October 29, 2008

Jah Cure for Soundcheck on BETJ

International Reggae singer Jah Cure will be a special guest on BETJ's new programme, Soundcheck on November 8. Jah Cure along with his Iyah Cure band and backup singers shot the programme at the CPTC studio on an acoustic set in front of a live audience.
On November 8 at 8:30 pm, BETJ audiences worldwide will see the Danger Zone recording artiste perform favourites like 'Jamaica', 'My Life', 'Freedom', 'Longing For', 'Journey' and 'Reflections'.
BETJ's new Soundcheck programme will also feature other top Jamaican artistes. Tune in for a wonderful experience!!

True Story has a story to tell

They may be young, but brothers Kepha and Daniyah Gordon tell their True Story with a maturity well beyond their years. Together, each poses an entertainment triple threat: singer, dancer, lyricist.
Born to a large working-class family in Toronto, Canada, Kepha (16) and Daniyah (14) showed signs of their unique talents at an early age.
The inseparable siblings began to write about the world they were seeing, determined to make a difference with positive messages woven into catchy hooks. The new EP is an R&B crossover sound reminiscent of radio-friendly acts like Musical Youth, ATL, and B2K.
Featuring conscious lyrics, danceable beats, and silky vocals, "Schoolyard" warns against the dangers of falling into the wrong crowd, while "Sometimes" portrays the sexual pressures faced by teens. The story of a family living in poverty is told in "Everyday," and the reggae-flavoured "Things Happen" (inspired by a true story) addresses the image problem faced by young Black men when dealing with the police. And "Solo" is a straight-up club-thumper, built to get feet on the dancefloor.
Kepha, whose husky voice evokes shades of Omarion, prides himself on his skills as a choreographer—dancing practically before he could walk! He is continually growing as a songwriter, composing his ownmusic and branching out his talents into acting, television, and theatre. Kepha has appeared in stage productions of Romeo and Juliet, Snow White, and The Prince And The Pauper (Richmond Rose Productions), and was the Junior Choreographer and ensemble cast member for Randolph Academy's production of The Wiz.
Daniyah began singing to entertain his close-knit family, but soon became a forceful creative partner to his brother. His voice is more allusive to a young Michael Jackson. Like Kepha, Daniyah is also an actor, appearing as Dre (lead) in the TV series Da Kink In My Hair and as Tyler (principal) in TV series The Weight; as Ciel (lead) in Charles Officer's film Nurse.Fighter.Boy; and in two seasons of Our Town (Soulpepper Main Stage). Daniyah also appeared in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (20th Century Fox), Disney's Jump In, and in television commercials for Hasbro and Hess Toy Trucks.
Boasting an inspiring positivity and infectious sound, these two boys have arrived on the scene with a refreshing debut and a story to tell. With widespread appeal and a broad range of talent, True Story are poised to hit the pop and R&B industry full-force.

October 26, 2008

Morgan Heritage is set on keeping the top spot as Nothing To Smile About holds onto the #1 position for another week on HYPE TV CHART

Morgan Heritage is set on keeping the top spot as Nothing To Smile About holds onto the #1 position for another week. The single is spending its third week in this coveted position. I guess after meeting the Suriname’s President, Ronald Venetiaan it’s only fair they stay there.
Konshens with Winner has claimed the Shot To Watch title for another week and holds steadily on to the #2 place on the chart. As he’s anxiously awaits the chart’s conscience to set him free to the number one spot, so he can be a true champ.
Assassin’s Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gal seems set on creating mayhem as it slowly gains momentum for the number one position. This week the single jumps one place up to the #3 spot leaving the #4 place. Though Mr Jeffery is a bit quiet locally, he made quite an impact on the patrons with his performance at Champions in Action last Saturday.
The ‘dagger master’ Mr. Vegas is still holding firm as one the top five as the single Daggering clenches the #4 position on the chart. Although it is gradually slips down, it has held the number one title for four weeks.
The veteran holds still, George Nooks with Rest Your Love On Me claims the #5 position for another week. The single is spending its eleventh week on the chart.
Buju Banton as the Gargamel with Sleepless Night is this week Greatest Gainer. The track has jumped a whopping three places up, to make its way at the #12 position leaving from #15. Watch out, Gargamel knows what it takes to be number one.
This week’s New Entry goes to Ms Triniti featuring Beenie Man with Burnin, Burnin taking hold of the #20 position. The single is from the Unseen Lab label. We’ll watch to see how much she’s able to burn to get to the desirable number one spot.


