February 28, 2010

Stacious tops females at Follow Di Arrow, LISA HYPE BOTTLED

Stacious delivered a brilliant performance this morning at Magnum Follow Di Arrow, stealing the female segment of the show. However, it is Lisa Hype who is the focal point of most conversations as fans disect the show as she did the heretofore unthinkable, dissed Bounty Killer in front of a partisan audience. And what's more, she emerged from the experience relatively unscathed.
Tiki started well but overstayed her welcome while Ikaya was quite good, stunning everyone with her poise and onstage delivery.

She hit the stage singing her top ten hit, Good Up, and immediately fire rockets lit the night sky. She introduced her songs well explaining her beef with Macka Diamond, and when she called up Unicorn and they did the controversial
Calling Up Mi Name together, they earned a huge forward. However, her set was marred when Unicorn was roundly booed when he tried to deejay another song dissing Macka Diamond. The crowd was not in the mood for it but Ikaya showed great poise and determination by remaining onstage and completing her set.

Next up was Stacious was arguably gave the best performance among the females. Introduced as the Queen of the Gully Squad by emcee Ragashanti, she hit the stage singing Goodas Clap, then segued neatly into Nah Gi None. The diss song directed at Lisa Hype earned at least three forwards for choice lines such as 'shine daddy john like soldier man boot', and "when mi over Gullyside ah buss shotty, yu over Big Yard ah suck cocky'. She also took a jab at Nuffy as well with a harsh 69 reference.
She then did two of her popular tracks, Good Life and Fight Back before closing with Eenie Meenie Minie Mo, a song out of her older catalogue which she revamped with new lyrics. She got a big forward when she referred to Vybz Kartel saying, 'mi nah de wid him because mi no waan get no lick'.
Macka Diamond came onstage armed with a prop, that of a picture of her son, saying she did not want to disgrace herself even though they were trying to 'draw her out'. Her attack against Unicorn lacked real venom and sting and her set soon fizzled. She closed on a high note when she declared "mi want a cocky long like the one Lisa Hype a lick'.
Surprisingly, Queen Paula crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. The writing appeared to be on the wall when a man in the VIP section declared loudly 'she old eh!'. She attempted to deejay a few bars of a song but the crowd volleyed a crescendo of boos towards the stage. She exited post haste.

Face generated a lot of excitement in a short spicy stint where she levelled allegations that Paula ah gring off Macka, and that Paula had - get this - a pum pum face. The crowd roared with laughter at the latter remark and bawled out for 'more'. She closed with a peppery verse which ended with a reference to Paula saying 'inna yu bleach out face, mi waan chuck yu'.

Nuffy introduced Lisa Hyper with much fanfare, even listing out all her names and monickers, Lisa Swiper included. She hit the stage to a big roar from the crowd when she declared: 'a who dem a bloodcloth ramp wid?'. She deejayed Death Sentence making direct references to Stacious. She got a forward but then made a cardinal, but maybe calculated error to diss the Warlord before what has been traditionally an Alliance crowd.
She deejayed: "Bounty go St. Thomas go fuck off the donkey". She got an immediate roar of approval from the Gaza section, followed by loud boos from the Alliance fans.
A Magnum bottle whizzed dangerously close to her right temple and she stepped back in time for a few other missiles to drop harmlessly at her feet. To her credit, Lisa Hype appeared unmoved and continued to deejay her songs. One irate man in the VIP section of the crowd threw what looked like a large square of white paper at her.
She hissed at him: "Bet say mi stay ya so and fuck yu up right de so". She deejayed a final song as the tension mounted in the venue before Nuffy ushered her off the stage.
Source: one876entertainment

February 26, 2010


The house of former Portmore Empire member Blak Ryno was shot up Yesterday February 25th, by unknown assailants.

Checks with the Waterford Police station confirmed that shots had indeed been fired at a house in Waterford but the station officer could not confirm whose house or whether anyone had been injured in the attack.

"Shots were fired at a house in Waterford in the morning and police were at the scene but we don't have any other details because the officers have not filed the report as yet," the officer said.

Blak Ryno announced his decision to leave the Portmore Empire on Wednesday February 24th.

