January 31, 2009


January 30 – February 5, 2009


01 01 10 Terry Linen – A Better Man – Uplifting Music - 2wks@1

02 03 08 Vybz Kartel – Get Wild – Adidjaheim/NotNice Records -Shot to Watch

03 05 09 Bar-Bee – Love You Anyway – It’s Not A Game

04 04 11 D’Angel - Stronger – Son Of Spoon

05 02 14 Elephant Man - Sweep – Scatta Productions - 4wks@1

06 09 07 Prodigal Son – Head Cyaan Hot So – Main Street - Greatest Gainer up3

07 07 15 Ms. Triniti ft. Beenie Man – Burnin Burnin – Unseen Lab - Peak@#3

08 08 12 Prince Pankhi –My Jamaican Girl – Otis Riddim Records

09 11 03 Vybz Kartel & Spice – Ramping Shop – Adidjaheim/NotNice

10 06 18 Buju Banton -Sleepless Nights – Don Corleon - Peak@#2

11 12 09 Charley Blacks – Bubble – Fresh Ear

12 10 19 Queen Ifrica - Keep It To Yourself – Don Corleon - 2wks@1

13 15 06 Lady Saw – Your Boyfriend – Birchill

14 16 05 Beres Hammond – I Feel Good – Penthouse

15 17 02 Shaggy – Bad Man Don’t Cry – Big Yard

16 13 12 Busy Signal –Tic Toc – S.S.M.G - Peak@#7

17 19 02 Da’ville – Missing You Right Now - Fashozy

18 14 22 Mavado - Am So Special –TJ Records - 5wks@1

19 NW 01 Elephant man feat. Ding Dong – Dip Again – Big Ship

20 18 19 Tarrus Riley - Far Away – Don Corleon - PP@#2

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WC – Weeks On Chart, PP- Peak Position & WKS@#1 – Weeks @#1

Compilation was done based on information received from the following Sound Systems, Record Shops and Club: Derrick Harriot – Record Shop – St. Andrew, TNG Muzik-Sound System-Kingston, Love Stone–Sound System- Portland, Lazeme- Sound System- Westmoreland, Unique Super Mix–Sound System- St. Catherine, Copper Shot- Sound System- St. Andrew

January 29, 2009

Shaggy — a Ragamuffin Down Under

Diamond-selling artiste, Shaggy, who has reportedly sold over 20 million records, has been thoroughly enjoying his seven-city, two-country tour of Australia and New Zealand, two of the places he has been touring since January 24, spreading the message of reggae/dancehall music to hardcore fans and new converts.
Easily shaking off the effects of a grueling 19-hour flight to Down Under (Australia), Shaggy was ready to take on his duties as entertainer. And with a official kick-off date of January 24, Shaggy’s Ragamuffin Tour started on an energetic, musical high. The fans definitely knew who was in town and the reason for them being at the show. They also knew about Shaggy’s efforts on behalf of the Bustamante Hospital for Children, and they praised him for it. What they all perhaps didn’t know of was the children’s book, Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band, but that won’t be a secret much longer.
Pulling from his extensive repertoire, Mr Boombastic gave his fans a show of a lifetime, performing to sold-out audiences. He showed love to fans in Perth, Belina, Brisbane, New Castle, Melbourne and Sydney — all in Australia — and they showed him back, while singing their favourite Shaggy songs … which seemed to be all of them.
While in New Zealand, the original Mr Lover Lover performed in Rotorua, again to mass acceptance from the reggae-loving people.
The Ragamuffin Tour ends on February 7, after which Shaggy and his entourage leave for Dubai.
Other bands on the tour are Inner Circle, Eddy Grant, Arrested Development, and Ziggy Marley.
Meanwhile, in Jamaica, Shaggy’s hit single, Bad Man Don’t Cry, which was released in December last year is making its stride up the local charts. After two weeks, it sits at #15 on Hype TV Top 20 singles chart and debuted at number 17 on Richie B Top 20 reggae singles chart.
Source www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

Who do you think is the best dancer in the game today?

By insider
Several awards will be handed out in the next few weeks for excellence in the world of entertainment. Late last year, Sample Six grabbed the dancer of the year title, but in recent weeks, Ding Dong appears to be gaining the upper hand because of his appearance in Elephant's Sweep video as well as his two hit songs, Man a Gallis and Dip Again with Elephant Man. Chi Ching Ching has become a personality in his own right but interestingly, not many people think he is a competent dancer, while new names such as
Global Bob keep popping up in the discussions as of late.
Global Bob is nominated in the dancer category in the HYPE TV awards but he is presently losing out to a woman, Mystic.

"The race between them is getting tight, it has been a hard battle, with Global Bob leading sometimes and Mystic leading sometimes, right now she has gone to the forefront but it is still anyone's race,". You can vote by going to www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com and choosing your favourite dancer.

However, interestingly, in the Youth View Awards, it is Keiva who is holding the reins as the favourite in the best female dancer category. You can vote for her by texting m Keiva to 444-2470 before voting closes on January 30. However, many dancehall insiders believe that Mad Michelle is the best dancer by virtue of her ability to do all dances, even the male ones with equal skill.

"Mad Michelle sick, she have the gully creeper, the sweep, down pat. Keiva stop go out so she shoulden even get nominate, and Stacie still ah do her ting but mi no know Mystic and who the hell is Global Bob? To me the best male dancer inna Jamaica right now is Sample Six, Ding Dong ah do him ting, especially with the deejaying but right now, the streets ah say Sample Six and the big BMW him a push," one source told us. Source www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

Bar-Bee to release new single

Love You Any still dominating

Singer Bar-Bee is at it again, this time she has decided to do a cover of the Karyn White’s classic, Can I Stay With You and from all indications she has really done justice to it.
With the riddim built by Dean Fraser the R&B single mixed to the sweet reggae beat will definitely prove easy on the ears for Bar-Bee’s fans.
The video for the single is expected to be shot in March and is expected to be ready to match the official release of the single.
Incidentally Bar-Bee’s red hot single Love You Anyway is still maintaining a dominant presence on the charts. On the Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart and New York Chart it’s sitting pretty in the #3 position, while the video for the song is in that same slot on CVM’s Hitlist video chart.
In the meantime Bar-bee will be focusing on stepping up her game for the New Year as she is determined to make this the year she take her career to another level.
Source www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

Tanya Stephens breathes new life in Ocho Rios

Water is life and maybe that’s what sinjay Tanya Stephens hopes to breathe into Ocho Rios through her newly opened restaurant H2O located in the Coconut Grove shopping complex.
Opened at the start of the New Year he restaurant is already receiving some good clientele, but as Tanya will tell you that’s not a coincidence. A lot of planning and care went into the menu, choosing the chef for the establishment and the entertainment package.
According to Tanya the restaurant will be receiving the same kind of treatment she gives her albums, “Real good food and no wasted stuff!”
A fast growing feature of the restaurant is weekly Saturday Night Flow a jam session with a live band and a special guest artiste in the house.
Since its opening singers such as Jeffrey Star, Sophia Squire and Ocho Rios based musicians and artistes have passed through.
Running the restaurant wasn’t’ exactly on Tanya’s mind, but she the singer had a philosophical explanation for it, “Most of the time we complain about the things we can’t find not realising that we have the capacity to create what we are looking for.”
Rising talents will get a chance not only enjoy well prepared meals, but to also show what they can do. “All they have to do is leave a CD and a contact number...and they could be the one entertaining the guests,” Stephens said.
This Saturday Digicel Rising Star finalist Inga Stewart will be H2O’s special guest.
Source www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com

January 26, 2009


The dependents and survivors of the accident on the Rio Grande Valley road which claimed 14 lives in December will receive additional support through an initiative of the Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards.