October 23, 2008

Canada Suss

• What a way History Dance a Canada sell off!! A di biggest ting fi hit Toronto, Canada a year time. Jason aka J Logix a di real big man, him a one a di hardest working man inna Canada, trust mi. Di man know how fi promote a dance an mek it one of di hottest ting inna Canada. Nuff respect to Jason and Nigel wey put on di dance. On Sunday, October 12 inside a di luxurious La Suhaag Banquet Hall, located at 75 Hedgedale Road in Brampton, History Dance did cork wid some a di hottest girls and man dem a party like real Jamaicans.

• Yow, the Jamaican Canadians dem consider History Dance fi dem red carpet affair. The hot Jamaican Canadian girls dem go all out wid di bashest hairstyle and the hottest outfit fi come star inna di videolight. Mi sey, yow the Jamaican Canadian dem a some a di hottest girls round here, trust mi. Nuh gal cyaan test dem wid hotness.

• By the way, a wah di Jamaican Canadian girl dem de pon. Mi sey, everyweh mi go a pare well rounded, big batty, firm titty gal mi si. Mi a wonda if a fowl pill or di injection ting or wah ‘cause it cyaan right. No sah! Di gal dem look sexy nuh ratid, wid some well rounded bumpa, bouncing breast and ting. A di fuss mi a si dat. Something ova deh gree wid dem bad, trust mi. And di man dem fully appreciate it.

• What a way di Jamaican Canadian dem love Barbee…man and woman alike. Mi sey, when she walk inna History Dance looking like a real Barbie doll the place get weak. Everybody want touch har or dance wid har or tek picture wid har. Mi sey, all when di dance done people line up for hours a wait fi tek picture wid Barbee. Di poor girl pose inna all different position till she weak. Mi couldn’t stand up inna dem deh high heels so long. No sah, mi woulda kick dem off long time and run go sidung. She good, trust mi. She was indeed the life of the party. Everybody a seh how she nice and sexy and dem love har vibes. Although the girl dem love are tuh just like di man dem, some girl get jealous bad if dem man even look Barbee way 'cause dat deh body woulda tek wey any gal man.

• Barbee has been hitting the gym big time. Di girl loose nuff weight and firm up and tings. Yuh fi see har now, woiah!! A now di man dem a go go crazy. With those hips, round butt, firm breasts and flat stomach, she nearly mad di Canada man dem. Di woman dem did affi hol on pon dem man tight.

• Mi sey, Ching Ching go a Canada go hype up di place like crazy. Di man have di whole Jamaican Canadian dem a live pon him slang. Everyweh yuh go di people dem deh pon “Everyday!! I don’t take risk, risk is expensive. I drink hennessy, my piss is expensive. My career tek off like a rocket, I have no space in my pocket.” Yow, di man hard, him full a lyrics like wow.

• Unuh check out Ching Ching new grills? Di man go a Canada go get some custom-made grills deh weh a tek life. Yow, di man sey di way di grills dem hard man haffi pay him fi smile, ‘cause dem grills deh too wicked fi show fi free. Only Ching Ching.

• A wha happen to di one Najair from Rebel T. Look like mi affi go nickname him Rubberman or Eraser. Mi sey, everyweh di man go him a offer a girl a back rub or foot rub or head rub or hand rub or fi rub some part a dem body. Mi affi wonder a wha tek him. Tru a him fuss time a Canada it get to him head or a because a di well rounded body Jamaican Canadian girl dem mek him head nuh good again.

