May 24, 2016

Spice shocked by Israel’s love for dancehall

Spice performed in Israel for the first time and stated that dancehall is very much alive in the Middle Eastern country.
Spice said Israel, known as the Holy Land by many, is very much into dancehall culture.
Seemingly surprised, Spice told THE WEEKEND STAR that, based on her knowledge of the Bible teachings about Israel, she decided to wear clothing which covered her body. However her Israeli fans came out dressed for dancehall.
"I was a bit uncertain as to what type of songs to sing and how to deliver them, whether clean of raw. I was scared because I didn't know how they would react to lewd lyrics.
"I must say, it was an eye opener and I got a brain freeze. The people over there are not what I expected, they know the songs word for word. They sang them with me, raw version too. I went there all covered, up thinking that this was Israel, the holy place, but the women were out there in short shorts, you name it, and acted like a regular New York City crowd or Jamaican crowd," she said.
Based on her experience, the deejay believes globalisation is now in full effect more than ever. She also believes dancehall deserves more props, locally, since the genre is so well received overseas.
"The Internet world changes everything. They are doing the Jamaican dance moves and they know everything. They know what is going on, and it was an awesome experience and I felt like I was performing for any regular crowd.
I think dancehall culture is doing well and people who think dancehall is not doing well are not watching the genre properly.
"For me, going to Israel is a plus because people don't think that dancehall is big in those parts of the world," she said.
Spice, who sits atop the food chain as a female dancehall act, also performed at four sold-out events in the UK. The deejay also took her Team Spice dancers along for the ride.