October 30, 2013


KINGSTON, JAMAICA: Some heterosexual men are complaining that they are being 'targeted' and harassed by some members of the homosexual community while walking in the New Kingston business district.

Alphanso Roberts told THE STAR that he has been, 'verbally harassed' by men who dress like women.

He said, "I was walking on the road in the New Kingston area one night and then mi hear smady a call after me, yuh know like how a man woulda call after a woman. When mi look is a bag a man who dress up like woman a call to me."

He told THE STAR that he was shocked by the 'brazen' approach, "mi did surprised because mi always hear bout dem tings deh but mi neva see it before. Mi jus tek weh mi self afta dat."

Meanwhile, taxi operator Leroy Allen told THE STAR that on more than one occasion he has witnessed this display.

"More than once mi affi tell them fi stop dat when dem inna mi vehicle."

call after man

When THE STAR asked Allen what he meant by 'stop that' he elaborated, "when them inna mi vehicle a call after man, it nuh right and it nuh look good."

But Puncy, a cross-dresser (man who dresses like a woman) told THE STAR that the approach only occurs when men are in what he calls their 'zone.'

He said "we are in our zone and if we see someone (a man) walking we are gonna holler at them."

When THE STAR inquired what he meant by 'the zone' Puncy said the zone refers to where he and others ply their wares. "I am in my zone doing my work, my job is to do my work and go home."

Puncy is not only a cross dresser but a sex worker as well in the New Kingston area.

Meanwhile, another cross-dresser, who calls himself Pearl, told THE STAR that he does not make it his duty to go after straight men but instead said, "I do attract straight men, I just can't keep them off me."
Allen along with Roberts, told THE STAR that although they do not have any issues with homosexuals, they both agree that it is immoral for these men to be dressing as women and make unwanted advances at men.

When contacted, the New Kingston police told THE STAR that they have received multiple complaints from men who have been harassed by some cross-dressers in the area.

The officer also told THE STAR that some of these men after making the complaints are afraid to point out the 'men' who made the advances.

"We haven't made any arrests so far in relation to that because the men are usually afraid to point them out because of the stigma of being touched up by a homosexual," he said.
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Source Jamaica Star

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