Come awards night, February 5, attendees to the event, at the Gardens of the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston are being asked to take a donation to be added to the special account established on behalf of the victims’ families. A donation will also be made directly from the EMEs.

Chairman and Founder of the EMEs, Richard "Richie B" Burgess stated that he felt compelled to support the cause, not only as a concerned Jamaican and a public figure, but as a native of the parish of Portland. "We in the EME family feel very strongly about giving back, and this cause in particular really merits the effort, as no doubt the families are facing some very difficult circumstances in addition to the burden of grief at their loss."

Minister of State, Project Implementation and Service Delivery and Member of Parliament, Daryl Vaz, commended Burgess and the EME team for using his platform in the media and entertainment fileds to achieve a greater good. The Minister will also be a special guest at the awards show.
“It is very generous of you to use the Awards function to raise funds for the dependents of the victims of the Rio Grande Valley tragedy. This is the kind of initiative that we encourage and we hope that others, inspired by your action, will respond in a similar manner."
Persons wishing to addd their support can send donations to :
A Helping Hand for the Children of Portland's Rio Grande Valley
National Commercial Bank Account No.: 351 077 328
The EME Awards grew out of an in-studio presentation on Richie B's popular Hot Mix afternoon radio show to become a staple on the entertainment calendar. The top names in Jamaican entertainment will vie for and present awards.
SOURCE: dancehallreggaeweseh.com

Spice taking rampin’ to safer level

DJ Spice is not an easy dancehall ingredient to ignore for 2009. The raunchy female deejay is also adding some protective flavour to her ramping pleasure.
She will now be the new face of collab colleague Vybz Kartel’s Daggerin’ condom. The music video for Kartel/Spice’s ‘Ramping’ Shop’ which premiered on CVM’s Hitlist Chart at # 1 last week, the single is now #14 on the Jamaica Weekly Music Dancehall Chart and #11 on Hype TV Top 20 Single Chart.
Commercials for the condoms, which are based on the ‘Ramping' Shop’ video, have already begun airing on RE TV and Hype TV.
Spice, who is an avid believer in safe sex, said that she is glad to be a part of spreading the positive lifestyle message. For his part, Vybz Kartel said the choice to use Spice came about as a result of the success of ‘Ramping’ Shop’ and the fact that she is an influential and demonstrative artiste who has a huge fan base.
Kartel also said that Spice has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the dancehall and would help to enhance his Empire product. Both Kartel and Spice said that it was their duty to spread the safe sex message to every nook and cranny of Jamaica.
One of the various colours, studded condoms will be called ‘Ramp Ruff’ and the other ‘Timeless Dagger’. Daggerin’ condoms have been a hot commodity in the dancehall since their inception, but haven't always been the easiest product to find on the market.
SOURCE: dancehallreggaeweseh.com

Prodigal Son recognised for work done in 2008

In reflection, the year 2008 was one of many challenges, and it was also the year when reggae/gospel artiste Prodigal Son was tried and tested and his mettle strengthened in the fire.
During it all, the gospel deejay never lost faith and kept in the race, determined to make the year a memorable one musically. And, if his nominations by various awarding bodies are anything to go by, then it can be said that Prodigal Son definitely enjoyed a good season last year.
Here in Jamaica, the artiste has been nominated in the Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards (EMEs), the Youth View Awards and Re TV Awards. And in the Bahamas, Prodigal Son has eight nominations in that islands Marlin Awards.
This is a great ego booster for any act, but for Prodigal, it’s not about the hype, he is simply giving thanks to the Almighty that his work is being recognized and he is making a difference is the lives of so many persons through his music ministry.
“I am just happy to see that all the hard work that I put in last year is being recognized,” the artiste said.
He is comfortable with all these nominations, and while he would like to emerge winner in at least some of the categories, he says that winning is not really his focus at this time. “There is a lot more work to be done and I have a mission to accomplish,” he said soberly.
Prodigal, however, is especially happy at the attention his edgy, thought-provoking song, Head Cyaan Hot So has been getting from mainstream.
“The response has been excellent,” he said with a grin. “It’s almost too good to be true. I am not one of those artistes who can complain that secular people don’t accept gospel. The song has been receiving crazy play all over radio and in the dancehall and I am grateful. This song is real message and it cuts across all barriers,” he explained.
The song is climbing the charts on RE TV’s Hit List and also on Hype.
To kick start his touring season, Prodigal leaves for Belize in February and in March he sets off on a pilgrimage to Sierra Leone, Africa, where he has been invited by an overseas music ministry to give his musical testimony. “It will be my first time in Africa and while it will be a joy, there is also some amount of cautious anticipation, as you don’t really know what to expect,” he confessed.
But, as he says, “God’s will be done.”
SOURCE: dancehallreggaeweseh.com

Lady G earns her stripes at Rebel Salute

Following on the heels of an exciting Sting performance, deejay Lady G made a lasting impression on the crowd at the 16th renewal of the cultural showcase, Rebel Salute held recently in St Elizabeth.
Clearly in a no-nonsense mood, Lady G entered centre stage and took control. She quickly dispensed with formalities like bigging up show promoter/artiste Tony Rebel on his birthday, even telling him that her mother, who is a fan of his, had also sent special greetings to him on his earthstrong. She also had a speech for Barack Obama, the then US President-elect in whose honour Rebel Salute chose its theme for 2009. “What a man look fine,” Lady G said, to thunderous applause from her fans.
Bounding with energy and determined to get her year off to a great start — just like the ‘G’ in her name — she reached for her anti-lesbian lyrics in which she issued a stern warning to those elements trying to turn the order of things upside down.
And, hard on the heels of that warning, she did her tune which gives ultimate respect to “di man dem”. Lady G did a set that was fun, but was still filled with hardcore reality lyrics that reflected on the serious issues of the day.
She definitely kept her fans entertained during her 20 minutes on stage and showed why she is rated as one of the top female acts going into 2009.
SOURCE: dancehallreggaeweseh.com

January 25, 2009

Bar-Bee makes her way in the top five on the Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart

