bearer of Jamaican conscious music Taurus Riley rounding out the nominee list.

After being on hiatus the past couple of years, this year's show will be taped at the Georgia World Congress Center on Tues., Nov. 3 and then air on both BET and Centric (the channel formerly known as BET J) on Sun. Nov. 29. The lineup of performers includes Trey Songz, Ryan Leslie, Chrisette Michele, Ledisi, Brian McKnight, Melanie Fiona and many, many others. This year's show will honor the careers and musical influences of Chaka Khan, Charlie Wilson, L.A. Reid and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds.

The news comes on the eve of the release of Serani's debut album "No Games," in stores an available on iTunes and all online music stores as of October 27.


Risng to the Top chart on disc jockey Richard Banton's weekly Toronto Top Ten Reggae/Dancehall Singles Week Ending Oct 23rd.

The chart show is aired on a programme called Radio Dubplate Saturdays 10am to 1pm on CHRY 105.5FM The Beat with Richard Banton.

Tash’s management team hailed the news as further evidence of her development as a bonafide recording artiste.

“Baby Tash is developing well. She did a number overseas radio interviews on stations in New Jersey, New York, England and Jamaica over the last few weeks; disc jockeys are interested in her sound. She has been doing a lot of radio drops for various radio stations in the US, Canada, England and the Caribbean. She been getting a lot request for radio drops and dubs,” manager Ray Alexander said.

A wonderfully talented stage performer, Baby Tash is also considered an exciting prospect for local stage shows.
“The phone nuh stop ring off the hook for stage shows. This girl is going to be a sensation,” Mr. Alexander, who books for artistes such as Mr. Vegas and Cecile, said.

In the meantime, Baby Tash has been working hard on new singles such as ‘Talk the Ting Straight’ on the Excited riddim for producer College Boyz. But is another single, Haffi Come Back on the Shud out Riddim , which appears to be generating a lot of early buzz. The single which was conceptualized and mixed by famed producer Richard ‘Shams’ Browne has become a favourite of mix tape deejays who often mix the song with Vybz Kartel’s ultra-popular Love Dem. which is generating a lot of early buzz. The single produced by ZJ Sparks.

“These two songs should be hitting the airwaves by next month,” Mr. Alexander said.

In the meantime, dancehall insiders say that Baby Tash’s Facebook has emerged as one of the few end-to-end satisfying songs in 2009, a juicy song with a bouncy hook and PG 13 sexual innuendo that continues to dominate local FM radio.

There are plans to shoot a video for Tash's breakout single with its infectious sing-along hook. The single has been blowing up all over FM radio. A veteran performer who has made a lasting impact on every
major competition held in the performing arts — from Festival to Tastee Talent Contest to Digicel Rising Stars — and also Dancing Dynamites, BT has solidified a decent little underground following
with this breakout hit.


Mr. Vegas shot to the top of the BBC 1xtra Dancehall charts this week with his latest runaway hit Gallis, prying Vybz Kartel's Versatility away from the number one spot.

It is Mr. Vegas second number one single for the year on the BBC charts, following on the huge success of I Am Blessed.

“This is massive…to score my second number one for the year on the BBC reggae chart. I could not have asked for a better year, I just have to continue to give thanks to the fans who support the music,” he

Over the weekend, Vegas brought his high-energy performances to a pair of shows in Guadeloupe, the first, a teen event during the day, before rocking an adults-only show at the same venue, the Lakasa Musik nightclub in La Jaille, Guadeloupe.

“It was great. Both performances sold out. Only Beenie Man I see do something like that, selling out a venue two times in one day when he did it at the Cactus years ago. I just feel great that the show was a
success and the promoters are pleased with the result,” he said.

Vegas said he performed reggae classics by Bob Marley, Chaka Demus and Pliers during his set for the teens.

“That is my way of keeping the reggae music alive and introducing it to a new generation of of fans who might not be otherwise with the music. And they responded well to Maxine and the Bob Marley songs and dem love Heads High,” he said.

Recently, Mr. Vegas stepped up the promotion of his breakout Man a Gallis/Sassa Step singles by making appearances on the popular television programmes CVM HItlist and TVJ’s Intense and Impact shows.

BBC 1Xtra Charts

1. Mr Vegas - Gallis
(Cr203 Records)

2. Vybz Kartel ft Indu- Versatility
(Head Concussion Music)

3. Mavado - House Cleaning
(Heart A Love)

4. Chino - From Mawning
(Big Ship)

5. Vybz Kartel - Bicycle
(Cr203 Records)

October 26, 2009


The delayed album epidemic has taken Alicia Keys as its latest victim. The “Superwoman’s” new album has been pushed back two weeks.
Keys had planned to release her fourth studio album The Element of Freedom on December 1 to coincide with World AIDS Day. It is now due two weeks later on December 15 and will face off against Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, the Young Money compilation, and Mary J. Blige’s Stronger. Click here for an updated fall release schedule.
The R&B singer attributed the delay to recording more material for the project. “Luv having the freedom to create beautiful music, so I’m pushing the album back to DEC 15th,” she tweeted. “So many more amazing songs!!!”
Meanwhile, her first single “Doesn’t Mean Anything” is currently No. 61 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 146 on iTunes. A second single, “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart,” is scheduled to impact in the coming weeks.
Source: rap-up.com


Cross Dressing Jamaican actor Lascell Parnell also Known as Girlie was convicted on five counts of sexual abuse in the second degree to a minor. This verdict came from the grand jury at the Kings Criminal Court In Brooklyn New York in September. Each count is punishable up to a year in prison which means he faced up to five years behind bars but on October 16th "Girlie" was sentenced to 2 years. Due to this the fact this convicted pedophile has a "green card" he is now subject to deportation but his Attorney Donald Vernon has alluded to the fact that there is a


nature to this crime and may seek to protect his client under the "Convention Against Torture Act". This they base on the hostile situation this

"Convicted child sex abuser”

might face should he be deported. (Side Note: I find it strange that so much can be done to save "Girlie" from harm... Personally I think the only saving that needs to be done is for what shred of innocence or dignity this poor child of only 13 years of age has had stripped away.)

In a recent phone conversation from Rikers Island where he is located now this


was quoted as saying " I did not touch the boys and I am not gay. The mother of the boy set me up and lied about the entire case. I met these people at my church and look how they treated me,� he shouted. He said he was very concerned about his future and his three daughters including two in Jamaica. �Who will take care of my daughters since my wife died almost two years ago?� he asked. Originally when Lascell "Girlie" Parnell was arrested on May 29, 2008 he was charged with five counts of sexual abuse in the 2nd degree; two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count aggravated harassment in the 2nd degree.

