March 30, 2011


As deejay Konshens continues his mission to place emphasis on the business side of the music business, he recently struck a deal with Khool International to exclusively handle all his bookings in Jamaica.

According to the artiste, he had meetings with a few booking agents and subsequently made the decision to sign with Khool, as he was impressed by the entity’s level of professionalism.

“In discussions, I felt that this was an agency that understands the economic climate we are now living in and takes the needs of the artiste and the promoters into consideration. I didn’t get the impression that they were just all about making a quick buck,” Konshens said of the Ray Alexander-led company.

Khool will also be doing bookings for the artiste in the Caribbean and the rest of the world on a non-exclusive basis, and will be focusing exclusively on all public relations activities concerning Konshens.

Over the past 15 years to the present, Alexander has built up an impressive list of clients. These include artistes such as Anthony B, Anthony Red Rose, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Ce’Cile, Coco Tea, Da’Ville, Denroy Morgan, Demarco, Elephant Man, Etana, Flippa Mafia, I-Octane, Lady Saw, Macka Diamond, Mad Cobra, Main Street Crew, Queen Ifrica, Shaggy, Spice, Stevie Face, Tanya Stephens, Tony Rebel and the group TOK.

Khool has represented companies including Big Yard, Call Me Sham, Main Street Records, Kings of Kings Records and the New York-based VP Records. Producers, too have taken advantage of the service proved by Alexander and his company, much to their satisfaction. Danny Browne, Richard Browne and Q 45 have all at one or another have been pleased to do business with him.

Alexander stated that he has always been impressed with not only the standard of Konshens’ work, but the artiste’s overall deportment and his dedication to his career.

“Khool is pleased to welcome Konshens into the company. With his combined talent and his discipline, he is an excellent role model and will easily fit into the camp,” Alexander stated.


Did Have List is no gimmicks, it’s an educating floss, says Flippa

Flossing King, Flippa Mafia, in his latest tune discusses what he labels the “did have list” and while it appears to be just another gimmicks song, the deejay says he couldn’t be any more serious.

“I watch the people in the dancehall and see how some of them move from nothing to something and back to zero and it’s really disturbing. You can never imagine the type of money some of these artistes earn and you would be equally surprised to learn how much a dem bruk right now,” the deejay who took flossing to a new level stated.

It is for this reason that Flippa says he is on a “educating floss”. He explains that he wants the youths to look, listen and learn so that they don’t make the same mistakes of some of their ‘idols’ and end up on the ‘did have list’

“Just take a look and see how many artistes did have this and did have that. Why they don’t have it now?” he quizzed.

“Because dem don’t floss with sense,” answered Flippa, whose flossing antics have seen him throwing money – including US dollars and pound sterling – into the crowd as he pops champagne on stage and sprinkles it around.

But, to be fair to Flippa, he has always maintained that he has set his house in order as a matter of priority and has often criticized those who own numerous pairs of Gucci shoes, for example, but don’t own a king-sized bed.

Concerning Did Have List, a very uptempo song on the Bottle Party riddim, Flippa said the idea came about purely by chance.

“We have a friend named Troy who everybody says is the meanest man around and we are always mustering him. But then Troy hit back and say him don’t mind making the ‘mean list’ as long as him don’t make the ‘did have list’. So that got me really thinking about the truth of that statement and I went into the studio and did the song for TJ Records,” the deejay explained.

He noted that so far the feedback has been positive and he swears that Did Have List is not about “throw wud” or anything negative.

“We not wishing bad for no man and we not into the throw wud. It is reality lyrics. Right now it’s all about the educating floss – not floss and show-off,” Flippa reiterated.

March 23, 2011

Robin Roberts Invites Chris Brown Back to ‘Good Morning America’

Chris Brown may have lost his cool after Robin Roberts pressed him on his domestic dispute with Rihanna, but his off-air outburst came as a surprise to her. According to the “Good Morning America” host, Breezy pre-approved questions regarding the incident and shocked Roberts when he tore up his dressing room following their televised interview.