I-Octane returns from successful Europe tour

Singly I-Octane is now back in Jamaica following his successful stint in Europe with fellow artistes Duane Stephenson and Tarrus Riley.
“I’m feeling good about the whole experience. Honestly it makes me realise my true status,” said I-Octane said upon his return to Jamaica.
According to him to see the Europeans reaching out to him, reacting with excitement when he performed any of his songs was a revelation as he wasn’t aware that his songs were so known over there. “Since the tour started there has not been a performance that I didn’t receive an encore for,” he said unable to hide the pleased not in his voice.
“The experience also made me feel really appreciated,” the singjay explained pointing out that for fans to come out to the venues in places such as Germany, Sweden and France in the bitter cold was a big statement in itself.
Birmingham and London were the final stops on the tour before the team made their way back to Jamaica.
Now back on the rock, I-Octane is once again turning his attention to recording even more singles to unleash in the dancehall. So far he has recorded My Life for producer DJ Fras, this week he will be shooting the video for another of his new singles Think A Little.

February 25, 2010


In what could be a crippling blow to the fortunes of the Portmore Empire, one of its leading members, DJ Blak Ryno, has chosen to exit the troubled crew, making it the third high-profile exit in only eight weeks,
"Mi a leave the Empire...is not anything to do with financial problems or nothing, mi just a leave, star," a pensive-sounding Blak Ryno said earlier today.

Efforts to get a comment from Portmore Empire head Vybz Kartel, or Gaza publicist, Claude Mills were unsuccessful.
Sources say that the tension had been brewing for some time and that Blak Ryno felt that the time was right to call it quits.
"Him mussi feel say him can mek it on him own, so him can cut now. Him nah come ah the studio regular from wah day ya and yu coulda feel say something wrong," one source told the website.
Ryno's exit follows those of Gaza Kim, who opted out of her management contract after she was allegedly beaten on the Gaza, and Lisa Hyper, who was unceremoniously dismissed after her performance at Sting 2009, and weeks after photos had emerged on the Internet with her performing a sexual act on an unknown male.

February 24, 2010

Duane Stephenson European tour thrilling

Sold-out venues, great performances, patrons singing songs word-for-word and bitter cold were the memories singer Duane Stephenson shared of his recently-concluded European tour.
Looking like he has lost a few pounds, Duane admitted that with the weather in Europe being what it was, “I didn’t leave my hotel room in search of food or anything else. I had one meal per day and went outside only when it was time to go to the venue — either for rehearsal or for show-time.”
For Duane, Tarrus Riley and I-Octane, it was the first time all three cultural singers were touring Europe, although they have all had one-off shows in various countries there. However, according to Stephenson, the reception was wonderful — from Germany to Sweden to France — and there was high demand for the package from various promoters. They even had to do a show on a scheduled day-off in France.
“The first show was completely sold-out and there were still a lot of people wanting to come in. So the promoters asked us if we would do a second show the following night and we agreed,” Duane recalled.
So, with less than a day of promotion, the event was staged and, by all accounts things went well.
“We got a 75% full venue and it turned out to be a wonderful show. Patrons knew the songs, they were into the culture and they had an appreciation for the level of consciousness that all three of us demonstrate through our craft,” he noted.
Now back in Jamaica, Duane is overcoming jet lag and settling back into the warmth of the island.
“It’s all system go as I focus on finishing my album which will be released BY VP Records later this year,” he explained.

Ikaya declares a lyrical war for Magnum Follow Di Arrow

This Saturday’s staging of Magnum Follow Di Arrow set to take place at the James Bond Beach in Oracabessa, St Mary is shaping up to be an all out lyrical war between the female deejays.
The latest song to hit the streets in anticipation of the onstage battle comes from upcoming artiste Ikaya, who has released Kill di Whole a Dem .
The hardcore, totally raw track takes aim at deejays Macka Diamond and Lisa Hyper, and the artiste makes her intention clear as she stress that “a gwaan kill off di whole a dem.”
“I have something to prove at Follow Di Arrow and I will be coming to do just that,” Ikaya said about her upcoming performance.
“As long as everyone knows it’s just a lyrical clash, nothing personal. I have nothing against the artistes in question...I just want to prove that I can take on the best and come out victorious,” Ikaya pointed out.