• Yow, di one Son Son from the movie ‘Bashment’ aka Denzel from the movie ‘What Goes Around’ aka Noah Wid Di Power from New York decide sey him a go explore Canada a go a one neighbour. Mi sey, di people dem rush him him frighten. Him neva know sey a suh di movie ‘Bashment’ popular a Canada. Everybady a ball out sey ‘si Son Son deh!’ And want him autograph and fi tek picture wid him. Him couldn’t move. Him affi send up SOS fi get rescue. Bwoy, di Jamaican Canadian dem look Son Son bad!!

• But wait, come to tink of it, Son Son aka Denzel aka Noah multi-talented bad doah yuh nuh. Di man a one a did baddest selectors in di world, him is a wicked actor, comedian and impersonator. Suppose yuh hear di man impersonate some a di Jamaican artiste dem yuh woulda neva believe sey a nuh dem.

• Big up to Sandy and the Rapunzel crew!! The best hairstylists in Toronto, Canada. Located on Avenue Road, Rapunzel specializes in lace wigs, the new craze…and the secret of the stars. And Sandy and her girls are the experts at it. In fact, all the celebrities, hot Jamaican Canadian girls…no all the real Canadian women, black or white…who want the best lace wig know that Rapunzel is the place. Don’t worry Jamaica, Sandy and her crew are heading to the island in November for a lace wig workshop, so look out for it.

• Mi sey, di way how the movie ‘What Goes Around’ hot, the Jamaican Canadian dem bomb rush di Silver City theatre at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto for the Canadian premiere. The screenwriter/director Steve ‘Tehut Nine’ McAlpin was awed at the response to the movie and how the patrons were so into it, loving or hating the characters and so deep in the story as if they were a part of the movie. ‘What Goes Around’ is indeed a powerful movie looking at the serious consequences of irresponsible sexual action, interspersed with a lot of humour and very good acting. Everyone needs to see it. Trust mi!!

October 22, 2008

I-Octane’s Different Page gets new life

Since the release of his Different Page Video last week, the single seemed to have definitely found new life, propelled no doubt by the growing popularity of the video.
The video depicts the timely message of turning over a new leaf and getting rid of bad habits. You can’t fail to see the pain that is inflicted on others through hurtful callous actions. All this is stopped in its tracks by the handing of ‘a different page’ to the culprit.
I-Octane manages to get his message across in the well directed video by Anju Val and Junior Arrows.
The single which has already been a hit around the globe sitting at the top of various charts and here in Jamaica it peaked in the number one spot on the Richie B charts.
Presently single is still in contention as it’s #19 on the Hype TV Top 20 Charts, it’s also #20 on the South Florida Charts, while on the New York Charts it’s still in contention in the #12 spot.
The video for Different Page premiered on Hype TV and since then it has been getting some good rotations across the board

October 19, 2008

Morgan Heritage with Nothing To Smile About continues to take hold of the #1 position

The remarkable Reggae group Morgan Heritage with Nothing To Smile About continues to take hold of the #1 position. This is their second week in the position and they same adamant about letting go.
Konshens seems set on being triumphant, as the single Winner keeps the Shot To Watch title for a second week in a row while stepping up jumping one place up to take up the #2 spot.
Even though Mr. Vegas has decided to leave the game, the game doesn’t seem to want to leave him. The Daggering now sits at #3, knock down from the #2 position and has spent four weeks at number one.
Dancehall’s Assassin with Dem Nuh Want Nuh Gal has jumped two places this week on the chart, to take hold of a kind #4 spot leaving the from #6 to make it into the top five. The controversial single has been doing great in the dancehalls and the charts.
George Nooks seems to have the hook, the track Rest Your Love On Me is making big movements on the chart this week. It’s at #5 leaving from #7 to close off the top five positions.
Fyah Muma Queen Ifrica with Keep It To Yourself has claimed the Greatest Gainer title for this week. It has jumped four places to take hold of the #10 leaving from #14. The fire goddess is doing notable well in the internationally and airplay locally is a must with tunes of this caliber.
The new cultural act I-Octane with Different Page gets the well deserved New Entry title this week on the chart. The track has debuted at #20; it’s off the Rated R label. A hot video for the single is now out and was premiered on Hype TV.