(Reminder: His victim a 13years old boy)

Back-story: Court records revealed that in 2005 Parnell was also charged with endangering the welfare of another teenage boy. He was convicted and was put on probation.
Source: divanikkiz.com

October 24, 2009


A male cross-dresser (photographed here) who police said was caught in a compromising position in a car with another man early Friday morning, created a lot of chatter in May Pen yesterday as news of the incident spread throughout that town.
The police say they noticed the two involved in a dispute in a Toyota Mark II motorcar parked at a lonely spot near a petrol station along Manchester Avenue.
The police took both persons to the May Pen Police Station where it was discovered that the 'woman' was actually a man dressed in drag.
Police say they suspect that the cross-dresser is a prostitute and had sought to sell his wares to the unsuspecting male customer, who was riding a bicycle on Manchester Avenue when he was approached by the prostitute.
The man was reportedly beside himself with rage upon discovering that he was intimately involved with a man and a heated argument developed.
His suspicions were confirmed when the police inspected a driver's license and voter's ID belonging to the suspected prostitute and discovered that he was in fact a man who hailed from a Gregory Park, St Catherine address.
As news spread like wildfire throughout the town, a large crowd converged on the station to catch a glimpse of the drag queen who was clad in a tight-fitting blouse, jeans shorts, high heeled shoes, loop earrings and a wig.

The cross-dresser sported false eyelashes and neatly shaven eyebrows.
The police say they admonished and discharged both men.
Source: www.jamaicaobserver.com


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Down load this dancehall mix cd it’s free, feat. baby tash , kartel, mavado, vegas, elephant, beenie and more.
click on the link below to download the mix cd

October 23, 2009


Jamaica is not a place you can describe to anyone and they understand what it is like. Even if you were to get Maya Angelou, Obama or even Muta himself; they would all fail to describe what we have here. Bauxite, sugar cane, bananas have failed us and now it seems tourism is heading in that direction. Usain is quite the talk of the town and yes he has brought major attention to the island, but given his propensity for fast driving he might soon become another fatality. Entertainment though is something that is undervalued and all we seem to have had in the past is much lip service from the reigning government about what is to be done and going to be done to make the industry more vibrant and better.
As a people we have been fiercely competitive, more than crabs in a barrel. In Entertainment it is flagrantly evident; take the Gully Gaza feud. It has elevated ‘Kartel’ to an almost kingly status [ya ya ya when was the last time Beenie had a hit, not to disregard his contribution] and ‘Mavado’ to a God albeit a ‘Gully God’. While their rae rae makes for trembling excitement locally what does it really do for the music overseas? Kartel can’t even access his major market that of the USA, instead he has to send his minions; with Jah Vinci and Gaza Kim being the only true talent in the Empire camp. The Alliance and Gully Squad is not as fraught with such problems; if only the Warlord could put his spliff tail away.
To my knowledge no unda gyal, bullet inna marrow, kill a faggot, matey, *** u mumma and all the other rubbish that we call ‘HIT SONGS’ have never won a Grammy neither have they done well on The Billboard Chart, never won a VMA, much less got a nomination. As a matter of fact the cussing of Shebada has made him a more viable entertainment product earning more than many of these deejays and consistently having sell out shows.
It is time we started thinking international and put aside lame childish lyrics. Buju and Sizzla are doing their best to not lose ground in the local market by defending ‘HOMOPHOBIA’ overseas; frankly it is only because their pockets are feeling it why they are bending a bit. Have we seen them on the Billboard? This is not a GAY defence, but there are many topics to sing about. Lots of current artistes often refer to ‘WE A JAMAICAN, WE NUH INNA DAT’. As far as I know we neva inna it when Toots, Jimmy Cliff, Freddie McGregor, Millie Small, Bob Marley started yet their songs are timeless and still getting airplay worldwide and they have never been barred from travelling or had anyone pepper spraying their concerts.
A careful look at the artistes who have done well overseas would reveal several aspects to their success: quality performances, properly structured lyrics, the ability to perform across genres and the audiences that come with it, fairly decent communication skills and a proper management team. Look at Burning Spear, Cecile, Sean Paul, Lee Scratch Perry and Cherene Anderson [only a mere 25 yrs yet she has performed to over 1 million persons] they have never been able to really grab the

local market, but overseas success cometh in abundance. As a matter of fact the number one song on the Billboard Reggae chart is not even a Jamaican it’s Jew, Matisyahu. Cherene Anderson’s song is now at #18 on the Hot 100. Cecile has signed a major deal with E, MTV & Tempo. Shaggy, Ziggy [he even performed at the White House]. At least Mavado seems to be making a change focusing on the international market, Jamaica is NOT the world. We don’t even buy music here. The world does! We need to step up our game.


1. Who and Baby Tash Deh now?
2. Where is D’Angel, She get “Weaker” ?
3. Why Elephant Man and Bounty Killa neva guh face Flippa Mafia and Vybz Kartel at Barefoot down in Mobay?
4. A true sey Baby Sham a beg fi guh pon riddim now?



The Barefoot Beach Party held last Sunday in Montego Bay was surely one of the biggest events over the recent Heroes Weekend. Headlined by controversial US rapper and Grammy nominee, Soulja Boy, the event had a star-heavy local line-up that branded it with all the elements of a ‘big show’ – Lady Saw, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Flippa Mafia, Vybz Kartel and Mavado.
For many fans one of the anticipated highlights was a face-off between the Flossing King, Flippa Mafia and the energy god, Elephant Man. But, alas, Elephant Man pulled off a stunt which was as big as the animal he represents. Ele was a no-show. Ele did not turn up for the show ... and according to the promoter, the deejay was paid in full. No explanation was given for his absence, leaving patrons to wonder if Ele afraid that Flippa would ‘nil him’?
The Flossing King, however, stuck to his game plan and represented well. Taking control of the stage right after international act, Soulja Boy, who had the massives on a high, Flippa maintained the high and at times even took it up a notch or two. It was pure fun and excitement as Flippa reeled off his songs, including the popular Foundation Over Hype,
Some bwoy a run dung di hype and no have nutten yet
A buy bag a champagne and no have nutten set
When me splash champagne tell dem no fi fret
Because mi foundation done set
He made good on his promise to entertain fans and by the end of his set, no one could complain.
As usual, making an impact in his designer wear and suavely rounding out his image with his flossing swagger and coils of cash, Flippa Mafia caused a near pandemonium when he sent thousand dollar bills flying through the air and had patrons in a mad scramble get intimate with the cash.
“I know I said that this part of my performance was over,” he said in a backstage interview, “but you have to admit that there are still some shows that you give a special touch ... not to overdo the thing, but just to remind everyone that this is the real Flossing King,” he said with a smile.