During today’s “GMA” broadcast, Roberts explained that it is the show’s policy to discuss topics with an interviewee in advance. “Anytime we have a guest here on the program, we let them know ahead of time the subject matter, the topics that we’re going to discuss and even right before the interview, I said that to Chris and I was shocked like everybody else was,” she revealed.

She thought Brown was joking when he tried to redirect the interview to discuss his new album F.A.M.E. “You saw me laughing during the interview because when he was doing that, I thought he was joking about some things because of the easy relationship that we have,” she explained.

Despite the headline-making episode and barrage of angry comments from Breezy fans, she’s ready to have him back on the show. “I’m glad that we’ve extended an invitation. We’d love to have him back and he’s seriously considering that,” she added. “We wish him the absolute best and and again we’ve extended the invitation to him and I sure hope that he takes us up on it, because I’d love to have another chat with him.”

After deflecting her on-air questions on Tuesday’s program, Brown performed his hit “Yeah 3X” without any sign of irritation. Once the cameras stopped rolling, he allegedly flew into a rage and trashed his dressing room, removing his shirt and exiting the station in a fury.

The show’s hair and makeup staff said they called security after hearing loud noises coming from his dressing room. A cooler was reportedly thrown and a window was smashed.

Source: rap-up.com

March 20, 2011


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Hip-hop star Wyclef Jean was recovering Sunday after receiving a gunshot wound to the hand while campaigning for a fellow performer who is running for president.

The shooting happened in the Delmas section of the capital, Port-au-Prince, after 11 p.m. local time Saturday (11 p.m. EDT; 0300 Sunday GMT) said Joe Mignon, senior program director for Jean's Yele Foundation. Jean was treated at a hospital and later released, Mignon said.

Jean's brother, Samuel, confirmed the musician was shot. Neither he nor Mignon had additional details, and a spokesman for the Haitian National Police could not be reached immediately for comment.

Jean, a native of Haiti who rocketed to fame as a member of the hip-hop trio The Fugees, is in his home country to support fellow musician and friend Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly, one of two presidential candidates in a run-off vote taking place Sunday.

Last week, Jean participated in a Martelly concert in downtown Port-au-Prince that sought to win over voters.

"We are happy that Wyclef is okay but we continue to pray for him and for a peaceful and fair election today in Haiti," the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has worked with Jean on educational issues and bringing aid to Haiti after the devastating January 2010 earthquake, said in a statement.

The statement also quoted Jimmy Rosemond, who it said was accompanying Jean on his current trip to Haiti.

"It is clear that enemies of progressive change in Haiti are behind the shooting of Wyclef — those that don't want to accept that a monumental change is inevitable for the betterment of the Haitian people," Rosemond said. "This incident will not deter those of us that see the election as crucial to the country's future."

Source: The Associated Press.

March 17, 2011


Master One recording artiste Denno last week shot the video for his fast rising single Caah Stop Dah Yute Yah.
Since its release the song has been enjoying good rotation on air and the young artiste couldn't be any happier bout the response he has been getting on his latest single.

Caah Stop Da Yute Yah was shot on location in downtown Kingston, South Side, with some scenes being done inside the green room of a studio.

Directed by Asha the plot basically brings to life the sentiments expressed in the song about trying and not giving up.

Can't Stop Da Yute Yah is all about struggles and the resolve to make it through trying circumstances.
"Life doesn't come without its struggles and obstacles, you will meet those who try to put you down, and those who encourage you," said Denno, adding that the message he wants listeners to get from the single is that they should just keep focussed on their goals and ignore "envious and grudgeful people."

I had a lot of fun doing the video. I am hoping that when it is released it will cement the message in the song. It's all about holding your head up in the face of obstacles and still trying no matter how hard it is,” commented Denno about his latest single.

The video is expected to be premiered soon.

March 16, 2011

Konshens finds another winner with ‘Forward’

In 2008 deejay Konshens announced that he was a Winner … and many will agree that he was definitely on point. Smoothly transitioning from upcoming artiste to established act, throughout the past three years the artiste has been making conscious moves musically and his recent single, Forward is a testament to this.

