April 01, 2016

I-Octane upbeat about studio, singles and UK concerts

Kingston, JAMAICA:- Reggae and dancehall ambassador, I-Octane, having hit the ground running since the start of the year, has accomplished much in the first quarter of 2016. New singles are burning up the airwaves, his very own recording studio has 
​​been completed and he is busy preparing for a number of shows, including an exciting concert series in the UK come May.

The artiste, who many times manages to dodge controversy by taking the high road, is using the same tactic, even as stones are being hurled at him over a controversial Good Good Production single, No Badda Dan Jah. For whatever reason, the line which says: 'Bwoy sell out him friend fi Mark-X' seems to have found a target that was never marked and has left some persons with a huge headache. An immensely popular tune on what is arguably the “baddest dancehall riddim around”, the Cure Pain, the song has become a staple for every session and as far as Octane is concerned, “everything correck”.

The music video, which is the entertainer’s first official one for the year, will have its Jamaica premiere this week and many are wondering if the singjay will use this occasion to dramatically ruffle some feathers.
“Actually that’s not my style. I try my best not to court controversy, but you know…there are persons who will always find something to complain about,” I-Octane said dismissively.

Emphasizing that he was singularly focused on his career, he added, “Right now, my team and I are focusing on the music and on doing some solid productions. My studio is finished and I am eager to get in there and start making music. As an artiste, I have a duty to give back and to record young artistes in the same way that producers recorded me when I was a no-name artiste. Also, it is time for me to start owning my masters. After 10 years of recording songs which I don’t own a percentage of, it is time for me to get really serious about that aspect of my career,” he explained.

In addition to No Badda Dan Jah, the singles No Shaky Link (Money Boss) and My Struggle, the second single from his upcoming DJ Frass-produced EP, are enjoying mega rotation and helping to chart his phenomenal path of success for this year.

Meanwhile, I-Octane is looking forward to a number of shows on his roster, including the Legends Of Reggae, which sees him rubbing shoulders with reggae legends Freddie McGregor, Marcia Griffiths and Junior Reid. The concert series is set for May 27 -29 in the cities of Bradford, Birmingham and London in the United Kingdom.

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