Friday January 23rd, 2009


01 02 09 Terry Linen – A Better Man – Uplifting Music -1wk@1

02 01 13 Elephant Man- Sweep – Scatta Productions -4wks@1

03 06 07 Vybz Kartel – Get Wild – Adidjaheim/NotNice Records -Shot to Watch

04 05 10 D'Angel - Stronger – Son Of Spoon

05 07 08 Bar-Bee – Love You Anyway – It's Not A Game

06 03 17 Buju Banton -Sleepless Nights – Don Corleon - Peak@#2

07 04 14 Ms. Triniti ft. Beenie Man – Burnin Burnin – Unseen Lab - Peak@#3

08 09 11 Prince Pankhi –My Jamaican Girl – Otis Riddim Records

09 12 06 Prodigal Son – Head Cyaan Hot Suh – Main Street Records

10 08 18 Queen Ifrica - Keep It To Yourself – Don Corleon -2wks@1

11 15 02 Vybz Kartel & Spice – Ramping Shop – NotNice - Greatest Gainer up4

12 13 09 Charley Blacks – Bubble – Fresh Ear

13 11 11 Busy Signal –Tic Toc – S.S.M.G - Peak@#7

14 10 21 Mavado - Am So Special –TJ Records - 5wks@1

15 15 05 Lady Saw – Your Boyfriend – Birchill

16 17 04 Beres Hammond – I Feel Good – Penthouse

17 NW 01 Shaggy – Bad Man Don’t Cry – Big Yard

18 14 18 Tarrus Riley - Far Away – Don Corleon - Peak@#2

19 NW 01 Da’Ville – Missing You Right Now – Fashozy

20 20 07 Tony Rebel – Another Bill – Penthouse - Peak@#1

TW LW WC Artiste - Title – Label - Peak Position –Wks @1

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WC – Weeks On Chart
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January 23, 2009

Five categories added to Hype TV Awards

Popular cable channel, Hype TV, has added five new categories to their highly-anticipated music and video awards for 2008.
The new categories include Dancehall Video of the Year, Reggae Video of the Year, Director of the Year, Music Video Editor of the Year and Dancer of the Year.
Among the nominees in these categories are Global Bob, Mystic, Ravers Clavers, Ras Tingle, Jay Will, Kimala Bennet, Troy Ton and Mykal Cushine.
And, in response to demands from fans, Hype will be introducing phone voting as of February 1, 2009. This, they explained, will give more persons the opportunity to cast their votes for their favourite artistes.
However, the closing date for all voting remains the same. Voting ends February 14.
Media sponsors of the Hype Awards are Chat!, one876entertainment and dancehallreggaeweseh.com.

Dancehall Video of the Year
*Tic Toc — Busy Signal
*Everybody Dance — RDX
*Back It Up — Left Side feat Sean Paul
*Mix UP — Baby Tash
*To The World — Sultex

Reggae Video of the Year
*Different Page — I Octane
*This is how I feel — Terro 3000
*Journey — Jah Cure
*Bad Man Don’t Cry — Shaggy
*Mission — Damion Marley ft. Steven Marley
*Just like in the Movies — Natural Blacks

Director of the Year
*Ras Tingle
*Jay Will
*Kimala Bennet
*Scorpio 21
*Ras Kassa

Music Video Editor of the Year
*I am the Kritik
*Joel Burke aka JB
*Gareth Cobran aka ID Studios
*Troy Ton
*Mykal Cushnie

Dancer of the Year
*Dance Xpression
*Global Bob
*Ravers Clavers
*First Class Ladies

I-Octane looking forward to copping major awards this season

Following an exciting performance in Washington over the weekend cultural singer I-Octane is back home and now preparing to unleash new materials for the dancehall massive. The singer has more than one reason to smile as he is in the mix of all the upcoming local awards. For the RE TV MVP Video Music Award he has been nominated for Best Male Video with Different Page, for Hype TV Music & Video Awards Different Page is in contention for Reggae Video of the Year.

The singer cops a whopping five nominations in Richie B’s Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME)
Awards. Most Improved Artiste, Singjay of the Year, Song of the Year, Culture/Positive Artiste of the Year and Breakthrough Artiste of the Year are the awards that the singer who hails from Clarendon will be trying to cop.
A very excited I-Octane said he could not be happier about his nominations. According to him it’s a great
acknowledgement of his music. “Even if I don’t win, it’s still a great feeling to know that your work is
counted among the best of them.”The singer went on to add that for this year he will be keeping up his “cultural crusade” in getting more hard- hitting social commentary out there.

His latest single Hurt Mi, a collaboration with Spragga Benz, is creating some buzz on the scene.
I-Octane pointed out that he hopes the message from the single will spread far and wide.
“The children are our future, we have to protect them. It really hurt me to see them being ill-treated and
cast aside,” he said commenting on the sentiments expressed in his combination single with dancehall DJ Spragga Benz. The video for Hurt Mi has already been shot and is expected to premiere next week, the single is also expected to enjoy its official release in the first week in February.

Mojo on Herbsman Anthem promotional tour

For singer, Mojo Morgan, the mission is continuing. It just happens that this time around, Mr Mojo, a member of the group Morgan Heritage, is on a solo flight, taking his musical message to the world.
In the very first week of the New Year 2009, Mojo packed his bags and headed off to Europe where he kicked off his Herbsman Anthem promotional tour, heating the continent with reggae music and making new fans along the way. Having spent a great deal of time in the studio working on building his solo repertoire, Mojo is using his world music to make an impression on European fans.
On January 5, he performed at the Reigen in Vienna, Austria, then he was off to Germany on January 10 for a concert at the Yaam.
Last weekend saw him in Milan, Italy at the Blanco Café on Friday night and, while the other members of Morgan Heritage were rocking crowds at Rebel Salute in St Elizabeth Jamaica on Saturday night, Mojo was singing his Herbsman Anthem and other singles at La Yard, in the Italian city of Genoa.
Reports out of Europe are that Mr Mojo’s promotional tour has been going “very well”.
“Given the current status of reggae/dancehall music in Europe now, the consensus is that Mr Mojo, the new solo act, has been doing quite well. He even recorded a song while in Germany called Dem Bwoy Deh,” a release from his publicist stated.
Over 400 persons attended the show on Saturday and that represented a capacity audience at the venue.
On January 24, Mr Mojo’s Herbsman Anthem tour moves to Arnhem, Holland for a concert at the Willemeen.

January 21, 2009

Gramps makes solo debut at Jamaica Jazz Festival

Gramps Morgan, part of the group Morgan Heritage, has now stepped out on his solo journey, and is scheduled to make his local debut on Thursday night at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in Montego Bay.
“It’s going to be a ‘moment in time’ as Beres would say,” an obviously excited Gramps said. “It’s historical … I’m really looking forward to it.”
Gramps, who performed with Morgan Heritage at Rebel Salute on Saturday, says he has absolutely no qualms about jumping on stage by himself. The keyboard player-cum-vocalist in the group, Gramps, whose real name is Roy, says his first ever solo performance took place last November in London. “It was a show with me and Marcia Griffiths and I was advertised as a solo act, so people came to the show knowing that it would be just me,” he explained.
However, according to Gramps, many persons, after seeing him perform, were surprised that he could actually sing. “But it has been all good so far … and the person I am happiest for is my father because he had predicted this day. He told us years ago that one day we would all take separate roads and show fans the different dimensions so they would know exactly what makes up the nucleus of Morgan Heritage,” he said.
The elder Morgan is indeed a happy man. “He just loves it when we do our solo projects and send him the songs to listen to. As soon as he gets one from me, he wants to know when he’s getting others,” Gramps said with a laugh.
Gramps has so far released a number of singles, Watch The Tears and Hour Of Prayer, a combination with Buju Banton. He is looking forward to performing these on Thursday night at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

