February 12, 2013

Tanice Morrison talks relationships and Valentine's

KINGSTON JAMAICA - Reggae songstress, Tanice Morrison is hellbent on making definitive strides, musically, in 2013 and with her statement-making single, Rather Be Me, carving out its own niche, the Reggae Soulchild is spreading her wings. She has boldly dedicated this song to all lovers on Valentine's Day.
"It is all about self-acceptance and once we learn to accept ourselves, then we can accept others -- faults and all," the entertainer said with her impish smile.
Tanice, who is a romantic at heart, firmly believes that "it's love that makes the world go round" and feels that Valentine's Day is a great time to reflect on "this thing we call love" and just how all-important and all-encompassing it is. 
"The gift-giving is great because we all like to feel appreciated, but this season of love should go much deeper that that. We need to go beyond the surface," the Rather Be Me singer stated.
"Man-and-woman relationships is a topic that we could discuss all year and barely touch the tip of the iceberg. Women are said to be more emotional than men, but we are also the stronger sex, mentally, and it is important that as women we accept and love ourselves and in turn our partners will have no choice but to follow suit," a passionate Tanice declared.
She lamented the menial role that some women are forced to play in a relationship, all because they have a domineering partner who "cows them into submission".
"Once we learn to love ourselves for who we are, we will find our own voices and make an impact in the world," Tanice said.
With the single, Rather Be Me, doing very well on radio and the video poised for entry into the video charts, Tanice Morrison is busy in the studio making more music which will no doubt help to chart her course for 2013 and beyond.

February 04, 2013


Kingston Jamaica - His compelling mix of culture, roots and reality songs is set to light up Negril's MX3 on February 5, when rising Rastafarian singer Droop Lion, will engage audiences on the eve of the birthday of reggae icon, Bob Marley.

Droop Lion says he feels honoured to play a role in the week-long tribute to Bob Marley, whose birthday is February 6, and notes that he intends to put his best foot forward as he makes a spiritual connection with the reggae legend. Conscious of  his own place in the future growth and development of reggae music, Droop Lion is imbued with a strong sense of respect for all the elder statesmen in the business. He declares that he is a student, not only of Marley, but of every reggae artiste who has paved the way and on whose shoulders he now stands.

“Bob Marley is the person who has inspired a whole generation of reggae artistes, myself included. His legacy, musically and otherwise, spans the globe and this is especially significant. And there are many other singers and players of instruments who are right up there with Bob and who are also deserving of respect and gratitude. Naturally, I am more than pleased to be part of this movement to pay honour to Robert Nesta Marley,” the Free People Entertainment artiste stated.

Droop Lion has been maintaining a strong presence with thought-provoking songs like Freeway, Pray For Them, Mama Soon Come Back and Gun Powder. He notes,“ My music is down-to-earth and cultural. There's always a message in it. It's like a medicine to society's sickness."
Other artistes scheduled to perform on the February 5 event are the Messenjah Luciano, Iba Mahr, Raging Fyah, Justice Merchant, Robin Banks, Tanya P, Sugar Dee and Ali P. Backing band will be Streetwise.