Replete with no-nonsense lyrics, this up-tempo song with the highly infectious beat is in-your-face in a respectful way, and clearly speaks to the artiste keeping his focus and making huge strides in his career. Konshens declares that he is ready to “drop every link whe no have no ambition” as he moves “forward, forward”. And he is also ready to kick off any door – “no more knocking/time fi kick off door” – that has prevented him from moving forward.

Of course, on another level, Forward a Cash Flow production on the Bus Stop riddim, is also a money tune. But Konshens acknowledges this in the line – If you tiad fi hear money song/ lock off a di money programme.

Having scored with songs such as Winner, Rasta Imposter, This Means Money and Good Girl Gone Bad (with Tarrus Riley), Konshens has demonstrated that his success is no flash in the pan. With Forward, the artiste is skillfully positioning himself in the dancehall for 2011 as he gives fans another song that they can easily relate to.

“The taste of success is the sweetest thing I have ever enjoyed. You don’t need a spoonful of sugar to make this go down. So it’s in my best interest to prolong this taste in my mouth. Forward is a statement, an intent, an action and a message,” the deejay who recently formed his very own SubKonshus Music outfit stated.

He pointed out that from all indications, Forward is poised to take him exactly where he wants to go.

“The title of this song was no accident,” he informed. “I believe in the power of words and now that we chip in the turbo, I know that Forward will take me right there – forward,” Konshens concluded with a very satisfied smile.

March 11, 2011


  • Number 1 song on four charts simultaneously

Reggae star I Octane topped the BBC 1xtra dancehall charts this week with his breakout hit, Nuh Love Inna Dem on the Cashflow Records label, ahead of top flight artistes Khago, Mavado and Vybz Kartel.

The song is simultaneously number one on the Toronto Radio Dubplate chart, HYPE TV’s Top 20 chart and the Jamaica Music Countdown charts, underlining the artiste’s rise as one of the most popular local reggae artistes.

I Octane has secured nominations in four categories in the International Reggae & World Music Award ("IRAWMA") awards’ 30th Anniversary celebrations which will be held on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at the National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA) in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

He is nominated in the categories of Best Music Video, Best New Entertainer, Most Promising Entertainer and Most Cultural/Educational Entertainer.

The singjay has also received nominations in four categories in the Excellence in Music and Entertainment ("EME") Awards. Those categories are Song of the Year ("My Life"), Culture Artist of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Singjay of the Year. The seventh annual staging of the Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards is set to take place on Saturday, March 12, 2011 on the East Lawns of the historical Devon House in Kingston.

Octane has already won several awards this year, including the Jamaica Observer’s Entertainer of the Year, and the People’s Choice award from THE STAR for Reggae Artiste of the Year. At the recent Linkage awards, Octane pocketed all of three awards, including Song of the Year and Entertainer of the Year.

"The outpouring and support of my music has been a surreal experience. This is such an amazing accomplishment. I am very happy, to say the least. This type of recognition is something that I could not have foreseen. Much thanks IRAWMA, EME and Linkage Awards," the artiste who is currently on tour in the US, said.

Now half way through the United States leg of his "My Life" tour, I-Octane's remaining performances include: March 11th Panache Ballroom, Springfield, MA; March 12th, Negril, Jamaica; March 13th Tropical Beach, Montego Bay, Jamaica; March 26th Ocho Rios, Jamaica;
April 9th Brentwood, MD; April 15th Orlando, FL; April 16th Tampa Bay, FL; April 23rd Brampton, Canada; April 29th Poughkeepsie, NY; April 30th St. Elizabeth, Jamaica; May 6th Dorchester, MA; May 7th Los Angeles, CA and May 14th Kingston, Jamaica.

March 09, 2011


Deejay Konshens has arisen. He is talking – and living – the talk of the musically conscious. It may sound simple, but in reality this is a tremendous feat for the young artiste whose 2005 single Pon Di Corner thrust him into an international spotlight for which he was ill-prepared.

That song, a combination with his older brother Delus, worked its way across the continents and claimed the number one slot in Japan. This prompted a one-month tour of that country and the release of an album exclusively for the Japanese market in 2006.