February 22, 2010


Jamaican Dancehall sensation Clifford Smith AKA Mr. Vegas, with mega hits Heads High, I Am Blessed and Do You Know, is the second Jamaican Artists to be banned from performing in Grenada by the 19-month old NDC administration, in less than a year.
The popular entertainer was scheduled to perform in Grenada for the first time in just under two years at the popular Karma night club in St. Georges Grenada, on Sat Feb 27th 2010.
According to the promoter of the event Steve Duncan, this one came as a shock. No specific reasons were given by the Ministry of Labour for the refusal of the work permits.
Inside sources has hinted that the refusal may have been as a result of one particular song from the Artists which contains derogatory remarks about women that behave in a negative manner.
Mr. Vegas has recorded over four popular dancehall/reggae Albums to date.
Duncan also stated that over $30,000.00 was already invested in bookings and promotions for the event, and that no indication of a problem was hinted when the application for the work permit was made some four weeks ago.
When asked about how this development was going to impact on his business in these difficult times, his response was simply “devastating”. “If this Government is placing a ban on a particular number of Caribbean Artists, then that should be public knowledge and should be brought to the attention of the promoters when the application for the work permit is made, says Duncan, one of Grenada’s most popular event promoters and owner of the Islands largest nightclub, Karma. “I sought to get an explanation from the Minister of Labour, Honorable Carl Hood, and to explain my plight, only to have the phone hung up on me. This is not the first time that this has happened”.
Just recently a similar complaint was given by manager of a local night club in the south of the island.
Source: www.weefmgrenada.com




Over the years when an artiste needed a forward in the Jamaican dancehall sphere all they had to do was bawl out JAH and the crowd would shout RASTAFARI or they would utter some lyrics about ALL WHO NUH LIKE B***YMAN mek mi see you gun hand or ALL WHO NUH LIKE LESBIAN mek mi see you hand or from you know say you nah BOW mek mi see you hand and the crowd who rail furiously. Nowadays it seems the tide is changing.

Now we have female artistes singing about nothing being wrong with engaging in fellatio. Once upon a time that was frowned upon, now you will see men who would otherwise not move in a dance pumping their hands like they just won a race. We even have male deejays, Fudgie Springer anyone, encouraging females to give a polish and shine and women in the dancehall rail up carry on bad like they just heard that they won the lotto. Interesting indeed. Yet when Cecile sang do it do me baby, she was chastised no end. I suppose she was a ‘HEAD' of her time or maybe it is that women don't value themselves that much or our males don't place any value on women except on their dagger ability. I wonder what would happen if Cecile were to sing that song in Jamaica now, check it out on the Coolie Dance Riddim. I could go down the road of hypocrisy regarding the attendees at the dancehall and the selectors since it is a well known fact that many of the male selectors have a grand appetite for the punnany not only for slicing but for biting. That is a whole 'nother topic. Many have been known to devour the 'rending meat' with juices still fresh on their palate before they carry on in the dance, conduct a survey if in doubt.

Many women cry about inequality yet Tanya Stephens must be the only one who from early out who sang about a man goggling. How is it that women jump up and endorse fellatio yet none are deejaying or singing about cunnilingus and the women who go to the dancehall are not requesting this kind of music. Maybe they have been brainwashed by the music.

Now moving happily along to the issue of gays, anyone who attends a dancehall session now will notice that the forwards for shooting up gays are getting less and less and gaining prominence are the number of plucked eyebrows, tight pants, shirt and brief men [even if their rotund paunches resemble a woman 4 months pregnant] who take up the dancing space. Surely, it cannot just be the external pressures from groups like GLAAD even though they would certainly be glad to see how the men who fight for the video light would rival any of their compatriots in a gay parade; actually they would out dress and out dance them any day.

As a matter fact, it could be argued that the music nowadays does not lend itself to bodily socialization of the opposites sexes instead it seems like it encourage men to run out together or women to dance and massage themselves. At least when daggering was in swing, the men would touch the women albeit outrageously so.

Lord, even Shebada's party is the big to do these days with Ragashanti, Milk & Lisa Hyper all making appearances. Maybe we will soon have Rupaul & Wendy Williams as guests on Sting now that would sting wouldn't it.