Dancehall’s ‘first lady’ nominated for three awards

Topflight female deejay and ‘first lady’ of the dancehall, Lady Saw or better yet ‘Muma’ has been nominated by EME (Excellence in Music & Entertainment) for female DJ of The Year at the awards ceremony on Thursday, February 5 at the Pegasus Hotel.
She is also nominated for the Youth View coveted award Favourite Female Dancehall Artiste. The award ceremony will be held at the National Indoor Sport Centre on Saturday, February 7.
The illustrious deejay whose single ‘Your Boyfriend’ is #16 on the Hype TV Single Chart and the accompanying video went #1 on all local video charts namely, RE TV, CVM TV and Hype TV.
She is also been nominated for the Hype TV Music Awards, to be held at its studio on Thursday, February 26.
For the second half of last year, Muma Saw stepped to the forefront of the entertainment scene, locally and internationally stamping her class wherever she performed as the undisputed ‘first lady’ and ‘queen of the dancehall.
She put in classic performances at Digicel’s promotional shows, the Digicel Caribbean Championship match at the National Stadium and the recently held Shaggy & Friends charity, which brought out her compassion for children.

Andrew & Wadda Blood shoot 'Hustla For Life' ('La La La') video …brothers get three EME nominations

Andrew & Wadda Blood were busy over the weekend shooting the music video for their hot single 'Hustla For Life' ('La La La'), which should hit the airwaves soon. The single has been getting nuff love in radio land, street dances and among the teens.
'Hustla For Life' ('La La La') has already been featured in the Unga's medley music video in the Gallis riddim, along with artistes the likes of Serani, Ras Penco and Future Fambo. But the single is such a phenomenon that the Blood brothers had no choice but to re-shoot it as a separate video.
Andrew & Wadda are definitely serious that 2009 will be an unforgettable year for them, and getting three EME Awards nominations is just the beginning.
On Thursday, February 5 by the Gardens of the Pegasus, Junior Reid's talented sons will be vying for the award in the categories Duo/Group of the Year, Collaboration of the Year (Reggae) along with their father for 'Want Tek Life' and Most Improved Artiste.
The brothers have been doing some crazy performances at various top events, delivering their big tunes 'Hustle Till The Day I Die', 'Kill A Rapist', 'It's My Time' and 'Hustla For Life' ('La La La').
Already, the brothers are working overtime in the studio on some exciting new singles, loaded with catchy lyrics and even more infectious beats.

January 18, 2009


Mystic EPK on vybin - Mystic Hype TV

Barbee, D’Angel paths intertwined?

Face it, there seem to be no avoiding two of the sexiest women in the dancehall. D’angel, slim tall and carries herself with a grace that has most male heads turning. While Bar-Bee commands attention with her voluptuous statuesque physique that really hard to be ignored.
When it comes to their careers, D’Angel keeps getting Stronger and seem set on claiming her piece of pie in the dancehall and equally just as fierce in her quest is singer Bar-Bee who is now earning her right to be involved in this biz with her re hot single Love You Anyway.
The girls songs are going ‘neck and neck’ on the singles and video charts as they both figure prominently on RE TV, Hype TV, CVM TV, Richie B and all the other major charts in Jamaica and on the international scene.
Two different styles, but just as fiery all the same…where will this path take them…on the same stage together…resulting in the final showdown? Only time will tell.

Prodigal Son new video “Head Cyaan Hot So”

Hotshot Debut for Ramping Shop on the Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart

Friday January 16th, 2009


01 01 12 Elephant Man - Sweep – Scatta Productions -4wks@1

02 03 08 Terry Linen – A Better Man – Uplifting Music -Shot to Watch

03 02 17 Buju Banton -Sleepless Nights – Don Corleon - Peak@#2

04 04 13 Ms. Triniti ft. Beenie Man – Burnin Burnin – Unseen Lab - Peak@#3

05 06 09 D'Angel - Stronger – Son Of Spoon

06 08 06 Vybz Kartel – Get Wild – Adidjaheim/NotNice Records

07 10 07 Bar-Bee – Love You Anyway – It's Not A Game - Greatest Gainer up3

08 05 17 Queen Ifrica - Keep It To Yourself – Don Corleon -2wks@1

09 09 10 Prince Pankhi –My Jamaican Girl – Otis Riddim Records

10 07 20 Mavado - Am So Special –TJ Records - 5wks@1

11 11 10 Busy Signal –Tic Toc – S.S.M.G - Peak@#7

12 14 05 Prodigal Son – Head Cyaan Hot So – Main Street Records

13 15 08 Charley Blacks – Bubble – Fresh Ear

14 12 17 Tarrus Riley - Far Away – Don Corleon - Peak@#2

15 NW 01 Vybz Kartel & Spice – Ramping Shop – NotNice – Hotshot Debut

16 17 04 Lady Saw – Your Boyfriend – Birchill

17 19 03 Beres Hammond – I Feel Good – Penthouse

18 13 21 Stacious – Goodaz Clap – Ward 21- Peak@#5

19 16 09 Tifa – Bottom Of The Barrel – Ward 21- Peak@#13

20 18 06 Tony Rebel – Another Bill – Penthouse - Peak@#1

TW LW WC Artiste - Title – Label - Peak Position

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WC – Weeks On Chart

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January 17, 2009


As promised, the nominees for the 2008 Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards have now been released. DJs Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel and Mavado figure prominently as does roots reggae group Morgan Heritage and singer Etana.
Nominees have been listed in over 30 categories.
The EMEs will be presented February 5 at the Gardens of the Jamaica Pegasus in Kingston.
Like last year, attendance is by invitation only, however, they’ll be live broadcasts on Television, Radio (Hot 102 FM) and on the internet through Carib Link Digital.
Arrangements are being finalized for voting at the website www.emeawards.com
The organizers of the EMEs are grateful for the support being received from a number of sponsors including:
CVM TV, Western Union, Energy Beat Ltd, Jamaica Tourist Board, Rebel Soulz, Tads International, Captain’s Bakery, Hot 102 FM, X-News, Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Jamaica Observer, Chat, ROX Energy Drink, Downsound Records, Karib Link Digital, Moses Production, Grafton Music, One876Entertainmen.comt, HYPE TV, Starlight Production, Outaroad.com, Wisynco Group Ltd Dist. Of Ocean Spray and Bigga, Yardflex.com, Grafton Music.



(For recordings between Oct. 01, 2007 – Sept. 30, 2008)

Note….. more or less than five (5) nominations in a category is the result of ties


(for a solo vocal performance)

(for a solo vocal performance)

(for a solo vocal performance)

(for a solo vocal performance)

(overall best charting record producer in this category in the eligibility year)

(overall best charting record producer in this category in the eligibility year)


January 16, 2009


The inaugural Hype TV awards will be broadcast live on that local cable
station during the flagship programme Up & Live between 6:00 and 9:00 pm on
Thursday February 26.The awards have been divided into 11 categories. Mavado, Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel lead the nominations with four each, followed by the group LUST which
has two and Ms. Triniti, the UK-based act and the only female artiste with two nominations for the Hype TV Music Awards.
The contenders for the Artiste of the Year are Beenie Man, Mavado, Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal and Lust. Come February 14 it will be seen just who the voters think should walk away with that coveted award. Another interesting category in the Hype Awards will be the Male Singer of the Year which is filled with top class singers vying for the top spot. George Nooks, Tarrus Riley, Terry Linen, Coco Tea and Beres Hammond are the nominees.
It will be tough competition from Lady Saw, Spice and Queen Ifrica the top contenders in the Female DJ of the Year category.
The public will decide who takes home an award, as voting will be done exclusively by the public. Voting can be done through the website http://www.dancehallreggaeweseh.com and ends on February 14.
With the month of February being observed as Reggae Month, the awards will
be a fitting tribute to all the reggae and stalwarts who have been contributing to this vibrant industry.