October 15, 2008

Ce’Cile and Lady Saw “Nah Wear None”

What do you get when the mumma of dancehall team up Jamaica's own Playboy diva.... a hip happening single titled “Nah Wear None” of course!
Lady Saw and Ce'Cile's new collab single is already creating a stir in the dances such as Up Yah Fridays, Early Mondays and other top events.
It's not surprising that the single has taken off like wildfire, just check out a part of the lyrics
Walk out and flash it,
Yuh nu have nuh body come down and yuh drop it
De gal who nah wear none pat it,
Come fi dis watch how mi fit,
Cause I’m a bad bad b**ch,
So mi nah wear none.
The controversial single is about those ladies who like to go around without underwear and then to top it off they are daring enough to wear miniskirts.
Recorded on well known Jamaican producer Skatta Burrell's Self Defense Rhythm, the single seem set to really take off. Elephant Man has also a single entitled “Sweep” on this same rhythm.
Saw and Cecile are now gearing up to start the making of the video for the raunchy single and this will be directed by Jay Will.
The two are now in negotiations with Caribbean promoters to do a tour dubbed “Nah Wear None” named after their scorching single. It is expected that the tour will kick off early 2009 and will feature Lady Saw and Ce'Cile only.
Their single is not the only thing going on for the two divas of the dancehall, currently Lady Saw's “Sunday to Sunday” is doing exceptional well both in the dancehall and on the local charts. Sunday to Sunday now sits in the number 11 position on Hype TV chart and as for Ce'Cile her single “Ride Or Die” is also doing great on the dancehall scene, it is placed at number 13 on the Hype TV chart.

October 14, 2008

Lady Saw Shoots Video for “Your Boyfriend”

Queen and first lady of the dancehall, ‘Muma Saw’ recently did a video shoot for her hot new single that is enjoying heavy rotation the dancehalls and on the airwaves.
The single titled” Your Boyfriend” was recorded on the Bruck Up rhythm and produced by Christopher Birchill. It was shot on location by acclaimed director, Nordia Rose at Tinson Pen Aerodrome, Rockfort and Lindsay Crescent.
Lady Saw is one of the headline acts who will be performing at Champions in Action this Saturday, October 18.

October 12, 2008

Gramps injured; Morgan Heritage cancels club tour of Europe

Reggae group Morgan Heritage, which kicked off their world tour earlier this year, has cancelled their highly-anticipated club tour of Europe.
The six-week sojourn, part of the promotion for the group’s critically acclaimed album, Mission In Progress, was scheduled for the beginning of November to the middle of December.
“We were really looking forward to touring behind the new album in Europe,” a spokesperson for the group said.
“It was gonna be our first club tour in Europe since 2005, so we
were really looking forward to doing more intimate, more up close and personal shows all over Europe,” the Heritage representative explained.
Morgan Heritage says a medical injury which group member Gramps suffered last week has resulted in the cancellation of the tour. “Gramps needs time to heal before we hit the road for such an extended period,” a member of the group stated.
Looking at it philosophically, the group member reflected, “All things in life have their purpose, because this cancellation gives us the chance to spend much needed time with our families over the next two months.”
Morgan Heritage, however, will be not be totally grounded as they will be doing one-off shows in the Caribbean while Gramps heals. Among the islands the group is scheduled to perform are Cayman, Nassau, the Bahamas and Dominica. They will also be doing a benefit concert on Saturday for the city of New Orleans, and a hurricane relief concert in Turks and Caicos for the damage caused by Gustav.
“Hopefully, Gramps will be fully recovered in time for our African tour starting in Sierra Leone in the middle of December. The tour is also scheduled to be going to Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal and Gambia,” Morgan Heritage stated.
And, for those who are wondering when the group will return to Europe, they will doing a festival tour in May and June of 2009.