February 19, 2010


Whether it’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, there’s a dancehall session any night, and as they say, “pick you choice, the whole a dem nice.” And as the vibe of the dancehall scene continues to blaze, a new session is about to join the mix- Hennessy Fridays.
This new and what the promoter calls an “exciting, eagerly anticipated event” kicks off tonight, Friday 19 and the location is 36 Burlington Avenue, right across from Ston Love HQ where Weddy Weddy is held each Wednesday night.
“As the name implies, it is sponsored by Hennessy and, as we all know, this is one drink that flows well in the dancehall,” the organisers said.
Keeping the juggling intense will be ZJ Liquid, Vertex, Stone Love and Renaissance.
Ladies will enter the venue free. Hennessy Fridays now joins the list of weekly events including Wet Sundays, Uptown Mondays, Boasy Tuesdays, Weddy, Passa Passa, Alliance Thursdays, Backshot Fridays and Colour Me Single (Saturdays)

February 17, 2010



Flippa drops new single on the Rooftop riddim

Zip jock, DJ Rose’s newest riddim, the Rooftop is already bubbling and among the songs that seem chart bound is Flippa Mafia’s girls’ tune, Nah Lef Him Again.
An easy winner, radio quickly picked up on this single and has been showing the Flossing King lots of love.
“I really appreciate the fact that the song has been getting its fair share of play on radio and in the dancehall,” commented, Flippa, who was one of the nominees for the recently held Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards.
Although he didn’t win the award, Flippa took time out to thank his fans and the organizers of the award for the nomination. “I appreciate the fact that I was considered and this gives me the strength and the drive to work harder,” he said.
The deejay, who enjoyed a fruitful season all of last year, has upped the ante for 2010 and has been busy working on new singles to keep the streets kicking. High on Flippa’s agenda for this year also is his album project which will see him working alongside some of the biggest names in music.
“I have to remember my target audience and try to build on that,” the Mafia said. “And that’s why I have to keep myself current by giving fans what they like, and also win over new fans. This album will be still the Flossing King, but it will have a lot of versatility,” he promised.
His other releases include a combination with dancer-turned-deejay, Ding Dong and selector Cutty called Knock Off and Grudge on the DNA riddim produced by TJ Records.

February 15, 2010


I-Octane’s Lose A Friend is triumphant this week to hold the #1 position while Demarco with True Friend pose to a threat to clinch the Shot To Watch at #2. Mavado didn’t Hope & Pray enough as he slips in the #3space from #1. Whilst Mr. Vegas’ Gallis holds firm at #4 for yet another week. Hot sexy Ikaya moves Good Up in the top five position to seize the #5 spot. Again, Voicemail and Busy Signal with Dance The Night Away grips the Greatest Gainer title moving another three places up the chart at #8.
This week the chart has two New Entries, first from Vybz Kartel withSlow Motion making its way in at #18 and the other entry is from sexyCecile with Nah Stress in at #20 both is off the Big Yard Music label.



01 Assassin - Wanna Be Ballaz - Ballaz Prod.
02 Tiana ft. Chi Ching Ching – Skippin Feelin - Media House
03 Baby Tash - Facebook - Yellow Moon
04 Junnior Reid - I’m So Crazy - Sankofa Prod.
05 Beenie Man - Ever Clean - Young Blood
Compilation was done based on information received from the following Sound Systems, Record Shops and Club: Derrick Harriot – Record Shop – St. Andrew, TNG Muzik-Sound System-Kingston, Love Stone–Sound System- Portland, Lazeme- Sound System- Westmoreland, Unique Super Mix–Sound System- St. Catherine, Copper Shot- Sound System- St. Andrew

Ikaya shoots Money Ova Man music video

Outaroad artiste Ikaya shot the video for her single Money Ova Man on Tuesday February 9th, 2010 of last week under the direction of Renee of Scorpio 21.
The video was shot on location in Cherry Gardens and other uptown spots and had scene in it where Ikaya was overlooking the city “It was an exhilarating feeling. I felt as if the city was all mine!” she said.
According to Ikaya the video is now in the editing stages and she expects it to be premiered real soon.
Money Ova Man since its release has been getting a lot of rotation on the local stations and Ikaya is confident that the release of the video will make the song even more popular.
Other things in the pipeline for the female DJ is her upcoming performance on Follow Di Arrow set to take place on Saturday, February 27 at James Bond Beach in St Mary.
“I can’t wait to hit the stage cause I really want to show the dancehall massive just what I am capable of, I got a taste at Sting...but I have a lot more to prove,” she confidently stated.

