September 10, 2015

Mr. Vegas, Red Rat at odds

Dancehall artistes Mr Vegas and Red Rat have been at loggerheads since Sunday, following an incident at the Irie Jam Anniversary Festival in New York.

In a video uploaded to his Facebook timeline, Vegas held nothing back as he spoke about the incident and what may have caused it.

A video, which surfaced online on the weekend, showed Red Rat performing on the event's stage when Mr Vegas, who was the next billed acts, tried to collect the microphone from Red Rat. But Red Rat would have none of that, instead, dismissing Mr Vegas and handing the microphone to his young protégé to perform. When Mr Vegas finally performed, he questioned Red Rat's actions and whether he came to war or work.

Following the incident, Vegas took to social media and posted a picture of the Irie Jam Anniversary Festival flyer with a caption that said, "Irie Jam Flyer yesterday. Look if unu see nuh rat on this."

Years ago

On his MV Corner blog, Mr Vegas added, "It was Mr Vegas time to perform and this artiste was performing in my time slot, so I ran up like he ran up. I waited until he finished his song and I stretched my hands out for the mic and the man box weh mi hand."

When the STAR contacted Mr Vegas, he said Sunday's incident may have been stemming from something that happened years ago.

"It's just a sad reality because he's carrying feelings from the days when his label, Main Street, recorded the song Heads High, which put a dent in his career. It oust him as an artiste and build me so him a carry feelings. He needs to be different and not desperate, just move on," he said.

He added, "Anuh di first time him do supm like dat, but mi neva take it serious until now when mi see it a get outta control. I think he has a serious problem and he may need therapy. He's stuck in the past, he's a big man now with a little rat voice and he needs to find a way for that to work for him now."

Mr Vegas also said he hopes Red Rat can use this attention to get a hit song and make his comeback to the dancehall scene.

However, in a video that surfaced online yesterday, Red Rat said he saw the need to set the record straight. Red Rat added that Sunday's incident linked him not supporting Mr Vegas' relationship with his now ex-girlfriend, Shelly-Ann.

"Dating the girl of your friend is a big no-no in dancehall, and when you realise that I wasn't condoning your actions you make an argument that day and from that we nuh talk to each other," he said.

Shelly-Ann and Mr Vegas were recently involved in a scandal which revealed that she was cheating on the I Am Blessed singer in the presence of their child.

"You are a hypocrite, Mr Vegas," Red Rat said, adding that he accepts that he is a 90s artiste. "Check yourself, you and everybody inna war and yuh always play this victim like everybody want to attack Mr Vegas. You a talk bout me desperate fi attention. Really yute? Remember seh a you bring dis pan social media in the first place, once again trying to break down another artiste."
Source: Jamaica Star