He Doesn't Know My Name By Alize

Different Page By I-Octane


This week the chart has a new #1, its Morgan Heritage with Nothing To Smile About. After holding the shot to watch title last week, the group has done its job and takes the top position, dethroning the retiree from the number one spot.

Even though Mr. Vegas with the Daggering has been unseated from the number one spot which he held for four weeks, he sits comfortable at the coveted #2 position. While he claims the number two spot, we still await a change in his decision.

Dancehall’s new recruit Konshens with the Winner claims the Shot To Watch title. The single jumped one spot up to #3 from #4. This elevating track is definitely making a bang in dancehall now that it has been redone to compliment our victorious athletic team. Watch to see if this single has any lightning in it as our own Usain Bolt to take the number one place next week.

Retiring is not acceptable from Mr. Vegas on this chart, his hot single Nuh Fight Over Man still hold firm as one of the top five tracks on the chart. Despite falling down to the #4 position leaving its #3 place, the single is spending its fourteenth week on the chart.

After the huge exposure in Asia to this brilliant dance move, Elephant Man with Nuh Linga continues to rock the dancehall sessions. Though the single is no longer in the number one spot, it holds steadily to the #5 position thus closing off the top five singles on the chart.

The superb Tarrus Riley is at it again, this time is with Far Away and takes claim to the Greatest Gainer title this week. The single has jumped four places up to the #11 position leaving #15. Tarrus is no stranger to number one positions so watch out he may be heading there.

Mr. Vegas will not be fading anytime soon even he has decided to retire from his loved career. He now has three hot singles on the chart and holds this week’s New Entry with Muss Come A Road, the track is on the A-Team label and has debuted at #19.


October 09, 2008

Beenie Man apologizes for his late arrival at function to honour athletes

Dancehall superstar, Moses “Beenie Man” Davis, unreservedly apologizes to the Ministry of Culture, the Olympians and all his fans for his late arrival at the official function to honour athletes at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium on Wednesday evening.
According to Beenie Man’s publicist, Ray Alexander, the artiste arrived from Trinidad Wednesday afternoon, after which he went straight from the airport into a series of meetings with his lawyers.
“These meetings took longer than anticipated and resulted in the artiste leaving Kingston way past the scheduled 3:00 pm departure time.”
He explained that Beenie Man and his entourage were traveling by bus to Trelawny and showers along the way resulted in further delays.
“Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, the function was over,” Alexander said.
He added: “Beenie Man, who is very aware of the importance and significance of such a national event, is equally disappointed about the way things turned out, as he was looking forward to being a part of this celebratory occasion. No disrespect was intended and the artiste is even now seeking ways in which he can make recompense.”

October 08, 2008

Barbee to Host History Dance in Canada

Singer Barbee will be heading to Jamaica to put the finishing touches on the video for I Love You Anyway. The single is receiving some crazy rotation both here in Jamaica and on the international circuit. Many who hear it exclaim in wonder, as they are amazed at how different Barbee comes across in the song.
Once in Jamaica Barbee will be working with some of the best directors in the island to put the finishing touches on the video.
Following that, Barbee will leave for Canada where she along with Chi Ching Ching will be hosting History one of the biggest dances in Toronto.
History now in its seventh year will take place at the luxurious La Suhaag Banquet Hall, located at 75 Hedgedale Road in Brampton on Sunday, October 12, for the long Thanksgiving weekend.
Word on the street is that the dancehall massive in Toronto cant wait to see the statuesque singer as her song I Love You Anyway has picked up momentum there and has been enjoying good radio rotation there.
Barbee herself is looking forward to playing host to the much-anticipated event.