February 12, 2010


Cultural singer I-Octane is now sitting at the top of the Hype TV Top 20 Charts with the single Lose A Friend. The music video for the song is also in contention for the number one spot on Caribvibeztv.com video countdown.
Ever since its release, the song has been getting heavy rotation on both the local and international airwaves.
According to selectors at some of the weekly dances whenever the song is played they constantly have to “pull up” as it’s one of those songs that receives huge forwards.
I-Octane is presently on tour in Europe with fellow artistes Tarrus Riley and Duane Stephenson where he has already made stops in Bordeaux and Montpellier in France, Stuttgart and Wuppertal in Germany, Prague, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, and Amsterdam in Holland.
According to I-Octane it is a humbling experience for him. “I have not released an album yet, but the kind of reception I am receiving here is amazing,” he commented about his tour in progress.


Confident, independent girl Ce’Cile is “preeing the present” and proclaiming to all and sundry that “ova no man (she) nah siddung and fret, cause a million more a tek set”. This is the chorus from her latest single, which has been floating through the air waves with amazing regularity.
Balancing her swagger on this catchy tune, appropriately entitled, Nah Stress, Ce’cile looks to score with this energetic girls’ anthem. Produced by Big Yard on the Street Bullies riddim, Nah Stress is a real walk out song — “relationship done, you know a me lef’ — that the females can readily identify with and have been requesting both in the dancehall and on radio.
“It’s a song of empowerment for the ladies,” Ce’Cile says with her ever-confident smile. “The message is that there is too much to live for to allow a failed relationship to make a woman sit down and get depressed. Of course, a healthy relationship is important but if it’s not working, then it’s move up time,” she said.
Ce’Cile, who recently took home the Excellence in Music and Entertainment award for Best Dressed Female, is known for her consistency, whether as her Bad Gyal alter ego, or as Ce’Cile.
She has swaggered off to a running start for 2010, and in addition to Nah Stress, she has been rocking the airwaves with the Don Corleone-produced single, Anything, on the Feminine riddim.

February 11, 2010


Whether it’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, there’s a dancehall session any night, and as they say, “pick you choice, the whole a dem nice.” And as the vibe of the dancehall scene continues to blaze, a new session is about to join the mix- Hennessy Fridays.
This new and what the promoter calls an “exciting, eagerly anticipated event” kicks off on Friday, Friday 19 and the location is 36 Burlington Avenue, right across from Ston Love HQ where Weddy Weddy is held each Wednesday night.
“As the name implies, it is sponsored by Hennessy and, as we all know, this is one drink that flows well in the dancehall,” the organisers said.
Keeping the juggling intense will be ZJ Liquid, Vertex, Stone Love and Renaissance.
Ladies will enter the venue free. Hennessy Fridays now joins the list of weekly events including Wet Sundays, Uptown Mondays, Boasy Tuesdays, Weddy, Passa Passa, Alliance Thursdays, Backshot Fridays and Colour Me Single (Saturdays)

February 08, 2010


By Starapple

We have certainly come a long way in the dancehall. In the 70's - 90's we had a smattering of females in the dancehall, but 2010 we have more numbers and not only that, but more airplay. Let's see we have Dawn Penn, Sister Nancy, Lady G, Lady Saw, Macka Diamond, Queen Paula, Tifa, Stacious, Timberlee, Cecile, Natalie Storm, Tessanne Chynn, Tami Chynn, Shema, Alaine,
Ishawna, Aisha, Denyque, Baby Tash, Face, Ikaya, Lisa Hyper, Spice and I could go on and on and on. Point is not only are there numbers, but there is airplay and more appearances at stage shows locally and overseas.