“The first time I sang as a professional was in Japan,” Konshens disclosed, adding that the experience was like attending a university. However, it would take another two years for the artiste to move up from freshman to graduate.

It was his 2008 single, Winner, that really placed Konshens in the spotlight locally and on the wider international circuit and gained for him many accolades including Best New Artiste and Song of the Year.

The single was so impactful that it took on a life of its own. Before you could say ‘winner’ the artiste was off on tour to far flung places in Europe that he’d only read about. He was given a stage, a microphone and told to perform in front of multitudes of fans who spoke every language except English, but who knew his songs word-for-word.

As surreal as the situation was then, Konshens knew that this would prove the greatest learning experience of his life and he had to be alert and live every moment. As he traversed Europe, parts of Asia and the many islands of the Caribbean, there was one universal truth which kept hammering home – the power of reggae music and the respect that other cultures have for this Jamaican gold.

“When you look at a crowd of thirty thousand people and they hardly know a word of English, but they know the words of your own song better than you – and even have lines from the song tattooed on their bodies – that’s when you as a reggae artiste fall in love with the music,” he said soberly.

“We don’t know what we have, because if we knew then we would be doing everything to preserve this treasure, instead of trying to convert it into some other genre,” the youngster said, sounding like a seasoned veteran.

Konshens was quick to point out that he was no goody-two-shoes and was equally guilty of not playing a role in the preservation of the music. But that was out of ignorance – before he had his “Europe experience”. Now armed with knowledge, the artiste is singing the praises of straight reggae, the type that is cherished by the Europeans, the Japanese and other cultures.

“It is up to us to rescue reggae because it is all we have and it is dying. I have been touring straight for the past three years and taken time off to get in sync with the home base. Now that I have my own label, SubKonshus Music, the production and the songs will be guided by all that I have learnt,” vowed Konshens, who is now being booked in Jamaica exclusively by Khool Booking Agency .

March 08, 2011


Reggae star I Octane has re-energised the reggae community in the United States with a series of stellar performances on his “My Life” tour that have captured the imagination and interest of concert goers and promoters alike.

On February 11th, I-Octane demolished a club in Houston Texas with the crowd favorite "No Love Inna Dem". Hitting the stage at about 2:30 a.m., cameras and lighters lit up the venue with pinpoints of light, as each song earned thunderous forwards.

Flava Entertainment, the promoters of this event stated that "I-Octane's performance was one of the most memorable performances in their history of hosting stage shows.”

After Houston, Texas it was off to Arcata, California, where Octane modified his set to please the herb loving, laid-back, old school reggae music type of crowd. He opened his set with with 'I A Cry" followed by 'Different Page', however the standout song of the night was 'Puff It', and he was forced to pull up the song no fewer than five times.

After that smashing performance, he headed to Oakland, California where I -Octane met up with fellow dancehall deejay Spragga Benz for an epic show. I Octane was in marquis form, hitting the stage with Mine Who You a Dis and immediately had the packed nightclub jumping. This song was followed by a steady stream of hits as the crowd loved every minute of his performance, requesting an encore of every song.
Then, the excitement went up yet another notch when I-Octane introduced Spragga Benz on stage and deafening cheers greeted their collaboration single 'Hurt Mi".

The next day, I-Octane was off to Fairfax California where he performed with a live band, delivering 50 minutes of non-stop hits after hits, capping his stint with an encore performance of 'One Love".

Then I-Octane jetted several hundred miles across the country to Miami. He performed in front of a sold out crowd who sang his songs word for word every song. Jr. Flexx was quoted as saying, "I- Octane is a true performer, I can’t remember the last time I saw an artist hold the attention of a packed house for 45 minutes".