And as to Elephant Man’s absence from the show and the fact that there was no showdown. Well, it turned out to be a case of : Ele ... Ele who?

October 21, 2009


Evidently, music lovers are logging on to Baby Tash's 'Facebook' song, as the song has roared to #11 on the Blazing Bubbler's Risng to the top chart on disc jockey Richard Banton's weekly Toronto Top Ten
Reggae/Dancehall Singles Week Ending Oct 17th.

"This is a good start for Baby Tash, it shows that she is ready to break out of the mold of being a contest winner and emerge as a bonafide star. We have been getting feedback all over the world that
the song is being played in England, it is doing well in New Jersey and other areas of the USA. The buzz is definitely building on Baby Tash," manager said.

The chart show is aired on a programme called Radio Dubplate Saturdays 10am to 1pm on CHRY 105.5FM The Beat with Richard Banton.

In the meantime, there are plans to shoot a video for Tash's breakout single with its infectious singalong hook. The single has been blowing up all over FM radio. A veteran performer who has made a lasting
impact on every major competition held in the performing arts — from Festival to Tastee Talent Contest to Digicel Rising Stars — and also Dancing Dynamites, BT has solidified a decent little underground
following with this breakout hit.

Facebook is one of the few end-to-end satisfying songs to have emerged in 2009, a juicy song with a bouncy hook and PG 13 sexual innuendo that is set to dominate radio. Baby Tash recently appeared on the Hot Buzz on Hot 102, and on an entertainment programme on Hitz FM. Until the video is shot next month, you can just sing along on the radio.

The 'Feels So Good' music video from sexy reggae singer Barbee premiered on Saturday on Winford Williams' OnStage and earned the soulful singer some big props.
After the premiere, her momiger's (mother/manager, Rose) phone was ringing off the hook as people called to congratulate Barbee on a great video and for her super hot sexy looks.

Shot at the prestigious Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston, TD Films under the direction of Ras Tingle worked round the clock to capture the perfect ambiance for the 'Feels So Good' single that has been getting heavy airplay locally and abroad.
G and her crew from G&G Beauty Supply & Salon in Toronto, Canada flew into the island to outfit Barbee and the video ladies with their lace wigs, while Cathy was on par with makeup.
All the outfits featured in the video were styled by Barbee herself, who is always a perfectionist when it comes to flair and class - one of the reasons the diva loves shooting her videos in Jamaica.
"For me, there is nothing like the creativity and authenticity of the real Jamaican culture and vibes, that's why I love shooting my videos here," said Barbee.
'Feels So Good', produced by Dean Fraser and released on the Chi Ching Ching label, is one of the singer's favourites. She is drawn to and has a natural love for the soft, mellow, silkiness of old school music, and she wanted to recapture that feel with this single.
"I'm always happy to make music that soothes the soul and thrills the heart," said the singer. "A lot of people have told me they are tired of the constant negative lyrics and heavy beat pounding at them, they want something sweet and mellow, and I was all too happy to give them that."
The concept of the music video fits in perfectly with the single and so far everyone’s loving it.
Barbee jets off to the US shortly to continue her busy promotional tour that has taken her coast to coast across the US and Canada, as well as various Caribbean islands. Among her many stops were performing on several big events, including opening for Percy Sledge, singing happy birthday to Beres Hammond, and making a cameo appearance in the movie 'House Arrest' opposite The Game.
She returns to Jamaica in a few weeks to jump into the shooting of the video for 'Can I Stay With You'.


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October 20, 2009


Despite having met with a group of gay leaders and activists this week, Jamaican singer Buju Banton says his attitude toward gays has not changed:
"This is a fight, and as I said in one of my songs 'there is no end to the war between me and faggot' and it's clear. The same night after I met with them (gay associates), they pepper-sprayed the concert. So what are you trying to tell me? I owe dem nothing, they don't owe I nothing."
He said he only met with them because Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who is running for San Francisco Mayor, asked him to:
"It is not about boxing food out my mouth, if a that I would have surrendered to the system a long time ago. The mayor of San Francisco, or the mayor-to-be, claimed that I was in his district and that it was imperative for him and his organisation to meet with me to further see what kind of personality or character (I have)."
Banton said he will continue on despite cancellations, which he added aren't hurting him: "I have two-and-a-half more weeks and let me tell you this, if a show has been cancelled or postponed by this group of people, it has been picked up and replaced in another venue. Let the struggle continue. Pray for I, don't cry for I."
Banton's L.A. show, which was initially cancelled, was rebooked on the DL. A protest was reportedly held in front of the Cabana Club last night
Source: towleroad.com


It appears that Bounty Killer now has a big bull's eye planted on his back as he has fallen under the baleful eye of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Killer has no fewer than four charges before the court on a stunning variety of offences, two of which are weed-related. Last week, he was charged with possession of ganga again, and is scheduled to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on November 17.

It is clear that Bounty Killer has not grasped the idea that the police will not tolerate his continued flouting of Jamaica's laws. He appeared in court last week where he pleaded not guilty to drug charges in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court in relation to an incident on October 9 where his vehicle was searched in New Kingston and contraband found.

He also has a case involving traffic violations allegedly committed last year where he is accused by the police of breaking seven red lights, obstructing traffic and refusing to undergo a breathalyser test in an early-morning incident.

However, the most serious charge in Killer's felonious resume is that he has been charged with assaulting a police officer and illegal possession of a firearm in a September 2007 incident outside a New Kingston nightclub.

Three weeks ago, he was barred from entering Trinidad and Tobago where he was down to perform alongside nemesis Vybz Kartel at a peace-making show in Port-of-Spain.

October 19, 2009


During a recent taping of 106 & Park, Diddy and his Dirty Money group members made a surprise entrance by tossing money at the crowd. Later, he added that some of the money was fake and some of it was real. After showering audience members with cash, Diddy lost a ring that reportedly cost $20,000.

He did his best to get it back, shutting the set down to find the ring. Some audience members began Tweeting. One fan stated that Diddy was "frisking all the kids" and they compared it to a prison. Others said they weren't pleased with how he handled the situation, saying they were held "hostage." Diddy went to Twitter also, to note that "the craziest shit just happened." He added "I guess it's shitting on me season. Enjoy it while it lasts."

"He ain't getting' it back," one witness noted, according to the New York Post. "Someone pocketed that, and they probably took it to the nearest jeweler."

Marcy Polanco, a BET spokeswoman added that the ring flew off as he was throwing the money to fans. BET noted that they searched fans with a metal detecting wand and that they did not hold any audience members.

The rest of the show was taped without a glitch and it can be seen below.



Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for Rihanna. RiRi went back to work on Friday (Oct. 16) in New York City to film the highly confidential music video for the first single off her upcoming fourth album, in stores on Super Monday. For her latest look, the fashionista sported an eyepatch, high-heeled boots, and a slicked-back hairstyle.
Rihanna’s official website has posted a countdown to her new single, which will premiere on Tuesday (Oct. 20) at 11:23 a.m. EST, another reference to the album’s 11/23 release date.
Photo source: Rihanna Daily
Source: rap-up.com

October 17, 2009

Whoi, mi no stop get call from early this morning say two gal buss a big fight over Bounty Killer ah Limelight last night over Dance Xpression Thursdays, people mi girlfriend de right beside everything and see what a gwaan. Killer de de wid a good looking Yankee girl who dem say fly in from New York, but is like the other woman, one ole foot who look like 'bout 63 come inna the dance and spot the rake and decide say ah straight tripping because Killer caan diss har. Mi hear say she go over to him and say: 'am I your bitch, am I your whore? Who is this bitch?'. People start rush in now fi part off the ting because dem nuh want it mash up but same time Fyahlinks announce it loud pon the mike say : 'gal ah war over Killer' and the place get gigi. Everybody start crowd roun and look, and Killer style the old gal and tell her say: 'yu have white inna yu dress, yu shoulda have on full black like dis girl' and then him grab the young gal and cut go inna the Range. Before him lef, him gi Fyahlinks ah dutty look de whe never normal.
But the ole foot - let's call her Matilda - wasn't that, not a bloodcloth. And she grab a bottle and fling pon the gal inna the Range, and start run down the Range breathless when Killa drive off at 90 miles per hour. Mi never know say her ole foot dem coulda move so fast, mi swear say she ah move like Asafa Powell grandmother, but luckily, Killa spot the rake and step pon the gas and bruk the stoplight and escape inna the night. People, mi girlfriend laugh so till her belly bottom cramp. Killer, mi no know, the old gal ting nuh look good pon yu gal resume at all but ah yu ah the Warlord.
source: one876entertainment


Yet another week for G Whizz with “My Life” in the #1 position now claims the top spot for three consecutive weeks.
Unicorn & Macka Diamond with “Think Bout Mi” holds still at #2 spot while spending fourteen weeks on the chart.
The lyricist Vybz Kartel with “Love Dem” hold firm at #3 and still holds the Shot To Watch for the second straight week
Mavado goes “Mockingbird” has it jumps into the top five singles on the chart to make way in the #4 spot.

Queen Ifrica with Lioness “On The Rise” steps down in the #5 place after spending two weeks in the number one position.
Mr. Vegas with “Gallis” claims the Greatest Gainer as it jumps up four places in the #14 from #18.
The chart’s New Entry goes the flossing king Flippa Mafia with “Foundation Over Hype” to take entry at #20. The track is off the Big Ship Records label.

October 16, 2009


Internationally recognised singjay Mr. Vegas stepped up the promotion of his breakout Man a Gallis/Sassa Step single by making appearances on the popular television programmes CVM HItlist and TVJ’s Intense this weekend.

Vegas performed the Man ah Gallis single to close the CVM Hitlist which will air today October 16th on CVM at 5 p.m, with a repeat on Saturday, while Vegas appearance on TVJ’s Intense will air on Saturday night. The Man ah Gallis video has also been added to the Fiwi Choice top ten chart which airs on TVJ.

The video continues to do well on the Internet, generating over 308,000 views after only 10 days on the worldstarhiphop.com website. The video, which was directed by Jay ‘Game Over’ Will, has been hailed
by dancehall music insiders as “one of the best dancehall music videos ever done”, and a major breakthrough in how Jamaican dances are filmed, choreographed and interpreted for presentation in the international marketplace. Most of the popular dancers such as the Jamaican Michael Jackson, M.O.B., Mystic, TNT Squad, Shady Squad and Shy N, the Japanese dancehall king, made cameos in the video.

Mr. Vegas first premiered the video at SOBs club in New York City, NY in early October and followed up with an encore presentation in Jamaica at the legendary Stone Love Headquarters that same week. In
the meantime, the singjay’s I Am Blessed single continues to generate excellent airplay on radio stations in the US, especially on HOT 97.

The I Am Blessed singer will leave the island on Saturday October 17th to perform at the Kush Lounge in South Carolina. Next week, he will be doing a pair of shows in Guadeloupe, performing on a teen event during the day, before rocking a show at the Lakasa Musik nightclub in La Jaille, Guadeloupe.




In continuing the discussion on our seemingly Male Guinep Tree Competitions we must mention that we will not judge Singer Jah & Baby Tash (2008) and Poor and Boasty & Tiki (2009) winners as harshly as Magnum King & Queen is still in its infancy and we must give them time to prove themselves. Even though it seems that they might have observed a thing or two and taken them into deep consideration. From what I gather Poor & Boasy has formed a Street Team (this might be premature given he doesn’t even have a song getting any decent airplay. So why form a team to buss other artistes; it took Kartel a time before he formed the Empire, Bounty a time to form Alliance, and Mavado a time to form the Gully Squad). Tiki has a top producer in her corner even if right now it seems ‘scatta’, and Baby Tash has some interesting developments taking place. As a matter of fact they even have songs being given airplay.
So we have dealt with the winners and their meager attainment of success. What of those who entered and didn’t win? G Whizz was a past Tastee Talent entrant yet he is more known than many of the winners [Nadine Sutherland excluded]. The same goes for Beenie Man, Mr Vegas, Cobra, TOK, and King Yellow Man. How come those big names who did not even place made it, how come? Feels like a utility question huh.
As for Rising Stars it would appear that despite the rigors and coaching the finalists are put through, luck must be a foe, they were not paying attention or they were not really talented. The debate is on that Laden, of all the contestants in Rising Stars, is the most successful entrant. He has moved from a mere voice in a herd of talent to be known almost by everyone in Jamaica, consistently has songs in rotation on most of the radio stations that matter and has even made a number of the charts, travels extensively for shows and has visibility. Maybe he just sailed into the right port and got on the best cruise ship in town , the Big Ship.
So let’s get to brass tacks. There are critical issues which need notation here.
Clearly our entertainment industry lacks structure. Is there even a structure or we just do as we feel like? Do we really have the honchos who have the real know how to take the talent to another level or is it that we have hustlers; some in a camp who bad up selectors fi get di play, pay selectors fi nuh play other people music and play theirs? How many successful acts have we had in cross over audiences in the last 20 years? Not many. Instead we have more bullets being fired and no real talent ah shot.