Having done the rounds at studios and hanging with the men and speaking with those in the fraternity and outside of the fraternity you would be amazed at how far we have come. Once upon a time you would hear real sordid stories about how a female artiste would have to give it up [no need for gross writing here] over and over before she could get on a riddim and even then her song might get a regular mix or not even appear on the track listing. You would even hear of the men styling the women is the most demeaning of ways, regardless of whether she has talent or not.

It pleases me now that the women are getting more airplay and have more presence despite the fact that the men still dominate the charts. If you scrutinize any chart carefully the top 10 is predominantly comprised of males, which are unless they have a combination with a male. Most times the songs that are in the top 10 are not necessarily the best.

What I find particularly disturbing is that in this day and age when more women are matriculating into higher institutions of learning and more of them are graduating and holding positions of power; when more of the female artistes are high school graduates and possess more knowledge that their predecessors, why is it that more of their lyrics are not empowering
Tessanne, Aisha, Tami, Shema, Denyne, Raine Seville aside.

Most of their lyrics revolve around the glue that they have, the tightness of their thing, how firm their bodies are, their ability to 'tek' your man, how well they can swallow the male 'member', how they would deal with their matey and other base lyrics. Is this what women want for themselves, is this the true mark of success? It confounds me that the majority of the lyrics revolve around these topics. How different are their lyrics from the men? Why is it that a 'good' song does not have to contain these lyrics?

It was so refreshing to hear that new song with Michael Bolton and Tami Chynn 'Can You Feel Me' and the new Shaggy and Tessanne 'Never Let You Go', Top 10 Billboard qualities without going to menial, common lyrical construction.

All sorts of songs can be accommodated, but don’t the men do enough of a slice and dice job of degrading women already, why do we feel the need to do the same of ourselves? Certainly we can sing about more than just about what lies below our necks.

We Say It How We See It

February 04, 2010


Easily one of the hottest females in the game, Baby Tash is generating major buzz with her new Facebook video which is currently at #7 on the HYPE TV VTX video top ten and #7 on the RE TV MVP Top 10 video countdown.
The saucy tech-savvy single has been bombing FM radio into submission since it was released last year.
She had a busy Christmas season where she performed on a number of major shows including Pepsi Teensplash, West Kingston Jamboree and the Jagra GT Taylor Christmas Xtravaganza.
The media critics raved at length over her powerful, energetic performances and her tight, well-rehearsed sets, and industry insiders and promoters believe that she has the goods to be a bonafide star. She has been added to the lineup of the Magnum Follow Di Arrow show on February 27th, and she will be one of the headliners at the RJR Communication Group’s Cross Country promotions FROM February 5th – March 6th 2010.
Under the management of Ray Alexander, she has been growing into a recording powerhouse as well. Her first single Mix Up was produced by the experienced Scatta Burrell, while the video was directed by highly sought-after, award-winning director, Jay Will. It was among the nominees for the coveted Hype TV Video of the Year Award for 2008. Now, she has cranked up her profile with the popular, socially conscious Nah Bleach and Facebook, so there’s no looking back for this bodacious Spanish Town resident.
“The people have really responded to Facebook, everywhere I go, people approach say they love the song and the video as well. And I have some new things for them in the 2010, just look out for it,” Baby Tash said.
Baby Tash is emphatic that she will not be ‘boxed’ into any one genre and is eager and ready to share her positive messages across musical lines. Established producers, impressed with her work ethic and her EXCITING sound, have begun sending beats her way.
“Dancehall is all about being creative; we have to mix up the thing and ensure that the crossover appeal is there, I will be doing some mad things this year,” she said.
You can bet a year’s salary on it. Word.

Good Up Good Up Ikaya’s Birthday Bash Saturday

On Saturday at the Outa A Road Headquarters, 83 Constant Spring Road, Ikaya will be celebrating her big day with friends and fans.
The event will see performances from artistes such as Gyptian, Unicorn, Merciless Capleton, Fantan Mojah, Ras Penco, Jigsy King, Rage, Tiki, Tyrical, among others.
“Of course there will be other top acts passing through, it may be my birthday, but there will be a lot of surprises in store for patrons,” Ikaya said a secretive smile playing about her lips.
With fun being the name of the game the upcoming artiste is encouraging everyone to come out and celebrate her day with her.
To ensure that the musical vibes continues non stop music will be provided by Zj Liquid, DJ Sunshine, Moschino and the Fresh Team among others.