He left his Miami performance and headed straight to the airport, and took off for Long Beach, California where he performed in front of an audience of 30,000 plus reggae music loving fans during the Raggamuffin Festival. I-Octane shared the stage with reggae icons such as Freddie McGregor, and Richie Spice on the last day of the 30th anniversary of this historic festival. Octane hit the stage after a stellar performance by the Queen of Reggae Marcia Griffths and before Gentleman and Reggae icons Israel Vibrations. I-Octane went on stage performing 'No Love Inna Dem', 'Mine Who you a Dis and a crowd favourite, “Badder than dem" which had the reggae loving crowd jumping.

I-Octane then eased the pace to serenade all the ladies in the venue with the sweet “Missing You”. He then provided one of the most memorable moments of the festival when he delivered a touching rendition of Lose a Friend while the 30,000 strong crowd waved lighters and hand-held devices, illuminating the entire stadium.

One impressed fan commented: “This was the first time in my 15 years of attending this Festival that I have jumped so much, I loved I-Octane’s performance, hope to see him next year"

The following day, he performed at the 30th anniversary to San Diego Tribute to the Legends Festival alongside Richie Spice, Marcia Griffiths, Horace Andy, Freddie McGreggor, and Bunny Wailer. I-Octane closed his set with a tribute to Robert Nesta Marley and performed 'One Love'.

He ended that leg of his tour with performances in Chicago, Illinois, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, before returning to Jamaica to deliver a standout performance at the Magnum Follow Di Arrow show at James Bond Beach in St. Mary. Octane showed incredible stamina and maturity to deliver a brilliant, high-energy set that ignited the
crowd, a truly remarkable feat given his a grueling tour schedule that saw him crisscross the United States over the previous three weeks.


The controversial Flossing King, Flippa Mafia is definitely on track. His newest single, Star Ah Star, on the TJ Records label is kicking up rumpus in Jamaica, even as the jovial Flippa continues to enjoy life in the US.

Flippa, known for chronicling his over-the-top high rolling in his songs, signals his return to dancehall with this rollicking number that explains exactly who is a ‘star’. And, of course, in true Flippa style, he throws a few punches – but he insists it just a “music ting”.

“Everybody know that a me say ‘floss’ and I will always say ‘floss’,” Flippa said in a recent telephone interview. “So when we say ‘star a star’ we mean that if you a roll out inna a Benz truck you haffi also have the car,” Flippa said seriously. “It’s all about matching. You can’t step down from a X5 to a Corolla,” he added.

Flippa, who is the owner of a Porsche truck – which is carefully parked in a garage in Jamaica -- says he has sent for the Porsche car. And that is the vehicle that will be featured in the Star Ah Star video.

But, on the flip side, Flippa also had words of wisdom for those high rollers who are so focused on acquiring vehicles and popping champagne and Hennessey at dances that they neglect the most basic thing – the house.

“Remember that you house haffi set up good first. At the end of the night, you cyaan seh you own a Benz house or a Bimmer house. Your house is your castle. You work hard for what you have, so you have to set up your house with all the comforts first, and then you can floss from dusk till dawn,” advised the deejay whose controversial single, Unfinished House, secured a number one slot on the charts in 2009 .

Meanwhile, the Flossing King says he is happy that the dancehall has embraced Star Ah Star and he is busy in the studio ensuring that come summer he will be the one to watch.

“The dancehall did a go astray and now that we come back we haffi represent fi di youth dem. The summer is going to be scorching,” Flippa Mafia promised.

March 02, 2011


CONTROVERSIAL deejay Vybz Kartel has admitted that many of his actions are engineered to draw attention to himself and by extension his musical career.

Speaking in reference to the bleaching of his skin, Kartel noted that "people are like sheep and I am the shepherd, they are easy to lead. So when me seh, cool dung mi face with the cake soap, it's just more fame and more money for Vybz Kartel".

He added that the only thing one can expect from him is the unexpected, explaining that he has changed his hairstyle many times depending on his mood.

According to Kartel, the cycle continues as the set of persons he mentioned earlier never seem to realise what is happening and so they continue to buy into his actions.

The deejay, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, also touched on the issue of payola in the local music industry. He categorically states that he has never offered money to a radio jock to have his music played, noting that he would prefer to quit as a deejay. He went on to highlight that he has never had the need to pay, considering that his music usually makes it to radio anyway.