Yes we can make ‘rae rae’ music which do well in Jamaica, but how far can it really take us when everyone is doing the same thing? The music will have no longevity, NOT to mention the fact that most of it is incomprehensible. Thank god for good beats even though as a last resort most ‘fruity loops and bedroom beatmakers’ will seek real musicians to lay tracks. Check it, you really end up liking what you hear by default because a song might get heavy rotation. Hardly because it’s deejayed or sang in key with good melody or even makes any sense. So how can we really expect any real breakthrough?

Who coaches talent for interviews, image and use of stage? Most of them can’t even answer a question without ‘u zeet, u zimi, u get wah mi a say, dah same suppen deh, everything bung bang’. As for image, that is a whole other article. Stage use is a whole other realm which is why Beenie is so huge amongst the lot. He knows how to work the stage and the crowd and has the knack for working from the energy of the previous performer. Most artiste wi come up wid a idea or jus drink suppen hard and bun a ting fi get vibes and do a ting. Success is not attained like that.

All in all we have to get our act together because the Japanese, French, Brits and Germans are rapidly imitating our culture and will soon no longer need our services. Except for daggeration and is only because most ah dem nuh have the anaconda, girth and riddim. They have the technology part down to a ‘t’ so most entertainers might want to ask dem self, who am ‘I’.


King of Flossing, Flippa Mafia, will on Sunday have one of the biggest performances of his career when he joins rap star and Grammy nominee Soulja Boy, along with a host of local stars on stage at the fifth staging of Barefoot Beach Party in Montego Bay.
The deejay is looking forward to the event and, as usual, is committed to entertaining his fans.
“Music Business is all about entertainment and making patrons feel like they have spent their hard-earned money well. Flippa Mafia is the Flossing King and fans can expect lots of fun and excitement,” he promised.
Interestingly, this is the first time that the artiste will be meeting new-found rival Elephant Man – with whom he has been having a feud of sorts – on stage. Elephant had been advertised for Flippa’s show in Philadelphia last month, but reports are that Ele sent back the money and did not show up. Prior to that, however, there had been two songs in which the artistes had lyrically dissed each other.
The deejays are now caught up in the exchange of barbs and have released songs back and forth dissing each other, each time with greater intensity.
Flippa, known as the King of Flossing, has long maintained that his intense war of words with Ele is just musical and nothing else. “It’s just pure fun … there is no bad vibes. It’s a lyrical thing that will remain on the stage and on record,” he insists.
Meanwhile, Flippa, 'Mr Dem Yah and Dem Yah', has been busy building his repertoire and for him, Sunday night's show will be one of great vibes, intense flossing and he promises fans a performance worthy of a king.
Other acts on the show include Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Bounty, Mavado and Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire.
Meanwhile, the organisers, Flettes Promotions, have insisted that there will be no clashing at the event. They noted that despite the rivalry which exists between some of the acts all attempts have been made to prevent the various camps from confronting each other.
It was stated that the artistes’ performances have been strategically scheduled to avoid clashes.
Music for the day and night show will be provided by Tony Matterhorn, Sky Juice, Crazy Neil, Insomniak, Classique, Classique, Black Blunt, Hype Zone and DJ Skinny.

October 14, 2009


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Vybz Kartel has refuted rumours that he is beefing with Big Ship Records and would not be recording on anymore Stephen McGregor rhythm projects.
The rumour has been circulating in the Corporate Area for a while especially since there have been no Kartel-Stephen collaborative efforts over the last few months.

Kartel said 'it wasn't personal, just business'.

"There's no problem with me and Big Ship. Di Genius ah one of the greatest producers of the new millennium, but I have my own company, now plus I have Notnice and Russian (geniuses as well) who are my musical partners in production for both my Portmore Empire artistes and myself. Me love Stephen same way," he said.


Michael Jackson’s presence is still being felt. Although he didn’t release a new studio album in the last year, the King of Pop reigns over this year’s American Music Awards nominees.
The late pop star scores five nominations at the 37th annual show, behind country music star Taylor Swift with six. Other multiple nominees include Eminem with four and Beyoncé, T.I., Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, and Kings of Leon with three apiece. Lady Gaga, Eminem, Kings of Leon, Michael Jackson, and Taylor Swift will compete in the coveted Artist of the Year category.
Jackson is no stranger to the AMAs. He has collected 22 of the crystal trophies in the past, taking home eight awards in one year alone for 1983’s breakthrough album Thriller. He also co-hosted the first annual show in 1973.
In the rap/hip-hop category, Eminem, Jay-Z, and T.I. face off for Favorite Male Artist, while Beyoncé, Keyshia Cole, and Keri Hilson vie for Favorite Female R&B Artist.
Snoop Dogg, Paula Abdul, and Adam Lambert were on hand to reveal the nominees at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Tuesday, where Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, and Lambert were announced as performers.
Kanye West, whose chart-topping 808s & Heartbreak album was released last November, was noticeably absent from all categories.
The 2009 American Music Awards will air live from Los Angeles’ NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE on Sunday, November 22, at 8 p.m. EST/PST on ABC.
Source: rap-up.com

October 11, 2009

Lil Wayne Denies Double Album Reports, Discusses Retirement

In a new interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Tim Westwood, Lil Wayne refutes Birdman’s claim that Tha Carter IV and Rebirth will be released as a double album (“It won’t be given like that because Tha Carter IV deserves Tha Carter IV. Nothing else in its way”). However, Rebirth may come as a double disc with the Young Money album.
Weezy also talks about removing one of his tattoos at his mother’s request, his reaction to MTV’s Hottest MCs in the Game list (“Gucci Mane was on the list and Eminem wasn’t?”), his baby mamas Lauren London and Nivea, what’s in his cup, Drake (“He’s a cash cow”), Omarion’s departure from Young Money, his pro-Auto-Tune stance, Jay Sean’s No. 1 single, retirement plans (“Anytime between 30 and 35, I may give it up”), and new mixtape No Ceilings.
Source: rap-up.com


By: Georgette Cline

For a week that was supposed to be celebratory, Shyne has experienced quite a few setbacks. After learning that he would not be released from prison on Tuesday as previously scheduled, the rapper is now refuting comments made by Sean “Diddy” Combs during an interview last month.
Diddy claimed on New York radio station HOT 97 that he had spoken to the former Bad Boy MC several weeks earlier, stating the two were on good terms. According to Shyne and his attorney, Oscar Michelen, Diddy’s claims are wholly false. “My client wants to make it very clear that no such conversation between Mr. Combs and he ever occurred,” Michelen revealed. “I was very surprised to hear Mr. Combs’ claims about talking with my client since I speak to Shyne all the time and he never mentioned anything about it.”
Shyne, who is presently in the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility after serving more than eight years for a 1999 Club New York shooting, told Mr. Michelen: “I want it known that this supposed conversation is a figment of Sean Combs’ imagination. He never spoke with me, he never visited me, nor would I ever accept a phone call or visit from him. The only way I would do either of those things would be if he stepped up and did the right thing for the victims of the incident.”
A civil lawsuit, which arose as a result of the shooting, is still pending in Brooklyn Supreme Court.
Source: rap-up.com