October 07, 2008

Morgan Heritage blazes Suriname with high-energy performance

Two members of the Morgan Heritage group who were on their way to Suriname and had immigration problems in Miami, were cleared after the intervention of the Surinamese president who was also checking in with his travel party at the time. It is understood that the two members were told by immigration that they didn¹t have visas to enter the country. A representative of FAM Promotions,
which was staging the concert, then alerted the president to the situation who got on his cellular phone and made a call. The plane was preparing to leave the gate at Miami Airport but after the
phone call was made, it was delayed. The members were then made to board the plane after the problem was sorted out and immigration made aware of the purpose of the Mission Tour and the effect it would have on the people.
After the group’s arrival in Suriname, a press conference was called on the morning of the show and aired on national TV station. The promoters of the event then invited Morgan Heritage to a block party in the centre of town to a surprise crowd of about 1,000 plus persons and gave-away a few tickets for the concert. With people coming in from French Guyana in the hundreds, the stage was set for a memorable performance.
On Saturday, September 27, the same night Morgan Heritage was performing in Suriname, there was a show with dancehall artiste Mavado on the same side of town. It was an electrifying night for Jamaican music in Paramaribo, Suriname. This show was the return of Una Morgan to Suriname since 2001, 7 years ago. The people made their voices heard and 4,000 plus came out to enjoy a night of Reggae music. Mavado's show was not well attended, with a little over 300 people in the park, but the dancehall artiste gave a strong performance. Laza from the Gedion Music family opened up for Morgan Heritage and warmed up the crowd. The wait was finally over and from start to finish the energy was on a non-stop high. The people's only disappointment was the 2:00 o'clock curfew time. After performing for 1 hour and 30 minutes, Morgan Heritage left the crowd screaming, “We want more!” truly showed that outside of Jamaica, Reggae still has an edge with audiences all over the world.
The last highlight of the Mission to Suriname was an invitation from the President to his birthday party the following night.

I-Octane devastates Early Mondays

It was a surprise treat for patrons who turned out at the weekly Standpipe community dance dubbed Early Mondays. As usual those who were in search great entertainment turned to jam to the skillful playing of the top selectors in the house they got a treat in the form of the artiste who is on a totally Different Page these days.

I-Octane took centre stage amidst cheers and huge forwards from the crowd he launched into some of his popular song eliciting more mad vibes from the crowd.

I-Octane didn’t waste any time on his popular tracks as he did a medley of hits such as Poverty, Stab Vampire, Gun Rise and his newest, but super popular single on the scene now Different Page.

Speaking of Different Page the video will be Premiering this week on CVM TV Hit List

. And why not it’s a powerful social commentary and it’s done in such a way that you can’t miss the intended message.

I-Octane dramatically gets the word across and the little biting blurbs injected in it just sinks home his point. The quality and delivery really put the video on a page by itself.

October 05, 2008

Alizé Levy - The Girl Behind The Music... & The Music Behind The Girl

Whereas many persons can identify with the alcoholic beverage made popular by the happening party crowd, Alizé, not all of them might be familiar with the female singer of the same name — Alizé Levy. But, look out, because all that is about to undergo a dramatic change.
Just a quick listen to singer, song-writer, contemporary jazz dancer, model and actress, Alizé — and that’s the name on her birth certificate, not just a stage name — and one will realize that this young lady is the original, no carbon copy. Although she is indeed her father’s daughter, and she gives him credit for bestowing on her such wonderful vocals, Alizé is more than ready for her own spotlight. And her dad, international reggae singer, Barrington Levy, supports her totally.
Born in England, to a mother whose parents were Jamaican, and raised in West London, Alizé is a renowned songwriter. She says she wrote her first song at age six, an age when most girls are caught up with dolls and playing childish games. But that was an indication of her driving passion, which comes across effectively in her most recent offering, He Doesn't Know My Name, a soulful, emotionally intense song which makes you want to listen. This song is accompanied by a riveting and very well produced music video, which premiered on Jamaican television to rave reviews.
This project, however, is just the tip of the iceberg for this reggae/R&B singer and she is even now working on her debut album which is sure to have mass appeal and secure a large fan base for this rising star.
In 2002 Alizé released her debut single 'Chocolate Loving' in Jamaica, a track she penned herself to a rhythm from deejay Lady G’s G-String Productions, which featured hot Jamaican artiste Mr. Lexx.
Having lived with her father in Jamaica for three years (from age 13 to 16), Alizé became familiar with the musical landscape and some of the movers and shakers, so it was relatively easy for her to return to the island to do recordings, releases and performances.
She has performed with her father on the now defunct hit series, Heineken Startime and has also done a successful European Tour in 2005 as Barrington Levy's opening act. "Having had the opportunity to perform for of 50,000 people at Festival Mudial was so surreal, I can’t verbalise the feeling!!"
Promotion is on the up and up for He Doesn't Know My Name and, with music burning in her soul and a pen poised to write, there will surely be follow-up singles ready to take the international market by storm. Cheers to Alizé!

