May 04, 2015

I-Octane goes to school; tour kicks off May 5

Kingston, JAMAICA:- Acclaimed reggae singer Byiome Muir aka I-Octane is preparing to go to school, and yes he will definitely be focusing on the three ‘R’s – reading, (w)riting and (a)rithmetic – and so much more as he seeks to live out the theme, ‘Uplifting the Island’s Children’.

A school tour with a difference is what the Digicel and Busta brand ambassador had in mind when he assembled his team to flesh out the plans for this journey. His idea was to use this opportunity to interact with young minds in a meaningful way and give them a life changing experience. It was decided therefore that  during the month of May - Child Month – Team I-Octane would visit select rural high schools and seek partnership with institutions of higher learning. The day’s activity at each school would therefore focus on motivational talks from both I-Octane and a representative from the college, along with a performance from the artiste and giveaways from sponsors.

“I wanted to visit schools in the country, preferably those that are called ‘deep rural’. The fact is that everything seems to happen in the city – Kingston, Mo Bay – and unfortunately some places are forgotten. I also wanted to bring more to the table than a performance. As artistes, we are always criticized for not using our influence and status to uplift the youth, and with all the killing and the madness  that is taking place, I felt that now is the time for me to take some more crucial steps towards that upliftment,” the Lose A Friend singer explained.

The conscious reggae artiste added “We took the decision to invite HEART Trust NTA to  accompany us and tell the students in detail what they are all about and let these youngsters realize that this is a wonderful opportunity for them after leaving high school.”

The tour, which also has another component, a quiet model search by renowned modeling agency, Saint International, kicks off on  May 5 with a visit to the school named after Jamaica’s first national hero, Marcus Garvey High School in  St Ann. This will be followed by a trip to Lennon High School, situated in Mocho, in Octane’s home parish, Clarendon, on  May 7. Also on the artiste’s school tour itinerary are Titchfield High School in Portland on May 12; Robert Lightbourne High School in St. Thomas on May 13 and Claude Mckay High School, also in Clarendon on May 18.

Main sponsors for the ‘Uplifting the Island’s Children’ school tour are Digicel and Busta soft drinks, while associate and media sponsors include Youth Link, Fiwi Choice, Heart Trust NTA, Saint International and Di Unit Sound system.


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