October 10, 2009

Mix cd by narcaticz feat. Vegas, baby tash, kartel, Mavado, beenieman, assassin
Mix cd by narcaticz sound feat. Vegas, baby tash, kartel, Mavado, beenieman, assassin, elepant man and more; Download this link below to retrieve the mix cd


G-Whizz is holding on strong with My Life at #1. The track is spending a covetous two weeks in that spot.
They are contemplating the top spot, as Unicorn and Macka Diamondbrings Think Bout Mi into #2 spot this week.
Vybz Kartel’s Love Dem has made its way in the #3 place and claimed the Shot To Watch title as it spends its ninth week on the chart.
The Reggae Mumma Queen Ifrica with Lioness On The Rise has fell two places on the chart to hold the #4 spot.
The Gully Gad Mavado kept Never Believe You in the #5 position for yet another week nevertheless peaked at number two; also, Mocking Bird grips the Greatest Gainer title to move three places up to take hold of the#6 spot.

The chart carries a New Entry this week from Mr. Vegas with Gallis as it makes its entry at #18. The hot single is off the CR203 Records. Make sure to watch the scorching video.


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October 09, 2009



So the other day it happened that I found myself amongst some people who were discussing why it is we still have a dominance of certain artistes on stage shows, on charts and being given airplay. Then smady blurt out “How come we have so much ‘talent competitions’ and we nah see di fruit dem? Ah some guinep tree yuh zeet”. Now that was a serious question that really had me wondering.
The 3 most prominent right now came to mind; that would be Digicel Rising Star, Magnum Kings and Queens and The Tastee Talent Trail. We will leave out Dancing Dynamites since we are focused more on vocal talents.
Let’s break it out: Tastee had been around eons now (even though they revamped the competition 3 years now to The Trail), Rising Star a few years now and Magnum Kings and Queens is only 3 years old.
All three competitions offer cash prizes , training and exposure to industry operations and some even offer recording contracts with established Records Labels. Tastee with Penthouse and Rising Stars did it with Gee Jam Recording.
When Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall was launched its mandate was to unearth and showcase authentic Jamaican dancehall talent. It even boasted of affording up and coming talents the chance to rub shoulders with industry insiders ; rubbing shoulders is one thing. Gaining mileage and never running out of road while putting the knowledge you gain to use is another.
Why the winner dem nah win inna di real world?
Since Marvin Fishley won in 2007 and Kelvin Dixon in 2008 on the Tastee Talent Trail have their careers moved an inch? What are the names of their singles? Do they even have singles? What kind of publicity has been done? What do they even look like? Being the Big Kahuna in the Major Leagues of talent competition; It would be fair to say that Tastee has done a poor job in promotions.
Turning attention to Digicel Rising Star of all the winners perhaps the most successful to date would be Chris Martin if we are to use a criteria of popularity, number of bookings: local and overseas, number of past performances, airplay of original and covered material. Income earned will be left out since most entertainers are not forthcoming with this type of information.
What of past winners Cavan, One Third, Romaine Virgo, Cameal Davis? Let’s hope the best for Brown Sugar
Romaine Virgo would have to be the 2nd most successful. He has inked a deal with VP Records and has had a number of showings on the local entertainment circuit, but how about overseas? Nada to date. Is that due to school or lack of whip appeal?

Cameal was in the spotlight for a bit and now what, has the light dimmed?
One Third seemed poised to be the next boy group of the decade. They were hot for about a year after winning and even shared the stage with international artistes such as The Manhattans, Regina Belle, Alton Ellis and Air Supply but now it seems the air has been sucked from them. Maybe the split from their Management was not such a good move or maybe their management lacked the capacity to take them further.

To Be Continued


PEOPLE has revealed the first photo of new mom Jennifer Hudson with her son David, named after her fiancé, David Otunga. He was born August 10.
“I love being nurturing and caring because I love to see other people happy,” Hudson tells the magazine. “Who better to devote my time to than my own child?”

SOURCE: rap-up.com

Photo credit: Derek Blanks / Ken Barboza Associates / Hilton Media Group

October 07, 2009


The divorce documents have been filed and now Usher is singing all about his separation from ex-wife Tameka Foster on “Papers,” the first offering from his sixth studio album, due in December.

The R&B superstar doesn’t hold back on the Sean Garrett-penned track, crooning, “For you I gave my heart and turned my back against the world/ ’Cause you were my girl, girl, girl/ I done damn near lost my mama/ I done been through so much drama/ I done turned into the man that I never thought I’d be/ I’m ready to sign them papers.”


Controversy is mounting over Baby Tash’s hot new single, Facebook, which includes lyrics which make racy references to the sexy singer logging onto someone’s ‘face’ book.

Some dancehall insiders have been asking if the reference points explicitly towards a steamy session of oral sex. Laughing, Baby Tash downplayed the now-infamous line, saying it is all done in the name of
creativity and good fun.

“Some people have been caught up in the song and overanalyzing it a bit much. But even those people who say ‘wah kinda ting dat?’ always laugh and think it is creative. They know it is fun, but they can
believe what they want to believe,” she said, winking.

The saucy new tune has been bombing FM radio into submission since it was released two weeks ago, and there is talk that a video is in the works. In the tech-savvy song delivered in her trademark aggressive voice, Tash's raw sexuality drips over each line. However, it is her sing-along hook which has the dancehall audience riled up.

She sings: Mi dun log on to your Facebook/When mi turn it on, yu ah go stay hooked/cause Baby Tash love when yu give it to me proper, /ride pon the hi5 because mi anno chatter.

“The song was co-written by Patrick Anderson, Unicorn and me. The response has been crazy so far, everyone is so into technology with the Internet, Facebook, and social networking sites like myspace and
so on, so everybody thinks it’s fun. Every minute, the song is on the radio and I am getting crazy requests to email the song to people,” she said.

Baby Tash is a veteran performer who has made a lasting impact on every major competition held in the performing arts — from Festival to Tastee Talent Contest to Digicel Rising Stars — and also Dancing

“It’s really up to me and the public to determine where I will be a few years ago. Winning the contest was a great experience, but it is really up to me to prove myself as a recording artiste and a star. It
is not an automatic buss, you need the right team, you have to be in the right network, and you have to consistent with the hits,” she said.