The ‘wait’ is over for Ce’Cile

It’s official, Ce’Cile long awaited album ‘Waiting’ is now in stores and available to the North American and Caribbean market.
Distributed by Tads Records International the album is also available online on iTunes.
The album includes four exclusive tracks for fans to enjoy namely So Fly featuring Beenie Man, Kinda Lovin, Burning Up, No Disturb Sign, Dance featuring Ding Dong and Don’t Go.
With the album now out Ce’Cile is gearing up for her next performance which takes places on Sunday, January 18 at Bongos (American Airlines Arena- Miami) alongside Shaggy, Christopher Martin with Usain Bolt being a special guest in the house. January 31 will see her heading for the St Thomas Virgin Islands for another performance.
In between recording sessions and performances Ce’Cile has one main focus on her calendar for 2009 and that is to promote her Waiting album and in the promotional mix will be to release at least four songs as singles from the album including brand new tracks No Disturb Sign, Kinda Lovin, Burning UP and the already released So Fly featuring Beenie Man. With a new look and an always positive attitude Ce’Cile plans to embark on a US tour this summer to promote Waiting.
Ce’cile was also featured on Jasmine Sullivan’s remix Bust Your Windows which was produced by legendary Tony “CD” Kelly. As the awards season kicks off Ce’Cile has been nominated in the Hype TV Music Awards for Female Singer of the Year while for the EME Awards she is in contention for Female Singjay of the Year.

Shaggy goes on Ragamuffin tour

Following on the mega-success of his benefit concert in Kingston in aid of the Bustamante Hospital for Children, diamond-selling artiste, Orville ‘Shaggy’ Burrell, will officially kick off his touring season for 2009.
Called the Ragamuffin tour, it will see Shaggy in concert in Australia and New Zealand, territories which he has visited several times before, each time performing to sold-out audiences.
Shaggy leaves this weekend for Cayman, where he has a show on January 17, after which he flies to Miama to pick up the 19-hour flight to Australia. His first show there takes place on January 24 at the Supreme Court Gardens/Fremantle Oval in Perth. Two days later, Shaggy and his party move on to the Seagulls Ballina Rugby Leagues Club in Ballina and January 30 is the concert in Brisbane.
The following days will see the reggae artiste in performances in Hunter Valley, Melbourne, and Sydney in Australia, after which he is scheduled for one concert only in New Zealand. This takes place at the Rotura International Stadium in that country.

I-octane heads for Washington

I-Octane will be heading for Washington on Friday for a performance on Saturday, January 17. For the artiste it is a chance to enjoy some of the excitement and buzz into the State’s capital surrounding the inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama.
The cultural singer will head home on Monday, January 19 to continue recording new materials in the studio.
I-Octane recently wrapped up his video shoot for his combination single with Spragga Benz, Hurt Mi. The song has been getting a lot of positive vibes in the dances as it is a powerful social commentary that addresses some of the ills taking place in the society regarding the mistreatment of children.
The video was shot on location at the Arrows studio under the direction of Phillip ‘Junior Arrows’ Linton and Asha.
“I hope this song and the video will speak to the social consciousness of the people. I think we should use our voice and campaign for their rights. If we don’t protect them who will,” was I-Octane’s passionate comment about his song.
“It really hurt man, to see how they are treating the future of our country,” he said unable to keep the emotions out of his voice.

January 14, 2009


Female DJ Spice, who recently copped the Star reader's Choice Award for Female DJ of The Year, has been again nominated in four categories, this time for the Youth View Awards to be held on February 7 at the Indoors Sports Centre.
She has been nominated in the categories for Female Dancehall Artiste of The Year, Local Female Artiste of the Year, Young Hot & Hype Female Artiste and Favourite Fashion Icon. She also nominated for Hype TV's Music Award and EMEs for female DJ of the year.
Spice has been creating quite a stir on the entertainment scene with the provocative combination single 'Ramping Shop' that has a lot of tongues wagging and eyebrows raising.
The DJ, who was last year embroiled in a few squabbles with other female DJs but gave superb performances at last year's Boxing Day Sting at Jamworld and Sting in Antigua, is staying clear of her rivals as she is on a serious campaign to take her career to a higher level.
"I am staying clear of negative people as it is a way to distract you from the career path you want to take in life. I don't have to help boost anybody's career through a tracing match or dropping of words. What I am doing is to make my music speak in volumes for me. A mi name Spice and mi ingredients right," she said.
Apart from doing her music, Spice is getting a better knowledge of the business from more seasoned and successful artistes. The artiste, who is also the mother of a young son, says she has to balance her career with motherhood and is handling it well.
Despite the many badmouthing she says she is getting from people about her performance with Vybz Kartel in the 'Ramping Shop' music video, she doesn't let it get to her.
"I dread the day when I wake up and people are no longer interested in entertainment and the whole of us artistes have to come down off our pomps and pride and try our hands at other things. God forbid, but it wouldn't be a nice scenario as this profession is all what some of us know and will ever know," Spice said.
Spice said she is grateful to the producers and promoters who continue to keep the business thriving and hopes that they will all make it through the rough economical times.

Artistes need to unite and stop the bad vibes with each other

Dancehall's top female entertainer, Lady Saw, is making an urgent appeal to all her colleagues in the business to start uniting and stop the bad vibes that will only lead to the fueling of negativity in the society.
The undisputed 'first lady' or should we say 'muma' of the dancehall, says she has been doing a lot of reflecting and does not want to be remembered for the negative part of her entertainment life, but for her humanitarian deeds and positive influence she can impart on the now generation.
"I just want all of the artistes to come together and stop the bad vibes with each other. The business we are in is one that attracts a lot of attention and it is up to us to send the right message to the listening ears," Lady Saw shared.
Pointing out that she was not speaking as Lady Saw but Marion Hall, the female DJ said, "Some of us artistes need to take a good look at what Shaggy and all the other artistes are doing to make a difference in the lives of unfortunate people. In all my years I have never heard Shaggy in a quarrel with an artiste. Why can't other artistes take a page from his book?"
"As for my female colleagues who want to be confrontational, it not going to do no good for unnu career. When yuh run out of lyrics and people to trace, in a matter of no time your faces will disappear off flyers, your voices will be silenced and unnu never live to fulfill unnu dreams of reaching international stardom," Saw said.
The female DJ said that it was not that opportunities were not there for the females, but they lack the staying power and resilience to keep their careers going. "Mi want money but at what cost? I don't want a promoter or producer to only draw for me because I have a good counteraction song. I want to be like a programmed bug always in the minds of people, so that they can draw for me for any occasion," she said.
When asked about her recent performance at the Shaggy & Friend's Charity show, she said, "Oh my God, it was a blessed event. I felt a sense of purpose knowing that I was contributing to a very worthy cause. You know, it was like something celestial overcame me during my performance and every word that came out of my mouth was like giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when I looked and saw how happy all the participating entertainers and the people in the audience were. I give thanks to God for Shaggy and his brilliant idea and am very glad to have been a part of such a worthy cause."
Lady Saw's resolution for the New Year and beyond is to help foster unity among her peers, to play her part in helping the less fortunate, use her talent to enhance and uplift others and most of all, to remember where she is coming from and the Father who made it all possible.
"Jamaica people, mi love unnu. Mi colleagues in the business, please mi a beg unnu meck wi work towards some positive changes in the business. Di bad mouthing, tearing down, grudgeful and bad mindedness of each other not going to get unnu anywhere," the first lady said.

