May 23, 2015

Warrior King plays Mexico to huge success

Kingston, JAMAICA:- Roots reggae singer, Warrior King, made another quantum leap in building his career and his fan base when he took a quick flight over to Mexico from his temporary base in the US, where he is now on an official one-month promotional tour.

The ‘Aint Giving Up’ singer was billed on the event alongside headliner, London-based reggae singer Macka B, and performed at the rocking Playa del Carmen beachside concert in front of a capacity audience of predominantly Mexican people, who have been showing increasing favour towards foundation reggae music. Although this was not Warrior King’s first trip to that Spanish-speaking country, it was undoubtedly his best experience so far. The artiste performed for an entire hour and the fans – some of whom were ‘discovering’ him and other who remembered his from a previous visit – were very receptive, surprising him by singing many of the songs word-for-word. In fact, so good was the response that the promoter has invited Warrior King to come back in August, when he will perform in a more official capacity in the capital, Mexico City.

Warrior King, who admits that he knows Spanish and has been practising the language quite a bit lately, feels that his ability to break into the Mexican market is due largely to the fact that although he is still relatively young, his voice has that “foundation reggae feel” and his music and lyrical content are conscious roots reggae.

“From what I can see, the Mexicans appear to have a preference for roots reggae and they listen to a lot of music from foundation artistes. Of course, Bob (Marley) is way up there and so too are artistes like Dennis Brown and Culture,” Warrior King explained. “I made the most of this opportunity by staying back at the event to sign autographs, take pictures with fans and encourage the fans to purchase my merchandise. I feel really good about this exposure and I know that the fans will spread the word,” added King, whose promo tour has been going exceptionally well.

In addition to providing quality entertainment for fans in Mexico last Sunday, the reggae singer has made stops in San Diego Beach, Tahoe City in California, Mills Valley, Cataluma, Laguna Beach, Nevada City and New Orleans, where he also quietly tapped into the college circuit. He noted that while not all the venues were capacity filled, one sure sign of success is that all the promoters have invited him back for subsequent shows.

He also did collaborations with artistes Jah Sun from Arcadia and Nico Marks from Los Angeles, both of whom did shoots for music videos for the songs. Warrior King also did a third video shoot, this time on his own for the newest single  Same Source from his upcoming album Rootz Warrior. He wraps up this leg of this “feel-good” promo tour with an appearance at the spectacular Best of the Best Festival at Bayfront Park, Miami Beach, Florida on May 24.

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