She has performed on such shows as Manchester Fiesta, GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza, Stone Love Anniversary, Mavado’s Album Launch and Birthday Bash and Fully Loaded. Baby Tash is emphatic that she will not be ‘boxed’ into any one genre and is eager and ready to share her positive messages across musical lines.

“Dancehall is all about being creative; we have to mix up the thing and ensure that the crossover appeal is there,” she says soberly.

“I represent versatility, I am out to create a niche for myself, and I want to appeal to all types of people, and I plan to be relevant, controversial, show my sense of humour and to ultimately have fun,”
she said.

Baby Tash still lives in King Street in Spanish Town, an area known as ‘Dallas’, which coincidentally is also the name of a 1980s soap opera based around oil-rich families starring the devious character J.R
Ewing played by actor Larry Hagman.

“Yea, man, I love it around here, everyone shows me love, and they love how I have elevated the community, yu know say ah pure star come from Dallas,” she said, smiling. “Ah Dallas the ting de.”

Log on at her 'cute myspace' at www.myspace.com/babytashmusic

Mavado shoots video with Wyclef

Gully Gad Mavado was in New York over the weekend shooting the video for "Hold On (Crossroads)" - the first single from multi-platinum artist Wyclef Jean's new album, that features the Dancehall megastar.

Shot on location in Brooklyn's Navy Yard the video was shot through the night, climaxing with a scene overlooking the East River towards Manhattan as the sun came up.

The song is a lament for all the fallen soldiers and is widely tipped to become an instant classic. With the song and video about to impact mainstream airwaves in the coming weeks, it looks like Mavado's rise to international super stardom is set to continue at a rapid pace.

"They say real recognises real," said Mavado. "Clef is one of the realest people in a business that is very corrupt and its always a pleasure to collaborate with him. He's a great friend and incredibly talented and I think this song is something special. We're all expecting it to do big things."

Wyclef's album is set for release in February 2010.

Exclusive footage form the video shoot can be scene on out You Tube channel
by clicking the link below.

October 05, 2009



Internationally known singjay Mr. Vegas’ latest video Man a Gallis/Sassa Step is generating a lot of excitement on the Internet, generating over 150,000 views on the hip hop website, worldstarhiphop.com.

The website, which calls itself the 'CNN of Urban Video', generates millions of hits per day, and features videos dedicated toward hip hop, rap music, mixtapes, and beefs between rap acts. Mr. Vegas' latest video is his most successful outing so far on that site, surpassing his previous efforts such as I Am Blessed with 32,000 plus views, Daggering with 16,000 plus, and Mus Come a Road with 34,000 views.

The video, which was directed by Jay ‘Game Over’ Will, has been hailed by dancehall music insiders as “one of the best dancehall music videos ever done”, and a major breakthrough in how Jamaican dances are filmed, choreographed and interpreted for presentation in the international marketplace. Most of the popular dancers such as the Jamaican Michael Jackson, M.O.B., Mystic, TNT Squad, Shady Squad and Shy N, the Japanese dancehall king, made cameos in the video.

Mr. Vegas first premiered the video at SOBs club in New York City, NY last week Monday and followed that up with another premiere in Jamaica at the legendary Stone Love Headquarters. .

What is significant about Mr. Vegas’ achievement is that the video, which was shot on a budget of less than US$20,000, has been paying back great dividends, eclipsing – in only four days - the big-budget efforts of Sean Paul’s So Fine video which has racked up 61,000 views so far since its release in June, and Serani’s No Games with 92,000 views recorded since March.

“We’re going all out with this video, it is getting an incredible number of spins on youtube as well and last week when it came out, it was the 73rd most played video on youtube among all musicians and artistes. Things are going well,” Mr. Vegas said.

Mr. Vegas has always had an incredible appeal with the Hispanic demographic, and has appeared on several Reggaeton mixtapes in that community, especially after his Pull Up song inspired Pitbull to score a major US chart hit with Culo which has a similar melody. Mr. Vegas has consistently scored hits in the US marketplace ever since jumping into the spotlight with Nike Air. Songs such as Heads High", had a successful chart run in the UK and a #69 peak on the Billboard R & B chart, and he scored another hit on the R & B charts in the year 2000 with "Hot Gal Today" featuring Sean Paul.


If there were an award for taking flossing to an entirely new level, then King of Flossing, Flippa Mafia, would win hands down.
Full of style, with lyrics to match, an easy smile and a passion for pleasing his fans, Flippa says he has paid his dues and is now reaping the rewards. Like him or hate him, the fact is that, starting at the end of last year (remember Stone Love anniversary and Sting?), Flippa injected new and exciting vibes in the dancehall with his flossing antics and lyrics.
In December 2008, he swaggered onto the stage at Stone Love anniversary at Mas Camp, threw coils of $1000 and $500 bills into the crowd and, incredibly, a dancehall star was born. Some persons perhaps wouldn’t even be able to remember the songs Flippa did, but by the following day, the street was buzzing with his name. And closely following on that was the need to know the tune, Dem Yah and Dem Yah. He repeated his act on Sting on Boxing Day — this time adding US dollars and pounds to the loot — and again his ratings shot up.
While some have been charmed with the flossing lifestyle portrayed by the Mafia, who sings that he has “money more than how the bees have honey”, others contend that throwing out money to the crowd was a cheap gimmick, a waste and speculated whether or not Flippa even owned anything of value.
Flippa quickly hit back with Unfinished House, a song whch puts things in perpective: Mi vehicle cyaan bigger than mi house/And mi rims cyaan dearer than mi couch, some bwoy a hype over unfinished house/And mi madda nuh waan lef Waterhouse
“I don’t have a house … I own houses,” the jovial Flippa declares seriously. “I believe in the saying that you have one life so live it to the fullest. But even though you may see me flossing, remember that the important matters like school fees for kids and the mortgage are paid and all bills get placed on the front burner,” he emphasised.
Flippa has been steadily building his repertoire and enjoying enviable success in the streets, on the charts and on various stages. As is the nature of the business, he has even been in a lyrical battle or two — first a skirmish with Alliance general, Bounty Killer (over the song Unfinished House, as word on the streets is that Killer’s mansion in the hills is unfinished after quite some time) and then with Elephant Man.
“But it’s all musical on my part,” Flippa emphasises, explaining that with the Bounty argument, “everything is squashed … settled … finished.”
The battle with Elephant, however, rages on as songs by the two combatants have dominated the airwaves and still have the dancehall chatting.
Flippa doesn’t mind all the chatter. “Believe me, it only makes me stronger,” he says. “I am not about being a ghetto superstar, I am putting my thing on an international level,” Flippa adds.
He says that was the reason why he took the decision to stop throwing out money at shows and instead set up a foundation to help needy children.
“I love having fun and seeing people enjoy themselves. Giving away money at shows was just my way of adding to the entertainment value in a real way and making my performance a bit different. People use all kinds of things — some have a bag of dancers and hype men to help keep the thing on a level, others use different kinds of props … Flippa Mafia was known for popping champagne and throwing out money,” he said.
But it’s now on to the next level, and the artiste says he is more focused on his music and helping in a tangible way. “My foundation will be targetting kids because they are the future,” Flippa stated.
But whether or not he has totally retired from his money-throwing gimmick is left to be seen. However, the artiste is all smiles as he strides confidently towards his goal. Unfinished House has already captured number one on the chart this year and follow-up singles are doing extremely well. He has been on all the major shows for the summer, Sumfest, he was seen flossing at ATI/RTI Dream Weekend, A St Mary Mi Come From, Irie Jamboree in New York and his own Philly Fest. He says he has an album in the making and it should be ready by yearend.
To his fans, he says, “Don’t let negativity keep you down. I grew up surrounded by negativity but that didn’t prevent me from going after my goal. Just keep focused.”

