February 24, 2017

Broadcasting Commission Weighs In On Kartel Music-Ban

Kingston, Jamaica: The Broadcasting Commission has weighed in on the
controversy over the airing of music by convicted murderer Vybz Kartel on public radio.
According to the Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, Cordel Green, the commission does not believe the airwaves should be used in a manner which celebrates a person convicted of murder.
However, Green says there is no provision in law barring the transmission of music, simply because it was created by a convicted person.
He says, however, if it is proven that the music was created in contravention of a law governing the Correctional Services and a broadcaster knowingly facilitates that contravention, there would grounds to determine that the broadcasting rules were breached.
There has been renewed public discussion since the Opposition Spokesperson on culture Lisa Hanna this week called for discussion on whether the music of convicted persons should be banned from public radio.
In July 2016, the Broadcasting Commission initiated a meeting with the Commissioner of Corrections and officials of the National Security Ministry to discuss our claims that Adidja Palmer had been making recordings from prison.
Green says the Commission was informed that the Correctional Services were investigating the allegations and that no determination had been made on the matter.
He said the Commission was also told that the prison rules were under review to deal specifically with that issue. 

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