February 02, 2010


It’s been all systems go for singer Duane Stephenson, who’s on his first full tour of European continent.
The two-week journey, which kicked off on January 26 in Toulouse, France will see the singer touching down in various countries throughout the continent, as he promotes reggae music and what he calls “all the positives vibes”.
Duane has already performed in Madrid, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal and Bordeaux , Montpelier and Paris in France. A day off on Tuesday, will give him just enough time to catch his breath as he prepares for a hectic days ahead which will see him doing shows non-stop from February 3 to February 14.
“It comes with the territory and as artistes we just have to strength up physically and otherwise to take the trod. Music is what we do and we have to make every effort to respond to the call and to show that we appreciate the call,” the singer said.
Duane, who is on tour with Tarrus Riley, I-Octane and the Black Soil band led by saxophonist extraordinaire and producer/song-writer, Dean Fraser, is eagerly anticipating
He travels to the German city of Wuppertal on Wednesday for a performance inside the U-Club, after which the team moves to the Prague in the Czech Republic, Vasteras in Sweden, Zurich, Struttgard, two cities in Holland — Amsterdam and Rotterdam — and then returns to Sweden, this time Stockholm.
With no scheduled rest day, the group moves to Ghent in Belgium and from there to the United Kingdom where they will have three performances. On Friday, Duane will be in Manchester, Saturday will be Birmingham at the Sapphire Club and Valentine’s Day, February 14 the tour ends with a concert at the Brixton Academy in London.

I-Octane European tour going well

Singjay I-Octane is enjoying some positive energy on his European tour which kicked off on January 25. If he needed any proof that his voice has stretched across the globe he got it when he made his first stop at Toulouse in France, then Barcelonia, Spain where he had a huge turnout of Reggae lovers who didn’t seem to have a problem with the language barrier.

According to I-Octane it was a humbling experience for him and one that has seen him even more motivated to make an even greater impact on the international scene.

“I’m not even sure if they understand some of the words I was chanting on stage, but to see the way they embraced me, well that’s a feeling I cannot put into words,” he said.

From Spain, I-Octane will be moving on to Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and England.

On the local scene I-Octane is enjoying success with his latest single Lose A Friend which is now perched in the #2 position on the Hype TV Top 20 Singles Chart.



February 01, 2010




Beyoncé made history at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. In addition to being the evening’s biggest winner, the singer became the most awarded woman in one night in the 52-year history of the awards show.
Beyoncé collected six trophies on Sunday, including Song of the Year for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).” “I’d love to thank my family for all of their support, including my husband. I love you,” she said to Jay-Z in her acceptance speech. The wins bring her total to 13 solo Grammys.
Other big winners included Taylor Swift with four, Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas, and Kings of Leon with three each, and Lady Gaga, Eminem, Kanye West, Maxwell, and Rihanna taking home two apiece.
Song of the Year: “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” – Beyoncé

Record of the Year: “Use Somebody” – Kings of Leon

Album of the Year: Fearless – Taylor Swift

Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals: “I Gotta Feeling” – Black Eyed Peas

Best Pop Vocal Album: The E.N.D. – Black Eyed Peas

Best Dance Recording: “Poker Face” – Lady Gaga

Best Electronic/Dance Album: The Fame – Lady Gaga

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance: “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” – Beyoncé

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance: “Pretty Wings” – Maxwell

Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals: “Blame It” – Jamie Foxx & T-Pain

Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance: “At Last” – Beyoncé

Best R&B Song: “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” – Beyoncé

Best R&B Album: BLACKsummers’Night – Maxwell

Best Contemporary R&B Album: I Am… Sasha Fierce – Beyoncé

Best Rap Solo Performance: “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” – Jay-Z

Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group: “Crack a Bottle” – Eminem, Dr. Dre, & 50 Cent

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: “Run This Town” – Jay-Z, Rihanna, & Kanye West

Best Rap Song: “Run This Town” – Jay-Z, Rihanna, & Kanye West

Best Rap Album: Relapse – Eminem
Source: rap-up.com