October 03, 2009


Bounty Killer a.k.a The Warlord was denied entry into twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago yesterday, while his arch-rival Vybz Kartel encountered no such problems.

Kartel will headline this evening’s ‘Cease Fire' in Trinidad while Bounty Killer will return home to Jamaica today. It was not immediately clear why Killer was denied entry. But Killer, whose real name Rodney Price, will return to the Corporate Area Gun court on November 11 when the assault case against him will continue.

The matter was mentioned last month in the Corporate Area Gun Court but was put off because the deejay's lawyer was overseas.

The deejay, who is charged with illegal possession of firearm, assault at common law and unlawful wounding, is accused of using a firearm to hit a policeman during an altercation in New Kingston in September 2007.

October 02, 2009


Madonna has never been one to hold her tongue. The Material Girl has some advice for Kanye West after his rant during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at last month’s VMAs.
“He’s a bit impulsive,” the music industry vet told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show on Thursday. The rapper and pop queen previously collaborated on “Beat Goes On” from Madonna’s Hard Candy album.
When asked what she would have done in that situation, Madge said, “I would have given him a good talking to. He needs to put a lid on it.”
While she may not agree with ’Ye’s actions, that doesn’t take away from his artistic abilities. “I do think he’s very talented.”
Madonna believes the outspoken West should not take award shows so seriously. “He gets confused and by the way, it’s only an awards show,” she added. “We’re not passing a bill that deprives someone of their rights. He doesn’t need to protest.”
SOURCE: www.rap-up.com


Some people a wonda how mi duh it cuz dem buck mi up a Manhattan a sport and all these tings. Well baby tell yuh dis mi a di mumma fi di suss world. Suss follow me mi nuh run down suss. Suh nuh matta which country or planet mi deh it muss reach mi cuz a got eyes all ova and some inna some really high places. Suh di big bad DJ wey a chat up yuh mouth wen a write bout yuh jus kno sey a yuh...a naah sey it. Link mi pon 1-876-288-9032 (text only please di ansa button nuh work pon it) or email Sharlenesuss@gmail.com.

People ah say Baby Tash have the performance ting locked but dem a wonder when she ah go move from Spain. The other day, one of her male friend dem a drop her home and ah crazy man corral the van, but when dem see say ah she, everything good. Ah she ah the mumma fi roun deh so, but no worry, the Facebook tune ah shot and the show dem start come in, so the future look bright, buy a pair of Gucci shades nuh, mi naah lie mi nuh like dat deh one wey yuh a par wit.

Trust mi, mi a look and a get alot of info on to wat really happen between di ‘Don’ and di lovely songbird split. Bwoy all mi kno sey every relationship ‘ave problem and most a dem always work back out cuz certain ting can resolve. But fi si di songstress come out and sey we not together no more wen at first some denial was in it. It kinda show sey it deepa from wat wi tink, and lef fi wonda if di Don was tryin to play. Well mi a duh fi mi personal top 10 couple tru thick and thin fi dis month end and mi hope unu resolve it and mek it cuz mi deh nine suh far and a search fi di tenth couple.

Everybody ah blow up mi phone and ah ask mi how Vegas ah cut cake wid Mystic and all these things? Come on, people, how yuh so mix up? A boy and a girl caan be friends, again? And everybody know say Mystic ah get up to all these things. The video sell off though, several popular dancers, including the Jamaican Michael Jackson, M.O.B., Mystic, TNT Squad, Shady Squad among others, and the Japanese yute, ShyN a gwaan good inna the Sassa Step version. Vegas,yuh career look sunny, is like every weekend yuh fly out, while some artiste, nuh kno wey airport deh, not even a visa or a plane ticket dem nuh ave fi certain caribbean island.

How dem gwaan like dem hype so and nutten nah gwaan fi dem? Oonu can stop bite off mi suss dem now and ah run off oonu mouth say oonu ah the best because nothing nah gwaan fi yuh. Sharlene ah the queen of the suss, every Tuesday and Friday, mi ah talk the tings dem, and from wah day yah, the coffee dry up and the juice water down till not even nothing nah share out again. Whoi, mi body! Abena, what is going on? Yuh bank book deh pon E? What is going on over there?


* Who dig up the skeleton and tief it inna Hayes the other day? Ah pure voodoo business gwaan a Clarendon, jah know.

* Busy yuh need to get busy quick and sort out yuh ting, yuh fren dem ave yuh name a road and it nuh look proppa.

* Where did Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall have their honeymoon? Word is that it was a villa in an ultra-exclusive luxury resort on an island in the Eastern Caribbean. Mi caan talk too much tings bout it yet. But a ere sey di Mitchell dem did really get some honey from di moon.

* How dem a gwaan like say hime nah mad over Jody? Him still ah blow up her phone all hours ah the night so oonu caan gwaan run up oonu mouth pon the Net. Lady JOP fi life, memba!

* Who dem two girl de from Marcus Garvey High who grab up dem one another hair and ah tear off school uniform inna the middle of Ocho Rios square? It nuh look good atall atall.

* Which Jamaican man get dip from small island fi tief a stereo? How oonu can disgrace Jamaica name so?

* Why the gays dem a pressure yah so hard? Dem a mek life hard fi we ah Jamaica. Bwoy, the gays dem no forget nothing, look how dem a persecute Buju and now dem a pressure the little island. Father, Saviour, pilot me!

* How D’Angel ah wine and ah enjoy herself so a Wet Sundays? The Warlord nuh stop eyes her even though him come in wid Claudia. What is going on?