January 12, 2009

Shaggy’s $27 million relief for Bustamante Hospital

Words cannot express how I feel today,” said Dr Lambert Innis, head of the Department of Anaesthetics and Intensive Care at the Bustamanta Hospital for Children.
The occasion was yesterday’s press conference which was held at the hospital with Shaggy informing the press and sponsors that he had made $27 million from his Shaggy and Friends show which was held last Saturday.
While it did not meet the US2M needs of the hospital the entertainer said his intention was to “make a dent...and we did.”
Most of the proceeds, minus the production expenses of $8M will be going towards upgrading the facilities at the only specialty children’s hospital in the English-speaking Caribbean.
A grateful Shaggy thanked everyone on the team who helped in making it possible, adding that more funds were yet to be added to Shaggy Foundation as David ‘Squeeze’ Annakie from Link Up, through his outreach in New York had collected US$6,000 and would be wiring that amount into the kitty.
Shaggy said the artistes were enthusiastic and ready to do it again next year pointing out, “despite our faults, we can all rise to the occasion.”

January 11, 2009

"We don't always live what we portray so don't always believe the hype!!!"

(By Mondale smith)

On New Year's night 2009 thousands enjoyed the finals of the Kashif and Shanghai at Providence Stadium and the after show that followed but Linden was not void of international entertainment.
More than 3000 flocked to the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground and got a full taste of Jamaican Dancehall artistes Serani and Cecile on New Year night but none in attendance can complain of the female artiste not having her voice this time around. But that story will be told in another installment.
Hopper caught up with the "Ride or die," "Waiting on my baby" singer who for the first time in her career spent New Year's away from Jamaica as she celebrates the release of "waiting" her new album. She says "It's a new year and you just want the people to know that whatever bad is going on in yah life you really still need to be thankful because you have life and with life there is hope."
Cecile is one of several female artistes who represent for women's rights and speak out against abuse in her home land via the women's organization Sisters for sisters and she says in 2009 she aims to become a mentor / big sister and has already consulted with probation officials on the way forward.
Speaking to the ladies she told Hopper "It's very good that you can idolize artiste but you need to know us and don't always believe the hype many of us don't live what we sing and portray and if you get to know some of us you'll probably hate us or get some sound advice.
What I do is a job and I'm not necessarily living what I portray and sing. This is how I make money so I can be independent but I don't live that way and that's my message always. Some other artistes sing and live the same way and young people are seeing them and are taking example especially with the violence but for me contrary to popular belief: I don't drink and I don't smoke and I'm always in the studio writing or reading a book says Cecile.
Unlike most dancehall artiste Cecile does not come with a bad girl ghetto youth story and Hopper learnt that while she's not the type to boast she is a sticker for education who left high school with a distinction in English, and is an ardent literature lover whose fluency in spoken French and Spanish is enticing. A graduate of an all girls high school she loathed piano lessons and music classes.
While toying with the idea that she may consider Guyana as a location for a video shoot Hopper got up in her business one-on-one.

Hopper: what are some things that people don't know about you?
Cecile: As a child I never played any sport, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't party and I can't swim. My mom's not rich by any means but she is smart and took a rich boy friend. On my father's side my Grandfather was a mayor and he was chief among people who never expected me to go into dance Hall in fact that subject was taboo but they are now warming up to it since they are seeing that it's not as bad as they thought.
Hopper: What do you think is the package for making it in the music industry?
Cecile: The package is talent, looks, education, attitude and being humble etc
Hopper: You've been to Guyana on five occasions now what is your impression?
Cecile: I really like Guyana. My first two visits were like really crazy shows and I was here with lady Saw and I'm learning a lot about the many happening here and until this trip I did not know that Linden existed. But when I was here for the Private party a few weeks ago me and Bennie Man went to the races and this was my first experience of watching live racing action and now I'm a racing fan thanks to Guyana.
Hopper: The last time you performed in Guyana your voiced failed what happened then?
Cecile: The last time I had just come off a European tour and I was really sick and when I got home I was diagnosed with asthma which I did not know I had before.
Hopper: What does 2009 hold for Cecile in the music industry?
Cecile: For me it not just about doing the music and the sexiness part of it's also me trying to motivate people to focus on positivity and I hope to share a little bit of that for the New Year. My album, more like debut, is out for the Caribbean and North America to enjoy and it has a lot of crazy new songs and some old favorites as well as some weightiness kind of songs too that I release Guyanese like. It gives listeners a chance to see who Cecile really is and I'm working on some videos.
Hopper: What is your message to people thinking of getting into the Music industry based on your experience?
Cecile: You really have to believe in yourself because it's a very hard business to get into so you really have to be focused. A lot of people think that we are always partying but behind the scenes of music its really about sitting down and writing and being in studios for hours upon hours and it can actually become really boring and at the end of it all you hope that you get play on radio and TV so that you can start reaping the benefits. So if you want to get into the business know it's not a joke thing. You have to have tough skinned and get ready to be criticized. Success is preparation meeting opportunity so if you prepare and your opportunity come you can reap the benefits but you must be prepared always.
Hopper: Many believe that as woman in the dancehall industry you have to be ruckus and common placed and sell skin and be very sexual and explicit always to make it what says you to that?
Cecile: To each his own and you have to be your own person and know what is your objective and you can't blame anyone. On the ladies side you have Cecile and Lady Saw or Queen Ifrica and Etana. On the men side you can listen to Beanie man then you have Tarrus Riley and Warrior King. Over all it's always good to respect yourself.
Hopper: Many opine that being a dancehall artiste one does not have to be smart or educated. How important is education to your job as an artiste?
Cecile: Back in the day dancehall music was something that you did when you never had anything else to do. Not anymore: it's not necessarily Ghetto music anymore and ghetto does not mean uneducated. Check Shaggy, Sean Paul, Busy signal, Alaine, Etana among others look at the way they write and you know that they are educated. Especially if you don't want to be ripped off by a manger, your lawyer or your financial adviser you better get educated and keep your head on. It helps you to make decisions for yourself. If you are stupid and you have people around you who see you as a money making tool they will make money off of you and you'll end up with nothing.
You need to be educated to do your interviews also or you will be laugh at and you would not recognize your fullest potential.
Hopper: What's your News year's resolution?
Cecile: If you are not educated you react with violence because you don't know how to make educated decisions and you wreak havoc on a country. I'm totally into reading and it's always been my escape to where I wanted to be so I'm working on my charity that will focus on teaching children to read. A lot of children can't read and that is causing them to act out with violence especially in the third world. So I'm starting my charity "Charley's Angel" in Jamaica because I think reading will help kids to dream bigger and go after opportunities that they really need.
With education young people realize that they can be anything not just doctor’s lawyers and police. And if you learn another language it increases you chances on the employment lien even more.
Hopper: What do you want the public to understand about Cecile?
Cecile: Understand when I'm on stage I'm singing for women that have been abused and under aged pregnant mothers and while I'm doing what I do as a job I'm as human as anyone else who is seeking to help charities and causes for women and children even though I'm singing something sexual and about money.
Hopper: What is life's most important lesson thus far for you?
Cecile: As youth the things you see as most unimportant and stupid are actually the things that make sense when you are grown up.
Life's resolve: if the Fame, hype and popularity ends today I'll still be writing music that's how much I like music. Some people use drugs but music is my get away.

