September 10, 2009


Dancehall artiste Mavado has finally decided to come forth to let the public know his side of the story about the ongoing feud between himself and Foota Hype.
During an exclusive interview with Mavado at Oak Land's apartment on Constant Spring Road, he explains that he had nothing to do with the incident that took place at Foota Hype mother's house in Cassava Piece.
"First mi get a call seh mi friend dem shoot up Foota mother's house and mi seh to miself why dem foolishness affi happen after mi deh a farin a hurry fi come back home in time fi keep the back to school treat for the kids dem in the community before school open," said Mavado. He then added "Even Foota Hype's mother was there along with other members of his family and mi mek sure dem get more things than everyone else does."
Mavado continues to question himself as to why Foota's mother would want to say such things about him and whenever he's in the community and she's in need of assistance he would be the one to help.
"Anyways mi send one of di youths dem fi guh si if anything really guh suh because all now mi can believe dat Foota's mother really have the time fi look through her window while man a shoot up har house. Which person yuh know whe hear gunshot a fire and nuh run fi dem life but yet Foota's mother seh shi look through har window and si a who a fire di shot dem. Next thing when the police went down there not one bullet piercing could be found on the house only the gate had three gunshot holes in it."
"Why Foota Hype don't tell people seh him move out a Cassava Piece fi how long and never carry him mother with him. When mi left Cassava mi moved mi entire family. But Foota wants to live a lifestyle that he cannot afford."
Why mi woulda guh send man fi duh bad things to his mother when shi deh pon di Gully Side everyday and why Foota claiming that mi waan fi kill him when him deh a dance every night a play. Which man yuh know in fear of his life and deh a road every night a select pon sound."
Mavado believes that Foota reasons for spreading these malicious allegations about him are that they are no longer friends.
"Foota Hype aim is to mash up mi career but it will tek more than little Foota Hype to mash up mi career suh mi nuh pay him no mind - after mi nuh fool fi mek Foota draw mi out.

Foota Getting Mad?

"A Monday whe gone mi call Foota and ask him why yuh a duh dem things yah - ma reason for calling him was because mi si seh things a get out a hand - sometimes mi wonder if a mad di man a get mad. Anyways mi seh to him wi need fi link up tomorrow and talk about our present situation him seh okay…later that same night Flexxx ping mi pon mi phone between 2 and 3 am saying mi lose off a Foota because look how wi a plan seh tomorrow wi aguh build back di friendship and di man deh a Up-town Mondays a seh him nuh left him gun and all kind of things."
Mavado also stated that before his Range got shot-up -- someone sent him a text a while back confessing that Foota Hype had ordered him to destroy his Range Rover.
"One day mi get a text from a man saying that Foota paid him money fi guh up a mi yard fi gas di Range and light it. Mi show Bounty, and couple friends di text and mi decided not to report it because mi know dat would a send him back to jail. Now mi deh a mi yard and di man dem decided fi shot-up mi Range, mi have two other cars there but a di Range dem shot-up…but that nuh worry mi because a vanity and it can be replaced.
Look at this Kartel sing songs saying bad things about my mother and mi never sing back any song dissing his mother because from mi a youth mi mother always seh have respect for di elders…Foota never seh anything bad about my mother yet -- suh why mi aguh send man fi shoot up his mother's gate. Suh if Foota and his mother know a who shoot up di place why dem nuh guh report it and then come point out which of my friends dem do it but a guess he won't do so because it was his friends dem who was engaged in gun battle down the road. If someone had directly point a gun on his mother's gate then the shot would have went through di gate and hit the house but nothing more than couple stray bullets came from down the road and hit her gate.
SOURCE: OutAroad.com


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