Irie Love makes music the Gedion way

Named by her father after the Third World song, Irie Ites, one could say it was destined for Irie Love to be musically inclined. A top 12 finalist in the 2006 Red Stripe Irie Fm Big Break Contest for upcoming artistes, Irie Love became one of the most recognisable persons in the competition.
She soon came to the attention of singing group, Morgan Heritage and in April 2007, Irie Love became the first female artiste signed to their Gedion Music production company. Since then, she has been touring the world as the opening act for Morgan Heritage. Her debut album entitles Life of LOVE, is scheduled for release on October 7th and then released on iTunes on October 10th.
Her first single, It Was Me, produced by Stephen McGregor, is currently in rotation in Europe and many other countries. In addition to touring with Morgan Heritage Irie Love has performed on such shows as Western Consciousness, Rebel Salute, East Fest, Uppsala Festival in Sweden and the UCLA Reggae and Jazz Festival.
Born in Hawaii to a father with Jamaican roots, she also carries Dutch, English and Native American blood in her lineage.
Irie Love started taking her passion for music seriously after a leg injury crushed her hopes of playing in the WNBA. After a state wide competition in high school, which Irie Love won to represent her school, she was signed by Quiet Storm Records, who released her first single, a reggae rendition of Chaka Khan’s classic, Tell Me Something Good.
Irie Love soon began opening for major reggae acts in Hawaii, including Steel Pulse, Damian & Julian Marley, Michael Rose, Don Carlos and Big Mountain, Yellow Man, Eek-A-Mouse and Gregory Isaacs.
At music she was trained in opera and classical voice, and received professional voice training. She taught herself to play the acoustic guitar and the ukulele. All the experiences in music and voice landed her professional back-up vocal jobs with PINK, David Hollister and Chaka Khan. She writes almost all of her songs and has done vocal production for a number of American artistes.
Irie Love’s deep grasp on Reggae, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop & Dancehall, makes it difficult for her to be ‘boxed’ into any specific genre. To that she says, “I want my music to speak for itself.” And she is ready to say to the world, “Aloha”.

October 02, 2008


Despite the announcement of retirement Mr. Vegas is still holding firm to the #1 spot with Daggering. It’s now a week since the sad news broke to us and dancehall music and fans worldwide are mourning the loss of a true artiste from their company. No more Vegas?
Morgan Heritage will be in a grinning mood this week as Nothing To Smile About has gained the Shot To Watch title for this week. It now sits in the #2 spot leaving from #5 and becoming a threat to the retiree.
The retirement seems to have no effect on Vegas when it comes to the chart. His hot single Nuh Fight Over Man hold steadily in the #3 position for another week. Will he return? That’s the question on everyone lips.
The young champ of the dancehall Konshens with his inspirational hit Winner continues to grip the #4 spot taking hold for a second week in a row. The fresh sounding act is making quite an impact on the dancehall scene with his impressive creative styles.
Elephant Man the Energy God loss a bit of power this week as his contagious hit Nuh Linga fell at #5. The single spent three weeks at number one thus closing off the top five for this week. It’s Ele, no need to worry he is a very hard worker and for that he will be coming back with another smash hit.
It’s the Fyah Mumma Queen Ifrica with Keep It To Yourself that is embracing the Greatest Gainer title this week on the chart. The hot track has jumped three places up to #16 leaving from its #19 position. The Fyah Mumma is definitely one female artiste that will tell like it is, in a nice Roots Reggae way.