January 10, 2009

Elephant still #1 on HYPE TV top 20 single charts

Week Ending January 9th, 2009


01 01 11 Elephant Man - Sweep – Scatta Productions -3wks@1

02 02 16 Buju Banton -Sleepless Nights – Don Corleon

03 06 07 Terry Linen – A Better Man – Uplifting Music -Shot to Watch

04 03 12 Ms. Triniti ft. Beenie Man – Burnin Burnin – Unseen Lab - Peak@#3

05 04 16 Queen Ifrica - Keep It To Yourself – Don Corleon -2wks@1

06 09 08 D'Angel - Stronger – Son Of Spoon

07 05 19 Mavado - Am So Special –TJ Records - 5wks@1

08 13 05 Vybz Kartel – Get Wild – Adidjaheim/NotNice Records - Greatest Gainer up5

09 10 09 Prince Pankhi –My Jamaican Girl – Otis Riddim Records

10 12 06 Bar-Bee – Love You Anyway – It's Not A Game/Tads

11 07 09 Busy Signal –Tic Toc – S.S.M.G - Peak@#7

12 11 16 Tarrus Riley - Far Away – Don Corleon - Peak@#2

13 08 20 Stacious – Goodaz Clap – Ward 21- Peak@#5

14 16 04 Prodigal Son – Head Cyaan Hot Suh – Main Street Records

15 15 07 Charley Blacks – Bubble – Fresh Ear

16 14 08 Tifa – Bottom Of The Barrel – Ward 21- Peak@#13

17 19 03 Lady Saw – Your Boyfriend – Birchill

18 18 05 Tony Rebel – Another Bill – Penthouse - Peak@#17

19 20 02 Beres Hammond – I Feel Good – Penthouse

20 17 22 George Nooks - Rest Your Love On Me – Total/Tads - Peak@#2

TW LW WC Artiste - Title – Label - Peak Position

TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WC – Weeks On Chart


TO GET HYPE TV CALL YOUR LOCAL CABLE PROVIDER OR LOG ON TO www.hypetvjam.com TO GET HYPE TV ON YOUR INTERNET.Compilation was done based on information received from the following Sound Systems, Record Shops and Club: Derrick Harriot – Record Shop – St. Andrew, TNG Muzik-Sound System-Kingston, Love Stone–Sound System- Portland, Lazeme- Sound System- Westmoreland, Unique Super Mix–Sound System- St. Catherine, Copper Shot- Sound System- St. Andrew

January 08, 2009

DI ready for 2009 with new medley video

Dancehall act, Danielle, aka DI, having made a good showing on the Sting stage, is keeping her promise to make 2009 the year that she really makes her mark. Already she has done a new medley video which will have its world premiere on television next week.
"The video is really nice and I know my fans will love it," DI says confidently.
Ready to embrace any and all challenges, DI, whose lyrics have been classified as “suggestive and raunchy” says she is upping her game and “will show fans that there is more to me than meets the eye”.
In her quest to showcase a different side of the music, DI has teamed up with Mr August Town, Duane Stephenson, known for his clean, wholesome lyrics and riveting message music. Duane has penned some lyrics and has also co-produced the track and DI is pleased with the outcome.
She has also worked with DJ Kareem, Truckback Records and Sly and Robbie in the past and is also reaching out to other producers. Danielle’s aim for 2009 is to explore different genres of music and diversify her fan base. “DI will have something for everybody”, she promised.
Her current songs like Beat It, Flip It produced by SSMG and Pat You Kitty a Stainless Records (DJ Karim) production are receiving fairly good play in the dance and on radio.


Come February 5th, Entertainment interests will again donverge on the Gardens of the jamaica Pegasus hotel for the 2009 renewal of the Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards.
Dubbed "the red carpet gala event of the entertainment calendar" THIS venture, NOW IN IT'S FIFTH YEAR, takes on added significance IN 2009 given the renewal of the Reggae Month observances in February.
Conceptualizer and organizer of the EMEs, HOT 102 FM's host Richard "Richie B" Burgess, said the venture was born out of a need to stimulate growth and improvement in the Jamaican music and entertainment fields by recognizing the best of the annual output. "We have a vested interest in this industry, and so we want to be a part of positive developments in the entertainment business and encourage our entertainers to greater effort, especially as we seek to keep Jamaican music and entertainment visible and impactful in the global marketplace."
Burgess added that this year, The public will for the first time be allowed to influence winners as text votes as well as votes via the Internet - through the newly constructed website WWW.EMEAWARDS.COM - will be accepted. This in addition to the points gained based on performance of the nominees in the weekly Jamaica Music Countdown.
The list of performers at this gala red carpet event and the full list of nominees in over 30 categories will be made public in a few days time and voting will be allowed until the cut-off date of Saturday, January 31.

Burgess further advised that with increased anticipation, the preparations for the awards is intensifying, and that the organizers are making every effort to put on an awards show of the highest standard.
A special Friend of Reggae award will be conferred on R&B superstar John Legend and hip-hop ace, Missy Elliott this year. Last year's big overall winners included 'dancehall king' Beenie Man and Tarrus Riley.

January 07, 2009

I-Octane made successful Sting appearance

Cultural singer I-Octane passed the acid test by totally winning over the Sting crowd at the Jamworld Entertainment Centre on Boxing Day.
This was definitely not his first Sting performance but it is the one that everyone is talking about. I-Octane faced the crowd at a time when they would have been hungry for the anticipated clash, yet he managed to make a good impression even having them at times engaged in a sing-a-long to some of his popular songs.
Among the songs he scored big with were Stab Vampire Poverty, Run Yet, None A Dem Nuh Frighten Wi and his big hit Different Page.
When I-Octane called on Spragga Benz on stage to their combination single Hurt Mi the whole place erupted as the two gave an highly charged performance.
With Sting now behind him the singer is now focused on the video for Hurt Mi which will take place at Arrows Studio on Wednesday (January 7) under the direction of Junior Arrows and Michael Cushnie.

January 05, 2009

It wasn't us, says Alliance

A release from the Bounty Killer,led Alliance has stated that "reports that Beenie Man and his entourage were beaten up by the Alliance or people attending Campfire with the Alliance in Ewarton last night (Wednesday) are untrue".

"We would just like to state categorically that this report is untrue and we are in the process of acquiring the recording from the radio station and will not hesitate to take legal action against Beenie if our lawyers deem any of his statements to be slanderous and/or libelous," Alliance said in a statement issued Thursday night.

Julian Jones-Griffiths, publicist for the Alliance, noted that "Beenie was scheduled to close the show using his Ruff Kut band, every running order we saw said that. Mavado and Killer were to work before him using our own Anger Management band".

He stated that Beenie Man wanted to work before Mavado and Bounty, "but the organizers of event were having none of this and instructed Beenie to await his allotted time slot, as presumably they had agreed prior to event".

Mavado, the release said, was at an elevated position about 20 metres above the stage steps and "at not time was he or anyone from his entourage anywhere near Beenie and the Campfire personnel and show security".

It seems that Beenie Man and his entourage got into a shoving match with the police who were securing the stage and following instructions that it was not Beenie Man's time to work, the release said.

"Next thing we saw was Beenie and his entourage storm passed us and out of the venue. Mavado ad Bounty gave the Campfire patrons a great performance and we left the venue just as we could hear the MC unsuccessfully pleading with the crowd not to throw bottles".

January 04, 2009

Save A Life — hit single from Shaggy and Friends

It was in January1985 that song We Are the World came to life. Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, We Are The World was produced and conducted by Quincy Jones and recorded by a super group of popular musicians billed as ‘USA for Africa’.
In December 2008, some of Jamaica’s finest acts loaned their voices to a new single, Save A Life, recorded in support of the project of the same name, spearheaded by diamond-selling artiste Shaggy to aid the Bustamante Hospital for Children. A project which has taken on a life of its own, it has seen the full support of the music fraternity along with corporate Jamaica which is solidly beside Shaggy in his quest to raise millions of much-needed dollars for the hospital. Artistes have given their time and talent to a fund-raising show held on Saturday January3rd at Jamaica House and has taken it a step further by doing the song, Save A Life.
Among the artistes on the single are powerhouse acts including Shaggy, Marcia Griffiths, Luciano, Freddie McGregor, Gramps (from Morgan Heritage), Etana, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Da’Ville, Tessanne and D-Lynx.
Recorded on Shaggy and Robert Livingstone’s Big Yard imprint, Save A Life is definitely one of those impactful songs that will live on for decades to come. The single is supported by a video, directed by none other than ace video director, Jay Will, who just completed work with Shaggy on the highly-acclaimed Bad Man Don’t Cry video.
Both the single and the video were part of the entertainment package on Saturday night at the historic, sold-out concert staged on the lawns of Jamaica House. With ticket prices ranging from $5,000 to $20,000, Shaggy’s appeal saw Jamaicans digging deep into their pockets to help the diamond-selling artiste reach his goal of raising US$2 million for the hospital.
It was a night of excellent performances on a show that was well produced and ran like clockwork. There were no band changes as an all-star aggregation led by Dean Fraser provided accompaniment for all the acts.
Among the artistes who helped to celebrate the joy of giving were Morgan Heritage, Marcia Griffiths, Lady Saw, Etana, Allison Hinds, Macy Grey, Tessanne Chin, Barrington Levy, Freddie McGregor, Tarrus Riley, Tony Rebel, Christopher Martin, Elephant Man, Da’Ville, Sean Paul, Rayvon, Rik Rok, Brian and Tony Gold and, of course, the man of the moment, Shaggy.

Kartel, Mavado argument leaves man injured

A man is nursing stab wounds in hospital and another is on the run, following an altercation Tuesday over the outcome of a clash between dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel and Mavado at the popular concert Sting.
The men — who are both from Mannings Hill Road in St Andrew — were reportedly putting up banners of their favourite artistes at their respective “corners” Tuesday afternoon, when they started arguing about the outcome of the clash between the two DJs.
The argument further developed into a fight, during which a knife was used to stab one of them in the abdomen and the face, said Deputy Superintendent Altermoth ‘Parra’ Campbell, crime boss at the Constant Spring Police Station.
The injured man, who Campbell said was in his twenties, was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was admitted in serious condition.
“This just shows how people find themselves in trouble for foolishness,” Campbell told the Observer Wednesday.
“The sad part about it is that everybody knows each other; all of them used to live at a section called ‘Hungry Road’ before some of them moved to another section called ‘Big Yard’ on the same stretch,” he said. “They used to share the same space together and look now, over some foolishness people end up in hospital.”
Campbell said that since the incident, the police have removed the banners and have called a meeting with residents of the communities in an effort to prevent reprisal attacks.
“We had to go down there and tear down all of the banners, ‘cause they are causing problems and anything that is causing problems we have to get rid of,” said Campbell.
“We are confident though that there will not be any reprisals for the incident. We met with residents of the communities and they all agreed that they (the men) were arguing over foolishness and that it should stop. They have agreed to let us handle the incident,” the deputy superintendent added.— Corey Robinson.

Grammy nominated Elephant Man with Sweep is spending its second week at #1 on the Hype TV top 20 single chart.

Week Ending January 2nd, 2009
01 01 10 Elephant Man - Sweep – Scatta Productions -2wks@1

02 02 15 Buju Banton -Sleepless Nights – Don Corleon -Shot to Watch

03 05 11 Ms. Triniti ft. Beenie Man – Burnin Burnin – Unseen Lab

04 03 15 Queen Ifrica - Keep It To Yourself – Don Corleon -2wks@1

05 04 18 Mavado - Am So Special –TJ Records - 5wks@1

06 10 06 Terry Linen – A Better Man – Uplifting Music - Greatest Gainer up4

07 08 08 Busy Signal –Tic Toc – S.S.M.G

08 06 19 Stacious – Goodaz Clap – Ward 21- Peak@#5

09 09 07 D’Angel - Stronger – Son Of Spoon

10 11 08 Prince Pankhi –My Jamaican Girl – Otis Riddim Records

11 07 15 Tarrus Riley - Far Away – Don Corleon - Peak@#2

12 14 05 Bar-Bee – Love You Anyway – Its Not A Game

13 16 04 Vybz Kartel – Get Wild – Adidjaheim/NotNice Records

14 13 07 Tifa – Bottom Of The Barrel – Ward 21- Peak@#13

15 15 06 Charley Blacks – Bubble – Fresh Ear

16 18 03 Prodigal Son – Head Cyaan Hot Suh – Main Street Records

17 12 21 George Nooks - Rest Your Love On Me – Total/Tads - Peak@#2

18 17 04 Tony Rebel – Another Bill – Penthouse - Peak@#17

19 20 02 Lady Saw – Your Boyfriend – Birchill

20 NW 01 Beres Hammond – I Feel Good – Penthouse - New Entry

TW LW WC Artiste - Title – Label - Peak Position
TW -This Week, LW – Last Week, WC – Weeks On Chart

Compilation was done based on information received from the following Sound Systems, Record Shops and Club: Derrick Harriot – Record Shop – St. Andrew, TNG Muzik-Sound System-Kingston, Love Stone–Sound System- Portland, Lazeme- Sound System- Westmoreland, Unique Super Mix–Sound System- St. Catherine, Copper Shot- Sound System- St. Andrew